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The color of this truck is red trimmed with silver mirrors and chrome.

I don't drive very far from home. To the store or church is as far as I will go. Its big and I want to get a smaller car when I am able. It has been a good truck. The color is red. I want something that I can handle better. Overall it has served its purpose. I am a grandmother and great grandmother that love her family. Yes, I will pick up the grandkids from school sometimes too. It has only had a few minor problems down through the years like brakes. The paint job on this truck has held up good. The passenger window is stuck and will not go down. I had to buy a set of tires one year. I bought this truck back in 2005. I think Chevrolet is a good brand. My daughter drove it a few years. I had a bump with a person coming out of taco bell one night. I don't drive at night because I can't see well. I didn't see this black car that was coming in as I was coming out. It only scratched up the front bumper of the truck but his car had a dent in the door. It is a strong truck and it is made very well. Overall I have been very happy with this truck. When the time's right I will trade it in for a smaller car.

- Linda N

02’ Chevrolet Tahoe: Chevy’s tank.

The car is seemingly unbreakable. Made very well and has not given much issue though it is at almost 250, 000 miles. We have had to change tires and have them rotated but that is normal. Gas mileage is my only complaint. As it is an older car, the fuel efficiency has gone down. I am getting more or less 12-13 miles to the gallon. As an everyday vehicle, this can begin to add up. If it is used more as a when needed SUV, the use is much greater. That being said, even at its age and everything it has gone through, I recently drove it on a seven hour trip to Dallas. The car had zero issues there or back and I made it there on one tank of gas. Highway miles it does great. The capacity of the tank is great too. It holds around 25 gallons. It is also easy installing new speakers and wiring subwoofers in the vehicle. We changed everything out with little difficulty.

- Charles L

Roomy enough for multiple car seats

The vehicle has plenty of room for kids. I have 1 rear facing convertible car seat, a backless booster and a fullback booster in the second row for 3/4 of my kids and they fit very comfortably. I can easily fold and/or remove 3rd row seats (without my husband's assistance) if I need more cargo space for transporting large stuff like a window or pool box. The 2nd row seat behind passenger also folds down if you need room there. So far the only problem we've experienced is that the coolant leaks and in a place difficult to get too (took a while to find). It does however run well and is much wider than our previous vehicle which is great if you have lots of kids still using car seats/boosters. I usually keep at least one of the 3rd row seats folded so that I have room for groceries, a stroller, and even my mother in law's walker (not folded) when needed.

- Alyssa M

All around, a good family vehicle.

If you have a bigger family, then the Tahoe is a must have. You have the option to add another row of seats in the back or you can have the extra space in the back. Keep in mind you can always fold the extra seats in the back up when they are not in use. You have armrests for the front seats which add to the comfort of the vehicle and you can also flip those arm rests up when needed. There is plenty of knee room among the rows of seats which is must needed when kids are involved. There are not many things I would change about this certain year/model Tahoe other than the fact that it seems to drink so much gas because it is a bigger vehicle. When you have said bigger family, money can be together at times and it seems as if I am always filling the tank up.

- Rachel T

Very good truck. Have taken it to many places. Very spacious

My vehicle is very spacious, provides multiple seating for road trips or when you invite a lot of people. Very reliable it's also a very big truck. Took it on the snow does really well road was very icy but the truck pushed through. Only problems I'd say I have are the transmission problems I'm assuming this truck specifically just carries these problems but In the past 2 years it's had transmission problems where it will reverse but not drive. Or drive but no reverse so it's hard to be replaced multiple times and both times it was about 500 to 600 dollars in repairs. Another issue it has is air conditioning breaks very easily as well so that would be some things I'd like to improve on.

- Vanessa A

Strong engine that we can depend on.

The Chevy Tahoe that I have still has under 100k miles and drives well while providing our small family of three a safer larger vehicle that didn't break the bank. The Tahoe that we have also has attitude for pulling a trailer making sure that the car stays level instead of bottoming out. The overall use and practicality of the vehicle is good however having third row seats in the car does not leave any room in the trunk for much other than a few smaller items and the passengers in the third row are cramped for leg space. For smaller children this is not much of a problem but we would never be able to get any adults to ride back there comfortably for more than 10-20 minutes.

