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Again the most interesting detail of my car is the carplay option.

My favorite feature of my car is the carplay. The reason I bought my car was because of the ability for me to have my maps visible on the car. That is the most convenient feature for me. The car play populates you phone screen on the car screen as well. Some apps it allow your car to connect to is music, texting, phone call, YouTube. It helpful because I do not have to look at my phone if I want to call someone or change a song. I think it is a good safety feature. Along with safety is has a back up camera. Which I love, before a backup camera I rarely backed into parking spaces but that is now my choice of parking. The interior is really nice, modern. A lot of space, especially in the trunk. It handle really well. My last car the steering wheel was loose. The car handles really well. I feel like I have good control when driving. The only part I dislike about my car is I feel like I have more blind spots. The rear view mirror seems to be in the way. It also come with OnStar which I have never had before either. It gives me a sense of comfort knowing I could get ahold of someone if I had any car troubles. Another feature I like is the dashboard behind the stealing wheel you can customize what aspect of your car you want to see. For example gas mileage available in relation to how much gas you have in your tank. You exact speed. I’d rather read my speed in a number vs judging my speed on the speedometer. It tells you as well when you need to get an oil change. That is a helpful feature to me as I am someone who tends to forget about my oil changes.

- Megan P

250HP Turbo 4 cyl engine. Great gas mileage, 37.? highway mileage. very comfortableseating

I bought the 2018 Chevy Malibu Premier in Match of 2018. I now have 13568 miles on the odometer and absolutely LOVE this car. I chose the Blue Velvet Metallic paint with the light gray interior, because the black seats would be too hot after sitting in a sun filled parking lot. The turbo four has enough horsepower to get out of its own way merge on interstates and still get 27 mpg around town.The last trip I took I averaged over 37 mpg for a round trip of 1300 mile round trip some of which went through West Virginia on one of the I 80 or I 81 I forget which. I do love the heated seats and steering wheel, and the seat cooling, tho the high setting will freeze you butt after awhile. The seats are very roomy and do support you well on long trips. The trunk is large enough for at least two large suitcases along with several smaller overnight type bags. So far my only gripe is the passenger side mirror seems to not hold it set position. The only thing done to the car are oil changes, and I had a ceramic coating put on the paint.

- David Moehrke

Chevy�s midsize 2018 Malibu sedan has every advantage it needs to

Chevy's midsize 2018 Malibu sedan has every advantage it needs to take on rivals like the Toyota Camry, Honda Accord and Ford Fusion. A class-leading option roster that includes such must-haves as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, automatic parking assist and adaptive cruise control, matches the Malibu's first-class styling. The 2018 Chevrolet Malibu sedan interior is also a thing of beauty, with a brightly colored infotainment display and a back seat built to accommodate two adult-sized occupants. Under its sleek hood, the Malibu offers three engines, including a choice of 1.5- or 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder or a Volt-derived hybrid setup. Best of all, even with all these features, the 2018 Malibu's price remains highly competitive

- Timber' leah J

My view on the 2018 Malibu

I purchased this car in September of 2018 and it is now June of 2019 so while I haven't had the car a full year I haven't had any issues with it. I love the comfort of the leather seats and the gas mileage is wonderful! Even as a parent you would love the room this car comes with. The back seat is plenty big enough for your passengers to be comfortable and even for a car seat. The trunk also has plenty of room! My model has the moonroof so that is a added bonus. It comes with OnStar so you always feel safe! The technology and display screen is also top of the line. You can Bluetooth your phone to the car and never have to touch it which is added security and safety.

- Emily F

Red 2018 Impala lt. Grey leather interior. Bose speakers. Lifetime warranty.

I am a Chevy lover. I have owned two Malibu's, one Impala, and a Tahoe. I have enjoyed owning and driving all 4 vehicles. I have had very few issues that involve maintenance. The Tahoe had no recalls or service other then the oil changes and tire rotations. The Impala had an issue with the engine leaking oil, however the vehicle had over 110, 000 miles on it. My first Malibu I had for 4 years and I only had the service required to maintain the lifetime powertrain warranty and again I had no problems. I am currently driving a 2018 Malibu and I am in love. I have a grey leather interior package which looks and feels great.

- Kim L

A spacious car for all shapes and sizes and is a no brainer option!

Sounds like motor runs loud sometimes. Very smooth ride and is really fast. I enjoy that I am a bigger person but being in this car it really makes me feel like I have so much room. It is amazing how a change in the year of a car can make all the difference. My husband bought this car for me and I couldn't have picked a better one. The leg space is phenomenal for even someone who is 6 feet tall and will not have to worry about their knees touching because they can pull the seat all the way back and that is amazing.

- Ashley M

I've soiled myself with this car

At first, I was hesitant about driving such a new car. But I can't imagine going back. The gas mileage is outstanding. I drive quite a bit, and I only fill up about once every week or week and a half. I also love the CarPlay feature that hooks up with my phone. The interface for music is amazing and simple, and the speakers are really great too. The car has a stopping mechanism that shuts a part of the engine off every time I come to a stop. The car is comfortable, speedy, and overall a great vehicle.

- Emily G

I love my car and the functionality of it.

I love my car. It drives really smooth and alerts me when something needs to be checked. Very reliable. It has dark tinted windows, which I love, and makes the car that much nicer. The phone app gives me access to the car anywhere I go. I can lock/unlock, start/stop, turn lights on/off with the touch of a button on my phone. It also allows me to check the maintenance status of the car. So that I know the precise amount of gas, mileage, tire pressure, and oil life I have on the car.

- Jessica B

It has great fuel economy! I've been getting just over 30 mpg driving around town and in the upper 30's on the highway.

