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Plenty of room in the Toyota Camry.

Pros: it is a very comfortable car with lots of options on the driver's seat including lumbar. Plenty of legroom in the front and back, 2 cupholders in the front and 2 in the back. Large side pocket doors & large center console with an extra plug for charging electronics on road trips. There is also a USB port and another charging station under radio. Love the controls and options to personalize the car to you liking. Have the doors automatically lock when the car is put in gear and automatically unlock when placed in park or leave it to where you have to manually lock them. Change your radio background to different colors if you want and the touchscreen makes all of this easy. Love to be able to talk handsfree if need be. Trunk has lots of room & perfect for getaways, very smooth easy ride & lots of storage space. Con: the silver trim around radio and gear shift gets extremely hot in summer and burns when you touch it. Not a good thing with kids.

- Susan P

Toyota branded cars, specifically Camry models, are very affordable for the dependability they provide.

My 2016 Toyota Camry is very reliable and efficient in terms of mechanics and gas. It has leather trimmed seats with a red lining to give it a nice touch and overall very sleek design for the interior. Being a Toyota brand, I almost never have to worry about the integrity of the car in terms of gear, parts, or mechanical issue. There is also tons of Toyota dealerships everywhere I go if I ever need assistance with my vehicle from professionals. The gas mileage I get on my Camry is also very competitive when compared to other cars that my friends and family own. The technology featured for music, radio, and phone calls is also very user-friendly and glitch-free. Though it may not be the most flashy, its reliability, gas efficiency and sleek interior design makes it just as desirable as more expensive cars.

- Rick A

The most important about our car is that it provides great gas mileage.

Our Camry is a very reliable, comfortable, and dependable luxury vehicle. My significant other and I have a long commute each way to and from work and this is the perfect car for us. First and foremost, the gas mileage is exceptional. In today's day and age with gas prices steadily climbing this, to us is a very important factor. Secondly is the comfort aspect. After a long nights work, and a long drive home, we are extremely grateful for the little things in the Camry, such as legroom, heated seats in the winter, and air conditioning that cools our car almost instantly. Third and last, is the capacity the car can actually hold. My partner has two teens and we have a rather large dog, and we all fit comfortably without the burden of driving a large vehicle.

- Emilie M

Toyota Camry- a reliably average model.

Our Camry is a very reliable and economical car. I actually learned how to drive on it as the sedan style is easy to maneuver. However, there were some issues with the wheel and other parts that were recalled by the company and had to be fixed— the parts were not personally causing us any difficulty but we had to get them fixed per the company’s advising. The ride is very smooth, and depending on the finish that you get for the interior, the seats are also fairly comfortable as well. Overall, the look of the sedan is that of an average, everyday car— it is sleek and will do the job. The radio system is nothing too fancy in our specific model, but the Bluetooth calling is a nice and very useful feature for keeping Focus on the road.

- Michelle L

I love all the room inside and in the trunk the car has.

I love my car. This is the second car that I have owned that has never given me any problems at all. The car is extremely comfortable and reliable. I have had it for two years and have never had any problems other than having to replace the battery. The inside is very spacious and has accommodated all of my road trips for my kids soccer games and moving my daughter to college with all of her stuff packed in the car and we still had room to fit me and both of my kids. I needed a reliable car after having a car for six months that was not and could not afford another car payment for something that would not be worth it. This car has exceeded my expectations.

- Stephanie S

The car is reliable and runs smoothly. I do forget to turn off the engine.

I love the make of my car, the color and the way it drives. It is very reliable. Features, I love my rims on my car. The sunroof and radio and using the radio to connect to your phone to talk, where you are not holding your phone. I like the radio also for driving directions and traffic. The interior I really like the color. The keyless ignition is awesome. Just have to have your keypad on you or in your purse or pocket. I love how it recognizes if you drive away and the key is not close, it lets you know the key is not detected. I also like the phone charger that is built in the slot where you plug your phone to charge. Overall I love my car.

- J T

It gets great mileage, especially when you're on highways on vacation.

I love the thing where you can see a screen with the area behind you that you can see where you're going. I love the fact that it doesn't need any repairs since it's only 2 years old. It gets real good mileage and drives nice. I really wish we would have gotten a car with more of these new safety things, like automatically stops before you do. I would have liked to have the automatic parallel parking. I like the extra cup holder in the door. I don't like the color, black. My husband picked out the color. I don't like that the steering wheel gets so hot after it has been sitting in the sun. You can hardly touch it.

- Barbara M

That it is a economical and dependable car!

I think that the Toyota Camry is a terrific car, with plenty of options without much additional cost. The Toyota Camry is efficient and dependable. The Toyota Camry I drive comes with Bluetooth so I can sync my music and phone contact list a quick and easy access point on my screen. The Toyota Camry has power seats, audio and cruise control buttons on the steering wheel, along with a spacious trunk. The Toyota Camry seats five people comfortably, and has nice stitching all along the interior of the vehicle. Overall the Toyota Camry is a car I would recommend to my friends and family without hesitation.

- Joseph D

I am overall happy with the Toyota Camry I currently drive.

No major problems. The car drives well and is comfortable enough. Gas mileage is in the neighborhood of 25-27 mpg. Have had to repair leaks in two of the tires in the past year when the car was only a little over a year old. Just replaced the car battery, which lasted about 2 years and 4 months. I am told this is pretty standard life for car batteries where I live (Hawaii), although all past vehicles I have owned had original batteries that lasted longer than this one. The car paint scratches very easily, as noted by the numerous minor scratches and nicks already on the sides and hood of the car.

- Steve N

‘16 Camry se super white car.

I just bought this vehicle 1 week ago. I really like that my 2016 Toyota Camry has an automatic transmission/non cvt (my 2015 Nissan Sentra S cvt has to be replaced for $4, 000 and still had problems). This Camry is spacious inside. I am 5'9” and my boyfriend is 6’7”, and we both are pleased with the leg room. Trunk size and back seats are good size, too. Leatherette seats and a great electronic system with navigation, Bluetooth, charging, and contact list handy on touchscreen. Been a great car so far. Hoping for at least 10 years of reliability!

- Sarah B

That it's comparable with a lot of legroom and feels like you are driving and riding in a luxury vehicle.

I really like the Toyota Camry. It feels like a luxury car when I am driving it and my significant other who is extremely tall has a lot of legroom. I love the leather interior as it makes it feel really expensive. I enjoy the technology that the car has, all though I think there is such a thing as too much technology when it comes to cars. My favorite feature is the back up camera which I use every time I drive it. I dislike the all computerized console and how easy you can switch between features by accidentally bumping the steering wheel.

- Kevin C

A good ride. Toyota Camrys are still very reliable even with some quirks.

It gives me a very smooth ride. It is easy to speed so I often use the cruise control so I do not get any tickets. I like the lines on the car. It is sleek looking. However, I do not like the front of it that dips too low. I would have preferred a leather interior. I like having controls on my steering wheel. I do not understand all of the features, especially having access to all of my phone contacts. I do not like reminders flashing for my next check up 500 miles before it needs to go in.

- Joan T

Comfy, reliable, and hands-free features!

My vehicle rides great. All of the features are easy to access and operate. It is very comfortable and very roomy. Toyotas are very reliable. I have had mine for 5 years and have had no problems. It has Bluetooth, which is nice because I can still call people without being on my phone. It has a touch screen radio. The only thing I do not like is the temperature features. I feel like there is no in between- it is really hot or really cold. Other than that, I love it!

- Morgan S

Overall it is a compact safe car. Fuel consumption is ok.

Overall I like Toyota Camry. It is a not a luxury vehicle, but if you need to get from point A to point B safely it will do its job. If you need to get to your point with more comfort then you should look for more luxury vehicles. My model doesn't have push start button, it is one of those where you insert and rotate they key. The trunk doesn't have open button on itself, you have to open it from your keys, this is kind of uncomfortable, when you hands are full.

- Mary B

Got to love the Camry. A great car to own.

I love any car made by Toyota but I especially love the Camry. Its durable has a smooth ride, and its great on gas. Another reason why I love my Toyota Camry is that it will last a long time and I am talking over 150,000 miles on the car and it will still run like new. Besides the normal wear and tear on the car it is very rare that you will need to do a major repair on the car. As long as you love your car and take care of it, then your car will love you back.

- Renee F

Consider your height, it does not have to much room inside.

I am 6 foot 4 inches, so I have to be careful entering and exiting the car, but the wheel and seat move. Not bumping my head is a concern. The interior is as comfortable as possible. The gauges and shift lay-out is very well designed. The backseat seems to be comfortable for adults that ride in the back. All over the car is robust and trustworthy. With acceleration and stopping power, maneuverability and a very low noise level inside to impress.

- Richard C

This Camry is loaded! It is a joy to drive and a car to be happy driving.

I really like the overall design both exterior and interior. It has loads of driver assist features such as rear camera, warning if oncoming traffic is coming when in reverse, blind spot indicators on side view mirrors that turn off when you have safe room to change lanes, out of lane warnings and possible front end collision, braking assist if approaching front object, Bluetooth, area map on screen, entune system feature and much more.

- Charles S

Excellent performance and safety features.

Beautiful car, nice sporty wheels, smooth ride, got leather seats and they are beautiful. Seat adjusts at different levels. Cool in summer and warm in winter. Ride is smooth and I feel safe and confident when driving this vehicle. Got a good price. Was able to negotiate a good deal. This is my third Toyota so I am very satisfied with the performance. I had my first one for 11 years and it was a Corolla and I gave it to my grandson.

- Pearl D

It is reliable, a dependable product.

My Camry has modern features: blu ray, phone service, computer. It has great safety features: bags, alerts when tires are low or it is time for service. It has a back-up camera and good mirrors. It has tinted windows which helps with glare. It has a smooth and quiet ride, comfortable seats which move forward and backwards and up and down. It has a digital screen with mph, trip distance and how many miles until more fuel is needed.

- Trish V

I have been driving down the road it drives great.

The car is very comfortable it is very solid and strong body the interior is very clean sounds good you can barely hear the car if it is on it drives smooth and it has a lot of power I would recommend this car highly to all consumers everything is lit up on the dash every little and device is on your steering wheel you couldn't ask for a nicer car Toyota is the way to go take care about the customer and they care about the car.

- Patrick V

Tells you the speed limit depending on where you are.

