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I went back for a 2nd one!

I love that it has the room of an SUV but drives like a car. It is smooth in handling and elegant to look at. It convenient for large family outings and spacious for all the sports equipment and friends my kids bring with them. Safety features are also a top buying feature, as it has rear impact side airbags as well. It has other safety features such as lame correction notification, distance from vehicles alert, and passing lane indicators as well. It handles well in all weather and is much better on gas then bigger SUVs. Some of its best features are the easy access lift gate button in the console and the USB and ac outlet. The ability to charge multiple devices and even plug in my laptop on the ac outlet has been a lifesaver more than once. Some features I wish it had are adjustable pedals. I am short and this would help to not have to sit close to the steering wheel. Also, running bars would be great addition. All in all, I love it. It is my second one in 4 years.

- Stephanie P

Love the captain seats without it being a minivan love the interior lightning.

There is minimal trunk space when the third row is in use. This model is not available in leather seating. The cloth seats are comfortable though. This car has really neat interior lighting around the perimeter that lights up automatically when it is dark out. The captain seats make it easy to get my kids in and out of the vehicle. The look on the. Exterior is really nice. The car drives very smoothly. XM radio is available but no navigation is in the car. There is a touch screen for radio and controls. On star is a good feature. Automatic seat only on the driver's seat. Cup holders throughout the car and rear air vents. No push start in this car. Automatic trunk control.

- Tara B

The best luxury car at an affordable price.

The enclave is roomy and has great luxury features. It has heated seats, cooled seats, climate control, and ambient lighting. The ride is smooth and it is an easy car to drive. There are so many safety devices, back up camera, warnings lights when passing, lights to let you know you are too close to the car in front. You sit up high when you drive. It is a terrific car!

- Deborah B

Comfortable and lots of space!

My enclave has been a reliable car to drive around my two little girls! There is plenty of space for the kids and all of their stuff plus our dog too! We have taken the car on a few longer road trips and it is very comfortable and has a wonderful smooth ride! We love the captains chairs in the middle row to keep our girls from getting to �handsy� on car trips!:).

- Jill H

The best vehicle for me and my family.

I like the way I fit in this car. It has nice feeling of safety. The vehicle set higher than most cars on the road which gives you a sense of clarity around you. I like the style of the interior. My current vehicle has second row bucket seats which makes it more comfortable for people who sit in those seats. I like the hands free phone and radio controls.

- Patrick K

The best small/midsize SUV for storage space.

The Buick enclave is a great family vehicle. It has a comfortable smooth ride for all passengers. We bought it when expecting our first child and the three things that we loved about the enclave were the safety, comfort, and storage capacity. When you lay down the third row it definitely has the most storage room out of other vehicles comparable in size.

- Samantha R

It looks SHARP! I get many compliments on the look of my car. And, I love the leather seating.

I love the three rows of seating. I only use the first two rows. I keep the third row folded down for more cargo storage, and to keep the third row clean for potential resale. I wish I had purchased the model with the navigation system. But, I use onstar for turn by turn directions. I like the Buick because it is a GM brand, and has onstar options.

- Beverly S

Love my 2017 Buick enclave!

I have not had any problems with my enclave. I love the way it drives. Very comfortable. The heated seats and steering wheel is great in the winter and I love the cooled seats in the summer. My favorite feature is the remote start - to let it cool down in summer or warm up in winter before I get in. Another great feature is the Buick app.

- Brenda M

Great ride. Comfortable interior and seats. Drives easy. Love the outside mirrors with blind spot indicators

This is my third Enclave. I love the looks and comfort of the car. I used the navigation more than I thought I would. Comfortable on trips and enough room for luggage with four occupants. Long ago Buick had sun lens that pulled out from visor that was excellent for late afternoon sun. Wish they still had it in their vehicles.

- Mary L

Great for families. Luxurious ride.

Smooth ride. Great for families with children. Leather seats make for easy cleaning. 3rd row seating is great for hauling more passengers on vacation. There is not a DVD system, but one can easily be installed for long trips with kids. Heated seats are great during winter, although it does not offer air conditioned seats.

- Brittany B

The Enclave offers a smooth ride.

Performance is great however it uses a lot of gas. It is not very fuel efficient. It is very comfortable. And has extensive features, including heated and cooled leather seats, heated steering wheel, navigation system, Bluetooth, and more. However, the rear window is small and makes visibility somewhat difficult.

- Gloria S

Buick enclave is a rocking mom car.

