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Volvo c70 -- comfort and style.

I love my Volvo c70 but it is expensive to fix and maintain. It is definitely a driver's vehicle, not so much a passenger car. I would definitely buy another one. This is my second Volvo, I am hooked! Safety and comfort are bar none. The consumer reviews said the turning radius is not very good, and they were right. It does not make sharp turns very good at all.

- Jessica M

Powerful air conditioning and comfortable seating

This car is reliable so far. The only issues I have occurred are a cracked radiator, possibly just due to the previous owner conditions. The most important feature for this car for me was the power and coolness of the A/C, as well as the availability of an Aux cord. The seats are very comfortable for the long distance trips I make (2+ hours)

- Aly S

Sally move along, not the prettiest anymore but nice and kind to me.

It's a little worse for wear at this point, and in the coming months I will be forced to make a decision. Invest in this car or purchase another. I have some knocks and thumps, I believe that I may possibly need struts, and I am not quite sure how much this will cost. I need to take my car into the shop in the coming week or so.

- Carol W

The top leaks but that its a convertible which is the funnest part.

Makes a popping sound sometimes that can be scary when driving on the highway. the check engine light is always on and it leaks sometimes when its raining. Pretty reliable though her name is Wanda and I love her because she is a convertible and drives well in tough weather conditions.

- Allison N

Of course I am all about all around heat! This cars heating system is wonderful.

My car is a nice vehicle but my family requires a larger vehicle. Problems that reoccur are headlight problems and coil pack issues. The headlight constantly needs replacing for no apparent reason! And every so often the coil packs need to be replaced. Frustrating.

- Susan S

The car has many Electrical problems and requires a lot of repair before it starts running properly

I love the convertible but I dislike the electrical system a lot of things have gone wrong with this and it has very few miles when I bought it

- Rita F

Happy satisfied Volvo customer!

Fun car, great mileage (500 miles on a tank!), reliable, and easy to work on. Definitely would recommend a Volvo!

- Keith B