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BMW - 4 Series Honest Review on The Car

2019 BMW 4 Series 430i xDrive

Very pleased with the dealership and vehicle would recommend. Love how it handles and is very fun to drive. My overall experience with my BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe model: sports ride, awesome performance and sleek style. I like the navigation package because visually it is appealing and has several functionalities that are easy to use. The heated steering heats up to a comfortable setting for my hands. The heated seats, front and back, is extremely useful for my family on cold days. The seats are typical for a sports car. However, for a BMW, I expect that the seat should be more comfortable. Right now, the seats are too hard and very uncomfortable. I do not like the seats at all.

- Kendall T

I love all BMW's and would not switch brands probably if you paid me to.

2019 BMW 4 Series 430i xDrive

Very reliable. Handles perfectly, extremely safe, great size and functionality for my local commute, into the city, and longer road trips. One of my favorite features are the all wheel drive, heads up display, harmon kardon speaker systems, light package, and the feature that allows you to tap under the bumper to open the trunk. I never knew how much I needed that last feature until I had it. I absolutely love my car and BMW in general.

- Kayla T

BMWs long life. Most interesting detail is the sound system I have built in .

2019 BMW 4 Series 430i

The car I bought has so many amazing features that help me navigate every single day. The GPS and the camera for the back makes everything so much easier. Having leather seats is my favorite it's comfortable it's also adjustable with 6 buttons to control your posture positioning. And the heating and cooling on the seat is a nice touch up job that makes you feel at home .it's fast reliable and good on gas.

- India S

430i Gran Coupe: My Favorite Car

2019 BMW 4 Series 430i

The car is still relatively new so I haven't had any major issues, but it's for sure quick on its feet and very comfortable. Bigger than what I usually gravitate to but extremely gas efficient for what it is. Interior feels great and so far is holding up pretty well. Wish the dash was fully digital but can't have everything I guess.

- Josh R

My car is a white BMW but when it�s wet it looks pink the rims are nice

2019 BMW 4 Series 430i

Honestly, I love my car have not had it for that long but I love my BMW I've had no problems yet my kid loves the car. The seats are nice it has seat warmers for in the winter I love it so much. IF I had to choose a car for someone I would definitely choose a BMW hardly anything goes wrong with it ! Smooth ride

- Zee L

The vehicle drives so smoothly

2019 BMW 4 Series 430i

My vehicle is amazing it drives so smoothly and has a nice look. If u keep it clean you will get a load of complements and everything just looks so brand new. I recommend getting this car you will fall in love instantly I promise and the seats are so comfortable and the miles are long and gas last long

- Alyssa W

Great points on why a Range Rover is a great vehicle

2019 BMW 4 Series 440i xDrive

Great vehicle if maintenance is kept up to date on the vehicle. Great on gas and good for road trips and family outings. It is one of those vehicles that make you feel safe and proud to drive on a daily and/or weekly basis. It is spacious enough for leg room and also to recline back and relax

- Shi H

Navigation control down sometimes.

2019 BMW 4 Series 430i xDrive

The navigation is down sometimes which is very annoying and in order to fix it I need to drive the car back to the bmw dealership and one time it took 3 days to get my car back. Other than that the car is great, very smooth, very quiet. Great options to connect your iphone to the car.

- L B

Very easy to use. Free oil changes for le!

2019 BMW 4 Series 440i

I am in love with my new car. It blows away my expectations. Drives so smoothly, can barely tell if the car is on if it is just idling. Stock speakers sound amazing. All features are very easy to use. The outside looks clean and smooth. The design is sleek. No complaints at all.

- Tammy H

Spacious and wonderful car

2019 BMW 4 Series 430i xDrive

Nice comfortable car. Really spacious great seats. Had great speed. I love how I can connect my phone to the car's system. The navigator is great. I can see the apps that I have on my phone in the screen which is really cool. The speakers work beautifully

- Dara H

4-series BMW and performance

2019 BMW 4 Series 430i xDrive

Expensive upkeep, very reliable and sporty. It is comfortable and the performance is great. There are not many problems being it a new vehicle, but oil changes and tires on this vehicle can run you a pretty penny. Make sure to keep clean inside and out

- Charlie D

The car has great technology features for safety.

2019 BMW 4 Series

I like the following about my BMW: the car sporty yet with having four doors, lends itself extremely functional for work purposes. I also appreciate the reliability of the BMW performance and function. Also love the technology features.

- Joanne R

I have a brand new BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe. I am very pleased with my car. Because it is new I have total confidence in the car. I love the comfort and the features of the car. It is reliable and performs greatly

2019 BMW 4 Series

The BMW 4 Series is a hidden gem. It is a comfortable care that is a sporty sedan, it is a luxury ride with class.

- Stephanie M

The car itself is just amazing to sit in every day

2019 BMW 4 Series

The dashboard and the screen are super techy and seats are also quite comfy. The car look brings a sports car look

- Sanjiv A

It's fast It's beautiful Stop asking questions I can not answer yet

2019 BMW 4 Series

None I cannot say anything is wrong Just bought the car Ridiculous I cannot type anything about it. It's a 2019

- Jane T

I recently just purchased this car and it is the first time I owned a bmw and I absolutely love this vehicle. The trunk is spacious and is the grand coupe and I can fit all 3 of my kids in the back seat. It is still very sporty which is what I wanted because I was tired of being a mom that drove a truck

2019 BMW 4 Series

The car is spacious for the type of car it is and it is still fast and sporty

- Tara K