When I first got my car I really liked it. However after having it for some time, I noticed it does not have that good of traction in the rain. I hydroplane more frequently than others. Other than that, the car is amazing. The stereo system is incredible and the back seat is very spacious. One thing that would have been a nice addition is having seat warmers and coolers. Also the car navigation is difficult to use.

- yasmin D

Toyota Camry: always reliable.

My car is a great car overall. It is reliable, comfortable, and a smooth-driving vehicle. It has all the essentials I need to make for an enjoyable car ride such as being Bluetooth powered, air conditioning, and a rear-view camera. It is reliable in a way that is easy for drivers to understand the different signs that show which area of the car needs to be addressed and makes averting those problems quicker.

- Lisa D

toyota designed to last and serve

in general, my vehicle is good, it gives good fuel efficiency, it is comfortable and spacious, everyone is comfortable as we are a family of 5 people. I really like its design, or innovador and futurist, in terms of maintenance only required minimum maintenance has not presented any major maintenance inconvenience or replacement of important parts, all maintenance has been made in consensionario

- richard r

Toyota Camry great family car.

The Toyota Camry is a great size sedan for a family. It is spacy enough for 3 children and even adults to travel comfortably. The trunk is a great size allows many things to be able to fit. Performance wise, it runs nice and smooth. Have not had any issues with it so far. This car also has many features like a backup camera and cruise control. These features make for a better driving experience.

- Melissa H

Comfortable seating and fun to drive.

I really like the gas mileage and the performance the my car gives me. It handles well the also very important to me. It is easy to park which is helpful for someone like me. I really like the way my dashboard lights up at night and during the day. It makes it very easy to see. I like the fact that I can carry a lot of people with me if I need to. And the drivers seat is so comfortable.

- Renee L

Great gas mileage. I have all current in car technology, which I love. Awesome driving in both city and highway traffic.All seats are extremely comfortable, large trunk space, great on road handling. Love it!

My second Toyota. Love the company and all the vehicles they make. I have the Camry 4 door sedan. Could not be happier. Great performance, ride, very gas efficient, in auto technology, Comfort - 100%. Easy to operate, in car navigation and much more. As long as you keep up your maintenance, oil changes, tires, plugs, etc. this car will last 15 years or more. Definitely would recommend.

- Susan B

Has a lot of power to be a 4 cylinder and great gas mileage. Also very roomy.

Has great power, with great gas mileage and very comfortable. Also has great stereo system, very cheap to buy parts. It is a very great car to take on long trips or family outings. I will always buy a Toyota from now on they are very dependable. Suspension is great and the ride is very good. On the highway you get 35 miles per gallon. And to be a 4 cylinder it has a lot of power.

- Justin B

Reliable and awesome to drive.

This vehicle is so smooth on the road. It has been extremely reliable. It is a little larger than I am used to. The seats and space are roomy and comfortable. The back up camera is helpful but there is a blind spot on the right rear. The trunk in very roomy. The sound system is good and it has the ability to connect to Sirius radio. The alerts on the dash are helpful and great.

- Vanessa M

Toyota Camry is a car worth buying.

I bought it used with 16k miles on it. I use it for rideshare with lyft and uber. Performance is great. Could use a little more pick me up. Gas mileage is not bad at 333 for a full tank. It is very comfortable with lots of legroom if u move the passenger seat up. It is very reliable. It got the highest marks on your mechanic. Com I have had no problems with the car as of yet.

- Stanley P

Pros and cons of purchasing a Toyota Camry.

Only problem is high mileage doing uber, Lyft, doordash, amazon deliveries. Lots of wear on the car, tire replacement oil change every 5000 miles, brakes, lots of maintenance. Rotors. Costly and depreciation on vehicle. No resale value. Overall Toyota is a good brand to purchase. Just if you want longevity for the price. Do not purchase for everyday driving services.

- Cheryl D

Travel in style with the 2016 Camry.

The 2016 Toyota Camry is very nice. It has the alternate shifting in it. Came equipped with a sunroof and grey and black sports interior. Bluetooth, satellite radio, front, rear and side airbags. Amazing trunk space. This Camry gets great gas mileage. It has a 13 gallon tank and costs normally around $40 to fill and that will usually give around 500 miles to the tank.

- Matthew H

My Toyota Camry is a fuel efficient vehicle that gets very good gas mileage.

I love my Toyota Camry because it's the perfect size for me. It is a safe, reliable car that I trust to get me where I want to go and home again without worrying about my car breaking down. Best of all, my Camry gets great gas mileage which saves me money on gasoline. The only thing I dislike is that the wireless charging compartment requires my phone case to be off.

- Linda S

Love all of the bells and whistles.

Love this vehicle. Have had it for 2 years and haven't encountered any problems yet. Very reliable, accelerates quickly when needed (entering a freeway), very comfortable to ride in whether as a driver or passenger. Seats 4 comfortable but 6 can ride in it. I have 2 booster seats and 1 car seat that I put in the backseat and they fit, it is a snug fit but they fit.

- Devon P

My wife's Camry/hybrid. One instrument panel and gauges keep you informed.

The car handles well. I am into muscle cars and newer sport cars. The car is full of safety features. The sound system is accurate, crisp and clear. It just does not get loud enough for me. It is a hybrid thus getting amazing gas mileage compared to the cars I usually own. The electric engine allows for quicker acceleration. It is a great commuter car for my wife.

- Dwayne W

A totally reliable great car!

This is my 6th Camry. I have been more than satisfied with all of them. The Camry is a comfortable, very reliable no frills car. In all of my 30 years of Camry driving I have never had to bring them in for other than the regular service. It is a great car! And, driving long distances to visit children and grandchildren I appreciate the very spacious trunk.

- Margit S

Toyota Camry a great family car.

I love my Camry. It is so roomy and comfortable, and it rides so smooth. It has the back up camera which is a feature I truly wanted. The radio is all touch screen with controls on the steering wheel as well. It has automatic transmission with the paddle shift on steering wheel. It is definitely a car that I'd recommend to anyone looking for a family car.

- Stacy B

My Toyota Camry is the best automobile I have ever owned.

My Camry is great looking, runs forever on a tank of gas, and is very comfortable and enjoyable to drive. It is very reliable, and low cost to maintain it. Great value for the money. This car should last me, at least for the next 10 years. I will buy another Toyota when it comes time to replace the Camry. We currently own 2 Toyotas, and love them both.

- Ken K

Nice, safe, comfortable. Easy to drive, easy to park, easy to maintain.

Nice design, comfortable, nice features. A little bit router drive on speed bumps than le. But fuel efficiency is better than older models. I would highly recommend this car for in town as well as long distance driving, for older drives because it is easy to handle, and for younger drivers because of all the safety features as well as nice radio sound.

- Marc N

A reliable car with wonderful add ons and room for five!

The Camry is very reliable. I have had no issues. I love the bs. The car rides nice and smooth. The car is very roomy and it has a big trunk. My biggest issue is the dark interior with red stitching. The outside paint is called cosmic grey which is an interesting color. No one can figure out what the color is. I love Camrys and highly recommend them.

- Jean T

Love my Toyota Camry, it has been a very dependable vehicle.

My 2016 Toyota Camry se is a gas saver. The radio has am/FM radio, with Bluetooth. You can make calls through the radio. Very interactive. I find it very comfortable since I am a short guy. Has a leather interior. Back seats can be seen as a little tight but it is a typical car. Haven't had any problems with it so far. Been driving it for two years.

- Christian B

Toyota hold their value and are high up on the consumer reports.

So far so good, i really love the camry SE. Great on mileage, i get roughly 370 miles to the tank depending on stop and go or highway traffic.. Looks nice and classy Low maintenance and you get your money's worth. The air conditioning works well and cools off quickly which is important here in Arizona. I have navigation in mine which is a big plus.

- Lois A

Reliability of the Toyota Camry.

The Toyota Camry is one of the most reliable cars on the road. It is a good size sedan with plenty of room for a family. The good gas mileage is another advantage to the Camry. My Camry averages around 30 miles to the gallon. This is my 2nd Camry and I haven't had any mechanical issues, though I do take it in the dealership for regular maintenance.

- Leah G

It is a good and safe car to have when you have children.

So far no problems at all. However, there is something that I find annoying, I know the whole purpose of having bluetooth is to prevent drivers from touching their cells, but when it comes to being able to press the numbers on my screen when there is no voice activation available, I end up having to pull over to touch my cell to press the buttons.

- Elisa B

Amazingly efficient wouldn't trade it for the world.

I first purchased the vehicle in Dec of 2015. Till this date, 4/11/2019, I have not yet had real problems with the car. The only minor problems I can think of is flat tires and I had to replace 1 battery. That is about it. Nothing else besides those minor problems. I would 100% recommend a Toyota Camry to anyone in the market for a new vehicle.

- Yuri M

Toyota Camry: style, comfort, great performance, and technology.

I am very happy with my 2016 Toyota Camry. I have had no problems, even though my one way trip to work is 75 miles. It has been reliable and my long commute has been comfortable. It is efficient and stylish, and I like the ease of the touch screen display technology. I would recommend the Toyota to someone considering the purchase of a vehicle.

- Dianne G

Toyota keeps going strong!

I have a 2016 Toyota Camry se and have not had any issues at this time. I have power seats on the driver side and power windows. On average, I get approximately 25 mpg city. The car handles fine and the body design is sporty for a sedan. The interior is cloth and leather combined. The back-up camera and panel instruments are easy to see.

- Anonymous M

The car that gets me where I am going.

Personally love my car. My battery died after a year which is odd but luckily covered under warranty. It is not necessarily fast but it gets me to wherever I am going. Love the red trimming on the inside. Other than the red trim there is no wow effect of how the car looks on the inside. Wish the features were a bit different, nicer.

- Ariana M

Best car I have ever purchased.

I have had absolutely no problems with my car. It drives very well throughout all seasons, it handles well on icy roads. My car is comfortable and spacious. My next vehicle purchase will be another Toyota without a doubt. I would recommend anyone looking to purchase a new car, check out a Toyota. I have never had a car so reliable.

- Tiffany C

Seats upholstered with waterproof material makes spills easy to clean up.

The seats are made of water resistant material, so spills clean very easily. When you leave your window cracked open and it starts to rain the seats will not be ruined. The turning radius is great. I have had no issues with performance and it is really reliable. I have had no problems with the engine or any hardware of the vehicle.