Drives smooth & quiet, it's comfortable & roomy to drive. I only bought it a week ago, but so far it gets great gas mileage, 30+ mpg. My only problem so far it that they sold me a car with a defective touch screen so I still haven't been able to use bluetooth or any other features. Hudiburg Chevrolet (OK) didn't offer anything other than for me to take it in to any Chevy dealer and have it fixed. Couldn't get in until later this week, so I'll have to wait & see how that goes.

- Terri I

Malibu made by Chevrolet is the perfect car for all ages.

I have owned this vehicle for one year and never had any problems. Malibu gets very good gas mileage both on highway and in city. The interior is very roomy even for my husband who is 6' 4' tall. There is a very large trunk that makes it easy to shop and store all items out of sight and secure. I love the backup camera as that is one of my weak points when driving. Overall I would recommend this vehicle to anyone as it is a perfect mix of luxury and sporty.

- Cheryl Y

led headlights, Wi-Fi in the car, moonroof. Automatic auto stop

I love this car. It drives smooth the features are great. Free Wifi backup camera. I don't like the auto stop there is no button to stop this from happening. It's very reliable so far with no issues at all. I would like it to have tinted windows. It's very comfortable lots of room for my 3 kids to fit. The touchscreen is so clear and nice to use. I love the applecare all my info shows up on the touchscreen and I don't have to type anything to text.

- Jennifer S

Incredible gas mileage, 2018 Chevrolet Malibu.

I loved my 2016 Chevrolet Malibu that I leased in 2016 which was the first year of the newest body style. I did not have any recalls, performance issues, or any complaints while leasing that model. Upon lease termination I chose to get the same vehicle, 2018 model. Not much changed in the two years and due to driving 20 miles one way every day, I get incredible gas mileage and am very pleased with the performance of my vehicle.

- Ashley A

Sleek Chevy Malibu great for long rides.

This car is very reliable. I think it gets like 35 miles to the gallon on highway. Its performance is really well. We've had zero issues with this car. I drives smoothly, has an interactive interior, speeds up fast, and breaks easily. It is so comfortable inside. Its back leather interior seats, and black everything else. Its sleek. The seats are great to sleep in on long car rides. It's a great car for long trips.

- Courtney B

I drive a 2018 Chevy Malibu. It is sleek and silver in color.

My vehicle is very reliable. I love the modern, sleek look it has. I have really o my experienced one issue related to audio in the car. While on another app, while playing music (connected to USB) the volume freezes and you cannot adjust it unless you turn the car off for a few minutes. My car handles well in all weather. I am from the Midwest if that gives any ideas on weather I have driven in.

- Morgan F

2018 Malibu is the car to have. We love ours!

The 2018 Chevy Malibu is a very dependable family sedan. The car has plenty of room, trunk space and lots of features. The car comes for Apple Play, Bluetooth, On Star, Hands Free Calling, power features and automatic start. The interior and exterior of the vehicle are beautiful and the back up camera is a nice addition. We have had no problems with our Malibu and love our car!

- Kristen W

Sleek and Smooth Chevy Malibu

Performance is great, except an issue where the turbo will bog down if the gas is pressed to hard. Very sleek and comfortable. The Apple CarPlay is wonder for text and drive, phone calls. Incredibly reliable, a good winter driving car. Press to start and keyless entry are a huge plus. Also, the key fob app is nice in the winter to start the car while at work so it gets warm.

- Kayla B

Nighttime driving features.

Had a problem with water leak by brake light on top rear window. Under warranty and they took care of problem, 2 screws were not placed in the seal. That is the only problem so far. It is a nice mid size car to drive, very roomy with a huge trunk. I like the night features with light enhanced dashboard- doors., and the rearview mirror that dims driver lights from behind you.

- Connie D

My 2018 Chevy Malibu lt is the best car I have ever owned.

I absolutely love this car. My favorite thing is that you can unlock the door without having to get out your keys you can just have it in your pocket or in your purse and the door will open for you. But it will only open your driver side door. To open the other door you will have to get out your keys and unlock it or push the unlock button in the car.

- Olivia L

The Malibu is not a family friendly car

The Malibu is very small and not family friendly. It's uncomfortable to drive long distance and for being a sedan, drinks gas just as much as a crossover SUV. My car has the auto stop feature which I believe contributes to the gas and I wish I could turn that off. I would only recommend this car for high school students or those who do not have kids.

- Amanda V

An interesting detail is they come already tinted.

No problems so far except my driver seat broke and they had to fix it. This was the only issue I had. Wait, I also had an issue with the leather cracking on my arm rest but they fixed that also. The performance of this vehicle is alright and it's nothing fancy. The leather, sunroom, and wheels are what make it nice. But Malibu's are just standard.

- Whitney G

Have no highlight at this time. I have not owned the car long enough to comment.

Comfortable, roomy good gas mileage. Only thing I do not like is there is not CD player> I don't really have anything else to add. Compared to the previous car I leased which was 2015 Chevy Malibu the model is far better and very much improved. Not being of the younger generation I just wish it had a CD player because I do not stream any music.

- Marie D

Beautiful interior with a sleek exterior

I've had this car for about 3 months and I hardly have a complaint. Drives smooth, great interior, sleek exterior. The only thing that I had to get used to was the auto stop when applying the brakes coming to a complete stop. All in all I hardly notice it anymore. I get amazing gas mileage (about 33 MPG). Easy to navigate touch screen as well.

- Nicole H

I love my Chevy Malibu, comfortable and stylish.

I love this car, very comfortable and drives very smooth. My favorite part is how it cuts off while in traffic or at a red light to save gas, but as soon as you take pressure off gas it'll come right back on. The radio is very convenient as well, especially for apple owners. This one has your phone displayed right on your touch screen radio.

- Julia T

The blue velvet color is so sharp!

