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The great performance of the 2002 Honda Accord.

2002 Acura CL Base

The car I drive runs very well and takes me where I need to be. There are small problem with the air conditioning not working and a weird sound when the car is in motion. Even though the car has problems it still runs great enough for me to use it. The seats are very comfortable and I find the car easy to drive and to figure out. The car is an older model so there are some rust stains on the outside but otherwise it is easy to clean when needed. Overall the cars performance and reliability is great.

- Casey R

It's a fast little demon for a cheap as I got it

2002 Acura CL Base

My car is a 2002 Acura CL base model I purchased this car in 2017 about 2 years ago and since buying the car the engine had ran like a stallion, I've only replaced the battery, brake light switch and the spark plugs. All of this being just normal wear and tear on a car this old. No major issues. Goes to show you take good care of an Acura it'll take good care of you!

- Jonathan S

Would buy again! Very impressed with the high quality of this vehicle.

2002 Acura CL

The vehicle works great. I have had very few issues with it. The dealers are great to work with. It does make some rattling noises but what car does not I guess. It is great on snow and in summer. Heat and ac work great. Speakers are high quality. Accelerated quickly and the steering is perfect.

- Me W

Comfort and affordable and gas friendly

2002 Acura CL Base

Comfort and affordable on gas. It is great for long drives to the beach or in town. Not the best for long distances (a couple hours plus) as the seats are not very well built. I would say however, that this car, for the money, is one of the best I have purchased in the past 10 years.

- Matt M

This vehicle can perform like a manual transmission or automatic.

2002 Acura CL

The Acura cl is a great vehicle because it performs like a sports car and is great on gas. I have had no serious issues with this vehicle and have only replaced some minor things like rotors, brakes etc. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone looking to purchase a new vehicle.

- Denise G

Excellent color, excellent size, excellent personality.

2002 Acura CL

It has the most amazing features. It is truly the best. I love its performance, it is fast. It is reliable. It is comfortable. It is great. Everyone loves it. Space is good. Space is good. Space is good. Space is good. Space is good. Space is good. Space is good. Space is good.

- Carolyn D

The review and opinion of an old Japanese car Acura

2002 Acura CL Base

Issues. The car always has issues. The AC broke the steering has a leak the gasket was bad and the brakes needed to be replaced. I would sell the car if it didn't have so many issues. This is a Japanese and shouldn't have so many issues. It has cost a lot of money in repairs.

- Rob R

It is held up for long time is pretty reliable.

2002 Acura CL

Old a few transmission problems but comfortable functional affordable my own love it. Smooth ride reliable old fashioned manual windows lack of modern features nice blue color. Big and roomy. Has some scratches because I have had it a while but not a big deal love it.

- Jack W

It works, however it is from time to time uncomfortable driving.

2002 Acura CL

My vehicle, yet old, gets the job done and more. It has been running for about 16 years with little to no issues, however the quality of the inside such as space and the seats were not really thought through,

- Jason W

TL is more common than the CL model, more parts are available for the TL.

2002 Acura CL

I like the V8 Engine, has a lot of kick to it. The mileage is not as good and runs on premium gas which could be better. It's a car that can go another 50,000 miles knowing It's only a 2002.

- King L

If you are looking for a starter this is your car.

2002 Acura CL

Well since it is an older car it sometimes runs a little rough. However, since I do regular maintenance I find that other than it not having aux or good ac it in a great starter car.

- David F

If taken care of and serviced, it' a really great running car.

2002 Acura CL

It is more like a luxury car. I like the digital dash and the heated seats. The only thing I do not like is all the problems that I have been having with the wheels and brakes.

- Claudia J

The reliability of the engine, and the length it will go without need repairs

2002 Acura CL

This vehicle is very reliable, and I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking to buy a car that retains its value and does not need to be repaired all the time.

- Alexander P

Classic luxury for an affordable budget.

2002 Acura CL

Seat warmers & side mirror that lowers while backing makes it feel like a luxury car. Leather seat shape makes it hard to fit a cover on it snugly. Great trunk space.

- Molly G

Right now it needs the rear motor mount replaced but that is about it.

2002 Acura CL

Other than the 250k miles I have no complaints. It's a very nice car. It's a sport version of the cl which made it the top of the line at the time.

- David M

That it always needs to be worked on.

2002 Acura CL

I dislike the fact that I have to constantly be upgrading parts. Something always seems to be broken with it. I like how comfortable the seats are.

- Calli M

My car is not physically damaged, it runs great and is very good on gas

2002 Acura CL

I have a 2002 acura brand new starter, nothing wrong with the engine, good on gas low mileage, air conditioning and heater works wonders

- Imani H

Driving is great and a good thing to do.

2002 Acura CL

No I do not understand anything at all. It would be great and the stance of it all. Make the deal better for me I need a better deal.

- Linda R

Looks way better than it should.

2002 Acura CL

Runs great. There is no accident history, just fixed 2 days ago for engine problems fine now, there is a/c and heat.

- Kay H

Cars are fun great cool and fun

2002 Acura CL

Great fun and awesome really cool great fun cool and stuff nice and stuff like you have any friends you need you

- Chris F

Fast, reliable, no issues

2002 Acura CL

Good vehicle. No issue, battery replacement and tire, refrigerant replacement. Oil change so often. Good make.

- Josh T

It is a great driving car. Cannot tell how fast you are going..

2002 Acura CL

It is nice looking but it have a transmission problem and gas price is high and the seats will not let up.

- Veronica N

The most important thing is that it is dependable.

2002 Acura CL

I like it a lot, it takes me everywhere I want to go.

- Steffanie A

I like It's color the size It's speed is excellent

2002 Acura CL

I like It's color the size It's speed is excellent

- Stephen W