- Jennifer L

The Toyota Camry is an really good car if you want to go on a long road trip.

The performance is really good. The comfort and the features are really great for the car. The car is my husband's car so I can't go into details of the car buyers. The runs really on mileage on a long car trip from Florida to Mississippi in about a day or so. The gas mileage is really great on the car for the mileage distance.

- Cheyenne P

Deciding between a Camry versus accord and what I chose.

Comfortable ride, reliable and good gas mileage. Sports addition, not to sporty looking but good looking car overall. Inside leather trimmed seats, Bluetooth and touch control panel are a nice touch. Decision was between a Camry and accord and decided on the Camry because it was a lower price and just as reliable as the accord.

- Brandy P

One of the things others should know about my car is it is fuel efficient.

The vehicle rides well and I always get compliments on it. The car has never given me trouble and has been dependable since day one. Although I would like a larger SUV / truck. I also wish I got the next model up with more features such as keyless entry, remote start, and other various perks that come standard in newer models.

- Michael C

A 2016 Toyota Camry dark blue.

It is a dependable vehicle with awesome gas mileage. It fits five people comfortably and I have had not one major mechanical failure runs smoothly with great pickup. The price of the vehicle fits my budget. I have leather seats and they are very comfortable especially in the winter I can warm them with the seat warmer device.

- Patrick H

The Camry is the most comfortable, reliable and economic car

comfortable, roomy, easy to handle, reliable. I have had no problems with this car. The one negative is that I can't see the back end of the car because of the shape of the trunk. The car does have a camera that is visible when backing up, so that does help me feel more comfortable. I have had Camrys for over 20 years.

- deborah m

The Toyota Camry is an excellent car.

The Toyota Camry is efficient, stylish, reliable and affordable.... Toyota has also always been at the forefront when it comes to in-car technology, from safety tech to infotainment. Available v6 and hybrid engines are a bonus, as are the Camry's standard driver-assist features that remain optional on some competitors.

- Emily B

Reliable and dependable Camry.

It is a comfortable ride and has good mileage. My only real problem has been keeping up maintenance. It is a great car. Sporty or more modern looking and roomy. This car is great for just about anything you do. I love my Camry and do not plan on buying another car until absolutely needed. Very reliable and dependable.

- No name P

Love my Camry to the moon and back.

Overall I love my camry. It's reliable even in super cold temperatures (-40 sometimes here) and gets great mileage. My only issue is that we've had several chips in the windshield that we haven't had with previous cars. It seems the glass may not be the same quality as other cars, even toyotas, we've had in the past.

- Cristina d

Toyota Camry hybrids are amazing vehicles

Actually it is a Toyota hybrid it is a very economical car the instruments provided help you to gain maximum fuel efficiency which is very highly sought-after when gas prices are high the ride is awesome it is comfortable it is ergonomically correct everything is Within Reach if I had to buy this car again I would.

- Mark D

Toyota's are the only car for us; reliable, comfortable and great dealer service.

Incredibly reliable, the smooth performance when driving, very comfortable, lots of legroom and space for our adult children to sit in the back. The ability to access the trunk area from the primary cab is great. Bluetooth compatible and able to use the speaker system to listen and speak to calls as they come in.

- Teresa S

The Camry is very reliable. Low maintenance too keep it in top shape.

No problems noted with the car. The Camry has been very reliable. The seats are comfortable, the steering is great. The braking system is smooth. I have brought a Camry in 2006 and I brought the 2016 because my 2006 was so reliable. It only required brakes, oil changes, new tires in regard servicing the vehicle.

- Beatrice S

My Camry is the perfect combination of stylishness and reliability.

I love my Camry because it is the perfect size for me and has all the extras like a moonroof, leather upholstery, and heated seats. I also really like the exterior styling; it's sophisticated enough without being too boring or too flashy. The ride is pretty good although it's not as smooth as a larger car has.

- Linda p

I am confident that my car is dependable and well built. I wouldn't hesitate to take it on a road trip.

My vehicle is a 2016 Toyota Camry. I enjoy owning the car. It drives very well. I love the backup camera function. Also, I feel good about the reputation of a Toyota Camry as being a dependable car. I have had it since January, 2017, and I have had no problems with it at all. I am very proud of this car.

- Linda G

Toyota is built to last, has great maintenance package.

Great on gas, plenty of room, comfortable, runs great, drives smooth, has a great look since they redesigned it, interior is great and easy to manage, has awesome maintenance package, Toyota service is easy fast and great to work with, salesman at the Danville Toyota location offered great buying experience.

- Whitney D

Best car I've ever had! Comfortable, safe, fuel efficient and beautiful!

I love my car!!! It is comfortable to drive, efficient on gas, handles so well, and plenty large enough for me to carry passengers. This is my most favorite car that I've ever had and I've had a few Toyotas as well as other brands. Just turned over 30,000 miles and it still dries as well as the first day.

- Patty S

Good value for the price!

The car is incredibly reliable and huge backseat and trunk! I do not like the drive itself though - it is noisy and does not have as much get up and go as I'd like. Already had to replace the gas cap too for some reason. The up of the dash is pretty easy but I can never get the defrosts to work properly.

- Crystal O

My Toyota Camry is reliable and reasonably priced and is impressive to drive.

My Toyota Camry is a very nice vehicle and it satisfies my needs. It is black and looks very sleek and sexy. I really like the ride and the smoothness of the acceleration of it. The only thing that I do not like is the lack of a lot of technology but for the price it is a very nice reliable vehicle.

- Elsie U

It's not a very fast car but it is a perfect size.

It's a good size car, very easy to drive. I like that it's Toyota made because I feel that it will last me a long time. I dislike that the front bumper is very low but the front hood is high so i can't see very far over it. Other than that it runs smoothly although I wish I didn't get a 4 cylinder car.

- brandi y

Good car for a female. Bigger than an average sized car so you feel safer.

Like the size of the car, a bit bigger than the corolla. Car is spacious but also practical and easy to park. Smooth in terms of speed, you do not really feel if you are going passed 80. Problems I see with the car is that it's not 4 wheel drive. Does not have an indicator if a car is too close to you.

- Julia A

My Camry is a fun And reliable car to drive with great safety features.

It is very reliable. It is also comfortable and has a roomy trunk. I have a six but just test drove a four cylinder. Plenty of power. My next Camry will be a four cylinder. Much less expensive and Toyotacare gives you two years of free maintenance as well as oil changes I'll save on gas. Love the car.

- Neil K

Great car for the value. I will buy again this model.

Very reliable. All it needs is oil change and brake change. It is economical. Smooth ride. Inexpensive. Maintainable. Good mileage per gallon efficiency. Great car. The best I ever had. Compact with a lot of room for legs. Starts right the way. I changed only the battery. Brakes are good for 8 months.

- Petre A

The Toyota Camry, you cannot go wrong.

The Toyota Camry is very reliable. I have never had any problems with the engine. The only maintenance I have needed to do on it is change the coil and brakes. Over the years the only problem I have had with it is a squeaky steering wheel, and repetitive broken sun visors. I would recommend this car!

- Erica K

Its all I want in a car as long as I take care of my car my car takes care of me.

I have no problems with my car, its performance is great, it's also very reliable it's always ready to drive, I am comfortable when I am driving and it has a lot of features I like wonderful car. I would pick this over a lot of others it just my kind of car and my son likes his space in the back set.

- Katrina W

Is very comfortable and easy to maintain.

MI car is very comfortable, is ease to park, the seats and the interiors are very ease to clean, don not consume a lot of gas so is cheap. Is fun to drive far for long trips. Is not an expensive car and the replacement are cheap. . The radio is ease to manipulate and have the option to use BlueTooth.

- Patricia D

My car Toyota review 2018.

It's a really good vehicle I love how it drives, and how it feels when I am inside. When I drive the vehicle it moves how I want it to move. The vehicle lasts long and is always in good condition. It has barely given me problems if any to drive around. The car looks amazing and the brand always last.

- Arturo G

Love the way the car handles - feels safe and sturdy and responds well.

Great car to start out with, in my opinion. I like the look (very simple but sleek, and the interior is spacious enough for me to take my younger siblings places with me) and trust the way it drives because I feel safe in it. Modern tech makes it easy to figure out when there's a problem and fix it.

- Carri D

Toyota Camry smoothest ride in the industry.

My Toyota Camry is a great car. The ride is very smooth you cannot beat the price and it is a car that is going to last me at least 10 years with proper maintenance. I have taken three road trips from Arizona to Wisconsin and the drive is phenomenal. No wonder there are so many Toyotas on the road.

- Jane F

Awesome performance and comfort.

I have not had any problems with this Camry or my previous Camry. I have made several long trips and the car is comfortable and has performed well. I absolutely love my Camry and I believe that it will be a good car for many years to come. It is my second Camry and I plan to stick with this brand.

- Valerie W

Awesome car to have. Very reliable.

Very reliable car, heat on gas. Very comfortable car, very roomy. Enough trunk space. Has hands free calling. Bluetooth. Very nice body and various colors. I fill up the gas tank once a week for about 30$. Very comfortable if you are traveling. Everyone fits comfortably even with a child car seat.

- Ashleigh H

Vehicle is spacious, modern with the latest technologies and is reliable.

My vehicle has had no issues and has been reliable. Other than regular maintenance I haven't had to take it to a mechanic. The back up camera and Bluetooth capabilities are awesome features. The car is comfortable, has a spacious trunk and compartments inside for sunglasses, etc. are very useful.

- Diana A

The interior is pretty fancy and it is a big car.

It is a smaller size car but it is very roomy. Lots of room for guests. It has a great speed. Amazing radio sound system. Good color and great interior. Love the touch screen. Can hook up to phone using Bluetooth. Favorite part is that you can talk on the phone and it can read messages out loud.

- Brittany M

Camry is cute yet reliable.

Very reliable, I do not drive everyday, so it is still in new-like condition. Interior is light and very comfortable, does not get overheated in the sun. Bluetooth connectivity is convenient and works satisfactory. Gas mileage is great so far, I have been taking it in for required maintenance.

- Stacy M

Reliable & roomy. It also has leather seats which is a at with a messy toddler.

My car is very much reliable. Gas is almost perfect. I drive back & forth in small areas and others cars that I have drive I usually would be filling up twice a week but with my Camry I fill up once a week. My car has safety features that I love since I have a 1 year old in the backseat.

