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Drives nicely, good mileage, great accessories. Navigation system is great.

I am very happy with my Buick envision. It is only a little over a year old now, and I haven't had any problems. It is a comfortable size for 4 passengers, although you can fit 5. It drives really nicely and gets decent mileage per gallon. I like that the engine powers down at stop lights, although some people have told me they do not like that feature in cars. It seems better for the environment and saves gas. The only problem we’ve had is trying to fit our luggage carrier on top- the rack we own does not match up with the bars and we need to call to Buick dealership and see if they sell a luggage carrier that would fit the car. It is not a big enough vehicle for moving a college student into their dorm/apartment, so we have to borrow a van to move our daughter in and out each year. However, for traveling with just my husband and I, it is a perfect size. I love all the accessories included- especially the navigation system! It has everything you could want in it- charge plugs, Bluetooth , etc. I would buy another Buick envision and would recommend it.

- Dawn W

Safety, comfort and luxury.

We purchased this vehicle after an accident that totalled our beloved Volkswagen passat. Although the passat saved our lives I couldn't get the image of the car that hit us out of my mind, so close at eye level. I knew I wanted the height that an SUV provides and as many safety features as I could find. The Buick envision provides this. It feels safe and stable on the road. It rides quietly with great suspension, lots of extras like heated seats and a great sound system. It syncs with my phone so I can use my phone to navigate while listening to Pandora. I love my car.

- Fred H

It is a smooth and quiet ride. We enjoy the clarity of the radio.

I love the leather seats they are heated too. This is the 1st car that has been hands free on tailgate and there is also a push button on drivers seat. The back seat has comfortable room to sit. The drivers and passenger seat could be wider. I like that my apple phone connects in for navigation and the hands free talking.

- Lynn F

Great hot mom car with excellent safety features.

Comfortable, safe, kid friendly, luxurious, roomy. In winter driving, it feels safe and easy to handle with good control. Heated steering wheel is absolutely amazing. My kid feel like they have enough room and like having the ability to control their own climate. Storage is great as well as having apple CarPlay.

- Kristen M

It's has fairly high-end finishes and Buick is stepping it's game up!

I like the style, smooth driving, luxury finishes and technology in my vehicle. The gas mileage is also preferable. It's a tad smaller (back seat and cargo space) than I initially thought, and there are some blind spots. At first I didn't like the intuitive engine shut off at red lights, but I'm used to it now.

- Carla S

Why I drive a Buick. The safety features and comfort.

I have driven many SUVs. My Buick envision is the most comfortable yet! Good gas mileage and has plenty of room. I have not had any issues so far with this car. I love the remote start, heated seats and steering wheel. This vehicle also has back up camera and notifications when I am too close to switch lanes.

- Eddie M

Buick envision: is it the right car for you?

I like the comfort, ease of driving, safety features, looks of envision. I do not like that there is no CD player, storage space is minimal esp. glove box, dealership refused to give me correct owners manual, and the way the engine almost shuts off when you stop at lights, etc. ( gas saving feature??).

- Debbie S

Blindspot warnings and the curved back up view are wonderful safety features.

I love the luxurious feel of the interior. It is just the right size for me, not too small, not too big. I love the ease with which it handles, the quiet, smooth ride. It has the look and feel of a much more expensive vehicle. I looked at many and this offered me the most luxury for the price.

- Suzanne M

It is very comfortable and easy to drive.

Drives nicely and has added features like back up camera and blind spot technology in the mirrors, remote start, keyless ignition. The trunk size is narrow, especially towards the back so it limits the width of items you can put in it. The foot activation of the trunk is difficult to work.

- Katie R

Wish the mirrors would hold it is settings.

Drives very smooth. The mirrors will not hold their settings. Hate that, have to constantly move them back to the original settings no matter how we try will not hold. Good gas mileage in city or long trips. Lots of bells and whistles on this SUV, still haven't figured out everything.

- Chris N

Spacious inside. Easy on the road and fuel efficient.

The envision has a great size. Not too big outside, but plenty spacious inside for 5 adults. It has nice standard package. Keyless engine. Interiors are pretty and elegant, even if not leather because they are a mix. It is easy on the road, and fuel efficient. I would lease it again.

- Vivian S

Sharp leather interior. Back seat is adjustable.

Smooth ride, sleek look, don't care for the leather seats, wish it had a heated steering wheel. Engine is powerful enough. Handles great in the snow. The electric start works well and from a good distance. Heats quickly in the winter. Would definitely purchase this vehicle again.

- Michelle W

Apple play through USB port. OnStar services.

