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It barely runs 75 miles without recharging.

It is such a fun car to drive and the inside features are a ton of fun, especially carplay. Little things seem to break a lot. Once I couldn't unbuckle my seatbelt and had to take it in. The gas tank cover won't open once. The air conditioner has gone out twice in 2 years. Thankfully I am leasing so everything has been under warranty and I'll be rid of it before the wheels fall of. I might actually get another one though! 2 year lease this time, though:).

- Katie H

Well taken care of. Does not appear to have as.

I love my car. The way it handles, it is good in the snow, has good acceleration. Good on gas, and it is easy for me to customize. The engine is still accessible for me to work on. The paint is very durable, I haven't had issues until it hit 100,000 miles. Since then it has had a few electrical problems but nothing major.

- Charlie E

The-golf is small but powerful.

The e-Golf is the best decision I ever made. Even though it doesn't have a super long range (the highest being 100 miles) it's perfect for to and from work and running errands around the city. The best part of course is that it is fully electric so you never have to buy gas.

- Arabella H

Driving an EV is a different mindset than a gasoline-powered vehicle. You have to consider your driving habits in relation to how fast it will drain the battery and don't have 'back up' fuel readily available the way you do with gas.

I love the quiet, no-emission, and quality of this car. My only complaint is that the battery capacity is not high enough to take me further between charges.

- Ingrid F

Driving a battery-operated car is a different mindset that gauging how far you can get on a gallon of gas.

I like driving this EV with no emissions. It is very quiet and comfortable to drive. I feel as though I am contributing to protecting the environment.

- Ingrid V

Spacious EV with nice features and strong power

It's electric car, powerful and quiet, lot of fun to drive around. The only problem is short range. Less than 100 miles may not work for some drivers

- Ann L