I don't think it's good or it's bad. I could take it or leave it. I have never had Chevy before. I like the electric system in the dash. I feel it is up to speed with current times. I love the blue velvet color and the car is smooth. There have been a few weird issues with the radio seizing up while driving or restarting on its own.

- Kayla D

Try a new Chevy Malibu. Do yourself a favor and give it a Spin.

Sleek lines make this a very good looking car, very sporty looking. Comfortable seating roomy back seat and quite comfortable. I just love this car driving it makes me happy. Quite good on gas and is very zippy. This car makes me feel good when I drive it and I look forward to taking it out for a spin. It has a quite roomy trunk.

- Diane B

The benefits of driving a Malibu and why I love it so much

Drives smoothly, not good for off roading, lots of space inside and in trunk. Comfortable seats and easy to clean. Radio and other functions are very easy to work. Car is sleek and looks expensive and also feels it. I will go to us buying Malibu's as they feel like you are driving a luxury vehicle but for a much lesser price

- Lulu A

Buy this car you won't be sorry

Very well equipped for a LS model. If you opt for a Cruise you'll have to upgrade to a premier model to get comparable features. This is much more car for your buck. Beautiful interior and exterior. Powerful engine. Love the sound system. Roomy and Safe. Comfortable. Good gas mileage. I can't say enough about this car

- Angela P

Malibu the best car for a family of 4 people.

It is a very comfortable and safe car. I consider it economical and it requires low maintenance. Meets my needs and my family very well. I am married and have a couple of children. The trunk is spacious and I can carry everything. I have long used various brands of rental cars. I am sure you have chosen the best.

- Rodrigo R

Great features, reliable, dependable

I really like that there is a gas saving feature while the car is in park. I also like that I have access to OnStar and can use my Bluetooth to talk without holding my phone. It's a pretty reliable car and I get pretty good gas mileage. I like that I can also start the car with my phone when my key is not accessible.

- Minnie B

Great gas mileage and power saving.

It is very good on gas and it is red trim and blacked out logo are very pleasing to the eye. You can fill your tank for $30 and have it for the week. I recommend to anyone who can afford and is looking to buy. Along with gas, the car turns off whenever at a complete stop to save battery and gas. Best of both worlds!

- Cam B

I absolutely love my Chevy Malibu!

Love my Malibu! It drives very nice, is quiet, and comfortable. The back up camera is super helpful and the hands free texting and calling ensures I can stay focuses on the road. The backseat is roomy and the trunk is spacious and makes grocery shopping and running errands a breeze. This car gets great gas mileage.

- Rachael J

It's a smooth driving car

Our car is comfortable and clean. It has many safety features and an awesome stereo. The back seats fold down, there's a touch screen display, and you can call someone through the stereo. There's a myChevrolet app that notifies you when tires are low, when oil needs to be changed, and hours many miles left in gas.

- Elisa P

My experience with the 2018 Chevy Malibu. Pros and Cons.

Really enjoy driving this car. Very good gas mileage and low maintenance. Comfortable interior. Easy to navigate touchscreen. And, though there aren't any rear deck speakers, the stereo sounds good. However, Turbo lag often causes slow take-off and road noise is a lot louder than to be expected at highway speed.

- Reggie F

Chevy Malibu ward winning a car.

Just purchase the car about a month ago, great features in a car, comfortable, great gas mileage, had no issues with the car, performance of your car is reliable, steering assist and brake assist it has Wifi, so far everything works great, if you are looking for car to buy this one is to be the one to check out.

- Michael C

The gas mileage is much better than could be expected for this type of vehicle.

I love the looks of my car. The gas mileage I get is awesome for a 4 cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine. It is roomy and comfortable to drive long distances. The only thing I dislike is that there seems to be a rather large blind spot in both back corners of the vehicle when changing lanes on a highway.

- Dawn B

Sports look with sedan comfort.

Great comfort, loaded with features, easy to maneuver, good size trunk.. Leather interior is easy to keep clean.. Great legroom and good height.. Great sound system.. Four door for easy entry.. Makes it easy to get in and out and also easy to get car seats in and out.. Rides very smooth with good gas mileage.

- Jodi L

2018 Malibu 1.5 turbo lt trim.

Excellent mileage (approx 34 mpg). Like the auto start-stop features, slick look, and panoramic sunroof. Only drawbacks are if you let off the brake at the same time to auto stop feature kicks in, it can really shutter then engine. Be committed to either full stops or rolling through or turn off the feature.

- Aaron R

My personal opinion on my car

I feel really comfortable driving it. In the past when I would drive other cars I didn't feel safe or I felt like a bad driver but not in this car. I can park really good on it. The only thing I dislike about this car is how much it wastes on gas and how when I brake the car turns off, not a big fan of that.

- Kimberly C

Eco car with great gas mileage and safety features

This car has an eco mode where it turns off at a stomp to help gas and the environment it also adjusts a/c and music with Bluetooth use age. Drives smooth and accelerated faster than expected. Turns well and has great visibility it also has great safety features both on the doors and alerts you when exiting

- Brittany O

Overall great running car.

Color is great! Comfort of the seats are great also. My Malibu lt is a great car. I love the way it handles & looks good too. It has a lot of great features- power seats, (heated) great on fuel. I also like the fact that it has a keyless entry. I also like the fact that it has no gas cap to worry about.

- Tom S

Smooth ride, ac on the back, love the front lights

Love my car, very comfortable, smooth ride, lots of room in the back for my kids. Love the color from the interior and exterior. The only thing that I have a slight problem is that it has auto stop, other than that I love it! Like that it has sunroof as well. And also ac in the back, definitely a plus!