- Wyatt D

02 Chevy Tahoe, a great vehicle!

Great vehicle! Following the user manual is the most important aspect of most vehicles, this remains the same for this one. The only issue that arose a couple time is the check engine light, which usually indicated a sensor issue, minor repairs was the only requirement. The only other aspect that a user may find difficult is dropping the rear passenger seats. There are no actual levers visible only the spring mechanism, a rather crude design. I had to look up how to drop the seats on an online forum because the manual covers multiple model types. Other than that I recommend this vehicle to anyone!

- Isaac R

I love that I can tow small things with my vehicle.

I've never had any problems out of my vehicle, I've kept up all the routine maintenance and got new tires but that is about all that I have had to do to my vehicle. I have cloth interior seats and they are very comfortable seats and good to have on long road trips. The gas on my vehicle isn't as bad considering that it is a bigger vehicle. I love that there's a lot of room in space inside and for bigger and longer legged people it's more comfortable. You don't feel crammed inside a tiny card, that's for sure. I love how my vehicle rides really smooth especially considering the year

- Megan H

Review on a 2002 Chevy Tahoe. Overall dependable vehicle to own.

Overall I have been very happy with my vehicle. It has only had a few minor repairs during the time I have had it over the last 16 years. We replaced the water pump, the brakes, and the fuel pump. Recently it seems to have a leak in the coolant line for the air-conditioner. It does get us where we need to go though and we drive quite a bit. The style of the car is still around today. I see many of my exact make model and color driving around as well. My husband also drives a Chevy truck and we have been pleased overall with its performance as well.

- Christine B

Great vehicle for family of 5.

My favorite feature is that it has 3 rows so a family of 5 is very comfortable in the vehicle. There are a few things I would love to see different about it. The seats fold down easily when the wire works, but currently they are all broke and so it is more difficult to fold the seats down. In the middle row has a place to plug headphones in so the driver does not have to listen to the CD, but the back row does not have this option and I wish it did. The seats are very comfortable for long trips and there is plenty of legroom.

- Kelly S

American made and still going.

I keep the maintenance up regularly. When the alarm starts to go off that tells me it's time for a new battery. I only work 6 miles from work so I get good gas mileage during the week and also when we take road trips. I recently changed my dashboard not that it was needed but purchased at a good price. Also had a new AC put in and updated my DVD screens in the headrest. Overall the only issue I have is just getting a new paint job, besides that I love my car. Also, I am able to get the parts needed to do the repairs myself.

- Reggie C

Family vehicle, 2002 Chevrolet Tahoe

I love that it is large and roomy. We can take a group of people with us, and it is perfect for our family of five. It is also 4 wheel drive which comes in handy in the area we live in. It does way better on gas than you would think for its size. It is reliable and comfortable. The air and heat work amazing, and it even has heated seats for cold days. It is a blessing to have for long trips, and has a luggage rack if you need to move things. The Chevy Tahoe is by far the best vehicle we have ever had.

- Danny W

4 wheel drive. Third row seat that is foldable.

It has a lot of room if you have a big family like me we all fit without being uncomfortable. It has not so great gas mileage 17 gallons per mile. It has a short wheel base so have to careful not to turn to sharp, the seats are big and comfortable, adjustable. It has a second row of seats that can fold down if need. Drives smooth on and off comes in 2 wheel and in 4 wheel over I just have one problem and it the gas. Would recommend this vehicle to anyone I love it.

- Veronica G

2002 Chevy Tahoe most reliable, long-lasting SUV.

I absolutely love my Chevy Tahoe. It has been so reliable and I drive for work so I depend on it daily. My truck now has 294, 000 miles and still runs great. I have only ever had to replace parts that naturally go bad over time. I have been able to drive back and forth from Indiana to west Virginia to see my dad before he passed and help care for him. I will keep this truck as long as possible and then I will probably get a newer model Tahoe, since mine is a 2002.

