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Driving my Audi is so comfortable and cool it feels like a luxury to drive.

This vehicle is reliable. I've never had any maintenance problems with it. Besides regular maintenance it's never been serviced. It's comfortable to drive and I love the tech features. I have driving this car on long trips and its comfortable. This vehicle feels like a luxury. It's really a pleasure to own.

- Brittany H

That it is safety equipped and has the latest technology

I love that my vehicle is equipped with the latest technology. I also like that it was customized to my standards. My vehicle is a reflection of my lifestyle and personality. The only thing that I would like to have in my vehicle is maybe automated driving ability.

- Deshena G

it is very comfortable and spacious and has comfortable seats

It equips automatic change, pneumatic suspension and four-wheel drive as standard. the main novelties that introduce the A8 is the AI, a new generation of assistants that in 2018 a semi-autonomous driving of level 3. This is the first car conceived from scratch.

- Brandon P

That it is reliable and perfect for long road trips with friends or family.

If you are looking for performance and comfort in one car, you have found it with this one. I find it is great for road trips that I take with my family. I didn't require all the technology features, but this car is worth the money.

- Steven C

Comfort Performance Exterior Styling Interior Design Value for the Money

The Audi A8L is one of the top cars in the world. Love the comfort of this car, massage seats, legroom front & back, driving & handling, V8 Twin Turbo engine, Sound System

- kyle h

Best car I have leased yet!

I really love the cars features I just wish the shape of it was a little more sporty looking. It drives smoothly and gets good gas mileage which is important to me.

- Maddie J

44/5000 It's cheap, it's powerful,

It's cheap, it's powerful, it's comfortable to ride, it's great to drive, it's a car worth buying, it's got a great interior, it's got a great headlight

- Sajini M

All around reliable car and very affordable.

There's no problems. The ride is very comfortable and the speed is amazing. I like when I'm on the highway and open her up.

- Mark B

It's great for storage especially for people who live to travel a lot

the car is black which i have always loved. it appeals to my family. has enough space for all of my traveling

- ashkey a

Nothing above this a good quality

No this a good cars and this very reliability for your comfort I like the Audi a5 and recommended this car

- john w

Best large luxury car. Better quality and performance for the price.

fast. Well made. Looks great. Safe. super quality fit and finish. Good value for the price.

- andy s

my car is a very good car that i love

I like how luxurious my car is. I like how comfortable it rides. And how smooth it is.

- Amber N

that it's a nice and homie type of feel and it never reeks even though all my kids play sports

i love cars and it has everything me, my wife and our 3 children and one on the way

- travis s

My car is safe to drive. I've never had an accident,

I love my car. I've never had a problem with it. It's the best car I've had.

- Jenn M

My car has amazing precision, it is very safe, fast and beautiful. It is a amazing car.

I love everything about it especially the comfort, speed and safety.

- Gale M

the motor because it's a really important part of the car

it is amazing because it makes me care about my car

- mark m