- Kim M

28 years of owning a Toyota Camry. I will always be a Toyota lover.

This is my third Toyota Camry. My first one I had 11 years, send one 14 years. They are reliable, dependable and get great gas mileage. Not a fan of the electric drivers seat. There's A blind spot on the drivers side. When turning left you need to check carefully of people in the crosswalk.

- Anna B

Toyota Camry-I would buy another.

This vehicle has a smooth drive, feels solid and safe. It actually gets fairly good gas mileage. The only thing I would do differently would be to not purchase a vehicle with light colored upholstery as it does not age well or look great after 2 years use. Next time, darker details inside.

- Chris D

Great modern car that I plan on keeping it meets all my expectation.

The Camry is a powerful car. It gets positive comments often because of its nice style. It is good on gas. I had no problems with it. The care provides a smooth comfortable ride. It is easy to handle. It provides good leg room in the back set. It is easy to drive because of the visibility.

- Joanne I

It is a black Toyota Camry with grey interior and tinted windows.

The vehicle is great on gas and plus Camry's last longer than any other car as long as you keep up with the maintenance. The navigation is up to date and does a great job of informing me when there is accident and needs to reroute me. I have no issues with the vehicle since I have had it.

- Will A

I like my car a lot. It is roomy and drives well. It is a good size without being too big. Gas mileage is pretty good too. I wish it was a bit whiter ride and I really like a wagon style trunk. I also wish I could recirculating air on when the defrost is on. I like the sound of the radio.

- Sarah B

Cool Camry with comfort and easy long distance driving.

The car is comfortable and easy to drive on a long distance. Since it is a hybrid I get good mileage in the city especially long distance not bad as well. The only trouble is sometimes I forget to shut the car off. This is my first push button start car so I do wish it would warn however.

- Gwen M

A good buy if you are looking for a reliable car.

Performance is amazing, wish there was more 4 wheel drive as it tends to lose traction when your at a red light and raining and it loses traction on the painted lines. Besides that the car rides amazingly, has some nice features (wish there were slightly more) and is an overall nice car.

- Kris B

Not your traditional sedan.

My Camry is very safe, dependable, and stylish. It is everything we want in a vehicle. The sle model has a back up camera, alloy wheels and Bluetooth capability. I haven't had any problems as of yet. It is comfortable and safe. Again, this car is everything we could ask for in a vehicle.

- William R

The Toyota Camry is a dependable and safe vehicle.

I have owned many Toyota Camry’s and have never had an issue with mine. They get great mileage and I usually get around 27 mpg on the highway. The le offers some nice features and has a digital touchscreen. It is very comfortable for myself and my husband and has a spacious trunk area.

- J A

Toyota Camry special edition.

My car drives amazing, it is great on gas and even though it is 2016 it still looks brand new. My favorite feature is the blue trim on the seats and steering wheel and the sunroof. I live in Miami so it is nice to drive with the sunroof open during the fall when it gets a little cooler.

- Sheila R

Toyota's worth every penny.

This car has worked great until we moved from the ms gulf coast to Nebraska. This winter we had to replace a corroded battery terminals and then two weeks later the battery died all together. Otherwise, I have owned several Toyotas and they are extremely reliable and hold their value.

- David S

Smooth, safe and beautiful ride.

My Camry is a pretty silver color and looks nice. It has a smooth ride, many safety features like back up camera and alert when servicing is needed. It also has several technology features like phone hookup and Bluetooth. The seats are comfortable and adjust back and forth, up and down.

- Trish B

Definitely recommend! Very efficient.

The overall performance of the 2016 Toyota Camry is honestly a really efficient vehicle. It has great gas mileage and some helpful features such as a rear camera, Bluetooth, and much more. It is highly reliable and comfortable, as it comes with both fabric seating and leather seating.

- Michelle N

A tale of a Camry - is it for you?

Even with backup camera, rear deck height creates difficulties in rear vision. Heater/ac will not come on until engine has run for a while. Even just a fan-only state would help during summer months. driver's seat controls are fabulous. Dash readouts well placed and easily visible.

- Steve B

Great vehicle to invest in.

Very happy with everything about my vehicle. Performs well and is very comfortable. It is very spacious and looks great. I have not had any problems at all in any kind of way and my family loves riding in it especially on long trips. If I had to trade it I would get the same kind.

- Rebecca T

Very spacious. Perfect family car.

Foot room in the back seats is very big and enhances the comfort being a passenger in the car. I have had this car for 3 almost 4 years, and I have not had any problems with it at all, and it still works as if it were new. The trunk is also very spacious and useful for groceries.

- Joyce A

Awesome car brand and family car.

Love the new car program with Toyota to have all regular service requirements included. Helps you get the regular checks done on your car like you should. Have had zero problems with this car since bought it. Great driving in any weather. Looks great. Has great resale value too.

- Katrina M

The vehicle is wonderful and makes driving enjoyable.

The performance is overall fairly good. No major issues. Very reliable with long drives and traveling. Nice and comfortable seating and space but could use more cup holders. The features the vehicle has to it are helpful and make finding and getting to your destinations easier.

- Doug F

Toyota Camry reliable car.

It drives alright. It is little small for my family but good to commute with it. Sometimes it takes forever to get the car to go fast but so far it has been ok. I was able to drive to work days a week with full tank of gas. Which is very good considering the gas price nowadays.

- Mary N

The Toyota Camry is a great car.

Quality in all ways. Great acceleration, handles smoothly, comfortable and is made for drivers of all sizes. Lasts a long time. This is my 5th Camry and I'll never buy another make. The car holds it is value and is very dependable. The 4 cylinder is as great as the 6 cylinder.

- Susan G

Toyota Camry, best comfy sedan.

My car is reliable, great gas mileage, and its great for long road trips. Very spacious as well. I also love having the rear camera with to me is a great option! I would say the only downside is the performance, it does take a bit to pick up speed. But overall is s great car!

- Francis A

The car handles and move well. It has great gas mileage for a good price.

I love the sleek look and many features that come standard such as backup camera, bluetooth pairing, and automatic car care need alerts. I dislike how flimsy the exterior is, it dents or cracks under very little pressure and often makes the impact seem worse than what it was.

- Arlette W

My Camry is the best car ever.

Fits my family comfortably because they all have long leg, low gas mileage, very reliable fully loaded was not bought new but was well taken care of, the performance is very great drives really good, comes with CD player, 6 cup holders, air bags on driver and passenger side.

- Wanda D

I have a great car with the latest features and stylish body.

My car is brand new off the lot. Everything is functional and stylish from the buttons and knobs to the seats and interior. It gets great gas mileage and has a smooth riding suspension. Easy handling and steering makes me feel safe and in control. Great car would recommend.

- Betty M

Great reliable hybrid vehicle.

Reliable and good mileage per gallon. It is a hybrid and has had zero battery problems. The interior is very roomy and spacious. The se has a nice combo of leather/cotton seats. The front grill is a unique sporty bow tie shape. The high beams are great in really dark areas.

- Matthew A

Camry is the best car for me.

My car is fuel efficient, very easy to maintain and very reliable. I love the Bluetooth and navigation feature. The features are very easy to handle. It handles well on the road. The size is just enough for me since I am petite. The best of all, I am getting great mileage.

- Star N

Camry love it, best in its class.

Best car I have had, no problems runs well, good safety features, good gas mileage, very comfortable, and easy to drive, great performance on the road good for city and long trips. Very low maintenance, good size trunk, easy to handle great styling, and comfortable seats.

- Dee R

Toyota give you good deal with finance.

Its small for me I have two kids. But it's good. The maintenance is cheap and don't needs that much gas. Its user friendly. Good space for setting 3 people in back. Sits are good easy to clean. Good for long drive. Kids friendly. Back side is good for take enough baggage.

- Florence G

Great family car and very spacious and nice.

It is a great family car and I love my backup camera and the radio Bluetooth and your phone sync with it. The back has room for my two girls and newborn baby and the trunk space is amazing nice and big. Great on gas and for trips. Ac system is great for winter or summer.

- April T

That it is reliable and gets me to where I need to go.

I like it is easy maneuverability, pick up, and the interior. I think the size is not too big or too small, just right, with a lot of trunk space for a car. I do not like that they only had red for a color on this model. I do not like that it is not a sports car either.

- Jessica B

It is a nice mid sized car that meets all our needs.

This is a very comfortable car. It is easy to get in and out of. Plenty of legroom in the front and back. Controls are within easy reach. Steering column has controls that are easily accessible. Plenty of room in the backseat as well as the trunk. Nice looking exterior.

- Jan J

Comfy, reliable and fun to drive.

Most comfortable car I have owned. Great handling, easy turning. Love the rear camera and sound system. The systems performance is shown clearly along with the speedometer. Love the tire pressure monitor most of all. Would buy this car over and over again - so reliable.

- Linda L

The best detail is the trunk has a lot of space, perfect for a family who travels.

I love this car so much. It has enough room for all my siblings and does not make them feel cramped. The stereo is simple to navigate and the rear end camera helps when backing out of a small space. Over all I would give this car a 10 out of 10 for comfort and quality.

- Skye C

Long term Toyota Camry lover.

Very reliable and comfortable. This is my third Toyota and I have learned that if you simply take care of regular oil changes and tire rotation the costs of ownership are very small. The Camry has all the features I need and want and the ride is extremely comfortable.

- Mike W

Toyota Camry is best car ever.

I have only had one problem with one of the tires. The air goes out of it when the temp is 30 degrees and they cannot find anything wrong with it. If your going to buy make sure you get tint on the windows. I love everything about it and would recommend it for sure.

- Sherry B

Great car at a great price.

It is a great car. Good gas mileage. Low upkeep. Just keep the oil changed and the tires rotated. It drives smoothly. It did need a battery at 2 years but so far no other issues. Love the features such as heated seats and backup camera. Also really enjoy the sunroof.

- Melanie H

Excellent. Has excellent maintenance record According to consumer reports.

Have not had a problem. So do not expect any problems if you do required maintenance. Have had a Toyota Camry previously 1996 and it is still n the road with a relative. Over 225 miles, same engine, but put a used transmission in at 200 miles, that is thousand miles.

- Ellen L

Love our four door Toyota Camry.