- Crystal S

Four wheel drive spacious Tahoe with a nice stereo system.

My vehicle is a pretty good Tahoe. It has plenty of room for all. My children. I prefer u get a Tahoe that has the walk through in the middle so u don't have to keep pulling the seat down and the kids can just walk through. For my year of model it does not have a DVD player but it had an awesome stereo system installed where it has a flat screen and can play movies. If only this vehicle was good on gas it would be perfect but it is 4x4 and that makes up for it.

- Natasha G

I have a Chevrolet Tahoe 2002. It�s a full size SUV four doors

I purchase this Tahoe used. It is very reliable. The only problems that I've had since purchase was a water pump and battery. All major parts on here are original. It seats 5 people comfortably. I have only worn out 2 sets of tires since purchased. I don't have a third row seat but I have a lot of space for storage. The best features are the tinted back windows and back controls for heat and air so that everyone is comfortable while riding

- Joyce S

the vehicle is strong and dependable.

I like the strength of the engine. it's been a very reliable vehicle. there's plenty of room for me and my kids and their stuff. The back doors open outward, rather than upward, which I prefer. The flooring is plastic, not carpet, so it doesn't get stained and hard like carpet does. My tint is very dark, which I like. The air always blew very hard, hot or cold. I like the wideness of the seats. The radio has good sound, and plays loud.

- Francine B

Review of old but reliable Tahoe. 2002 and still running beautifully.

Very comfortable and reliable. Other than the modern computer or electronic items, the Tahoe is amazing. Even after 240k miles only had transmission rebuilt in 2018 - 16 year old vehicle!! It still rides very smooth and does not wear tires quickly. All three rows of seats have held up great and I am able to remove third row and haul additional items for some reason I do not want to fold down third row. Great reliable truck.

- Tammy B

The Chevy Tahoe is an amazing family car.

I love my Tahoe. I bought it as the second owner, and I love everything about it! I went from driving a car to getting this SUV. I had a 2005 Nissan Altima, and we were looking into adoption and needed a bigger vehicle. We bought it with just the 5 manufactured seat but very easily installed a 3rd row seat ourselves, it was very simple install! We have extra like the heated seats, the sun and moon roof, and leather seats!

- Stephanie S

2002 Chevy Tahoe great vehicle, truck room no so much.

I like how there is enough room for our three children, I do not like the truck room in order to get an adequate amount of truck room you have to take the back seats out which is very inconvenient sometimes. We have had some mechanical issues I mean when the starter went out it seemed like everything else was going out but it was a quick fix. Other than the mechanical issues and the lack of truck room I really like it.

- Kyle K

Sixteen year old Chevy Tahoe.

Air conditioner quit. Will take just under $800 to fix. Radiator leaks, seats are beginning to deteriorate. Dash indicator lights show when engine is on, some flash, some change, some apply, some do not. The spare tire is very complicated to mount and retrieve. Currently, due to threads being stripped, it is permanently mounted under the back section of the vehicle. Other than that, it gets me where I need to go.

- Tzedakah Barbara E

Most reliable old truck around.

My Tahoe is very reliable. I rarely have problems with my vehicle. The only issues I have are things that eventually need replaced over time. I make sure to get the oil changed consistently. I drive my vehicle every day for work and have taken it on several trips to west Virginia from Indiana to care for my sick father before he passed. I have put nearly 300, 000 miles on my truck and it is still going strong.

- Crystal S

Versatility of the Chevy Tahoe

This car is absolutely the best SUV on the market. I love the way it drives, the consistency, and the reliability of it. The cabin of the car feels as luxurious as the cane when we got this car. The third row seating adds dimension and versatility to the car due to the ability to remove the back seats. I have never had any problems in the 17 years I've had it. The only downside is that it is a gas guzzler!

