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Benefits of an SUV but still compact enough for city life.

My vehicle is perfect for those looking for the benefits of a small SUV. I am still able to squeeze into most spots living in a big city but have the comforts of a bigger vehicle. My biggest issue was the antenna on my newly purchased vehicle was defective and needs to go right to the dealer to special order a part. My vehicle comes equipped with side assist, navigation, backup cameras and a moonroof. It unfortunately does not have the highest Audi technology system but still is fully functional for a less car savvy person like myself.

- Stephanie R

Great drive and great size.

The look and feel of the car is great. I like the leather seats and the sunroof is amazing. I do not like the function of the GPS and how you enter in addresses. I wish that could be a little easier. Also, I don't like the complicated way to call someone from my car. It is easier to just pull my phone out and search for the contact. Making is unsafe while driving.

- Brianna D

It is an okay vehicle and I am not satisfied with the money I am paying.

It accelerates pretty slow and it uses up a lot of gas, the mileage is not efficient enough and gas is expensive since I live in Texas and need to drive a lot. I haven't had any mechanical issues yet since it is a new vehicle. Comfort level is okay and features could include more for the basic model.

- Vivian K

Audi - comfortable and reliable.

I have bone degeneration and a joint replacement which makes sitting in a vehicle uncomfortable. However, the q3 has great support and is very comfortable - great for long trips! Its reasonable on gas compared to other SUVs on the market and it is reliable. It is sleek and looks sharp.

- Nicole S

It's the #1 rated for safety from the insurance institute.

I love the leather, the handling, the safety and the look of it. I don't like that you have to turn a knob to change radio stations, that there's no compartment above to store sunglasses like most other cars now have, and that there's no USB inside the center console compartment.

- Helen P

Superb. Highly recommended Very comfortable Good sound system.

Audi q3 is a top of the line high tech car. The performance is very superb. It's like the its think the car has a mind of its own, from navigation control system and other features. The seat are very comfortable and the sound system is really. Good. Good size for a small family.

- Marg E

Just a great overall car to drive. Reasonably priced. Keeps it is value.

Low mileage, looks good, drive is amazing, customer service is very professional. Trade in is very good. Really enjoy the features in the car. Gps, bluetooth, camera all around. Along with the trunk space. The entertainment is speculator and speaker system is so crisp.

- Penny O

The Q3 is safe, sporty, and fun ride with seating for 5.

The vehicle is functional but sporty. Has lots of cargo space and is comfortable for long distance driving. The features like sunroof, backup camera, lighting in the doors and center console, and heated seats are all wonderful additional features.

- Barbara C

You can never rush getting in and out of it because it requires some loving.

I like the led road lights. The light quattro reflection on the ground is fly. The performance feel feels smooth. The siriusxm gospel stations got me hooked. The sun roof is special nice and I deserve it. I dreamed q3 & god blessed me.

- Cathy S

Smooth ride! One of the best small SUVs on the market that you can find. Reliable and easy!

Best car I've ever owned. The performance is amazing, especially in the winter and the drive is so smooth. I've had zero issues with the car in the year I've owned it.

- Alison H

Great small SUV! I have no complaints.

Only 1 problem so far - the window regulator in my back passenger window stopped working. It was a quick fix at the dealership covered by the warranty.

- Katie M

It is a comfortable reliable and great drive.

I like the ride and comfort while on the road. Because I live in Minnesota I like that it is all wheel drive. Some of the controls are complicated.

- Kim S

The q3 is great in the snow!

The reasons I purchased the q3 is because it is stylish, great performance, best vehicle for snow, good gas mileage and it is an Audi which I love.

- Arlene W

It is good on gas. The Audi dealership is great to deal with.

I truly love this small SUV. It is very easy to drive and it drives very nice. The only thing I don't like it the trunk is very small.

- Molly M

Mechanically it is very reliable.

Just love the look and handling of the car.. It has all the features I need.. Back up camera, deliver assist mirrors.. Keyless entry.

- Jane Z

It has good gas mileage and sound system.

The only feature I dislike is the navigation system. Completely shuts down every once in a while. It also disconnects the Bluetooth.

- Mckenna S

That it drives very smoothly and it is a safe car.

I really like the size of the car. It's not too big or too small and it is decent on gas. I also love the way it drives.

- Madison M

It is a small SUV that drives like a luxury sedan.

I like that it is a small SUV. It is very comfortable. I do not think the technology is commensurate with the price.

- Alyssa D

The car is comfortable, easy to drive, and extremely stylish.

Love the size of the vehicle and the gas mileage. Love that it is spacious without being bulky. No complaints.

- Kelly M

When I need gas the car will find me the nearest gas station.

I love the way the car handles, the acceleration, the interior amenities and the advanced technology.

- Suzanne W

German engineering. It's very reliable.

I like my car very much. It's very user friendly. It has a lot of interesting features.

- Luna I