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Audi performance review!!

My car has been extremely reliable since the day I purchased it almost 3 years ago. I have it maintained regularly, but drive more than the average person. I have not had any major issues with my vehicle, it drives well and very smooth! Features include a camera, Bluetooth, navigation system, automatic, sunroof, just to name a few. I live in a city where we have snow every winter, and the quattro system has been above all. I feel safe driving in any weather condition and know I will get there safe. It fits my family of 3 comfortably, and the trunk space is enough for us.

- alexis K

The best car I've ever had!

Audi does not make remote start with their vehicles, but the air conditioner/heat comes on instantaneously that it is not even needed. Design is very sleek and stylish. Very comfortable for long drives. The car has a great sound system. I tell everyone that they should own an Audi and highly recommend the q3. It is bigger than a car but smaller than the average SUV.

- Ashley D

Audi q3 comes standard with luxury features.

The Audi q3 handles really well and is a quiet and comfortable ride. It comes standard with a number of premium features such as leather seats, a sunroof, rearview camera, heated seats and parking sensors. On the downside the back seats are a tight fit for adults or if you need to use a car seat. The keyless entry can be a bit spotty sometimes as can the Bluetooth.

- Nee M

The Audi q3. Small, compact city ute, w/ some power, yet sad interior.

The Audi q3 is a sporty, and pretty quick little crossover. I think of it as a raised hatchback. The interior in simple, and dated. Audi needs to refresh its look. The drive is amazing, and makes me happy. Yet not worth the price I paid. It lacks options that other cars in the segment have at the same price. Just a little bit of a let down.

- Phil M

A light vehicle with innovative technology.

Overall, I love my car. However, my gas monitor tends to fluctuate a lot from one fill up to the next. The car ride very well. It has beautiful details on the inside. I would love to see a dial instead of buttons to control the air. It is also the perfect size for someone who does not want a full sized SUV.

- Page B

The Audi Q3; An Adventurous SUV

The Audi Q3 is a great SUV. Every feature is easy to use. There is plenty of room for kids or dogs or shopping. Has great safety features. For example, if you open the door when the car is in drive, the parking signal comes on and won't let the car move. In addition, it is fun to drive and handles great.

- sheryl P

It was to expensive for the size of the auto.

The car is generally very nice and comfortable but the navigation system has acted up several times and the dealership does not know what to do, and the controls are quite tight and not to eat to reach.

- Tom K

The parking assist is the most interesting

My Audi Q3 SUV. I love it. There really has been no complaints about it. The color is what they call gray pearl. What appreciate most about it is the parking sensors. The vehicle is comfortable

- Renee E

Comfort and affordable Audi.

I enjoy my vehicle, it is pretty good on gas, I get great highway miles, comfortable and smooth ride. Only issue is my battery just died and I have had the vehicle 1 1/2 years.

- Shannon B

My car is really cool because I painted it pink and it looks dope.

I think it's really good and has a lot of cool things to it and it works really well and I think that I would use this car more if it had a better sound system.

- Jackson S

Multifunctional - it serves many purposes and is good as a combo city/outdoorsy vehicle

I like the size and the ability to do minor all-wheel drive activities. The interior is comfortable. The gas mileage is not good and the NAV system is subpar

- mike C

It uses a lot of premium gas which is expensive.

I like that it drives very smoothly. I do not like how much gas it requires. I do not like that I has to replace the brakes after only 17, 000 miles of use.

- Alexandra B

Audi Q3- A smart choice for those looking for perfection.

I drive an Audi Q3, which is great due to the smaller size, high performance, better than average gas mileage, superb reliability, and plush features.

- Lola M

The tire cover in the trunk area can turn over and be a plastic mat.

No problems at all. I love it. It truly is a beautiful vehicle. Comfortable and sporty. Big enough for a family. Small like a car but it's a SUV.

- Risa P

Comfortable Audi SUV with no problems!

Very comfortable ride, gas mileage is good, even better than claimed. The SUV is large enough to move large items with the back seat down.

- greg n

Great looking vehicle with many features.

Love the look, handling, and interior space. Very happy with the warranty, no issues so far. Local dealer has a great service program.

- Carrie M

If you press on the brakes too hard it is not good for the car.

I like that my car can get anywhere in the snow. I like that it is reliable. I dislike that at times my brakes squeak while driving.

- Ashley R

Engine issues. Been in shop 3 times since buying the car 1 year ago.

Very smooth ride. Have had some engine issues. Had in shop 3 times and vehicle is only 1 year old. Not as nice as of course my q5.

- Karen V

Great look and interior of car. It's a very nice ride and sleek body style

Love my car. It's a comfortable ride, nice bell and whistles. I had always said I wanted a red car and that's what I have.

- Teri H

Dependability and ease of operation.

It loses power sometimes. Dealer says because it is a turbo. I like the size, ease of operation and the way it looks.

- Beverly B

The seats are always so soft

It's really cool and red and has nice seats and I can fit all my in it plus I can change the heat of my seats

- Jake W

Nice car for city as long as you do not drive too much.

Noisy but enough for city. I would not recommend for highways. Also room is limited at the back for adults.

- Igor I

It is small but powerful with the turbo engine.

I love the moderate size and that it sits high. The price was extremely reasonable. It is a very solid car.

- Jen G

It is excellent on gas. The vehicle is very fuel efficient.

I love the car because it drives smoothly. It has great safety features and I feel secure when driving it.

- Amanda W

It handles well and good pick up for a 4 cylinder car

I like the size. It's an suv with plenty of cargo space in back. It has good gas mileage

- Helen P

It's fast and it's a lovable drive always each time

No complaints as such but only if they could make the back seat a little bigger

- Megha K

it is a smooth ride and very quiet

Quiet, smooth ride. Entertainment system does not work well.

- Misty S