I absolutely love my enclave. It drives very nice. It is a comfortable vehicle even for the back seat riders. There is plenty of room in this vehicle and lots of storage space. I love the automatic start button to get the car warmed up. The stereo system is great and the inside lighting at night is amazing.

- Heather P

Ok, but wish some things were different.

Nice car but not enough leg room, trunk is too small for my needs. I do like the overall look and size, but wish there was a larger option that worked for our family. Not impressed with the electronic navigation feature or the stereo options, our previous car was much more user friendly and reliable.

- Carrie K

This car is everything we need!!

I love my enclave. The seats all lay down so we can carry things if needed. It drives smoothly and quietly. It gets good enough gas mileage. The air conditioner is cold and works great. Our car has Bluetooth and we use it often. We also have heated seats and this is a great feature in the winter!!

- April B

Buick Enclave 2017 review.

Problems: the satellite radio in the Buick Enclaves do not have good reception, expensive to own, fuel economy not the best. Comfort: very comfortable. Performance: excellent driving and maneuvering, quick acceleration, quiet on the road. Reliability: so far it is been a good driving vehicle.

- Christopher V

Great reliable family vehicle!

Great family vehicle! Perfect for around town and plenty of space to tote everything we need! Added the TVs in the headrests and a car top carrier. Makes it the perfect vehicle for vacation! We use it to travel over 1000 miles to our vacation location and family trip several times a year!

- Samantha W

Our family car saved our lives.

We had a 2014 Buick enclave that was in a terrible car accident. The outside of our car didn't show much damage, but the car was totaled. Thankfully, our family was not injured beyond deep tissue stuff, when others in the accident were very hurt. The enclave is an extremely safe vehicle.

- Melanie F

A gm vehicle that rides a luxury car.

An SUV that drives like luxury vehicle without the high maintenance costs. I went from a Mercedes to Buick and I feel like I am not missing out on the luxurious features, accessibility of options, and general ease in operations. The vehicle comfortably seats 7 and drives like a sedan.

- Greg B

The enclave is extremely comfortable.

The enclave is roomy and allows me to carpool my children and their friends when needed. It is comfortable to sit in and drive. The enclave has a nice design and style. The only dislike is that there are no guards to keep items from falling into the tracks under the middle row seats.

- Candice H

I have the black and it's a gorgeous vehicle.

Love the vehicle but starting to have problems a year in with shifting into gear and missing during acceleration. Key fob should have also been an option. Warranty should have been longer. Options are good for leather group but responding to texts should have been an option as well.

- Lisa H

My car has many comfortable features and I love the way it handles on the road.

This vehicle is very comfortable to drive and to ride in. It has all the settings such as heated seats which is great in the winter season. It is cool in the summertime with all the cold air conditioning. The seats can be adjusted and . Maneuvered in many ways. It looks great too!

- Brenda W

Honest review from a new Buick buyer.

The car rides great and is very quiet. However, I bought brand new and there was a crack in the steering wheel and the car makes a funny sound. I have taken it in and mechanics cannot find the cause. Other than those complaints I love it. The bucket seats in the back is a must.

- Sarah P

Love my Buick for hauling grandkids everywhere.

Rides nice and seats 8 so I can haul most of the grandkids where they need to go. Love the safety features on it. Compared to the 2008 vehicle that I had before this one. Lots of room for extras even when we have all the seats full. Gas mileage could be better but is not bad.

- Sally S

Heated/ventilated seats add comfort. Lumbar support is great.

Little bigger than what I have driven in the past but I am getting use to it. Very comfortable ride, handles good on the highway and curves, very little road noise. I like the backup camera, heated seats and steering wheel, so many great features. Do not regret our purchase.

- Dorothy M

And interesting detail is when you use OnStar they help you within minutes.

This car has a lot of features including seat warmers, on star, it is very good on gas, has not broke down once, you can call through the dash, the seats are leather and it has lots of space, this Buick is very affordable, and reliable. It is gets me everywhere I want to go.

- Jenna B

Buick enclave comes with poor gas mileage but is fun to drive.

Poor gas mileage and I wish it would have touch opening doors and push button start like my last car. Other than those 2 things the car is great. Very comfortable ride, cars interior and exterior are great looking, leather heated seats, and the safety features are awesome.

- Tony B

An absolutely amazing vehicle.

