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Different and really fun to drive.

Our Baja is a 5 speed so it is really fun to drive. It gets decent gas mileage. About consistently 25 miles to the gallon. We recently put a used canopy on it which brought the mileage down 2 to 3 miles a gallon. Parts are getting a little hard to find but so far so good. We have done all the required maintenance for it. We check to oil every time we put gas in it which we think is one of the most important things. Also to do oil changes every 3000 miles. High mileage synthetic is the best. The car is a little small sometimes and really does not like the really cold weather.

- Joan H

The Durable Subaru Baja: Soon To Be A Collector's Item!

I love my Subaru Baja because it is both unique and durable. Unfortunately, the Baja was in production only for a very short period of time, so it also has a collectability aspect to it. I purchased this particular model because I required a lot of cargo space for home landscaping needs, but did not want to purchase a pickup truck. The Baja offered maximum cargo capability combined with the interior comfort of a sedan.

- Peter J

Love that Subaru (truck and car all in one).

The car is 15 years old and I have had to get new tires, brakes fixed and a water pump which I consider just usual wear and tear on a car. My Baja has been wonderful because it acts as a small truck and is still a comfortable car for long trips. The only thing I wish I had done was get a hardtop for the back because the cloth cover has worn out over years of hooking and hooking it.

- Patti R

A good car, very cute and functional

Very reliable, comfortable. The leather on the driver's seat has cracked. Has no AUX cord, one Car charging port, takes unleaded gas. Has radio antennas. 7 CD ports. Speaker broke last year. AC still works. Windshield wipers needed to be replaced two years ago but work fine now, there is a gap between drivers window and car.

- Rachel M

It is a truck . Had all wheel drive. Sport.

The only problem I have had so far with my vehicle is rusting and changing out a few parts. Nothing major. When it rains and or snows you need to add weighted in the back. It has a great performance and great gas mileage for an older vehicle and truck. It has a lot of room and space. Great for moving and hauling things.

- Abby M

Mileage is 20 per gallon which is not the best and Dealer maintenance is expensive.

I like my car very much, but maintenance has been expensive, especially since the warranty has expired. Practically everything has been replaced at least once, with only 102,000 miles right now. I'm retired now and will have this car forever. I'm hoping that it will last.

- Cassie O

A bit of a car and a pick up.

Of all the cars I have ever owned This car gets the most questions as to what kind and do they still make them. I now have over 177,000 miles on it and it still runs great. It is a bit of a pick up and still can haul 4 people and it will go just about anywhere.

- Gary T

Great car, good performance and reliability.

I love the car, it has had some issues with the battery but is all around a solid car. Love having the topper on the back! The car itself runs nicely, I have not had a problem with it besides the battery. The car performs well and it pretty reliable.

- Kevin G

It drives like a car but it operates and hauls like a small pick up truck!

I love how versatile the Subaru Baja is. It is hailing options, capacity, and usability is perfect for my lifestyle, while giving the user the feeling of driving a car not a truck.

- Sara A

The 4 cylinder 5 speed manual transmission because of that it takes me a while to get up to speed. If others knew that maybe they would stop riding my a%% so much and back off

The vehicle is sturdy, dependable, runs smooth and it's tough. Dislike is it's only a 4 cylinder and it's a 5 speed manual

- David C

That is mine and should be no smoking in it.

I like my vehicle because it is not only a car but a truck. The dislike is parts are expensive. Great vehicle for me.

- Rebecca Z

It's paid for! It has over 200 thousand miles on it.

It has good gas mileage. It is excellent for hauling small loads. It's too low and has a bit of extra noise.

- Steve K

It is economic and fuel efficient.

It is unique.. It is good on ice and snow.. It is great for hauling stuff in the back.. I love this model..

- Pat R

It runs wonderfully, and has the usual subaru dependability.

I love the truck bed. I dislike that it only has two seats in the back. I love how maintenance free it is.

- Erin K

I love my little trucklett. It's very dependable. I can do pretty much anything I need to do with the features of this vehicle.

Subarus have a great reputation for being dependable and reliable for years. It's a true statement.

- Christi J

I love that it has a pickup bed and still is a sedan inside. I don't like the lack of covered storage space.

It's fun to drive while being safe in snow and other bad weather due to AWD.

- Linda D