- Sandra S

The Best Car I have ever had

I haven't had any problems with this vehicle. It is very good in gas. It's a great family car I have small child and driving her around in it I feel safe. I enjoy all of the hands free options. It has auto start which is good for both summer and winter months, I am able to cool the car and warm it up.

- Danielle W

Safe driving smooth ride I love it.

I have not had any problems with my car. I love the ride and feel quite safe driving it. Overall it is a great car. The seats are comfortable the ride is smooth. It is reliable as I have had no issues. It is a perfect fit for my lifestyle being a single person. It gets me where I need to go safely.

- Bianca M

I love the wheels in the lt package!

I absolutely love my Chevy Malibu. It handles very well. It is very comfortable to drive. I love how quiet it is. The wheels on the lt package are very nice. The car has great gas mileage. The color options available were good. The interior is made very well. The backup camera is a great feature.

- Karla G

Sporty, yet great on gas mileage.

Not overwhelming on horsepower, but an overall great riding car. Very fuel efficient... which is the main reason I brought it. Also very stylish. The interior seems sturdy. I have 2 boys so this is a major plus for me. I purchased the LT package with blacked out wheels and spoiler. Nice touch.

- Paula B

Great gas mileage, sporty look.

I love my Chevrolet Malibu lt. Not only is it sporty, but it drives smoothly and gets great gas mileage, averaging 32-35 miles per gallon. I love the large screen display, and the fact that I can be hands free when talking on my phone. I also really like that it has Sirius XM radio and onstar.

- Shelley V

Fuel efficient and comfortable

Very spacious vehicle. Comfortable for daily driving. Great family car and excellent on gas mileage. Usually I inky need to fill up once a week. I do wish it had better noise cancellation from the outside world. It is a V6 so get the fuel economy but also have some horsepower when needed.

- Angel R

Comfy, roomy, and dependable

Vehicle drives comfortably and has a lot of great features. However, there is not a button to shut off the automatic shut off feature. This is something had I noticed during my test drive would have been a deal breaker for me. Very annoying. Inside is roomy though and gets good gas mileage.

- Chelsea B

Alli in all this vehicle is dependable, stylish, and the best investment!

It is very comfortable. Good for long rides on the highway. Performs great in inclement weather. The digital dash that keep you informed of maintenance issues, travel distance, and the life of oil are very helpful in keeping up with routine maintenance. Not to mention itty is very stylish!

- Margaret D

An interesting detail about my vehicle is the ability to set a speed limit.

At this time I haven't experienced any problems with my vehicle. This car had provided me with excellent service so far. I just keep the oil changed and that is it. The car have good gas mileage. So I can't say that I have had any problems from this vehicle. I'm really grateful for that.

- Ashley H

Fully loaded and fun car to drive

My car is so comfortable, love the heated seats and luxurious. The Bose speakers are great. The color is beautiful and the leather seats are easy to keep clean. The horsepower is amazing. Goes fast yet easy to drive. I also think the button to turn on the ignition is really easy to use.

- Cathy P

The Malibu has overall a great screen to navigate through maps and Pandora.

The 2018 Chevrolet Malibu is a black interior cushion car. It has Bluetooth features and carplay for apple iPhones where your phone screen will be seen on the car screen. It also has a back up camera and super spacious. The back seats can be adjusted to open and get ahold of the trunk.

- Janice M

Smooth drive, the self cruise control, reverse camera. I love everything about.

I have not yet experienced any problems with my Chevy Malibu. I have nothing but good things to day about this car. I love the smooth ride, the self cruise control. I love the reverse cameras, the alerts when a car is getting near you. I absolutely love this car. I highly recommend it.

- Mario T

Great look, great tech, great performance

I love how comfortable, high-tech, and low-maintenance my Malibu is. It is sleek and modern in appearance and has the performance to back it up. Chevrolet has come a long way in recent years, and this car shows! I absolutely love my Malibu and wouldn't want any other car at this time.

- Christine C

My first Chevy, the Cajun red paint is a must.

I purchased a Chevrolet this year, it's my first Chevy, I love the dependability, the gas mileage, it's also fully loaded with the panoramic sunroof, I love the cameras, the ability to stop before you have an accident, the lane change assist, I will never buy another model of vehicle.

- Allure V

A fun summer car with a lot of technological bells and whistles.

I love this car in the summer. It's sporty and 'zippy'. It's terrible driving on Wisconsin winter roads and despite great gas mileage I tend to need to fill it up often because it has a small gas tank. I love the bells and whistles and the sunroof extends towards the back of the car.

- Char K

Sharp looking and comfortable.

Knock on wood I really haven't had any problems. It's a beautiful car. Rides nicely and looks sharp. Change the oil regularly and it will stay in good shape for you. It only costs about $35 to fill the tank and you can go about 400 highway miles on it. Very comfortable riding vehicle.

- Colleen S

Wonderful Car for the price

I love my car, interior and exterior drives as well as expensive makes and models I have driven in the past. Roomy interior and beautiful looking on the exterior. People have mistaken for imported make. Cup holders are thoughtfully placed. Quiet and smooth riding car for the price.

- Robert B

Best car purchase I have ever had.

Comfortable, reliable, luxury car at a lower price. Great gas mileage and speed picks up quickly as needed. Couldn't be happier with my purchase. Dealer has been very helpful whenever needed from purchase to oil changes to tire rotations. Have not had any unforeseen problems at all.

- Sue L

Best Vehicle For Any Driver

My vehicle drives well and has good mileage. So far there has not been any type of problems with my vehicle. The interior of my vehicle is very plush and comfortable. The performance of my vehicle is great and so is the reliability. My vehicle also has many high technology features.

- Sally M

2018 Chevy Malibu review at 8000 miles.

We have had this car for 8000 miles now we have had zero issues with anything just normal maintenance has been needed-the gas mileage this car gets is amazing. The ride is good for a smaller car-it has plenty of room for 5 people, my only complaint is I hate the start stop feature.