I love my vehicle. It has the size and spaciousness of an SUV yet the comfort and feel of a car. The leather seats are super comfortable and I can adjust all the different areas of the seats. The heated seats and heated steering wheel are amazing. I feel like I am at spa.

- Leslie K

Best car we've ever owned!

Love the leather, heated seats, decent gas mileage, comfortable and quiet ride. This is by far the nicest car we have ever owned. It has seating for seven, but we normally configure it with far back seat down giving lots of cargo space. This is a great car for road trips.

- Julie B

Leather, navigation, power steering power locks remote start everything but the TV

I have not had any issues out of my Buick enclave. The performance is wonderful. The gas mileage is not great, but it is a large SUV and that is to be expected. My Buick enclave is very comfortable and allows me to taxi around all three of my boys without any issues .

- Christina b

Why I love my Buick enclave.

I haven't had any problems. The car is a smooth ride. The only problem I have experienced is the Bluetooth not working properly. It goes in and out occasionally. Otherwise, the car looks good and handles the road really well. I would recommend this car to anyone.

- Ark S

Spacious. Great navigation system. Good seat adjustment because I am petit.

The performance is reliable the shape is great for my size, I am tiny, and it handles like a dream. So far I have had no real problems with it. I got a dark silver in color, the audio is terrific, the engine is quiet enough unlike other cars I have heard.

- Inez S

Technology, navigation and safety features like is an extra bonus feature.

No problems. This the second enclave we have purchased. It is reliable, comfortable and a great road car. It has excellent resale value and great on gas. We also purchase car care, so all oil changes and ever five thousand miles tire rotation is covered.

- Diana A

Very comfortable ride and great looking interior.

No real problems. Biggest issue is the low gas mileage only gets about 15 miles per gallon in the city and about 18 miles per gallon on the highway. The safety features (lane change warning, passing lane warning and rear camera) are excellent.

- Tj B

Nice and I get a lot of great comments about it,but the gas mileage is terrible.

It's a very nice car. I like the looks of the exterior and the comfort of the interior. I have 2 dislikes and complaints, very poor gas mileage and I wish it had a touch the handle and the doors open like my previous car had

- Tj B

It is a safe vehicle & very comfortable. It has a large area to transport most anything you might need.

My Enclave rides very smooth & comfortable. It seats about seven people easy & is very comfortable. I feel very safe because I am not low to the ground. I needed running boards to help me enter the vehicle.

- Barbara M

It needs to be taken care of, regular oil changes.

I love that my vehicle has the same room as a minivan but the sleek look of an SUV. I also like that I can pop open the trunk with the push of a button. This car gets good gas mileage and drives smoothly.

- Jennifer M

I believe the Buick Enclave is somewhat overpriced.

It has a comfortable ride. It is fairly quiet. Gas mileage is reasonable considering size. Packing is difficult since with seats down, the available space is very disorganized with "spaces" all over.

- margaret l

Safety features are awesome

I absolutely love this vehicle. From all the room inside to the great features. Lane and blind side warning: back up camera WiFi . The vehicle drives and rides so smooth. Would highly recommend it.

- Linda N

The Buick Enclave has so much space! The seats in the 3rd row fold up easily. Gas mileage is also not as bad as I was expecting!

I love the space in my car. I love the seat set up (2-2-3 set up). The only thing I don't like about my car is the fact it has no navigation without having to pay for On Star, which I don't do.

- Marcia M

It is nice but uses a lot of gas.

I like that it is a luxury vehicle and comfortable to drive. The gas mileage is a disappointment. And I hate that my son pushes my headrest in every time he gets in the car and leans on it.

- Margaret W

Lots of space and very reliable.

My car is very spacious, holds tons of stuff and kids. Never had an issue with it. Loved the heated seats and steering wheel. Also like the like to tell me when there is a car beside me.

- Sara K

That it seats seven people very comfortably and is an excellent family vehicle.

I like that it is big enough to seat seven people. I love the look of the body style. I love the smooth ride. I have no complaints and there is nothing that I dislike about it.

- Toni C

It is reliable and well made.

My Buick enclave has all the features of more expensive SUVs and my payment is much less. I love all the technology and the features that come standard. I love the quiet ride.

- Kim J

Buick Enclave best choice in SUVs

It is great on gas and very roomy. I did have a problem with the rear air conditioning not,working but due to the warranty it was fixed 100% free of charge. I love Enclave.

- Lisa T

It is easy to drive and you feel safe.

There are no problems the car drives smooth, looks great, has just the right amount of room that I need to shop and cart things around inside of it. I even like the color.

