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Buick Regal GS great driver, not so perfectly assembled

Performance has been great. The 2 l turbo is a great engine size. 259 HP is nice to have. The car is very comfortable even for long drives. The fit and finish, however, has been disappointing. The dash is not centered in the cabin, with a 3/4' gap on the rider dude and no space on the driver's side between the dash and pillar. There are trim bits that had to be glued back on, the speaker cover, a filler piece, the door handle 'chrome' on the inside is peeling and of course orange peel in the paint job. A bunch on minor things that shouldn't be there on a high trim car.

- Samantha S

Having the car be an AWD makes driving in the winter time very enjoyable.

Love my car it is AWD and does awesome in the winter time, very comfortable interior. We drove to NYC from our home and back in 1 day and we weren't cramped and all were very comfortable. Highly recommend this vehicle I love be able to open the sunroof for fresh air on the cool fall days or warm spring days. I also like the back up camera I use it daily.

- Julie W

A car that is cheap to fix but expensive to drive.

The issues with the engine must be affordable to fix. It would also be nice to have a fuel efficient car. My car drinks a lot of gas. However, it does not cost as much to fix the engine. I would like a car that has both. Comfort is also essential, when looking for a car a stand out feature would be cars that have seat warmers.

- Dola L

Buick Regal: Affordable Luxury for Short Trips

Overall very nice, very zippy with the turbo. The ride though is not great for road trips, as the car is very light and you can feel every bump and rock in the road. The suspension is also very bouncy. The car handles pretty well, with a tight turning radius. Its smaller size makes it great for parking in tight spaces.

- Heather C

great car, great gas mileage!

I'm in love with this car. It's so comfortable and quiet while driving. It's extremely spacey for how it looks on the outside. I just had a baby a month ago and it's the perfect family car for just one child. There's a lot of trunk space, making it easy to card around her stroller. It also gets really good gas mileage.

- Dakota G

The 2016 Buick Regal Sport Touring

This vehicle is very appealing to the eye with a sporty look and you have all the comforts as a luxury car. It has plenty of power for a 4 cylinder. Acceleration is lacking somewhat, I have not had any problems or other complaints with this vehicle so overall a very nice vehicle.

- Gerald H

A Beautiful car with low mileage .

My side mirror was hit and fell off. I have a beautiful paint job very smooth clean clear. Rides very smooth no problems with. Runs well on gas no major problems have a good deal of miles on it. I love this color very appealing with nice clean wheels that bounce. The ride is smooth

- Tem W

Sporty car for the whole family!

The Buick Regal has excellent gas mileage, and is comfortable on long trips. Love the Wi-Fi capabilities, especially with children. Keeps them occupied! Plus, it's a sharp looking vehicle. We haven't had many mechanical issues at all, outside of the typical maintenance things.

- Penny M

Luxury vehicle that handles with care

Buick is definitely a luxury brand, the vehicle is all leather with heated seats and a heated steering wheel. A back up camera power windows and sunroof. The car handles like a dream it's great during the winter time. It's a great car for commuting back and forth from work

- Eli R

The air conditioner and heat work great.

It's cute and cozy. I haven't had many issues with it so far. My window motors went, but that happens with any car eventually. I felt the price was fair. I feel my kids and I are safe in it. Overall I guess you really like my car. The ac and heat works amazing too.

- Samantha,j J

It looks sporty yet classy and drives fantastically.

I love the car. Others also let me know that it's a nice looking car. We recently had to have one of the wheel bearings replaced and we were told to expect the others to need to be replaced also. I wish there was a bit more room between the seats for the carseat.

- Crystal P

I feel safe driving my car. It's gotten rave safety reviews

I have a leased 2016 Buick Regal, Champagne color. I have hands free and navigation in my vehicle. I love the ride. It's smooth and quite. I drive 100 miles round trip to work and it gets great gas mileage. It's a very comfortable & affordable vehicle to drive

- Karen S

Great car for everyone to drive

Expensive to maintain but good gas mileage very fun to drive. Would like for there to be more room in the back seat for the kids I like the heated steering wheel that's not a very common feature it also has dual climate control which is nice I love this car

- Aaron R

The New Generation Buick, not your grandparents vehicle anymore

Large enough, but not compact, very sporty, the new generation Buick appealing to a younger market. I love the keyless entry, remote start from my phone, touch screen. backup sensors.Has a very nice ride, takes curves and corners well.

