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The Best BMW I've Ever Had

I have previously owned two 3-series BMWs. I liked each of them, but the 5-series is the BEST car I have ever driven. The ride is smooth, comfortable. The front seats can be "expanded" to provide more support for my thighs. The technology is wonderful, especially the "heads-up" display. I also like the way the displays are "propped up" on the dash instead of embedded into the dash as it has been in each of my other BMWs. With the push of a button, I can choose among "economy," "sport," or "comfort" suspension. I also like the hands-free "park assist" feature as parallel parking is usually a challenge for me. There's also a "hold" feature. When it is engaged, the driver doesn't need to keep his/her foot on the brake. This is especially convenient when you're in a line of traffic (waiting for a light to change) or in bumper-to-bumper traffic (leaving a ball game) or in the drive-thru of a fast food restaurant.

- Ellen J

That the car is so comfortable to drive, it handles corners even in rain like a dream.

I love that my car looks beautiful, has such a nice design and is so comfortable to drive. It handles well and feels very safe. The only thing I dislike - i wish it had more room in the back for friends that are taller. They are sometimes not as comfortable in the back when riding for a longer distance.

- Carolyn B

It is dependable and reliable. The customer service for a BMW is amazing.

BMW is a luxury vehicle and has many bells and whistles. It is a beautiful SUV with lots of room, good looks and good gas mileage. The only thing I do not like is that I think I want a car and not an SUV. I bought the vehicle to transport multiple kids, but the 2 back seats are extremely small.

- Laurie J

The best vehicle I have ever driven.

The vehicles has no problems. It handles excellent the vehicle drives better than any vehicle I ever had. The BMW 5 is one of the best vehicles of all time it has the best all around development of any vehicle. The vehicle BMW is amazing and should be considered the vehicle of the year.

- Benjamin B

Smooth ride, fuel efficiency.

No major problems, car is pretty reliable, good on gas, responds quickly, navigate system, Bluetooth, there are leather seating, sunroofs is great, object sensors so that you can be alerted when there are obstacles near. Overall a great buy and would definitely refer to a friend.

- Quicks D

BMW 535i xDrive is a excellent vehicle that combines performance and luxury,

Very comfortable to drive, excellent performance and handling. Great gas mileage in my opinion have not had any issues with either the powertrain, electrical or other options. Other than routine maintenance there is nothing negative. I would not hesitate in buying another BMW

- James R

how great my vehicle is and how I would happily recommend it to anyone

This vehicle drive like a breeze. I have no problem with it just keep up with taking care of it like regular oil change and tune up. I love driving this vehicle and the feature are really good. The leather is good and the seats are very comfortable. I am very happy with my BMW

- mell K

Lovely and amazing driving car

only issues with the dealer we bought the car with, car is amazing and no major issues at this time. The best part of the car is the gesture feature, one feature that is missing from my car is the parking package 2 which has a 360 camera to help you park and lane assistant

- sh K

It is low to the ground and may be difficult for older ones to get into.

My vehicle is good for storing and carrying things because it is a station wagon model. I like the light blue color. It is difficult because it is an older car and hard to find parts if it breaks down.

- Alexis H

It's expensive and it drives well as well as a nice look.

I like how its compact and small, but also cute and nice to drive. I like the bodacious look and smell the care gives off. Its nicely made and perfect for a family of 4 out on the town.

- Edna M

It is really fast and fun to drive! The car is definitely recommended for a person that enjoys driving.

My car is awesome! It is a 535i GT and has the steptronic paddle shifters. It has a ton of horsepower and very fun to drive! The inside is also the epitome of luxury and comfort.

- Joshua B

Honestly I can say it's not that bad you would actually be impressed

Cars awesome never had problems. I highly recommend it because it's great on gas and it's very very stylish and anyone would be the happiest to drive it whether male or female

- Justin S

It feels safe and very well built.

Love the features, style, and comfort. The car was also affordable. My entire family fits in this car comfortably. I would definitely buy another BMW.

- Sophisticated B

it's reliable and delivers a high quality and fuel efficiency

it's a great vehicle ,The body is impressively light thanks to aluminium all over the skin, but the 5 doesn't have the fancy carbon fiber structural

- james s

The BMW brand has amazing customer service.

I love driving my BMW because it is fast, sporty and comfortable. I like the color because it is good for all seasons. BMW is a very durable car.

- Daryl O

It is very nice and strong and high speed and very heard and clear road.

It is very nice and strong and high speed and very heard and clear road it is very nice and strong and high speed and very heard and clear road.

- Marisol K

It is a great investment.

I like the luxury of the vehicle. All the advance technology, and the sunroof is great. I don't like about much labor with eventually cost.

- Lon A

BMW series 5 is a high performing vehicle and all my friends compliment me on it.

It is a very smooth and comfortable ride with plenty of space in the interior. The performance and handling if the car is excellent.

- Jim O

All the airbags and features are wonderful. Great car all around.

Very comfortable. Do not like the high insurance payment. The car is very plush inside and has all upgrades. Feel safe in the car.

- Jill M

It is the best car that I have ever owned and I would recommend it to friends and family.

It runs like a dream and is easy to check make sure it's running properly. I would definitely buy again if I needed a second car.

- Heather B

German automotive company

is a prestigious vehicle that stands out above the rest, with German technology pre-equipped to run in any weather condition

- Michael L

Its leather so you sweat in the bad heat.

Its brand new so no problems with it. I love it. So not really complain about it. It's nice leather. And It's white.

- Breanna G

It's fun to drive, and economical. Classy, yet practical

Very comfortable, spacious seats good gas mileage, especially in Eco Mode sporty fun to drive classy, but not flashy

- Leeann G

It has a hologram feature for directions.

Love the feel, size and power. The only thing I do not like is the trunk does not have an automatic shut button.

- Ralph R

Great car with great speed

It's a great car that I trust. It's reliable on the road and has great gas mileage. The color is also unique

- Scott T

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- dan a

Maintenance is the only thing we need to do. We need to service it regularly.

It's one of the beast with the pick up and solid drive through out. Need to improve on the ground clearance

- Vigneshwaran S

I really like the speed of the car, and that is quite, inside it is quite spacious

I really like the speed of the car, and that is quite, inside it is quite spacious. is innovative, it good

- james g

good to wow and very comfortable

my vehicle is very good and comfortable.my vehicle support me.and it is really good.i like my vehicle.

- safayat C

It is easy 2 drive & fun 2 drive. U can also call someone on the car radio.

I absolutely love my car I absolutely love my car I absolutely love my car I absolutely love my car.

- J W

it is really nice to drive. I haven't had any problems with it.

I like how it drives. it works really well. I like the amount of features that it came with.

- sophie r

It has built in navigation.

I enjoy the feel of the car and the smooth driving. Nothing I dislike about it.

- Will G

Leather seats is a must have and it's pretty decent

I like the style and speed. Dislike the prices especially to fix something

- Sharon G

That you should definitely read the user's manual if you want to know in depth of the little details about the car

I like the high technology of it and how it drives very smooth on the road

- Galle M

It's really fun to drive and it's comfortable inside

It's beautiful, stylish interior safe, smooth and fun to drive

- natalie n