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Great convertible well worth cost.

I really enjoy driving my convertible performance has been fantastic and I have had no mechanical issues ever in my ownership it has been a pleasure to drive it is extremely comfortable for long drives and sporty enough that it is wonderful and fun to get behind the wheel all systems in the car have worked without problems and as intended I highly recommend this car to all for his fine performance and low cost to run.

- Tim C

Best driving convertible ever!

C70 is the most fun we've had driving - ever! Very comfortable, sporty and handles extremely well. It turns heads, even now after 5 years, every time we take it on the road. The only issue we've had is with the rear seat belts - they come untethered and flap in the wind - kind of annoying, but a very minor inconvenience. Every other engineering feature is perfect.

- Deborah P

That it's a hard top convertible and its awesome.

I love that it is a hard top convertible. I lived in Seattle when I bought it and I wanted to feel like I wasn't in a convertible when it was raining. The only thing I can think of that I do not like is that the doors are pretty heavy and my mom has a hard time getting it open and out of the car.

- Meredith L

Great convertible with a back seat!

I love everything about the vehicle except for the Bluetooth system. The voice quality is horrible. The convertible top is awesome and the sound system is great. Gas mileage is decent. The warranty is great. No issues or complaints. Service is great and respectful

- Neil K

it's a convertible that has all the advantages and all the disadvantages of owning a convertible

i have always wanted a convertible and this is my seconds (and last) volvo c70. i am sorry they don't make them anymore but i enjoy driving it very much. the biggest problem with the car is that my wife and i fight over who gets to drive it

- Alan W

One of the safest cars on the road. Plenty of airbags and special roll bars that come into use in the event of a rollover while the top is down.

Love that this is a hard top convertible. The turbo charged engine gives it plenty of power and it gets great gas mileage. It is a very unique car. The only drawback is it's not very comfortable for long road trips.

- Lucinda G

It is safe for a family. It gets great gas mileage.

I do not dislike anything. I like the gas mileage. I love the way it drives. It is gets good gas mileage.

- Annie S

It's a very safe car to own

it's safe, it drives well, it gets us from point a to point b good

- Mike H