- serena G

Malibu 2018, best purchase.

I honestly love my car. It is my first brand new car that I have purchased, the ones before were used cars. I got tired of them breaking down so it was time for an upgrade which was the best decision. My car driver so smooth now and I have no problems since it is a new model too.

- Jeanette N

Music usb hook up. It's the first vehicle I have had where it actually works good.

The car is reliable and cost efficient when it comes to issue that may occur. Good gas to mileage and smooth riding. Plus I do like how the vehicle looks. I am more of a truck guy but if I had to get a car this would be on the list. The features are up to date and easy to learn.

- Terrence H

White Chevy Malibu 2018 Wi-Fi and road assistance.

The only thing I do not like is how it shuts off when I am at a stop and it is a gas guzzler it goes thru gas way to much other then that I love it. I love how it warns me if I am too close to a vehicle and it is got Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It's also got OnStar which is amazing.

- Jessica Y

Built in hotspot, on star and wireless chargers! Oh my!

The Chevy Malibu is beautiful. The features that come standard are things that in most vehicles are extras. It drives beautifully. I don't have any problems with it and since I have only just got the car I don't expect too. I like the hotspot and OnStar capabilities the best.

- Heather B

Heater and defroster issues.

Heater blows too much in your face and not enough in the back seat. The vents are not placed correctly to keep the hot air on the windshield and out of your face. More hot air needs to be delivered to the back seat when on the feet option. Gm needs to look into this matter.

- Victoria P

Why the Chevy Malibu lt is the perfect car.

The 2018 Chevy Malibu lt, is by far one of the most amazing cars I have ever owned. The gas mileage is one of the biggest perks, the only issue I have with the vehicle itself is that it does not noise sensors when in reverse. The back up camera on the other hand is amazing.

- Madison A

New 2018 rt Malibu - bought about 2 months ago.

Really like the looks of the car. Really like the interior. I have the red line so like the red accent on the car. Performance is great for a 4 cylinder. Has real prep when called for. Love the heated seats. Like how my iPhone hooks to the car - also love the sound system.

- Robb B

Overall it�s not a bad car, but could be better

It's a decent car but the engine is not all that great. It feels like your driving a stick shift or something but other than that it has its quality with backup camera, the screen with the radio, connected Bluetooth, the OnStar, comfy seats, push start and the nice color

- Princess M

The CarPlay is very good and helps to make sure I drive safely

I enjoy my vehicle. It is very comfortable and efficient on gas. It is reliable and very smooth to drive. The car fills up with about 30 dollars and lasts me about a week. I like that it has carplay and when you connect your phone it is all on the car screen as well.

- Matt H

I would rather be driving a Nissan Rogue

I generally happy with my vehicle. I like that it is brand new. It rides nice, it's a pretty car. I however don't like the color, it radiates to much heat and I don't have electric seats, not a place to put my sunglasses. The Android Auto feature is also very glitchy

- Tameika W

I am super impressed with the great gas mileage in my Chevy Malibu.

I love my Chevy Malibu. It gets great gas mileage and rides very nice. I went from a SUV to a sedan. I have gotten used to it rather quickly. I love the large screen display and back up camera. I also love the large sunroof. The two toned interior really sets it off.

- Shelly S

Classical, comfortable and affordable.

My Malibu is a white one and there a ton of those so I think that is one drawback. But as comfort and performance it is been a great car. My kids have plenty of room in the back. If need be I can get 3 car/booster seats in the back seat without it being too crowded.

- Karri R

I saw it, I drove it, I wanted it, I got it!

I love my car. We had rented the same make and model for a vacation and loved it so much we went and bought one! I love the backup camera! The ride is always so smooth and gets great gas mileage! It is very spacious and has enough leg room for even this tall person.

- Danielle M

Chevrolet Malibu why drive anything else.

Smooth ride, quite, great highway mileage, roomie. GPS. Navigation, iTunes apple play. Spacious trunk space. Airbags, crunch resistance in crash. Slick design for aerodynamics abs brakes. Cloth or leather interior. A/c. Heater dual control system, cruise control.

- Mark W

2018 Malibu dark grey with black interior.

My car has a large backup scene touch scene great on gas it cuts off at every stop to reserve on gas. It drives smooth and handle to road well. Its nice and spacious for travel with plenty of trunk space. Also come with onstar and satellite radio and great sound.

- Janice F

2018 Chevy Malibu Review- Excellent

The 2018 Chevy Malibu is an awesome car. The inside is spacious which was a crucial aspect for me. The seats are extremely comfortable and can adjust to fit anyone of any height/size. There are very few blind spots and the backup camera is clear and very helpful.

- Cassie S

Great gas mileage and smooth ride.

Great gas mileage. It has a smooth ride. It is large but not too large. I do not like the on star and feel like it makes interfacing with my phone an own navigation system more difficult and I normally do not have a hard time with computers or computer programs.

- Ann T

It has a lot of features on it and I like them all.

I just really like it and handles well and it rides nice and smooth I love the color that we got it is red it is just an awesome car all the way around it has a rear camera and a front camera side cameras it has a button to push to start it is just a great car.

- Vicki S

The turbo in the engine makes for a fun ride.

This car has great gas mileage, performs well, and is very comfortable. It has a good stereo system which is great for long drives. The back seat seats three people comfortably and the trunk is large. The back seats also fold down to give more room for storage.

- Shelby R

Pros and Cons of my Chevy Malibu

Car drives great but I feel it is overpriced for what it is. The basic model can use some added options like warning alarms. There is plenty of room inside and drives very smooth. It has plenty of space in the trunk for storage. It is very economical on gas.

- Dooney M

I love my reliable beautiful Malibu.

