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The maintenance is expensive, but you only need an oil change every 10,000 miles.

I love that I can drive in eco, comfort, sport, or sport 2. It makes the car go faster. My side mirror indicator lets me know when a car is in my blind spot. I also like the ambient lights and how they flow at night. I don't like that the seats don't go back far enough for my 6ft tall grandson to ride with me. I love my new car.

- Karla H

The all new LED Head and tail lights. Amazing night vision and fast bright lights keeps other vehicles on the road safe

The BMW is truly the ultimate driving machine! A well built and extremely comfortable coupe that offers all the coolest tech and on road needs. As a passionate driver BMW has balanced the tech without sacrificing the driving experience. As a tall person I fit very comfortably in this low roof coupe. BMW has a long time customer!

- zac s

I love the fact that it has safety airbags throughout the car.

Very reliable vehicle, very safe car, has all the features one could ask for in a car. Overall I really like this car and wouldn't trade it for any other car. Great car to have. That's what you want on today's roads something that you feel great about getting into knowing your driving one of the best built cars on the road.

- Mike T

Solid buy. Good color. Good engine. Good sound.

The color is beautiful. It handles nice around turns and the city. The nav system is awesome too, quick and accurate. The engine never gets too loud and always shifts nicely thru the gears. We have issues with the keys; remembering which one is who's. Sometimes I think the computer shorts and resets the settings randomly.

- Roe W

The best performing machine.

I have no problems with the car so far. The performance is awesome, top notch German quality, and it wouldn't trade it for anything else. It has 320 horsepower, not the fastest car, but definitely faster than what you could imagine. Gas mileage is pretty good. It uses 93 gas which is premium and that is required too.

- An C

It is the ultimate driving machine.

It's the ultimate driving experience... Love it...It's great car.. It is wonderful in all types of weather he hugs you on the road. Also the technology in it is amazing.. I recommend this car for everyone it is looks so good on the road... It is a beautiful look serious car it..You feel good in it.

- L A

I like to drive the car because of how fast it is. It has great horse power.

Haven't had a mechanical issues it drives fast has a lot of horsepower. I drive it every day because of how fast it is inside is also pretty to look at. Has great tires that are strong and leather seats that also warm up in the winter time when it is really cold outside. Great car.

- Kay K

Good clean lines and handles like a dream.

Very comfortable, very clean lines and hugs the road. The only thing I do not like is the stereo system in the car. For $55, 000 I think the system would be great, but it is not. The car handles like a sports car with great hold the road feeling. A luxurious car to say the least.

- Karen C

Classy vehicle with racing qualities.

Love the sleek design of the car. The engine has a rumble to it that makes the car sound beasty. It has 3 driving settings - eco, to save gas, comfort, for regular driving, and sport, for more torque and precision driving. It's great to have options. Nice interior. Great sound.

- Crista M

Great features that make the car almost drive itself.

No issues so far. Love the smooth comfortable ride. I also like the in car garage door opening feature and that you can drive in 3 different modes: sport, regular, and economic. Also love that it is a hardtop convertible. Has a lot of great features that make it a joy to drive!

- Barbara S

My vehicle is amazing and I definitely recommend it.

It amazing, it warns you when you're out of the line, close to another car. Safety first etc.. The interior is nice and clean. The size is perfect for a family of 3-4. It comfortable with a charging plug, and a choice to put the heater or fan on for people in the back seats.

- Bel K

Top down joy in the sunshine on a bright day.

It rocks. It rolls, it handles well in the snow sleet and rain. It is a convertible, so sunny days are the best. It handles well on highways, the sound system is amazing. The back seat is the perfect size for my tiny mom and my little sister to enjoy a top down ride.

- Denise M

great handling,has great stopping power and super fast acceleration.

Car is very reliable. Have had no problems with car. Has a great vehicle maintenance program that is great. car has great get up and go. car will stop on a dime. great looking car, with comfortable leather seats.

- kim j

The most important thing about the car is that it is great on gas.

Well to be very honest my car never gave me problems as of yet. In fact it runs like really good. You cannot feel the bumps in the street or anything. It feels like a bed in the backseats and the front seats.

- Jones W

When the top is up, you'd never know it's a convertible. You'd think it's a coupe.