- Inez H

It is very reliable and comfortable to ride in, would buy it again.

I love my Buick Enclave. It is super comfortable to drive and ride in. It is super quiet too. I really like the second row captain chairs too, helps with riding comfort.

- Sheila H

It's fun to be in while I am driving.

Pretty dang good. I like it a lot. Affordable. Good gas mileage. Fun to drive. Many seats for friends and family. AUX cord and several different entertainment features.

- Cre P

Comfortable car gets great gas mileage. Not only is the car attractive from the outside the inside has incredibly soft yet great support. Also on the inside you can set up Wi-Fi so if you are a passenger you Could connect to the Internet and work from the car. Of course the Wi-Fi could be used for pleasure also

The seeds have the best lumbar support and I don't get tired of setting in them when we travel. I also like having the Internet available. The gas mileage is wonderful

- Terri G

Low gas mileage. Be prepared to fill up often.

Buick enclave is a very quiet and smooth drive. Features are easy to use. Speakers are great. Able to tow small trailer with ease. This car gets very low gas mileage.

- Karen D

beautiful convertible red, good color, very comfortable.

Like everything - backup camera, heated/cool seats, navigation system. The only dislike is the gas mileage. But that wouldn't stop me from purchasing another enclave.

- Dorothy M

It has lots of room and can fit 7 people comfortably.

I love that it has lots of room for my family. It fits comfortably 7 people and I still have room for all the boys hockey bags. I do not have any dislikes.

- Nicole V

Safety rating! I like that there are airbags in the dash, door and especially second row side airbags

I love the third row seating option that folds down, the leather seats and the seat heaters I do not like that it can be a little difficult to see out of

- Julie G

It's a very comfortable ride with lots of bells and whistles with electronics and all that. GPS built in, too.

First, it doesn't break down. Bonus! Second, it is so comfy, and third, it feels rather fancy! The gas mileage could be better, but it's not the worst.

- Margaret M

It still has a CD player which some newer car models don't have.

Our Buick enclave is amazing. We love the captains seats in the back which makes for easy accessibility to the very back but we do lack that one seat.

- Devin S

It is a well made vehicle!

This is my second enclave. I liked it before. . . I like it even better now. They worked out any kinks there were. . . And I upgraded a few features.

- Susan H

It seats seven people comfortably

I like that it has three rows of seats so I have plenty of room. I like that the ride is very smooth. I love the look of my car. I have no complaints

- Toni E

It is good quality and a smooth ride.

It's a smooth ride. I love the comfort of the seating. I do not like the excessive safety features such as distracting lights and beeping sounds.

- Rebecca G

It has a very comfortable ride

I like it can carry 7 people. The third row of seats folds easily. Wish I could figure out how to move the second row seats for easier entry.

- Jo C

Can get around d in all kinds of weather.

It has a very smooth ride. It has a spacious interior. And it has three rows of seats, 7 passengers, though the trunk area is not very big.

- Gloria S

I love my Enclave. It was the car of my dreams before I purchased it. I love the leather seats, the cold/hot features for the seats, memory, Ipod playing features, wifi, and navigation

It truly is affordable luxury though it is not cheap by far. Please expect to spend at least $50k for the premium class but it's worth it

- Dominique A

It was very cheap to lease.

It is heavy and sturdy.Surprising a lot of power to get up and go. Love the color of my Buick. It very comfortable and would lease again.

- Ruth A

It is reliable, very good in bad weather.

It is great in snow. Rides nice and has all the bells and whistles. The gas mileage for an SUV is good and I do not have any complaints.

- Patricia K

Red enclave. Grill fronts.

Not any problems. Performance is above-average. Very comfortable and reliable. Will get the family there and back and there and back.

- Osman Y

My vehicles has a seat warmer.

My car is comfortable but worn out. It is cushiony and great for seating 6 people comfortably. It has ac in the front and the back.

- Priya G

Comfortable, quiet and reliable.

Comfortable ride with great features. The radio is excellent quality. Lots of extra gadgets that I am still trying to get use to.

- Constance J

Great smooth ride very quiet.

Smooth and quiet ride, decent gas mileage, great accessories and equipment, love it looking forward to taking an extended trip.

- Jim D

That it's a quality American made car.

The right is very comfortable and smooth. The interior is nicely finished. The user interface on the touch screen is terrible

- Bob d

It's comfortable to drive and carries what I need it to.

