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2018 Buick Envision Review

Inside is very comfortable. I get great gas mileage for it being a SUV. The upgrades are great. You can recline the seats in the back. That helps a lot with traveling. I love the color scheme of mine. The touchscreen is great and easy to use. The talk to text is an awesome feature. I really love my car and it is very dependable.

- Ashley T

The vehicle overall is very smooth and nice

no problems, very reliable car. It is brand new and has very nice qualities. Car drives very smooth and nice. It's a 2019 Hyundai Kona SEL edition. The exterior is black, and the interior is black as well. The car is very nice overall. I recommend many people to buy this car, it has all the features you are looking for.

- Ashley A

Car summary, the details of my and mine only car.

the car is okay, I find it to be very loud at times, but that is okay. It is a car and it drives me places and so it makes the car okay. The comfort is excellent, I feel comfortable in my car and yeah. The music in the car is the best, I hear all my favorite songs and am able to be happy in the car.

- Serena P

I hate this car so much.

Its engine takes a long time to start this is very annoying and not what I bought the vehicle for. The design also is not very elegant, that looks of the car does not appeal very much too me. I do not believe I got what I payed for. The seats are also very hard and uncomfortable, I despise this car.

- Steven R

Bucket seats are a slam dunk.

I really like the bucket seats. They are wider and not high on the sides. Most bucket seats that are high on the sides press on my hips and press on my sciatic nerve. These seats along with the heated seats, make my back feel better. The back up camera and the other assist features are helpful.

- Amy G

Interesting detail, the sunroof is awesome and large.

I don't like that the engine turns off when you stop the vehicle. It completely turns off and then when you take your foot off the brake it starts back up. The whole vehicle shakes. First time it happened I thought my car broke down. Otherwise, the seats are comfortable and it's pretty roomy

- Michelle M

Great car good on gas never breaks down

The amount of gas it uses can be annoying when I am trying to get around town and do things and I have to stop and get gas a lot so it would be better if I didn't have to use so many it is also eating away at my wallet paying for it so much. So yes that is one problem I have with my car

- Kendall B

Wait for the 2019 model year so you can disable the Auto-Stop feature.

I wish the trunk was a little bigger and I really don't care for the AutoStop where my car just decides to restart while sitting in a drive thru lane. But other than that I've been extremely happy with the vehicle. The Gas mileage is a great improvement over my previous vehicle.

- Aimee Z

Nice traveling on the road vehicle.

Reliable, nice interior, decent mileage. Do not like that they did not install DVD players in this model. I like most everything else. The color and interior is nice. The back knee room is spacious and heat to back is nice. I like the automatic back hatch open and closure.

- Jennie L

Great gas mileage and rides great. It also looks good.

I have had no problems with this car. I like this car including the back space for carrying items. It gets great gas mileage and handles well. It has 18” wheels, which I like. It handles well and is great to drive. . I also like the GPS system and the radio.

- Donald B

The car has a comfortable ride.

The car rides comfortably. I like the keyless start and ability to lock it with the keys in my pocket. I like the hydraulic gate lift, but using the sensor underneath to open it is a farce and one hardly ever gets their foot in the right place to do so.

- Leanne R

It may look expensive, but it's very classy and affordable.

Love heated seats/steering wheel. Love the idea of heated back row seats for passengers. Lots of storage. Only thing I don't like is the side view mirrors do not manually fold in like my Cadillac.

- Joann C

I recommend the car/ Buick it is really reliable.

I like the Buick because it is a really reliable car. The Buick is really slick and comfortable. I dislike how it turns off the engine when you stop the car for 2 seconds.

- Rose S

The safety features and appearance.

Easy to get in/out of. Like the side warning lights if another vehicle is in blind spot. Fun to drive. The outside temperature sensor does not always work.

- Robert R

Safety features backup camera, lane busy shown in mirrors Comfortable ride even on trips

It has adjustable seats according to who is driving Position 1 or 2. Back up camera yeah Dislikes - no c d player. That is also a complaint

- Pat B

Safety and reliability. Knowing i?M safe traveling long distances.

The gas mileage, size, it is comfortable, technology, safety features and easy to maneuver. The capability of storage and leg room.

- Stephanie j P

Looks really classy..................................

A Lot of room, drives smooth. I like the way it looks. Classy. Everything you need. Dependable. Good gas mileage. Great stereo.

- Sara T

Good gas economy, built in NAV, warning lights for vehicles coming up on your blind spot.

Great car in all ways except for the fact it stops at all stop signs until you put on the gas pedal again. Very annoying.

- lorraine n


Good mileage, handling, comfort and great features. Looks good and seats have plenty of room. Colors are limited

- john p

easy to drive when I go around.

Buick is the best car I have used, it is very easy to drive and the price is good, no problems for long driving.

- Joe S

The size is perfect and the back camera and the nav system is amazing

I love the nav system, the backup camera the size is amazing the backup senses are really helpful

- Tommy M

Everything is important honestly like the car is awesome and we should get one

It's great i like the car because it works great and the windows and tires are aer

- Kin m

Overall the car drives nicely. It's new car for the family, so I haven't driven it a lot. The driver's seat is comfortable and allows for many adjustments to accommodate various drivers. The Apple car connection through the iPhone was a bit confusing to set up. Also, it's important for drivers to be careful when using the dashboard control system especially when driving, as it can take focus off of the road. There is an obvious blind spot, but the side view mirror/computer system helps to alert the driver when a car or obstacle is in the blind spot, so that is helpful. The trunk is spacious and easy to access. Overall a reliable and good quality vehicle.

Some of the side/rear visibility may be difficult, as there's a blind spot.

- Lia O