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Great family vehicle for any kind of family.

I love my car, it is the best I have had, I have the camera so I can see it after I am leaving the parking lot. There is 3 row set you could fit up to 7 people it has the radio I'd good you could put up to 5 CD. It has ruff to that is great at night time to see the moon. I'd grate in the winter time do not have to worry I will get stuck in the snow.

- Madeline R

It's peppy. It has great safety features. You can put car seats in the third row. There are third row latch hooks.

I love the space is does have for being a compact suv. I like the dvd player, heated seats, climate control.. I love that It's AWD. I like that the third row seats are separable to make more trunk space. I do not like that it gets about 17 mpg and drives much better on mid grade or premium gas. That costs a lot.

- Carrie C

Reliable and comfortable car, easy to drive even in a big city.

Overall, it is a very nice car - easy to drive and park. For Its size, the car is very spacious. However, the third row of seats can be only used by kids or slim adults. What I don't like is that it takes only premium (expensive) gas. Another thing is that it is expensive to fix when it breaks.

- Vitaliy r

Large Subaru all wheel drive.

It is an awesome 5 passenger crossover. Very reliable but does have lightening issues. It is a very spacious and modern for 2006. I have leather seats that have now ripped and held together with tape. I enjoy the looks and questions about my car. It was the largest vehicle Subaru made.

- Tracy S

This car is Great for snowy winters

I have had my Subaru b9 tribeca for about 7 years - I did buy it used from a Subaru dealership. I love this car - I wish they still made this model. It is roomy without feeling huge. It does AMAZING in snowy weather! And I rarely have a problem that needs fixed

- Natalie M

The do not make the Tribeca anymore.

Our Tribeca is pushing 250k miles and is running great. We had a full tune up done on it about 2 years ago. Outside of the cosmetic issues its showing after having to deal with city parking, the car gets us from a to b with no worries. Highly recommend Subaru.

- Joe C

Can transfer large items, still very comfortable to drive.

It drives smooth, easy to handle. The leather seats are easy to clean. Large which is easy for shopping or when buying/transporting large items. Rare to find a comfortable ride that is easy to drive that is so large and roomy.

- Ava H

My B9 Tribeca says it seats 7 and there is no way 7 adults could ride in this. Maybe 4 adults and 3 children but that is pushing it to fit them all in.

I love my B9 Tribeca because it has a lot of space but I dislike how small the 3rd row seating is. It is to be a 7 passenger but it would never hold 7 adults. It goes and goes without a lot of work needed to it.

- Denise B

Awesome Subaru Tribeca B9

The only problem is parts. I live in a small rural town and parts are hard to come by and take a while to ship. Some parts can be very expensive. With that said, my car is very reliable and comfortable to drive.

- Cheryl T

No longer fearful of driving in the winter. Great in the snow!

I love my Subaru, where we live it snows a lot in the winter and with the all wheel drive I never have to worry about winter time coming anymore, my suv has no problems getting me around normally and safely.

- Erin L

That Subaru makes a very reliable and long lasting car.

I like that it has been very reliable and generally comfortable. Very safe to drive with the awd feature. I dislike that it is outdated and lacks some of the smartphone connectivity features of newer cars.

- Paul B

The most important thing is that I purchased the car new in 2006 and so far I haven't had to make any major repairs.

I love my vehicle. I bought it new in 2006 and so far I haven't had to make any major repairs. I think it will last another 10 years without any major repairs.

- Laurie T

Comfort and safety, comfortable to drive and ride in.

I dislike how hard it is to replace headlight bulbs. I really like how comfortable and spacious the interior is. I wish the gas mileage was better.

- Valarie V

It is a great, safe family vehicle.

I like how good it is in snow and rain. I love the trunk space and how easy it is to drive. I dislike the windshield wipers and the fuel economy.

- Emily R

It is not fuel efficient. No power. Very expensive on repairs.

It has no power. I do not like gas on driver side. It is expensive to repair. It is very roomy for a large family. It has lots of room.

- Missy A

Gas mileage isn't the best & wipers are only available from the dealer

It has good acceleration but lots of blind spots. What i dislike the most is i can only get wiper blades from the dealership

- Michelle F

Powerful AWD SUV that is good on gas and fit for the whole family.

Good reliable car. It has the sight and sound package which I really like. AWD is an added bonus. Good on gas.

- Lindsey D

Reliable and gas efficient.

Car runs fantastic for having 136, 000 miles. No major issues other than normal wear and tear. Great car.

- Scott P

is very reliable, comfortable and spacious. family car

Very reliable, safe and easy to drive. A/C is the best. spacious interiors

- Jean M

AWD performs well during winter months

Like that it awd handles well during northeast seasonal weather

- Ivan M