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2002 Acura 3. 5 rl reliable and great car.

Car runs great even after 240, 000. It is a very reliable car as long as I keep on schedule with maintenance (oil changes, fluid maintenance, changing timing belt, etc. ). I have trouble with the window motor, so one of my windows do not roll down. I enjoy the 3. 5rl model and hope it will last another 10 years.

- Betty L

My old reliable- Acura’s still a smooth ride.

Drives well, even with high miles. Comfortable, and normal wear on parts, repairs are not too expensive. Small parts, like the sunglasses holder and latch on glove compartment have broken or worn down, so minor nuisances. Still has pick up and power, good size but getting snug for my family of five.

- Francesca C

Nice sound system. I enjoy the sunroof option. Smooth ride.

The sirs light has been an issue. Fuel injections need maintenance. Check engine light comes on when fuel cap is not properly closed. Ultra sensitive. Smooth ride. Nice stereo system. Enjoy driving. Despite the age of the vehicle, it handles well. I believe Acura is a dependable brand of car.

- Deborah B

It doesn't have a CD player, it's too old

I don't like that it's old, has over 200,000 miles on it, and the steering wheel is stuck in place (it turns like it's supposed to, but it doesn't move up and down). I do like that it has seat warmers and the drivers seat adjusts with the click of a button.

- Emily H

Excellent performance; smooth and quiet, very comfortable to drive over long drives.

Excellent ride. Quiet. Has plenty of power. Very dependable. Has +200k miles and still performs well. However it's starting to show its age. Some minor problems showing up more frequently.

- Tom Q

Acura's are the high end of Honda's and long lasting vehicles.

Great running car, easy to maintain. I hate on star can no longer be use for 2002 models. Gas mileage is good. Color has only faded a little. No major service has been needed.

- Betty P

It's reliable and long lasting if you take care of it.

It runs like a dream even after 16 years and 270000 plus miles.. .smooth ride, comfy, and I love the extras (like the heated seats and moonroof).

- Andrea B

It is amazing and everyone should own one.

I like the style. It's comfortable. The ride is smooth, not bumpy. I like that it is a luxury car and roomy. I do not have any complaints.

- Debbie F

You must keep the oil changed and other maintenance on the vehicle.

Awesome car! I enjoy family outings in the vehicle. I would buy this car again if I had to do it all over again. I love this car!

- Renee W

It is clean and it is fast it will take you where you want to go.

It is old and too many repairs are needed but the car has three hundred thousand miles but when it runs it runs great.

- Bryan E

My car gets very good gas mileage and is very comfortable.

Very comfortable and reliable, no problems, has heated seats and sunroof. Has power windows, heat , and AC.

- Mary P

It's a great family vehicle. Rides great, and great options

I love my car. I don't have any complaints about my vehicle. Best car I've had

- Jeannette H

Uses gas and It's expensive.

I like food . Also the car ius alrights. It's just an rl.

- Jordan D