- Beverly b

Would not consider any car that doesn't have OnStar

excellent mileage: 28-30 I town, 35-37 on the highway for trips. Not as smooth a ride as my past LaCrosses' had. Love the drop-down back seats; think trunk is too small, cargo net not included, which is. shame.

- richard z

It has great handling characteristics and can carry 5 people or a lot of cargo with fold down seats

The Regal is roomy, has a quality interior, and rides quietly. It has adjustable handling settings, quick turbo engine, and the exterior styling receives a lot of thumbs up.

- paul c

The small engine has good acceleration for getting on the freeway or changing lanes.

It is just the right size for long trips or parking lots. It has enough accessory items to make it easy to navigate. The sound system includes a navigation app.

- Nancy M

Buicks are quality vehicles!.

It's just a smooth running vehicle. Very high quality. It's rare that you hear about recalls on Buicks. That means they were made right the first time!.

- Lei C

It is a very reliable car with a good engine.

There is nothing I dislike about my vehicle. I love the heated seats. I love the sunroof. I love how roomy it is. And I love how good on gas it is.

- Molly H

It is a very high value auto. It is great as a family car also.

It is a Cadillac like car, without the cadillac price. It is a highly optioned vehicle, with a great ride, comfort, and engine performance

- Corina D

It has navigation built right into the car and has quick acceleration

I like the pickup ability of my car and some of the features but i'm Not crazy about the style, it looks like every other car on the road

- Karen M

Great handling and acceleration

Have not had any problems yet. Drives great nice ride and acceleration . It has a great audio and navigation system leather seats

- Mickey M

Good mileage both in town and on the open road: definite plus.

No major problems, but a more bumpy ride than what I had I the lacrosse. Do not particularly like the button ignition switch.

- Dick Z

It is a really good and safe car.

It is roomy and runs really well. It has the turbo option which makes it quick and fun to drive. It's a very smooth ride.

- Cassandra J

It's truly regal on the road as a forever car

it's space is perfect for my size and needs as a single person. I like the look of the car and the ease to drive it

- Selphie T

loaded with options. a great ride and drive

it is a great car at a discount. the buick regal has all the conveniences of a cadillac, but at a buick price.

- chad B

the air conditioner and heater are very quick to do their job.

love the look of this car. do not like the leather seats. also don't like the on the floor shifter, the style.

- Rose H

It is very reliable and get great gas mileage.

I like the dependability of my car. It gets great gas mileage. I also like the look and feel when driving.

- Carl J

That is very comfortable and great on mileage.

I love my Buick Regal, it is very roomy and has all the safety features along with special features.

- Ann S

The electronics are very easy to use, they sync easily

Looks good, modern, easy to master electronics, I really like heated seats and steering wheel

- Jae N

drives good through snow and rain with good gas mileage

it rides very good and is comfortable the only thing i don't like is that it's not truck

- sue s

It is stylish and the color and wheels make it stand out. The car is quick with the turbo engine.

My regal is sporty. The turbo engine is really great. Interior is nice and funcunal.

- bill w

It's quite safe for young drivers to drive. It comes with plenty of safety features.

I like the handling. I love the cruise control feature. I love the safety features.

- Aditya B

it is an impressive vehicle. in particular, love the rear back-up camera

it is a poor man's cadillac. all the features of a luxury car, but not the price

- jerry C

it is comfortable to drive & handles well on the road

good mileage, comfortable, no real complaints, just used to bigger vehicle

- Jen D

It's sharp looking and very fast get out of my way.

I have no complaints this is my third regal and I loved them all.

- Carl H

Fun, smooth ride but somewhat small storage inside

Amazingly smooth ride and great sleek look. I love the style.

- Melanie F

overall not so bad, nice brand, nice inside, nice features

hate the outside noise, like the automatic features

- ann b