Economical and low maintenance, is a little difficult to get in and out of. The insurance premium is relatively low and we are pleased with the resale value compared with the longevity of the car we plan to obtain. There have been no mechanical problems experienced.

- Robert B

Toyota Camry se review update.

It was in an accident and crumpled the back bumper. Also, the check engine light came on and cannot find the problem. The performance for the vehicle is good, comfort measures could be improved with things like automatic climate control, etc. Features are standard.

- Ryan K

Gas saver Sturdy Good features Nice model Pricing good Resale value.

No problem so far love it reliable and convenient and fuel saver. Also has a great resale value. I think it will last me another 10 years. Has cameras and sensors that help me back up. Parts are cheaper feel replacing is required as well. I definitely recommend it.

- Enray T

Great car with great gas mileage.

My car gets great gas mileage. Drives well. The car has a large trunk to help haul items and the back seats fold down to help with extra room if needed. It is a great car for a small family. It is very reliable with minimal repairs. I would purchase this car again.

- Amanda T

Toyota Camry: daily driver for everyone.

Toyota Camrys are comfortable cars. They provide high reliability with relatively low cost of ownership. Minimal problems that can be avoided be keeping up with routine maintenance. Offer most modern features in today’s cars based off the trim level you select.

- Matthew J

The touch screen and the technology.

My vehicle is very good on gas mileage, very reliable. The only thing I do not like is the limited space inside. I like the touch screen and phone connectivity. But I wish the vehicle would be able to respond to text messages too, not just read the incoming ones.

- Morgan H

My Camry has a backup camera which is my favorite.

It's a good vehicle. Never had problems with it, just have to do the normal maintenance on it like changing tires and oil changes. Only had to change my battery once. It is good on gas mileage and they aren't overpriced. I would recommend anyone getting a Toyota.

- Ashley R

The sporty side of Camry Toyota.

I like the look of the car inside and out. It has a somewhat sporty look but comfortable to drive and ride as a passenger. It is smooth driving and would be easy to get a speeding ticket. The hybrid feature really makes a difference in town driving on gas usage.

- Gwen A

It has a backup up camera and power steering. It has a radio and power locks.

I like the Toyota Camry because it is easy to drive. I just love my Camry but I wish it had leather seats. I wish it had the backup up camera. I like that you have a CD player and the radio, I like that it drives smoothly. I just wish I had gotten leather seats.

- Anna A

If you take care of you your vehicle it will take care of you.

Reliable, comfortable, and the performance is great. It has always been our go to vehicle. A family oriented car. We love it. We take our car on family vacations and the performance is great. We would not trade it for nothing. It can handle a family of 4 easily.

- Chris R

The rearview camera and Bluetooth.

My vehicle is really neat. It has Bluetooth, rear view camera, etc.. Also, that has a sunroof. It has other functions I haven't figured out yet. Super cool I wouldn't want any other car. I know it is reliable and safe which is a major plus for me. I love my car.

- Aja D

Loves & dislikes of the Camry's features.

Seats are too hard. Not good for road trips. Not roomy inside car. Shrank it down to a corolla. Love the roomy trunk, & the engine power. It is zippy around town. Expensive leaky tire sensors, had to replace already. Maintenance is very expensive on Camry's.

- Jennifer P

Great compact family car!!

Pro's-great gas mileage, sturdy exterior, drives smoothly in most terrains, easy shift in gears, great compact car, back up camera, heated seats, sport mode function, kid crash safe. Cons- not pothole friendly, no sunroof, battery needs to be clean once a year.

- John B

Auto shut off at stops is annoying and you cannot turn that feature off.

I love everything about my car there inside the outside the comfort my only one thing is when I wear a hair clip the head rest prevents me from putting my head back I have to take the clip out of my hair or sit with my head in an uncomfortable position forward.

- Cynthia F

I love the hands free that will read text messages to me.

I have not had any problems at all with my Toyota Camry since purchasing it used in January 2018. It has been reliable and gets good gas mileage. I really like that it has a hands free feature and will read text messages to me. I am very happy with my purchase.

- Laura S

Love Toyota and their quality of vehicle's.

I absolutely love my vehicle. It has nice clean lines very comfortable, roomy and stylish. Great gas mileage and great options to choose from. I recommend it to anyone. Has tons of trunk space for groceries or luggage. Backup camera is amazing for tight spaces.

- Jane P

Color is like blue black and style is le.

Is a good car no problems, it is fast and quiet low maintenance gasoline saver. I buy this car for my job everyday in the highway and I don't have any problem with it have touch screen, Bluetooth, sound system, and I can fill up the tank weekly with 25 dollars.

- Glory V

Toyota Camry is easy to drive and one of the most reliable cars.

I love my Camry because it has all the features I wanted. I love the back up camera, blind spot monitor, that the rear view mirror automatically tints so you aren't blinded at night. Plus I love that Camry is rated one of the most reliable and dependable cars.

- Alesia B

Review of Toyota Camry 2016.

Everything about this car is awesome. Very good maneuverability and control. Very nice high quality interior, great sound from speakers and electronics inside works splendidly. Have not had any issues so far. Toyota is known to make very reliable vehicles.

- Cindy A

I love my touch screen radio.

Excellent car. Spacious, smooth ride good on gas. Looks sleek and beautiful I love driving my car. I've never had any issues with motor, rubs fantastic. I will always purchase Toyota. It’s the best. You will love it give it a shot you will not be sorry.

- Sylvia D

The Bluetooth option and all it does and offers is amazing.

I have had no problems at all. I absolutely love it and would not think of buying another brand its Camry for me. Great gas mileage very comfortable. Toyotas service is amazing. I have Bluetooth where if I get a text while driving the car will read it to me.

- Marissa B

A luxury car for a modest cost.

It is a very reliable, comfortable, good looking and fuel efficient vehicle. It is roomy and ergonomically correct. The trunk is also spacious. It comes with a rear view camera. The cost of this car is very modest for all that is included. Highly recommend.

- Claire M

Spacious, smooth, 4 door and it is great on car insurance rates. It still looks Sporty!

I love the style and the roomy space. The car gets great gas mileage and I take it from Indiana to Florida. The ride is smooth And my 6ft 7in husband does not feel cramped. Oil changes are every 5000 miles. Great 4 door family car with a sleek sporty look.

- Maria P

Great sound quality and very safe.

My only problem is that the body is held together with mainly plastic pins that are not the strongest. Very gas friendly, great technology features including sound quality, aesthetically pleasing, comfortable seating with legroom, and good safety features.

- Nicole H

Gas, engine, and workflow is perfect.

My vehicle is pretty old but it is in a pretty good work. It does not cost much money but also save gas for road trip. Not a fancy brand, but Toyota does save my life for commute between work, school, take my sister to school. Gas for my car cost cheaper.

- Tho D

Camry 2016 if you are looking for affordable car.

Car is very affordable. Has eco which makes the car driveway smoother. I have had it for 2 months and only maintenance I have got was minimal. Haven't had any problems yet. Really good if your looking for low insurance these cars do not run you that much.

- Kay C

Camry: great performance, but user-friendliness of electronics is just average.

The Camry handles very well. The electronics system is challenging to learn. Simple things like adding radio stations and navigating the phone directory shouldn't be as complicated as they are in the Camry. Overall, I like the reliability and performance.

- James L

Why I love my Toyota Camry.

My Toyota's gas mileage is incredible, even in stop and go traffic, which has saved me a lot of money. I also love that it is reliable and safe. It has fantastic brakes that have kept me from hitting cars once when traffic suddenly stopped on the highway.

- Amelia M

Toyota Camry review: pros & cons.

Sometimes when stepping on the gas pedal, it feels like the fuel line has air bubbles or the fuel hesitates to go through the fuel line. Sometimes it is a little nosy for a newer vehicle. My vehicle is very roomy and spacious. It has a lot of trunk space.

- Rene W

Spacious 2016 Toyota Camry.

My Toyota Camry is extremely comfortable and fits our family of 4 perfectly. It does not feel cramped one bit which was my fear switching from our SUV. The car runs great as well. We do maintain it well but have not have any major issues with the vehicle.

- Nicole S

Great economical vehicle and has great handle and gas efficiently.

The car has great handle. It is economical. Use unleaded gas. The car has easy handle and great tires. It is very comfortable. Can seat 4 to 5 people. Has security system and a good radio signal. Like it very much. Will certainly by another Toyota Camry.

- Chris J

Previous Toyota owner. Love my Camry.

We bought the 2016, a Toyota Camry because of it is reputation and from being a previous owner of Toyota products. The car is what I expected. Low cost of ownership and reliable while comfortable and sporty. V6 has plenty of pickup for the driving I do.

- Marty R

The most important thing about this car is the low maintenance.

It is a great car to drive because it handles great on the road no matter what the weather is like. The leather seats are very comfortable and easy to take care of. The backup camera comes in very handy when parking or backing up in a busy parking lot.

- Arthur B

It is much different from previous Toyota cameras.

I think it looks clean and nice. The interior is amazing. I love the new functions the car comes with. The company has changed the brake and accelerator as well it now has a different look. I wasn't a fan of that at first but it is a very smooth drive.

- Sarah L

Beautiful vehicle, very stylish and comfortable. Picks up speed quickly.

I love this vehicle. It is a hybrid. It is so comfortable. It is always a smooth ride. This is a very reliable car for me. I it is a nice looking car. It picks up speed quickly. Compared to my van I always feel like I am driving super fast in this car.

- Lila N

Good car for everyday use.

The ride is very smooth and comfortable. Has a very nice backup camera and screen. The Bluetooth support is nice for playing music. The performance is good but does feel general (not fast, not slow. ). Car looks and feel very nice but mostly general.

- Bob W

Still in love with this car!

The 2016 Camry xse is such a fun car to drive. Even after almost leasing for 3 years I am torn between buying this one or upgrading to the 2019. I absolutely love the ultra suede and leather combination on the seats. Perfect for a girl in the summer!

- Jasmine B

Is a trustworthy brand, great performance, safety and spacious.

Great and affordable midsize car, comfort seats, excellent and easy-to-use features and performance. Is a trustworthy and popular brand, is spacious interior, quiet and a smooth ride, a great value, reliable and safety. But unremarkable fuel economy.

- Frank O

Overall good working car!

Abs lights come on all the time, other than that overall a smooth drive not much to complain about. Drives quietly more so than the Corolla. Safety features are also good. It's nothing spectacular but it is a good car. I do prefer Hondas or Toyotas.