- Hannah M

The performance of the vehicle

I have a fully loaded 02 Tahoe 4x4 I have owned this vehicle for 10 years it has 292000 miles and still is going strong I highly recommend this vehicle I am a retired firefighter and this vehicle has responded to a lot of calls the performance and handling of this vehicle is awesome. And the fact of the shift on the fly push button 4x4 was really convenient. This is truly the best SUV I have ever owned

- Tommy H

I love the storage space in front tons of areas for me to hide all of my things.

It is nice and compact that only can comfortably sit 5 adults if you put 8 adults in it is very uncomfortable and there is no trunk space unless a few lose the back 2 seats. I love it though if I didn't have 6 children it would fit a lot better or if there was more trunk space availability the back 3rd row does not have leg room so adults do not sit comfortably there at all.

- Nicole R

The Tahoe that won't die.

Great car overall! It's just extremely dated the car wears out after time just like any other car. The motors in the window have worn out and are not a cheap fix the speakers also blow extremely easily. Mine is black so it attracts a lot of sunlight making it warm and easily overheated with its age comes internal problems as well such as leaking gas tank and blown fuses

- Maddie M

Great family vehicle 2002 Chevy Tahoe.

I have heated seats which is awesome in the winter as well as heated side mirrors remote start 3rd row seating handles great in the snow and in the hot summer heat all types of controls and such for the passengers to play with fantastic on gas. Has not had a lot of problems replaced a couple wheel bearings and tire rods great family car especially for long road trips.

- Niki S

It's still running, he loves the thing.

It's my husbands 2002 Chevrolet Tahoe and he loves the thing. We've had to do some minor work on the brakes and replace the door handle but that part was his fault. It's been reliable, he's the one his friends call when they need to get somewhere. It's a little higher than I'd like to climb into but that's okay. The inside is okay but the floor mats need replacing

- Mari T

I like the fact that it is a good family car, and very comfortable too.

It was a great vehicle until last weekend. It started with the ignition. So the ignition switch was replaced but the a. C and 4x4 feature along with other features went out. It still runs very smooth but I wish that I could get it well fixed to how is supposed to be. All in all is a great car but I feel that once 1 thing messes up a thousand more do as well.

- Maggie O

The Good the bad and the Tahoe

It's pretty good, it's got a lot of space to haul stuff, it can pull a trailer no problem. I think the only real downsides to a Tahoe is that it's got some pretty bad gas mileage and the third brake light can cost a fortune to get replaced. Other than that parts are usually pretty cheap to replace and are usually universal with a suburban and Silverado

- Pat C

Its dependable even with cooling issues I was able just just keep adding water for a few weeks until I could get water pump fixed

I love my car. It is one of the few cars I like that I can fit three car seat in. I have 3 kids three and under. My model comes with a DVD which it a huge plus. My third row comes out so I have room for strollers food suitcases. I have an issue with my cooling system again other than that amazing car. Will be purchasing a newer model around Christmas.

- Courtney S

my Tahoe is the very best SUV

Running very well it's v8 all 4 wheel drive 120 in dash everything tuned up 3/9/19. The color is a brown. All leather seats ac/heating. It has four doors rear door entrance,120,000 miles tinned window power windows and seats back seats lay down for extra space for cargo. Brown carpet in the back. It has cup holders front and the back CD player

- Shawn M

Good all purpose vehicle that is very durable.

My Chevrolet Tahoe has served me well. At first it was used as a family vehicle to drive around town in. Later after we obtained a new vehicle the Tahoe was used for long trips and travelling. Today I use it as my work vehicle to take me to and from work. With regular maintenance and care I am satisfied with what my vehicle has given me.

- Benjamin F

2002 Chevy Tahoe ls review.

My Tahoe is reliable. It is comfortable and easy to use. It has plenty of cargo space. The car has good horsepower. The unfortunate side is that the car has terrible gas mileage 16 mpg on the highway. Heated leather seats makes for a comfortable ride. Suspension is solid and when in four wheel it navigates thru snow with minimal sliding.