I have owned a Chevrolet Malibu since 2010 and recently purchased a new one. The Malibu is a clean good running vehicle and for the last 8 years I have had zero issues with. I feel safe in my vehicle and I also feel like my Malibu is a very nice looking car.

- Jessica L

Ride comfortable ride safe.

Everything about the car is astonishing. I really like the and enjoy the heated seats the sunroof the screen in the car it rides really smooth pretty fast it has dual exhaust an it makes the ride very comfortable and cozy it is very spacious and comfortable.

- J R

A smooth ride at an affordable price!

It is a great car. Runs good, excellent gas Mileage. A nice sized trunk also which helps with 2 kids. Features on the car include keyless entry and keyless start. Bluetooth also. Setup with OnStar and XM Radio if your heart desires. All in all a great ride!

- Jeff D

Pros and Cons of my Malibu

It's great on gas, very comfortable to drive and ride, even long trips. The only issue I've had with it is the fuel injector but the awesome factory warranty covered it at no cost to me. The remote start is an awesome feature and it's very easy to use.

- Amanda M

Black, small 4 door, black rims and red coloring

I like it but wish it was a little bigger from the inside. I feel really low in it. But Chevrolet make is awesome. I would recommend this car. I also love my rims, I get a lot of compliments on them. They are all black and it goes well with my whole car.

- Tati A

Gets me everywhere I need to go.

Very spacious. Rides on the road very smoothly. Comfortable while going on long drives. Feel very safe while on the road. Has very wonderful safety features. Reminds me to check the backseat before getting out of the car. Has an excellent stereo system.

- Julia B

My vehicle drives smoothly and quietly. I have a sun/moonroof.

My car turns off when I am sitting at a stop sign or stop light, then starts back up when accelerator is pushed again. I am not sure if this is an energy - saving feature that can be turned off, but is a little annoying. I keep thinking my car is dying.

- Jessica W

30 mpg and has everything you could want as far as features go.

Such a smooth drive and very sharp looking. It has pretty much all of the features I would want in any vehicle I drive. Very fun car to drive and I would recommend it to my friends and family members. It is also price very well for the features you get.

- Ryan S

My car is reliable and perfect for a family vehicle.

The aspects that i love about my vehicle is the amount of room that is in the vehicle. All the bells and whistles that it came with and how affordable it was to be able to have a brand new vehicle and still be able to finish school with a reliable car.

- Sierra S

Amazing, reliable, and safe

This car is unlike any other. It drives well, and has great gas mileage. The trunk space is perfect for luggage and groceries. 4 people can fit comfortably no matter the length of the drive. The lumbar support in the driver seat is an amazing feature.

- Breanna D

This vehicle is the perfect car for a new family.

This car is super reliable and gets great gas mileage both in the city and on the highway! This car has sharp lines throughout the exterior and the interior of the whole car. This car has everything you could want in a car and was a decent price too!

- Elizabeth P

Wonderful, Dependable Family Car

This vehicle doesn't have any problems and drives smoothly. The only problem that I have had is a flat tire while I was on the interstate and the Chevrolet dealership did a wonderful job of helping me. It is great on gas mileage and is dependable.

- Mattie F

Easy on gas and easy to drive.

Love my Malibu. Have owned 4 others and loved them all. I love the comfort, the ability to easily reach my dashboard amenities. Love the amenities on the steering wheel, like radio channel or volume changes, cruise, phone answering. Love it all!!

- Rita G

I really love my Chevy Malibu!

I love being able to connect my iPhone to my car!! I love almost everything about my car, except the "auto-stop" that turns my car engine off when I come to a stop sometimes. I wish I could turn this feature off. My car is beautiful and so comfy!

- Daphne R

Rich look for low price. Wow.

Comfy, spacious Chevy Malibu has all the reliability you need with all the sass you desire. Also, with the sunroof and soft leather, you pay less for more premium appointments. With gas mileage at 30 or more mpg, you get more bang for your buck.

- Christy A

The most important thing about my car is that it is a blessing.

I do not necessarily have any complaints. There are so many features that I am still learning and getting accustomed to. The feature that still shocks me is the auto turn off. I have heard that it saves gas so I do not complain.

- Yon T

It's reliable! Gets great gas mileage for trips- about 34 mpg.

Features of the 2018 Chevy Malibu LT include- SiriusXM, automatic locking system, remote start, keyless ignition. Overall I really like the car. I have had it for about 9 months and haven't had any problems at all with it.

- Michelle R

Chevy Malibu is a must have car. It's great for long drives and smooth drives.

The Malibu is really a gas saver. Helps me out a lot during hard times with cash. The drives are always smooth and it has a stylish dashboard. Also I love apple link just connect your iPhone and boom in your car.

- Luis F

It looks good driving down the road.

It is s great car. Awesome gas mileage enough room in back for two teenage boys to sit comfortably. The Wifi available is a great feature to have with all the electronics with family. The look is great.

- Stefanie W

Great Car with a distracting screen system

It is a great car, fuel is great but what I don't like about it is the screen system and how the screen that comes with the car works. It is laggy and often distracting (especially when using CarPlay)


It is stylish, comfortable and roomy.

I particularly do not like the option of the car turning off when you are at a stop for long. This causes the car to bog a little. I understand it is to save on gas, but still do not care for it.

- Cheryl E

It has Apple Carplay which is a very great feature.

Love the comfort of the seats. It has great pickup while still having really great gas mileage. I don't love the auto stop feature, but it isn't a big enough issue to not still like the car.

- Rebecca F

It is spacious enough for a family of 4 (possibly 5) and drives smoothly.

The car is smooth when driving. I have had this car since January 2018 and haven't had any problems with it, other than a flat tire which I received while driving on the interstate.

- Ashley F

Has great safety features.