- Amy A

It is an efficient, right size car for a family of 4.

It is a pretty comfortable ride but the sound system is poor and the air vents in the back etc. make it freezing in the front and still warm in the back. Visibility is good overall; no real blind spots. Trunk space is very large for a small vehicle.

- Sarah A

My car gets good gas mileage.

I like the space in my car. It does not feel cramped for me. I dislike the my car is a bit long for me. It is a struggle parking a little. Also, my brakes make a weird sound when engaged harshly no matter how many times a mechanic has looked at it.

- Helena W

Camry: great handling but, electronics need improving.

Performance and reliability are very good. I have had difficulty with the electronic system like adding radio stations and managing phone contacts on the Camry console. I would rate the Camry a "5" if the electronics system was more user-friendly.

- Jim L

It has very good gas mileage, as well as some useful bells and whistles.

Good gas mileage. Not as well made as the more expensive brands, but serves my purposes well. I feel safety is a bit lacking because of materials. Overall this is a good budget vehicle. I will be looking to upgrade in the very near future though.

- Robin R

The one most important thing others should know about my car is that it is spacious and is smooth when driving.

For the most part, it is very smooth when you're driving it. It is very sleek and I would say it is modern. The car can seat 5 people and is spacious. A problem I have found is that the air conditioning is bad for the people who sit in the back.

- Austin N

Could be better;Getting a newer car and model.

When it rains and snows my back camera always gets rather blurry. My brakes are constantly needing a repair, which makes a constant ringing noise. My tires are constantly getting punctured. all in all I am going to change to a newer model car.

- Esteban H

Saves you money buying it and subsequently every time you drive it.

The best car I have ever owned, by far light years ahead of the American cars I used to by. Great gas mileage, feature rich, and just a good looking package. It has more zip than an American 6 cylinder and just runs better in every category.

- Chris P

It gets me where I need to go without leaving me stranded.

I drive a white 2016 Toyota Camry, SE Special Edition. It has everything I could want....navigation, moonroof, beautiful interior, etc. It also gets excellent gas mileage. There's really nothing I dislike about it. I have no complaints.

- Dawn L

That it is reliable. Camrys tend to last a long time with just a little bit of care.

I wish that the back seat had more leg room. I don't like how my bluetooth and phone work with it when I am doing google maps. Somehow it turns off the sound. I don't like the power seat thing - more things to easily go wrong that way.

- Pat H

Sporty, Reliable, and Comfortable

I have had no problems from my car. My car has been extremely reliable. I enjoy my heated leather and suede seats. Having a backup camera is amazing. It also includes adjustable lumbar support. It is an XSE, so it is sporty looking.

- Julie G

My car is safe, reliable, and has good gas mileage.

I like that it's reliable, has decent gas mileage and was a decent price. I also like that the interior is roomy and comfortable and has quality parts. I don't like that the acceleration is lacking and the exterior could be sportier.

- Christine B

I like the practicality. It drives smooth, and has great gas mileage. It's fully loaded without the extra expense of having to purchase the Lexus brand.

I think that the most important thing to know about a newer Toyota Camry, is that it can come fully loaded with smart appointments. The fact that you won't spend a ton of money on the repair shop and mileage is great, that's the bonus.

- Carla W

It is a very affordable luxury. The trimming of the car gives it a great look.

I like the fact that my car has good mpg. The outside of the car is fantastic. The safety features and maintenance warning light is a plus. It helps me schedule my maintenance appointments on time. The bluetooth feature is reliable.

- Tony R

Drives great, and super comfortable and stylish. Great sound surround system.

Great car, drives great. Super stylish inside and outside. Update to date on performance and drive. Best car I have ever had and bought. I would like to upgrade my car for the next 2019 Camry when I can because I love it that much.

- Catalina C

it is reliable, gets good gas mileage and is comfortable

it is a very good vehicle. it gets good gas mileage..it is reliable and is comfortable. we have had several camrys and all have been reliable. there is nothing we do not like about the car. we will buy another one in a few years

- rob L

This vehicle also have very high quality. It has very high reliability as well. It is an excellent overall vehicle.

I like the quiet comfortable ride. I also like the sporty styling and acceleration. It is an SE version with paddle shifters that are pretty cool. The car also has great connectivity with my cell phone and a great sound system.

- Mitch S

The perfect little camry ride

My car is awesome, I love the built in technology that is in the car, it makes me feel like I have made the right choice. The car is very spacious and the seats are high quality. The car drives very smooth and I use less fuel

- Toya A

The Toyota Camry drives great and is very reliable

I have always wanted a Camry and when I finally got one, it did not disappoint. It gets great gas mileage, is very comfortable, and it drives great! It is so fun to drive!! It is a very smooth ride and picks up speed easily.

- Michelle R

Not just dependable, also has many extras

This car drives easily and effortlessly. It gets good mileage. It has plenty of space inside, is very comfortable. The sound system is excellent and I particularly love the backup camera and the extra safety it provides.

- Dorothy M

It runs great.

No problems at all. Toyota makes great cars and what have you if you will and such. They work just great and what have you if you will and such like and so forth if you will and what have you if you will and what have you.

- Jim B

Comfortable, reliable vehicle.

This is my third Camry. I love this one best. I really like the back-up camera and all of the controls on the steering wheel. The Bluetooth phone set up is great as well. It is room and comfortable. Very low maintenance.

- Dana G

Great car with plenty of good features.

It has power steering, power brakes, six airbags, air conditioning, remote trunk open, smooth acceleration, responsive braking, and a stereo with CD, radio, and mp3 capability. The seats feel good with plenty of legroom.

- Mo R

When you want to turn, it takes a lot of turning of your arm before you get it done.

I like it because it if pretty new and nothing has gone wrong with it. It's nice not to have to have repairs to take care of. I do not like the black color that my husband picked out. It is easy to drive, not too big.

- Barbara H

It's safe and very affordable.

I love the vehicle as a whole. I somewhat dislike how the car feels smaller than it really is, which leads to some close calls in parking lots. The actual vs. perceived size makes it a little unwieldy in close quarters.

- Michael S

It is very reliable with very high safety ratings. I would recommend a Toyota to everyone

Great vehicle. Spacious inside seating, reliable and it is a nice looking vehicle.. Good safety ratings which was important when buying the vehicle. Only suggestion is to have a power cord plug in the back seat area.

- Tammy C

It's my favorite car and I will try and buy Toyota vehicles from now

I really like my camry a lot. I had one before and upgraded to a new one. I'll be the honest the model is not as nice as the old one. I'm not sure what it is just not the same... I wish I had upgraded to a premium model

- Sammi W

The Camry drives very well.

It's great on gas mileage and looks pretty good. The user interface needs a lot of work, but it's better than the older models, which looked like it was designed by an 11 year old. The car runs well and it is reliable.

- Joe G

Its very reliable and gas efficient.

The performance of my Camry is excellent, it is super efficient on gas, it is very comfortable and easy to drive. Steering wheel is super soft. The seats are very comfortable, the driver side has a great back support.

- Alma S

The most important thing about my car is the gas mileage.

I like the color of my car and the seats. It has blue cloth with a leather outline. I also like the sunroof and the gas mileage. I am used to bigger cars so that is what I dislike the most is the space inside the car.

- Rod M

Toyota Camry's are exceptionally reliable cars. I gave my old one to my daughter. It was 5 years old when we bought it, and I've owned it 12 years now. It's never had any issues.

It's very comfortable and reliable. I do have one complaint. When I first got the car, my text messages were read to me through the bluetooth in the car. One day it stopped, even though the bluetooth still works fine.

- Jane D

It is really good on gas. The car itself is super easy to maintain.

I have no dislikes. Except I wish the sports edition wasn't the only edition that came with black interior. What I do like about my car is that it is great with gas. All tech inside the car is great. Easy to maintain.

- Ah K

My vehicle is a 2016 Camry. It is a smooth riding car. It is a gas saver.

My vehicle have no problems at all. I love everything about it. Sometime the bumper being low causing me to hit parking bricks so I have to no pull so close up to avoid damaging my car. Other than that I love my car.

- Tabatha H

Good mileage and drivability. Very reliable as well.

I like the drivability of the car, very smooth driving. Good mileage and have driven 50000 miles without any issues at all. Had to replace tires, but that's about it. Good radio system. Wish it included Sirius though

- Tim N

Review on Camry 2016 on reliability.

This vehicle is great on gas when driving long distances. It is very roomy and the reverse camera is very clear and reliable. The only issue I have had with this car is the tire pressure indicator. It malfunctioned.

- Brittany F

It has a lot of safety features and is a very well made vehicle.

I like that my vehicle has a good amount of space inside as well as in the trunk. I also like that it gets great gas mileage. I dislike that it does not specify when it says "maintenance required" or tell oil life.

- Ashley G

The navigational system is awesome.

All the bells and whistles. Disappointed in the resale value. Bought extended warranty and the dealership wouldn't guarantee some of the work that should of been covered. More disappointed with dealership than car.

- Carolyn S

Sport Package Camry LS Gray Metallic

Supposed to be a sport model, don't really see it. Also has the manual package. Don't see the point when you can start out in 5th gear, and the motor does not even lug down, as if you were driving the real McCoy.

- Terry P

Reliable dependable with added performance.

I love the performance of my Camry. I have not had any issues or course that is due to me maintaining my car. The drive is very smooth I high recommend Toyota Camry. This is my 4th generation Toyota Camry to date.

- Rene M

It gets great gas mileage and is great for traveling long distance for 2-3 people only.

I love the gas milage and the looks of the car itself. I don't love the size, I wish it had bigger trunk space and also set up higher in case of a wreck. But it is a nice car all around with good safety features.

- Tara J

They should know that Toyota is a proven company with great vehicles

I like the interior of the car, and the comfort while driving. I like the service Toyota provides as well, and their cars overall are very good. I dislike that there is no GPS installed in the standard vehicles

- Mike S

Great gas mileage and very comfy. Actually more seating and storage than a SUV.

I love that there plenty of room for my family of four. We can fit five when needed too. I like the radio information display. The gas mileage is great. Plenty of trunk space. All and all a great family car.

- Jenny O

Toyota makes excellent vehicles and they last for years if you take care of them. The people at every Toyota dealership I have been to are always super friendly. I would highly recommend a Toyota Camry.