- Alex W

Chevy Tahoe: 4 wheel drive, heated leather seats, lots of legroom, sun roof.

Enough leg room for even the tallest of drivers. The seats are comfortable. There is a lot of power and it drives well in snow. Even though this vehicle is older it still looks great even after 17 years. This particular model was loaded at the time of production. It has leather heated seats, on star, 4 wheel drive, and posi traction.

- Amy M

2002 Chevy Tahoe best vehicle.

My Chevy Tahoe is perfect for my family of 7. Everyone fits well and is comfortable to sit in going on a road trip. My Tahoe is a smooth ride feels like it is floating over the road. It has heating front middle and back that works great. Same with the ac. It has a towing package that works great. Tows trailers and campers with ease.

- Kim K

Beautiful black shiny color and very comfortable seats.

The ac just broke down but before that it's an amazing SUV especially for big families. a lot of room and the seats are very comfortable. Love how it rides very smoothly and you can bring down the seats in the back and just relax. I would consider buying the newer version because they are prettier, but for now I stay with mine.

- Carolina B

My car is getting a little old, but I have never had a better more reliable car.

Old, but reliable and somewhat comfortable. Air conditioning, heat, airbags, power windows, power seats, new led fog lights, minor oil leak, '5' button does not work on the air conditioner/heater knob. Slight noise when starting up. Overall, I am the second owner of this vehicle and I couldn't be happier with the performance.

- Bradley M

2002 Chevy Tahoe projector lights

Nothing is wrong with it just needs a new paint job and a new dimming switch, the comfort is fantastic I could drive it out of state just fine. It does have 244000 miles but its still reliable nothing to serious for me. Has brand new tires and rims and new headlights that I put in, plan on putting new subs in the future

- Martin T

Great Chevy product. They know what they were doing when they made this Chevy.

I have not had any major problems with my Tahoe and I bought it new in 2002. It had been a very reliable vehicle and I would not get rid of it. I have been very happy with it and plan on getting another one in the future. I do have one complaint. On the passenger side the leg space is not enough for me and my long legs.

- Paula G

2002 Chevy Tahoe. Reliable Family Vehicle

I have owned my Tahoe for 5 years and use it as my daily driver. It has 270,000+ miles on it and still runs and drives great. Other than normal wear and tear I have never had any major issues with it. I have 4 kids so space and convenience is also a big factor for me and it definitely doesn't disappoint in that area.

- Heather M

Chevy Tahoe that's as old as me still works not too bad.

The dashboard is wonky, and it eats up gas which is to be expected for a large vehicle. Other than that, it's very reliable and is an overall pretty good car. Lots of space, and the controls are easy to use. Steering is surprisingly easy, I'm not the biggest fan of big cars, but it's actually pretty easy to drive.

- Ashton S

Chevy Tahoe, from the new kid on the block to the old geezer.

My vehicle isn't exactly the new kid on the block, it was birthed in 2002. Its had its share of wear and tear. Recently had the brake pads, alternator, battery, fuel pump, and bearings replaced. The age of the car, I guess the time for maintenance was sooner than later. All and all the Tahoe runs superbly better.

- Jay R

It has been a very dependable vehicle.

We have owned our Tahoe for about 10 years. Bits very reliable. It has over 250, 000 miles and still going strong. It has required very little maintenance. The only thing that we've replaced are brake pads, which is normal upkeep on any vehicle. It has some rust, which is expected when you live in Michigan.

- Renee Y

Great family car, lots of room!

The only problem I have with my car is parking it! It's so big. Otherwise, it's an amazing vehicle, rides smooth, the seats are comfortable, the steering is a little loose but not too loose. The seats are great for car seats for the kids. The back row doesn't have the latch system, but the middle row does.

- Anna B

Extremely Nice SUV with Amazing Features and Amenities

Nice ride, easy handling, power windows and locks, 4wd, 3rd row seating, leather seats, plenty of space, air conditioning and heating vents throughout, sunroof, nice custom floor mats, front and back cup holders, CD player but no aux cord plug, nice sound system. The front seats do not recline very much.