It is a very comfortable ride. Plenty of legroom up front and it handles well. Rear assist camera is a great safety feature. It also has Bluetooth sync for hands free communication.

- Kathleen M

That it has all kinds of safety features on it.

I like that my car is safe and economical to drive. It handles well in all situations. It is fun to drive and will last a long time. It has many features that are safety related.

- Debbie S

I love how fuel efficient it is for being a bigger car than before.

I love how modern it is, great gas mileage and so maybe upgrades. I also like how it looks, it is very sleek and a great design. Very aerodynamic. It has a ton of space as well.

- Barbie S

This vehicle is fuel efficient and comfortable. I am highly pleased.

I am highly satisfied with this vehicle. I have had Malibu's before an they are stylish, comfortable and reliable. They performed well as I have to utilize my vehicle in snow.

- Nicole R

It is inexpensive for its advanced technology.

Very tech savvy but has a few mistakes when telling me about any nearby cars. For example, it will sometimes alert me a car is near when there is actually nothing present.

- Sarah A

Gas mileage so far is around 28 miles to gallon - believe it will go up as the car gets broke in

Color is black & I really like it - Leather seats was a must for me - I also really love the app for the phone - but wish it connected via Bluetooth instead of the cable

- Robert B

Perfect car for a old lady to handle.

This is a awesome car that is great on gas and handles perfectly and seats very comfortably. The steering is tight so when you go around corners it snugs the road.

- Brenda P

They should know that it is the peak of technological advantages.

I love all of the technological advantages. The back up camera, the lane assist and parking assist. I love the center console and all.of the sleek design aspects.

- Amanda H

It doesn't display texts from apple phones. The glove compartment is too small.

I like how this malibu drives. It is my third one and it really drives closer to a muscle car than my other 2. The front doors are a little heavy and bulky.

- julie b

Fuel economy and engine shut off.

I do not like how the car shuts off when you are stopped with the brakes o to conserve fuel. I do not like how low it is and it only has front wheel drive.

- Virginia M

Great car! Highly recommend!

This car is awesome! I love everything about it. One thing I will say is it has auto stop where when you come to a full stop the engine shuts backs.

- Alex B

It has the luxury look without the high price.

I really like how smooth the ride is. The back up camera is wonderful with small children. I like the high technology the vehicle is equipped with.

- Amanda R

It is reliable and is not poorly made.

I do not like the fact that it has no CD player. I like the way it drives and the mileage it gets. It has a lot of space and it is worth the price.

- Tiffany B

Great on gas, Drives extremely smooth, very spacious inside

The Chevy Malibu is a very spacious car on the inside. It's a great city car and also good for long trip. With the auto stop Its the best on gas.

- Jessica W

I absolutely love it and am glad I have a fully loaded vehicle.

It is spacious. It has all the features I desire. The design is gorgeous. I love the color. It came with onstar and SiriusXM. Very good on gas.

- Noelle C

none of the the 2018 chevrolet models have cd players

I like the back-up in the 2018. It's better than the one I had in my 2015 Malibu. I dislike the fact that there is no CD player in this car.

- Maurene K

Great car to travel around in and good mileage for gas.

It is a hybrid so it is very good on gas mileage. It is big enough to feel comfortable in for 2 people but not too big to fit in our garage.

- Teresa W

Comfortable and efficient.

It's new. Gets great gas mileage. Handles well. Doesn't have a few conveniences that my old car had. Don't like the auto stop feature.

- John G

A very reliable car with many safety features.

I like the look of the car, it is very stylish. The car could use a little more power when entering a freeway. It is a good reliable car.

- Jim M

People should know that my care is very dependable.

I like that my car gets great gas mileage. I also like that it has high tech features, and that I haven't had any problems with it yet.

- Leo D

It is relatively inexpensive.

It is new. No issues. I do not know why remote start is not standard on vehicles. The seats are a little hard. It seems to drive nice.

- Nicole F

Hybrid safe vehicle for young drivers and old.

Hybrid, runs great. Terrific gas mileage plenty of room. Many safety features. Very reliable. Handles well in all driving conditions.

- Bill E

Smooth and fun ride also great on gas mileage.

You have to get use to the auto stop feature but other than that it runs smooth. The turbo on it gives it a nice kick to get going.

- Jacob C

I think the Chevy Malibu is amazing! It fits me so perfectly and I love all of the features that it offers. I mainly love all of the electronic features and such so I can have hands free phone calls. I also think it is a perfect car for college.

The one most important thing that others should know about my Chevy Malibu is that it offers many features unlike any other car.

- Tristan K

How it only should use premium gas not regular.

I like my car, it is good on gas and drives great. I love that it comes with built in Wi-Fi. I have not found any dislikes yet.

- Booker M

That it is very good on gas. It is beautifully designed.

It has all the features that I wanted. Android Auto was a must. I do not like the auto shut off. It is overall a great vehicle

- Erin C

Very safe and reliable vehicle.

Chevy is a really good and reliable car brand. Almost no road noise and drives so smooth. I highly recommend the Chevy Malibu.

- Madison M

It's equipped with a fuel saver where the engine turns off when stopped

I love the size and roominess. It rides and drives like a much more expensive car. I like the shape and style of the outside

- Michelle L

Love the back up camera and the information screen.

Drives like a sport car. Feels like an expensive car. Love the way it handles. Best car ever. I would highly recommend.

- Debra P

Drives smoothly and has a automatic sensor to help avoid collision.

It is gas efficient and picks and has turbo so it picks up speed when I need it to and it is very comfortable inside.

- Lisa A

The car is a hybrid and has great gas mileage. commute to work and back is over 60 miles per day, and only have to fill up once a week.

Great gas mileage, Comfortable, roomy, smooth ride, back up camera, lane assist, pedestrian assist. No complaints.

