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The size of the vehicle is great.

My vehicle is pretty reliable in terms of how it runs, the brakes, safety features, etc. I also really like the size of the vehicle in terms of amount of people it fits. The color is cute and the look is also nice. In terms of things I would improve are maybe the gas mileage and better breaks.

- Lillian S

The amazing car that cost little but does a lot.

It breaks very smoothly. It's easy to drive. It's a push button car so you do not need to have a key and you have a camera to see behind you and you also have Wi-Fi in the car and can play Xbox in it and connect our phone to Bluetooth, it is very sensitive and can detect a lot of things.

- Esther D

Overall the car performance is really outstanding and is a very smooth ride.

The vehicle is quite comfy, it includes high end leather chairs and appointments that make the vehicle so luxurious. Speakers function quite well. Sound is high quality and is adjustable. Dashboard has many options and commands for car functions. The car has a lot of room.

- Rafael M

Me in my car when all I want is a cold glass of beer.

I like it and it is great to drive or drives smooth as can be like a butterfly in the wind on a hot summer day when all you want is a cold glass of wine looking into the sunset and about to go to sleep from all the work to do to but this dang car well that should do it.

- Tom D

Car is perfect, no major issues, I love it.

Honestly when I first bought the car there were no problems, but after a couple of years the air would stop working but that's about it really the car would work fine after was fixed no real major issues with the car. I love it and it performs well on a daily basis.

- Emily M

It will run forever if you take care of it.

I have no complaints about my car, I absolutely love it. I love the color of it, the inside is very comfy, and it rides smoothly.

- Alicia M

That it is a gas guzzler and it is not fuel efficient.

My car's problems are that the back window is cracked. The tires or in particular the back tires are deflated.

- Nicholas M

That there very nice and they run real good.

I love the way the car rides the quantity and the sales the. People in the car dealer are very help full.

- Rosemary W

It is fast luxurious and just an all around good car.

It drives smoothly. It is amazing. Dislike expensive. Gas mileage. All and all a wonderful vehicle.

- Harry K