The interior is well appointed and comfortable. The car is spacious and drives nicely. I wish the acceleration was better.

- Galen F

That it's not only a gorgeous car, but it's very reliable.

I love my vehicle. This is the second Enclave I've purchased. It's luxurious and very comfortable. The vehicle looks great!

- Caryn D

It is a smooth, comfortable drive and it is very reliable.

I absolutely love it. It is reliable, has all the bells and whistles. It is comfortable and roomy. No complaints at all.

- Traci G

They are reliable, dependable, and ride so smoothly.

We've been buying Buicks for many years, because they ride like a dream, are beautiful, long-lasting, and don't break down.

- Mary S

My Buick Enclave and been completely dependable and accommodating for up to six passengers. The back seats let down for ample cargo.

I love my Buick Enclave. This is the fifth one I have owned. Completely dependable and will comfortably seat six people.

- Sue B

I love it. It is easy to drive and very comfortable. Holds seven passengers.

No issues, great car. Would recommend. It has everything I want in it and the color is what I wanted also. Very pleased.

- shelley h

the better the power.i like

Maximum speed -- the maximum speed a car can reach on a smooth and fine road. The bigger the number, the better the power.

- Anup P

Escape review: spacious and big.

Very spacious and very good gas mileage. Very comfy and has a lot of trunk room. I love how it also has a lot of legroom.

- Cruz L

The great gas mileage as it gets 420 highway miles.

It holds 8 passengers, smooth ride, sit up higher than a car. Roomy. Only complaint is I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Sally S

It is roomy and easy for others to get in. Easy to talk to others in the car.

I like the fact it sits high so it is easy to get in and out of. I like the smooth ride and the warning devices on it.

- Donna E

This is a great family car, plenty of room for everyone and everything you need.

This is a great car. Lots of room for family, lots of space for cargo. Love the way it handles, love the way it rides.

- Firstname M

It's a car made in the US by an American company.

Love the style, luxury, features, comfort, safety features, brand, and that is made in US and is an American company.

- janet m

It is the perfect mix of luxury and affordability.

very reliable, comfortable. Base model lacks modern features such as degree-controlled ac/heat and heated seats.

- Jordyn L

It is a very comfortable ride. Not too bad on gas.

Buick?s are luxurious. It is smooth to ride in and easy to drive. I love the little added features that it has.

- Chastity B

It has a good shine, goes fast, and holds people.

My car is pretty good, but the leather is worn out yet comfortable. I love the air conditioning. I also

- lakshmi V

Sleek design and fun to drive!

I love the captain seats. It drives smoothly. Has the latest technology. It also has a very sleek look.

- Kara A

It has lots of room with the bucket seats. Especially if you going on a long road trip.

Love the quality of the leather. Very spacious and family friendly. Drives and rides very smoothly.

- Tammy A

It is very rooming inside and very comfortable and rides good on the highway

no complaints/ likes are it rides smooth, very comfortable inside. Dislike it is a little too big

- Annette D

I love the space and roominess. You sit up high in it. It's very good for winter driving.

It's good for winter driving. I love the style. Cargo space is large. It rides smoothly.

- Cheryl W

It is family oriented but also fitting for a younger clientele.

I love the third row seating. It is beautiful and rides smooth. The sound system is nice.


It's a quality vehicle with a comfortable ride and classic design

I love the overall ride and comfort. The vehicle needs sensors on the front bumper.

- Frank D

Great climate control in air and the seats for both the forward and rear passengers

Love the style and comfort. Feels Luxurious. Has a lot Of comfort features.

- Steph H

The price is very great and the car is fun to drive.

the features of the car are great. The handling is beautifully designed.

- Ricky O

That it's a great family car, lots of space, 7 seats, and safety features.

Love the extra seating and the space to haul or carry large items.

- Mary R

Easy to drive and fits a lot of stuff which makes it easy to grocery shop

I love my car. It fits all of the things I need. Drives nice.

- Marie T

Drives very smoothly and has a luxurious interior design.

Drives very smoothly. Looks sharp. Very comfortable interior.

- Ann K

The greatest styling of all the cars made in the world today

It is the greatest car of all time and has beautiful styling

- Bill C

That It's awesome and unique. It's beautiful too. You will love it

I love it the interior is leather and It's so soft.

- Jessica J

Drives well and has lots of room in rear Haven't had it long enough to see benefits or problems

front seat is more crowded than the 09 chevy i had

- Kent A

Midsize SUV is just right.

- Amy C