Apple play works inconsistently. Navigation screen not big enough. Voice recognition inconsistent. Very smooth driving. OnStar option. Climate control should be also on steering wheel. Comfortable seats with memory controlled seats. Heated seats, but needs air conditioned seats.

- Linda P

I love how smooth this car drives.

Very smooth drive (similar to a small Mercedes SUV) Very reliable. I have not had any problems with my car. Panoramic moonroof, heated seats, safety features (side mirrors) Bluetooth, navigation, XM radio, keyless entry, dual temperature, leather seats, wood grain dashboard.

- Pam W

Love all the hands free features.

It is a great vehicle, however I dislike the shut off feature at stop signs and it's a lot smaller than I like. I am experiencing trouble with the paint bubbling up and it appears to rust. Otherwise it has been a very good vehicle. Runs well and handles well in the snow.

- Sally R

You only need to have the key fob on you. . . No more fumbling for the keys.

I like this car, it is reliable, looks nice and it has a lot of new features. I have not had any problems with performance or any repairs. It seats 4 comfortably but you can squeeze in a 5 th if necessary. I like that the back seats will lay flat for hauling large items.

- Sally R

Black 2017 Buick envision review.

Very smooth ride. It does not have a lot of power, but drives well. Beautiful inside. The hatch has a good amount of room for your luggage, groceries, etc. It does not have any kind bnb of media player and I wish it did. It has a heated steering wheel and seats.

- Virginia D

My thoughts on my 2017 Buick envision.

It is comfortable and handles well. My only complaint is occasionally the infotainment center is not lighted for a while, making it difficult to see it. Otherwise I am pleased with my purchase, and I like the safety features, like the blind side mirror alerts.

- Marcia H

I am a happy Buick envision.

It is very comfortable and quiet. It handles extremely well in the snow. I have had the vehicle for a year and have not had any mechanical problems. I am averaging 26 miles per gallon. I especially like the app that goes along with the car for remote starting.

- Judy W

Car details- some good- some bad.

It is good on gas mileage comfortable and also attractive. I like the back up camera the best of all its features. I do not like the headlights when you drive at night. I also think the cargo area is too small for our needs and long-distance trips. I am done.

- Susan A

2017 white Buick envision.

Heated seats front and back. Front and back heat and ac control your own temperature. Heated steering wheel. Rear view camera. Side mirror has light indicating when a vehicle is in your blind spot. Touch screen radio and Bluetooth for hands free talking.

- Samantha W

Quiet and a very smooth ride. Beautiful exterior that will get plenty of compliments.

I love how quiet it is and how smooth the ride is. The exterior is beautiful and gets many compliments. There are a few hiccups in the electronic display and I've had times that the electronic speedometer and other things have not worked.

- Keli B

No governor and I've had it st 120

The only problem I've had is with the backup camera and deck on hot days and rainy days glitching! I love the way it runs and drives and handles very well! The seats aren't real comfy but there ok

- Carolyn V

It's incredibly fun to drive, with a lot of pep for an SUV, but still great on gas mileage.

It's my favorite car of all of the vehicles that I have owned. I love how it looks, feels, and responds. The extra features like the power liftgate and heated steering wheel don't hurt, either!

- Warren D

The quiet, smooth ride is wonderful. It is absolutely luxury with a reasonable price.

It is a great size SUV - not too small. The Envision is very like a luxury model with all the upgrades. It is beautiful inside and out and built keeping quality and luxury in mind.

- Michael N

Love my Buick Envision!!!

I leased the vehicle new in Sept 2017 and have had no problems or issues. This is my first Buick and have been very pleased so far. I have the top of the line Envision and love it.

- Betsy E

Easy access in and out-better than sedan for access in and out.

Love it. Easy to get in and out of. Rides smooth and performs to my satisfaction. Recommend it to my senior friends who need to be able to get in and out smoothly.

- Faye S

Buick Envision is the New Vision

There are a lot of new technology features like telling you the speed limit as well as Apple CarPlay which comes in handy with the new hands free laws in Georgia.

- Dion L

It is a pretty car and relatively dependable. It is also a smooth ride.

It is a comfortable and stylish ride. Gas mileage is not great. I do like my car, but have had a few more repairs then I believe it should have required.

- Diana W

it drives very smoothly with a very quiet engine and has good horsepower

It drives very smoothly and has lots of features that I enjoy like wifi hotspot. It is just ok on gas mileage especially for city driving.

- Whitney W

It is very comfortable, efficient and smooth when driving it.

The only thing that I don't like about my vehicle is the trunk space. It's very small and my family's things don't fit when we travel.