I love my Camry. I owned a 2012 before I bought this one. It rides good and is low maintenance cost for me. I have low mileage because I drive approximately 5 miles to work. It is very comfortable car.

- Janet R

This is a extremely reliable vehicle that should last for years to come.

This car is very reliable. I only had to do scheduled maintenance without any other additional complications arising.This vehicle is also great on use of gas. Overall I couldn't be happier with this car.

- Jo K

If you buy Toyota's new, they come with ToyotaCare which covers maintenance for 2 years.

I like it because I bought it new. It had 1 mile on it when I bought it. It came right off a boat (literally). It is a nice color and came with a warranty and all maintenance covered for the first 2 years.

- Jennifer T

which is an excellent vehicle and likewise a reliable brand. I would say that it is of high quality.

I like your system, the model, its characteristics and the comfort offered by vehicle as well as the comfort for the whole family. I have not complaints about my car because it is a very relevant vehicle.

- steven c

It is a great car and perfect for a single family.

My car is perfect for me. Four doors, great if I have family friends with me. It is good on gas, drives smooth, is has sports package so looks nice. Wish it came with tinted windows and had more options.

- Heather C

This car gets great gas mileage considering the size of car and engine.

I love the style and easy handling. Never had the back up camera before and I've grown to depend on it a lot. I do hate the color of my interior although it looked like a different color in the showroom.

- Connie V

My car is perfect for someone who is alone/ in college.

My car doesn't have any problems at this time! But a couple months ago the air conditioning stopped working. By stopped working I mean the air coming out was hot. I took it to a place and they fixed it!

- Jillian L

Toyota Camrys are Great Cars! Economic and Stylish!

My Toyota is comfortable to drive. It is very responsive and has good acceleration. It's roomy and very fuel efficient. It's a reliable car. Only thing that I would dislike would be the car payments

- Ramona B

The 2016 Toyota Camry gets fantastic gas mileage and is affordable.

I love the gas mileage, the smoothness of driving it and the roominess. It had many of the bells and whistles of a fancier car but without the price tag. I wish it had climate control for passengers.

- Julie D

Great vehicle for the price! Especially if you can get a used low mileage one.

The Camry drives easily - responsive handling. It has fairly sporty interior. A major dislike is that there is no air or heat vent for,the back seat. Very uncomfortable for those sitting back there.

- Cindy W

It is a good, reliable car for commuters.

I like how zippy it is, it drives really nice. I like the gas mileage since I drive a lot for work, I fill up once a week. I do not like the half leather, half fabric seats they are hard to clean.

- Christie H

It's a safe family car. I love the color. I would tell my friends to get this car too.

I like it but I don't like it if that makes sense lol. I like big trucks. I have this little car because my stepdad cow signed for me to get it I'm going to pay this car off and get what I want.

- Sherrie H

Has Sirius XM radio and some other fancy electronic gadgets.

Cheap fabric on seats, previous Camry SE had a moon roof, this vehicle doesn't. No hump in back so groceries slide and smaller trunk than previous Camry. Black paint has blue specks. I hate blue

- Debbie K

Toyota care is included with all new Toyota's and includes oil changes.

I like that my car came with Toyota care so all oil changes and maintenance were covered for the first two years. It is reliable and looks nice. I do wish it had more room for carrying things.

- Jennifer L

That it rides incredibly well giving the right amount of comfort power & style.

I feel that it is a perfect blend of comfort power and luxury all in one. I have had many Toyotas before, but this one is really nice. It is affordable and quality together in a nice package.

- Joan N

It's very spacious. It's a good family car.

To be honest I love my Camry. I have always had Toyota cars. Everyone I had always lasted a long time. I never had an issues with Toyota cars I have had. I would recommend getting a Toyota

- Jill A

The car handles turns well.

A good size for me, comes with a back up camera, looks sporty. I don't like that its low to the ground and that it has leather seats. I prefer cloth but higher models have leather seats.

- Joyce P

Great performance and excellent gas mileage and smooth ride

Love my Toyota Camry XLE. This is the second one I have owned-it handles great, has a 6 cylinder engine for better performance, and I get excellent gas mileage for a 6 cylinder vehicle.

- gloria c

Reliable and affordable vehicle.

Working from home, I only need a vehicle for local, short trips. The Camry is reliable and affordable. It can fit all four family members for comfortable short trips. Easy maintenance.

- Weston T

Reliability, safety, and good value for the money.

Love braking locking for safety. Like the fact the bluetooth reads my texts to me. Love new technology albeit it changes faster than I. Complaints--waits for service @ dealership.

- shireen R

I think the most important thing is to learn the mechanics of the vehicle.

I think the most common weakness in this vehicle is that the front train always presents many problems and I must take the vehicle very often to the mechanic to make the adjustments.

- Caesar T

I have had this vehicle for 3 years and never had any problems besides normal wear and tear

I personally never got anything besides a Toyota or a Honda, when it comes to car reliability and gas efficiency there the go to vehicles. This toyota drives like a beauty i love it

- Raphael V

It's very reliable! You can always count on Toyotas!

I love how comfortable my Camry is. It has lots of great features, including heated seats. My favorite thing is that it has bluetooth so I can connect my phone and talk hands-free.

- Heather T

Toyota gets you places like like to be.

The Toyota Camry four-door sedan is a consistently reliable vehicle with great acceleration, braking, and comfort that you experience on your smooth ride to anywhere you like to be.

- Mor R

Gas efficient car that runs well, and should last forever.

My car is fantastic. It runs well (Toyota has a history of making quality cars), and has great gas mileage. Within the city I get around 27-30 MPG. Smooth and has very few problems.

- Tyler H

2016 Toyota Camry se - a fantastic sedan.

No problems, handles great, good gas mileage. Fun to drive, god pick-up (for a four cylinder). Very dependable 90, 000 mostly highway miles on it and it still feels like a new car!

- Chris J

Sporty sedan that is perfect for the mom on the go.

I enjoy the comfort and all the features of my Camry. The model I have is the se model so I get the look of a sports car but the comfort of a sedan. It is easy to park and control.

- Melissa G

It is a very comfortable car is typical for everyday travel

My vehicle is an essential part of travelling to and from work, the interior is spacious and is made of leather. One of the things I dislike is that the leather sometimes gets hot

- yukusho O

Toyota is an incredibly reliable automobile manufacturer, and the Toyota Camry is a clear indication of this.

I'm very satisfied with the vehicle overall. She is easy to drive and relatively fast. In all honesty, fuel efficiency could always be improved, but I am, in general, satisfied.

- Victor T

It's a safe and reliable car.

I like Toyota Camry because it feels good to drive. I don't have much trouble with my car. The only thing I don't quite like about it is it's outlook. It looks a bit conservative.

- Ally P

It does not require a lot of maintenance but it is very reliable.

It's a very reliable car that does not require a lot of maintenance. Driving it is nice, in terms of smoothness and ease. It is also very spacious while still being a midsize car

- Anna A

It looks fantastic with a great color.

I like the color and the body shape. It's black with some blue tints. The gas mileage is pretty good too. It only has 4 cylinders so not a lot of power. That's the only drawback.

- Scott G

Great gas mileage! Luxurious Camry hybrid.

I have navigational, Bluetooth, and rear camera. Gas mileage is really good, only put gas every other week. Wish my car has a window cover on the rear window and parking sensors.

- Renee F

It has a great turning radius. My vehicle also has a fabulous stereo too.

My vehicle is economical on gas usage and comfortable to drive. I have all the features I need in it, such as navigation, bluetooth and heated seats. It was also very affordable.

- Karen L

Great on gas and the technology is advanced. Rides smooth. My adult grandchildren love it

I love the color, the dependability, the reliability, love the technology and the price. I bought it with 1,200 miles and all warranties transfer with vehicle. That is IMPORTANT

- April M

What type of engine the car has. The gas mileage should also matter

Overall i like my vehicle. It is very easy to maintain and it is reliable. It also fits my taste in cars. I have the sport edition so it is a nice alternative to a luxury car.

- Nick B

For set need a bigger car or truck.its a like brand new with power windows and any locks on new paint an wheels

Its is very good on gas an drives an ride like new comfortable seats an fast never had a problem out of it . It is as bright red with a spoiler on it an set of racing wheels .

- Joshua W

Reliability is the key!!!

I like that it is efficient. I have a sunroof which I love, particularly for this climate. There is nothing really that I dislike about it. It is extraordinarily reliable.

- Tom b

The car is very comfortable, efficient, compact, and that is not too expensive.

The vehicle is very comfortable and it is really compact. The car has been working very well all these years; however, I would like to have another vehicle, like more luxury.

- Brian R

The car is very dependable and was a good price. I hope to have it for years

Good mid size sedan. Roomy with decent gas mileage. Has useful technology, lacks a few things that would have been nice, like navigation. A few plastic particles were cheap


It gets great gas mileage, and the lease price was excellent

I like that it has built in Bluetooth. It also has a screen that determines what's behind you when you're backing up. The lease on it was a good deal. I love the smooth ride

- Tricia K

It is great on gas and mileage.

Very comfortable car. Incredible spacious and great for long trips. Decent on gas and mileage. Would definitely recommend this car to anyone looking for a reliable vehicle.

- Kim M

Toyota rides like the wind. Perfect starter car!

It is reliable, safety (always a plus when you are a mom) they last for thousands of miles. The truck is pretty big. It is definitely good on gas and good for mini trips.

- Christina C

You can save big at the pump!

My Camry is a hybrid. It gets excellent MPG.... 43 average. It handles and rides very comfortably . It has keyless entry and start. This is the second hybrid I've owned.

- Kim K

It is a gas saver which is good for people who commute.

I like that my car has wireless calling and Bluetooth for my phone. It has half leather seats. I love that it is very spacious. The trunk is big. No complaints about it.

- Jessica M

It's comfy and low maintenance but looks sleek and cool.

I love the dark sparkly blue/black paint and the comfortable drive. Bluetooth and backup camera is great. Seats are comfy with room for kids seats and has a big truck.

- Kate W

It is dependable, has a smooth ride and a spacious trunk.

It is efficient, dependable and comfortable. I wish it had better fuel efficiency and more choices in driver's seat positioning, for example, adjustable lumbar support.

- Linda D

It could be used as a car van or to haul like a truck does.