- Renee W

Great family vehicle I would buy another Tahoe in a heartbeat.

I love my vehicle it runs super smooth. I love the fact that the interior is wide and spacious. We always travel in it because we all fit comfortable in great family truck. We hardly have any problems with the only thing we had to fix a few weeks ago was the starter but other then that it is a great car.

- Amelia V

It has a low miles per gallon rate, The radio can be a bit funny, and the gauges might be off a little.

I have no real hate about the vehicle. It has A/C, which is helpful in this desert, and it allows me to access radio stations. Yes, there are a sometimes when the radio cuts out, but it always comes back. So far, I really like it. Also, some of the gauges are off, so it does get a little hard to manage.

- William E

Chevrolet Tahoe. Excellent vehicle for family.

My vehicle is an SUV with third row seats.Good highway mileage. It has regular maintenance and still runs great. It is designed stylish. It is a great family vehicle. . Even the older models look nice. They keep excellent trade in value. This is a great vehicle to purchase for a long term investment.

- Melody E

Chevy Tahoe - a great multipurpose vehicle.

The Chevy Tahoe is a great vehicle for a couple or a family. It is comfortable with lots of legroom thus is great for travel. It is also good for hauling small objects like laundry or groceries. Gas mileage isn't the greatest but better than some other SUVs. The leather seats are very comfortable.

- Deborah M

Has nice surround sound speakers that light up in the back of the car.

Vehicle has been very reliable haven't had any problems besides the ac. The ac is currently blowing only hot air. But other than that the vehicle is a great car when having children. The space is big and comfy, great for traveling. The gas on the Tahoe is a bit high especially with gas prices.

- Samantha C

great, affordable, friendly Chevrolet large SUV.

Tahoe Chevrolet 2002 is a great vehicle of all times. It will take you wherever you want to go. Drives smoothly, friendly and easy going. The vehicle is made to last long and holds up good. Tahoe is one of the most best vehicle large SUV to have. It worth the money with affordable maintenance.

- J K

I love the way it drives. The shocks are very good.

My Tahoe has four doors I love the way my Tahoe climbs all the love the way my ac blows the engine is really good. I can turn my seats into a bed, it is awesome when you go camping, The performance is really good of my SUV, I can tow anything with my Tahoe I also have hauling gear in my truck.

- Maureen S

The best thing about my car is that it is very roomy.

I have had a lot of problems, but it is super reliable. I just had everything replaced before I went off to college, and I had to get $2000 worth of stuff fixed. In my opinion, the sensors or the auto break sensors always needs to be fixed on mine. It is a very good and reliable family car.

- Chase E

Bulletproof and comfortable.

My Tahoe has 207000 miles on it. I drive it everyday and the only time I have any trouble is from regular wear such as dead battery or a flat tire. I bought it new in 2002. It is very comfortable and the interior has worn very well. I plan to drive my Tahoe for as long as it stays reliable.

- Ray W

The fold down seats in the back make for extra space to haul things.

The heat controls went out. Transmission starts to get a bit more sloppy after 230, 000 miles. Its very reliable I would recommend it to anyone. Its 4 wheel drive is awesome. You can go through anything. It's got a lot of room inside. You can put seats down in back and haul a lot of stuff.

- Stacey F

Great full size family vehicle.

Great space for family vehicle. The gas mileage is terrible. The year that my vehicle is makes it hard to keep up the maintenance. With a 2002 model it starting to use a lot of oil but that's probably due to me not keeping the oil changed. I would buy another model vehicle just like this.

- Lindsey H

Spacious, reliable Chevy Tahoe.

My Chevy Tahoe is very spacious. The bucket seats are comfortable, and my Tahoe is very reliable. The cargo space in the back is amazingly roomy. Perfect for hauling around equipment or anything else necessary. Not to mention it looks great. I would recommend the Chevy Tahoe to anyone.

- Terri D

My vehicle is a great fit for the large family that I have. We're able to travel long distances very comfortably.