- Tamra L

It's the most awarded car company

I like the horsepower. It's ability to go from 0 to 65 quickly. Also a pretty color. And it was in my price range.

- L W

The comfort and the smooth ride.

My Malibu is very high quality. It drives smoothly with little outside noise. The vehicle is extremely comfortable.

- Steve C

Good turning radius is an important feature of my car.

It is Beautiful, reasonably priced, and the same make and model as my very first car. It is comfortable. It is new.

- Joan S

It has rear view cámara build in wifi

Is very reliability, super comfortable also features I haven't had any problem with car I got brand new a month ago

- Miladis H

Radio is great! Touchscreen.

Sleek car. Love the design. Drives great. Love the touch screen radio and the display. Seats are very comfortable.

- Am G

My car has backup cameras

I love the exterior styling, the midnight blue color and the new features in the car. I have no complaints yet.

- Elaine H

Has all the bells and whistles

lt has everything that my wife wanted in a new car. It has all the tech that she could use. Love the driver 1-2

- Dennis c

That I love being on the road and driving my pretty blue Malibu

I love the smooth ride and the sleek look. The gas mileage is fantastic. I just wish it sat up a little higher

- jeniffer m

Its excellent and will go in any weather. You will never be stuck.

I like the design, the way it drives down its reliability.... The I dislike it not vehicle I really wanted..

- Season B

My vehicle is very safe. It gets great gas mileage.

My Malibu is very sporty and comfortable to drive. It has many convenient features such as safety functions.

- Steve W

Is really model and new car.

Really fast and have really good space and I like everything in the car is awesome. Have really nice turbo.

- Gretchen R

Backspace love! Has USB connection in different compartments.

I love the car very spacious and comfortable. A most have, it has everything you may need in one vehicle.

- Maria G

People should know that the car is very safe.

I like the size of the vehicle. The pick up of speed it great. The sound system is good. No complaints.

- Cassandra B

That it drives very smooth.

I love the mileage per tank. I love the color, a dark gray. I love the tech, touch screen, apple play.

- Emily B

It is a big small car. It drives really smooth.

I like my radio. I like my car size. I do not like that I do not have a sunroof. I like how it drives.

- Megan J

I am happy with it because it's a great car for the price

I love the size. I love my options like heated seats, safety features like the cameras and the design

- Lisa R

Midsize very affordable ,great gas mileages ,handles great,

It't a great midsize car with great economical value. It gets very good gas mileage. Very affordable.

- Eddie S

Good on gas, good driving in rain and snow.

I love my chevy malibu, it's reliable and good on gas. It even has an award for beat car of the year.

- Alex D

Excellent gas mileage 36 mpg.

Really enjoy my car. Only thing I miss is the heated seats great gas mileage average around 26 mpg.

- Dawn D

Its has great gas mileage and is an environmentally friendly vehicle

Love this vehicle. It's a hybrid with all the electronic gadgets on it. Gets excellent gas mileage.

- Ken S

It is safe and gets very, very good gas mileage. On the highway I am getting 50 mpg under cruise control

The newer malibu is a step down from my 2014 model. Nice enough for a company vehicle though.

- rob F

It is gas efficient and has a good surround sound

I like that the car has a lot of room and is spacious. I hate that it always breaks down

- James D

I gets good mileage to the gallon. Cost of oil changes is reduced

I don't like the laggy acceleration. I like the backup camera. Interior is comfortable.

- Tim W

The most important thing to know is the amount of tech gadgets that are installed in the vehicle.

The car works well. I have had no major issues with the car. I like the way it drives


It is a great car better than the last one.has a lot of good add on stuff.

It is great . Good gas mileage. Has a built in gps.Runs real good. no complaints.

- Harold V

NOthing it's a car and it runs and it works and i get to work and back

it's a car and it drives OK and it handles OK I like the color and the inside

- tommy g

The 2018/Chevrolet Malibu is an excellent choice under $25,000. It is very roomy and comfortable. Has very good standard features such as keyless start, Touch screen radio with navigation projection. Motor performance is excellent. Good buy!

Excellent midsize sedan under $25,000 , Roomy, performs well, great features

- Chuck G

it is great and easy to drive and it can go real fast if you don't watch what you are doing

It is brand new what's there not love about it can't think of anything more

- Joyce Z

the most important thing others should know about my car is the speed

I really like the fact that it does not take too much fuel to drive with.

- choupy C

I am really impressed with the gas mileage.

I really like It's handling. It drives great and has a good size trunk.

- Aaron H

Technologically advanced auto.

Easy to Drive, good mileage-low maintenance. No complaints at this time.

- Timothy D

New features like wireless charging for your cell phone

Love the 2018 Malibu. It's very sleek looking inside and outside.

- Am M

Safety and price must be low

It's comfy fast good on gas. I love the color and safety features

- Ken N

It is a safe vehicle, it gets good gas mileage and looks luxurious

I love the sleek design the added features and the way it rides

- Jackie B

Good Gas mileage. Easy to care for. Good dependable car

I like the features the vehicle offers. Good gas mileage.

- April S

The safety features are outstanding. Even has a reminder that a child may be in the backseat.

Nice body style. great mileage, lots of safety features.

- lori a

It is comfortable and looks nice. It gets great gas mileage.

It is eco friendly. It shuts off when you are at a stop.

- Tracy M

the saving of gas money due to being a hybrid and comfort

no dislikes. great gas mileage. solid as a rock.

- r S

Great gas mileage in the car

Easy ride, great gas mileage, comfortable

- Mary R

2018 Chevy Malibu, comfortable, reliable, nice big screen, enormous sunroof.

- Paulo P

Sleek design, great gas mileage, affordable sedan!

- Katherine M