I like my Toyota Camry because of it is style. It is a roomy and comfortable ride. My car rides very smoothly on the road and has a good amount of pep for a 4 cylinder.

- Michelle L

It is very reliable and economical to own and drive.

The Camry is a hybrid, so the gas mileage is very good. It also has good acceleration. My only complaint is the mileage, although good, is not near the EPA estimates.

- Danger O

It is reliable and sturdy enough to get me wherever I need to go.

I love the way the car drives and handles. I don't really have any complaints about the car. The gas mileage has been a lie saver as well getting me to and from work.

- Michael H

It is good on gas and rides smooth.

The Toyota Camry is a good car. It has passing power and is good on gas. There is plenty of inside legroom and trunk room. The ac keeps it ice cold n Florida summers.

- Jojo I

It's a very reliable vehicle and I always recommend Toyota to new car buyers.

I love that it is very reliable, I don't have to worry about it breaking down on me. I also love how roomy it is on the inside. It is also very cute on the outside!

- Madison J

Toyota Camry is amazing on gas.

What I love the most is my backup camera. Also my Camry has the smoothest driving feeling. Lastly, how good it is on gas, I can fit it up once a week and I am good.

- Valentina A

It is a very nice car. I would recommend purchasing this luxurious ride to show off to your friends

It's a very comfortable and nice ride. I enjoy the pleasures of obtaining air conditioning in my car. I drive it several times a week and it was well worth the buy.

- Jadon N

Great performance, reliable and comfortable car for everyday use

Toyota camry is a very comfortable and reliable car to drive especially with family. It has a lot of log room for tall people and comfortable seating for everyone.

- Hitesh P

It's a reliable car wouldn't trade if for any other make

Toyota is a good running car I would always buy Toyotas they last forever as long as you take care of them I went by nothing but a Toyota had Toyotas for 20 years

- Stacey B

It's a great mid size sedan with all the bells and whistles of a more expensive brand. Also, it has heat resistant seats which are great in Florida.

I love my Camry. It is my second one and my third Toyota I have owned. I have no complaints as I know what I am getting on a daily basis and that's reliability.

- Bob U

Great car to fit four adults

Started to make a noise after 30,000 miles. Very spacious car for adults in the back seats. There is a lot a cabin noise (wind), and rattling plastics from knobs.

- Karely P

It's reliable, practical, and has plenty of space.

It's a good, reliable car. I chose black but I don't think I would get black again. Sometimes I don't like all the new technology and how everything is digital.

- Jane S

It is very reliable and gets great gas mileage and is roomy.

Very reliable, good gas mileage and has great standard features. It does not have satellite radio or moon roof or heated seats. Tires also wore down very quickly.

- Samuel H

It saves so much gas! Go get it!

I think It's one of the best quality of vehicles I have ever owned. The gas mileage I get is amazing and I know it is a car that is reliable and I trust so much.

- Erika G

It gets good gas mileage and is a really reliable car.

I like that it is big enough to be comfortable for multiple people to ride in, but it's not too huge. It gets good gas mileage. I like the digital speedometer.

- Suzy M

It handles great, like a sports car! Gas mileage is wonderful and they are built to for me to survive in most crashes.

I've always loved Toyota's in general. They are low maintenance and run forever. I plan on retiring so hope this is my last new car to purchase in my lifetime!


Safety features and dependability.

Toyota vehicles are dependable., and fulfill all my family requirements. They are safe and roomy. Any maintenance required after warranty is reasonable priced.

- Marianna L

it is economic and innovative, it is a kind of vehicle that is environmental friendly

it is economic but not good for long trip and it is a kind of vehicle that could be environmental friendly. For me I just drive it for work and go for grocery

- elva l

The recommendation for oil changes is every 10,000 miles. That is twice what it used to be on older cars. Real $$$ saver.

I have had this car for about a year. Aside from a small rattle coming from the front end it has been great. 10,000 mile oil changes are a real money saver!

- Stephen N

2016 Toyota Camry has extremely good design which is unique from other cars

The Toyota Camry 2016 has an incredible design which I like the most. The only thing I disliked is the lack of camera in front to stop vehicle before accident

- jacob j

It is very fun to drive and I think it was worth the money invested in it. I haven't had many issues with it in the past and I really like it and hope to buy the newest version at some point.

I like the design and how well it performs on the road. It also has great high tech features and a built in navigation system, which is really useful to have.

- kyler L

Looks good at a great price. Toyota has outdone itself

Compact but enough room for everything! I highly recommend this car. The driving is smooth and I can handle the wheel with ease. Very stylish and affordable.

- ann c

To change the tires and make sure the oil is right.

I love the mileage on my car. I also love that my car is excellent with gas. I do not like my cars exterior color. I also I do not like that my car is small.

- Celeste W

It's SUPER reliable, drives easily, and has great gas mileage.

I love the backup camera, which is amazing. The bluetooth is awesome too. I wish the seatbelt adjusted to lower, as I'm 5'2", and it is a bit high for me.

- Seema M

Good gas mileage and very safe.

Good gas mileage, reliable, affordable maintenance and excellent safety ratings. I have owned three Camry’s now. One saved my life in a four car accident.

- Erin C

It a family car that can fit about 5 people. It also a gas saver.

My vehicle is a family car.i love that it is spacious inside and can fit a couple of big items inside trunk.i do not like that I only have 1 key for my car.

- Karina E

That it is a hybrid therefore it can go much further than other cars

I love how it gives me offroad compatibility.I also like how it is a hybrid so long trips are cheaper I also like how it is very helpful to the environment.

- Davion R

it's mine so don't take it. It's a solid family car and does what I need it to do.

good fuel economy and very reliable. It could have a better sound system and better bells and whistles. I like the look of the outside. Good overall car.

- Billy T

I is easy to drive in traffic. It is reliable.

I like that my vehicle is small and easy to drive. I dislike that it is not a luxury vehicle. I would also like to have a truck to be able to haul things.

- Connie A

Great value but some problem

When I try to start the car, sometime I can't turn the key. So I have to step the brake and turn the wheel then somehow I would be able to start the car.

- William M

It gets great gas mileage.

The Toyota Camry is a good size for a family. It gets good gas mileage. The newer Camry's are much more sporty. The only dislike is It's color. (Grey)

- Kevin C

It's an excellent car and it's a pleasure to drive it. I like the security and comfort that it gives me.

I like the security and comfort that it gives me. It's comfortable and I like to handle it. Toyota is a great brand and I think it makes excellent cars.

- Adrian P

That it is a safe and family car.

My Toyota is very roomy and comfortable. It gets great mileage. My Toyota has features that make driving comfortably, navigation easy to manage and fun.

- Andrea B

That even though it looks small, it's very roomy! That's what matters.

I love everything about my little car, with 2 kids we still have enough room for storage of the strollers and everything needed. Never feels too small.

- Samantha L

The car is very reliable, rides well, and has great gas mileage.

I love that this car has a lot of space. It feels luxurious without the cost of a luxury sedan. It gets great gas mileage, looks sleek, and rides well.

- Taylor L

It can squeeze into pretty small spaces, and the steering wheel allows ease of turning and fitting.

I like the compactness of it and the ease of use. The sunroof is not my favorite part, and the airconditioning could be better. Ultimately, I like it.

- Madeline R

It is a great midsize car with plenty of room for the entire family.

I like the handling of my car. I also enjoy how quiet the interior is. My car also gets great gas mileage. It doesn't handle very good in snow though.

- Ron D

The good gas mileage and the comfort.

Good gas mileage, very comfortable, drives well with good pick up and go. I like the heated seats, excellent trunk space. Leather seats are excellent.

- Patty C

I can always depend on it.

Well constructed, well set up, with a history of being with a history of not breaking down on you. And a history of not killing you with repair cost.

- Roy E

For the price, this car feels more like a luxury car than a sedan.

I dislike the color of my interior. Should have looked at it more closely before deciding. I really like the style and feeling of safety it gives me.

- Connie A

It runs smooth and has great gas mileage!.

I like my car because it is smooth, runs well and has a sunroof, which I love! I also like the gas mileage, I find that I am not filling up as often.

- First Name G

Why I love my Toyota Camry

I love my car. It has low mileage and is great on gas and is very roomy. It also fits my personality. It is fully loaded and l love to drive it.

- Angie L

The GREAT gas mileage that it gets!

I like that it gets GREAT gas mileage and has enough features that I like. The only complaint is the bluetooth for the phone, doesn't always work.

- KIm C




That the Toyota lasts a very long time and you will be getting your money's worth.

I love the look of my car the sleekness of the lines, all the features that it has and the gas mileage is not something that can be ignored either

- Lauren S

About 28 mpg average gas mileage. Recommend 2-year vs. 3-year lease.

What I like is the mileage, comfort and value for size of a sedan. What I do not like is the body of the vehicle and the interior of the vehicle.

- Holly S

compact and comfortable with lots of legroom. gas-saving for commutes. poor turn radius.

the most important thing to know is that the value of this car is good for what it is. it's a fairly cheap car that can be used for a long time.

- Bee Z

It is the best car you can own. It is great on gas, and requires little repairing. Overall, it is a great car.

I love my car! It is very good on gas, and it is built well. I haven't had a lot of problems with repairing it, and it is good for gas mileage.

- shaleia m

High quality with very good safety

It is a quality vehicle that gets decent fuel economy, at a good price, good warranty, excellent service, and drives well. no complaints so far

- michele w

It is comfortable to ride in and gets good gas mileage.

I like the comfort and the gas mileage. We went from a Rav 4 to the Camry, and I miss the extra space to haul items too big to fit in the Camry.

- Tammy L

This car lasts for absolutely forever. My previous toyota lasted for over 240,000 miles.

I've used toyotas for like 10 years now. They're absolutely amazing and last for years and years. Not to mention repair costs are lower as wel.

- Raich F

Solid. Drives beautifully and requires little maintenance

No major complaints. Would prefer hybrid and will purchase next time. Prefer getting more miles to the gallon and keeping environment cleaner

- R S

The car will be reliable. It also gets excellent gas mileage which makes it economical.

I like the color of the car. It is just the right size. The ride is smooth and runs nice. It is a quality vehicle that should last for years.

- Nancy H

Very little upkeep. It is comfortable to ride in in and the gas mileage is great

it has a very comfortable ride on long distance travel. It has good mileage on the highways. There is very little maintenance with this car

- chris F