I love driving an SUV and I have 4 children with one on the way, so I definitely need a large vehicle. My vehicle is old, however, so quite a few things are wrong with it, including interior damage & the beginnings of mechanical problems. I also would like it painted given the option.

- Jillian M

My Chevrolet Tahoe has never failed me and I'm very grateful for an amazing truck!

My Chevrolet Tahoe is very comfortable and it gets me from point A to point B. I do however often have to put oil into it but what car doesn't require attention (lol!). It has aftermarket catalytic converters so it is loud like a truck, which I love! Very roomy for my 2 kids as well!

- Morgan N

Very nice and spacious family vehicle

I love the size and space of the vehicle. The third row seats are a plus! This vehicle gets good gas mileage. It is a very smooth riding SUV. Makes it very nice when going on longer trips with the kids. It hauls trailers smoothly. My interior is all leather and is holding up nicely.

- Amanda B

Great vehicle to drive during all seasons

My Tahoe is nice! 4 wheel drive works great! CD player works. Has air conditioner and heat that works which is a plus. Cruise control works as well. Has multiple cup holders and has plenty of room for a family of 6 plus. Is a little of a gas hog but runs and drives great otherwise

- Zachary H

Tahoe�s are the best consumer vehicle

Great reliability super comfortable and has great features including navigation rear camera and led lighting, only bad I see is oil consumption it uses about a quart of oil every 2 weeks or so, I have aftermarket rims and tires and it has a suspension lift on it of about 3 inches

- Jc T

It�s got pros and cons, really depends on the person.

It's a little big for me, and my legs stick to the seats in the summer, and the gas mileage is horrid, but all the car seats fit in it, it's comfortable, and dependable. Having the third row seating is also nice to have. It also has a lot of power so towing things is really easy.

- Gillian M

SUV that will run forever if you take care of it.

Very reliable vehicle. I have never had any issues with the vehicle whatsoever. With regular maintenance, this car feels like it could last forever. The only issue I have had is that the ac motor has gone out, but that is an easy fix. This is my favorite vehicle I have owned.

- Addison M

SUV with power style and comfort.

Very reliable but not great on gas. Plenty of room for a bigger man. Comfortable and very powerful. I love to go out and just cruise around because it rides ao nice and smooth everything about it is great and I don't know what else I can write about it other than I love it.

- Nathan G

4x4 Chevy Tahoe 7 seater, dual climate control.

Super comfortable, great family vehicle that fits 7 people, not bad on gas for size, dual temperature controls, heated seats, leather haven't had any problems, runs awesome, 4x4, removable back seat for extra cargo space, it does use some oil, wish backseat windows opened.

- Tiffany P

Spacious and comfortable Chevy Tahoe.

Great SUV reliable and spacious especially for big families. Even though it is a older model we've had no major problems with our vehicle. I would totally recommend this vehicle to any large family. It also does great in gas on freeway. Again I would recommend for anybody.

- Rose L

My review of my 2002 Chevy Tahoe it drives very nicely.

I have been lucky it only had 2 owners had some transmission problems and to replace transmission it has some handling problems with the front end replaced shocks. It drives really nice and the seats are very comfortable, had some issues with ac but fixed problem easily.

- Joyce W

It came with a sunroof and it is white.

My vehicle is perfect. It rides so smooth. . And it is big enough for three car seats in the back. I also have plenty of room up front to move around and not be crowded. My Chevy Tahoe is a perfect match to me. I haven't had any problems performance wise or anything.

- Cristina Y

Space, optional 3rd row, gas hog, reliable.

It is been very reliable only thing is it takes a lot of gas. The gas mileage is average. The room is amazing! Love having the optional 3rd row for those times we have extra guests along or we need something large brought somewhere. I love having the sunroof as well.

- Melissa V

Ride very smooth down the road.

Very comfortable and reliable. Has lots of room and sits 8. Leather heated seats with four wheel drive. Seats can be removed if need be. It gets 26 miles per gallon and has OnStar. Am/FM radio with a CD disc player. Has A/C and heat with numerous events throughout.