It's a hardtop convertible which I always wanted. It's very stylish with white leather interior and dark blue exterior. It has many safety features which I love and the ride is excellent.

- frank B

It drives like a dream. BMW cars always drive like a dream.

It is a blue 2018 4-series BMW sedan. I have had it for only 2 months now. I have only owned BMW coupes before. I love it! Much easier to get into and much roomier. No complaints so far.

- Lisa C

It's reliable, it starts and runs every time I enter the car and it purrs like a car should

My BMW is very quick, looks good and is fun to drive. It's a hardtop convertible and It draws attention wherever I go. I have no complaints and this is my 3rd BMW and it won't be my last

- Daniel T

Handles great, economical. Loaded with options and safety features

I recently purchased a BMW 440i and love the power, the technology, and the way it handles. Only concern is the color...it's black and difficult to keep clean in the desert.

- Dayna G

It gets great gas mileage on the highway and city roads 38 miles to gallon.

It drives smoothly on the road and maneuvers quite well. It is comfortable on the road and very reliable. It has wonderful features that you would be satisfied.

- Mary L

Amazing car it works well and it can take me anywhere I want like Cali.

There's nothing wrong with my car I adore it so much I wish I can get a new one though that I like but this car is fine just how it is to me so that is all.

- Elizabeth B

The car is a perfect car if you want to look smooth for that girl.

There's not much h problems with it the breaks needed fixing once but other than that it ran perfectly I would recommend the car to anyone.

- Dylan R

It's very safe yet powerful. It's a great car to drive and has a great feel to it

I love this vehicle. It has a great look to it. Also has awesome power. One thing that it lacks is the technology that other cars have.

- Ben B

Although it is considered a "sports car", it is a very great car and I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to purchase a new car.

MY vehicle is a 2017 BMW 3 series. I really like the vehicle , especially the color. It is definitely one of my favorite cars.

- Niella B

high-end and quality, one of the best models of cars, a lot of luxury and sports.

without any problem or detail, it is a new high-end car, new technology, aerodynamic, sporty and luxury at the same time.

- Jeffrey S

It is one of the best brands in the world

I have one of the best cars in the world. It has everything I want and I like all its functions. I recommend it a lot

- Celia t

BMW 4 Series - Car Maintenance

The best thing about leasing a BMW is that it comes with free car maintenance. They also have great customer service.

- melissa r

Best detail on my car are the seat adjustment and how well the car smoothly runs.

Smooth nice ride small and expensive. People like my car. Features are cool like the seats and controls in the car.

- Rae H

it's really good no problem at all

it really good i have no problem with mine. i had it for 8 months abs it's going strong good in the snow and rain

- joshua c

It is a convertible hardtop.

Love that it is a hardtop convertible. Do not love the tires. Handles amazingly well. Top up looks a bit generic.

- Bob M

The AUDI that I love to hate.

Slow acceleration, but really nice to drive. Supreme gas is a little expensive, but it makes the car run smooth.

- Walter R

It retains its value well.

I love my vehicle. It has satellite radio, WIFI and heated seats. Driving is so smooth. Riding is also smooth.

- Sally L

When in sport mode, this turns into a completely different car. Nice looking BMW.

Really sporty car. Very responsive and stable. Great for people who wants a sport car with 4 doors sedan.

- Daniel Y

BMW Series 4 2018: an extraordinary car

It's an excellent car, it will take you to where you need and it will do it with the speed that you want

- Justin J

my car is very good at handle the road

I like how my car handle the road. I like it is very safe. Exterior and interior designs are very nice.

- Yuri F

Sporty stylish convertible

Comfortable, stylish, sporty, convertible. No problems thus far. Love it and wouldn't want any other

- Tamra S

It is well built, safe, easy to drive, well designed, and sporty.

I like how it drives, how it looks, how it hugs the road, and how it handles. No complaints.

- John S

it is fully loaded. It is M package . has carbon fiber tail

i love it it is convertible, the only thing I do not like id I wish it has a neck cooler

- rita S

convertible car which I like

like that it is convertible, and the look of it. Dislike the connectivity with the map

- Yanny A

It is a high quality vehicle that receives good mileage.

It is fun to drive. It gets good mileage. Maintenance covered for first three years

- janet n

The car is made in Germany

Very nice luxurious car. Somewhat expensive. Decent gas mileage

- Greg D