- Cynthia Z

Perfect size which feels luxurious.

Great size-love the seat adjustments- great looking vehicle - nice quiet ride. Love the blind spot warning and rear air conditioning.

- Kathryn L

Buick Envision: great mid size SUV, easy to drive, comfortable, good gas mileage, quiet, smooth ride

very comfortable, good gas mileage, quiet, smooth ride, double sunroof, many safety features like lane departure and cars too close.

- Linda B

This car is spacious, and clean

The car is very spacious. I was able to move from one apartment into a new one with just my car. Sometimes the CarPlay doesn't work.

- Caileen B

My car is very good on gas.

I like the fact that it is easy for me to get in and out. I get very good gas mileage. It is just the right size for me. I love it.

- Linda S

It is durable. The csr runs very well.

I love almost everything about my car. The only thing I wish different is that it had the third row now that we have a third child.

- A M

It is one of the few I can tow it with our motorhome

like style, color and features Dislike mpg dislike small front seat and console areas dislike view of ac controls like navigation

- Cindy B

The backup screen feature is very helpful when backing up the car.

I like the screen to be able to back up. I like the trunk open & close feature. I like the heated seats for all the seats.

- Deb H

This vehicle, a mid-size SUV, drives like a car with lots on interior room.

This vehicle is wonderful to drive. It is spacious, comfortable and is amazingly gas efficient. The audio system is great.

- jan M

Comfortable yet luxurious.

Love my car. Great fuel mileage. Lots of space. Very comfortable ride. Has luxury while still being an efficient car.

- Robin C

My envision has a great deal of zip. It runs well on the highway

Like having adequate tech. Has an excellent sound system. I'm disappointed with gas mileage. Wish it had built-in gps

- John B

Love my Buick: Sexy and Reliable

It is dependable, comfortable and reliable. I love the sleek look of the vehicle and the option to attach my Iphone

- Sarah K

People, have an open mind with this beautiful piece of work. Trust me, you'll love it.

I love the mileage I get on it. It can get a bit pricey when it come to gas, but I still love it. Love the interior.

- Sergio K

hands-free cell phone use.

I like the modern technology. I like the good gas mileage that we are getting. I like the storage space in the back.


That you can depend on a reliable vehicle.

I like that it is a reliable transportation to and from work. Drives nicely. I really do not care for car insurance.

- Amanda S

I love my heated steering wheel.

Love my envision. I have leased all types of vehicles for 18 yrs my envision is by far the best experience thus far.

- Mindy F

Good gas mileage. Room for 2 kids in the backseat. Safe--4 wheel drive.

Has all the bells and whistles. Got a fantastic deal on the car. The car drives nice and is very comfortable.

- Lois B

I like how stylish it looks and how great it drives. I also really like the design of the interior. I dislike that there are no outlets in the car, and you have to use the old school car adapters to charge things

It drives very well and has a lot of really nice features on the inside that enhance the driving experience

- Amy H

It was not that expensive.

It is very good on gas mileage. I like the comfortable riding. I also like the hands-free cell phone use.


It's very comfortable and drives great and gets good gas mileage.

I love that it is a SUV. It's very comfortable. It's luxurious. I wish it had a larger cargo space.

- Erin B

Big and roomy it has the auto stop feature

no issues nice luxury SUV for Buick It's a nice ride and looks good nice leather seats very clean

- Marcus P

The Buick is handles very well on side road and on highways

I enjoy driving my Buick. It looks very stylish and handles well on side streets and highways

- Lorraine R

It's reliable looks good and has plenty of room when traveling

It's practical and get for traveling. Fits in my garage. Has all the conveniences I need

- Joanie W

It rides very smooth and comfortable

I love all the features of my Buick envision. I love the ride. The radio is great

- Donna G

Envision is an efficient, stylish, comfortable SUV

Love smoothness of the ride; gas efficiency; comfort of seating; outside style

- Robbie T

Buick is a high quality well made American vehicle brand.

The price for value is good. The handling is good. The tech is excellent.

- Frank L

It's expensive. The leather is nice. It is roomy and dual climate control

The automatic turn off when stopped. It's comfy. It's eco friendly

- Scott A

it runs smoothly and it gets good gas mileage and i it has all the bells and whistles

i like that it is new and i can haul things in the back seat area

- kate e

Betty Buick is pretty. She has lots of features that I haven't figured out yet. My only complaint was that the air conditioning did not work when delivered to dealer.

It is a comfortable, good looking vehicle...fun to drive!

- Charleen A

Features included on standard vehicle

Fully loaded. Good engine. Comfortable seating

- Zak C