- Ginger W

It is big a vehicle for my big family.

I love the fact that my Tahoe is big and has 3 row seating for my big family, love that my seats are removable if necessary. However it is a gas gusher so be ready to spend a lot on money for gas. My ac stop working so the price to fix that is a little expensive.

- Gloria R

Tahoe terrors! What I love and hate about it.

I love this car! It runs smooth on the road. I have had some problems with the vehicle. One of the main things is that the air compressor has went out in the vehicle several times and it is no fun having a vehicle with no cool air conditioning in the summertime.

- Mary T

My Review of my Chevy Tahoe

This vehicle is very reliable. Its has lots of room. 3rd row seating. It has amazing steering. The only problem is my air conditioner went out. Not sure as to why. Fairly good on gas mileage. It has a bigger engine which uses up more gas than a smaller vehicle.

- Sharon O

Chevy Tahoe. Very reliable full-size SUV for your family.

The Tahoe is a very reliable full-size SUV. It gets reasonable gas mileage for the size vehicle. It is comfortable for city and traveling. Has third row seats that can be removed for extra storage space. With proper maintenance this vehicle is an excellent buy.

- Melody B

Great reliable vehicle with tons of space!

My vehicle has had minor mechanical issues for it is age. It is reliable. There are several cosmetic issues that have arose in the past year. It is falling apart cosmetically; clear coat, and headliner but I love the space and comfort, also the reliability.

- Wendy E

Great truck must buy it now

Great truck good on gas we take multiple trips to the lake so very roomy rides smooth. Easy to clean I haven't had no problem yet thank god I'm very tall so it's a great size vehicle for my family. East to get in and out of. Drive great through the snow

- Tori G

There is no other way but a Chevy!

I love my Tahoe! It might be old but it runs like a champ! It is so roomy and we love it for a family vehicle. My other 2002 Chevy has 302 thousand miles on it and has not had a single thing wrong with it. Just amazing. I would never buy anything else!

- Jordan P

There is some rust spots but that is you can have just about anywhere.

Heated seat, automatic windows the problem I have to get fixed is ac and front right tire. Otherwise this truck will get you from point A to point B with no questions or problems. It fits eight people so the best part is you can take the whole family.

- Jessica G

A really great vehicle if given proper maintenance.

Really a great vehicles, the motor just needs regular maintenance. The electric windows seem to be a problem area. Also with these years, the transmission starts acting up after 200,000 miles. Still a great vehicles, with roomy seating and leg space.

- Cassie G

The 3 row seating makes for specious traveling.

My 2002 Tahoe is a great vehicle for traveling. I had a lil transmission problem last year but those vehicles being so popular it was very easy to replace, keep in mind the vehicle was over 10 years old at that time. Other than that I love my Tahoe!

- Conner P

The truck that will remind you of a big comfortable couch. Even when offloading.

My Tahoe is a very reliable truck. It has wonderful features, my favorite is the heated seats. Though it is considered an old vehicle; it runs really great. The most reassuring thing I can think to say is that I see a lot of these on the road.

- Bryant G

It is dependable and easily serviced. Great for long trips!

I love the way my Tahoe drives and handles! I enjoy being higher off the ground and the ability to carry a load when needed. The only thing that I do not like is the paint is peeling off the roof and the sound system is terrible.

- Sharon f

Reliability that can go the distance.

There is no question about performance or reliability. My truck has over 200, 000 miles and I will most likely get another one as my next truck. Comfort and features are great. I have driven across the country several times in it.

- Cameron P

Is great for everyday driving and road trips.

My SUV is amazing I have owned it for years and have never had any problems with it. I get oil changed every 3000 miles and it has been one of the most reliable vehicles that I have ever owned. It has good power and performance.

- Karen K

Great spacious family vehicle with good pulling power.

I like it because it's easier to see when you are higher off the ground. Also, we use it to pull a trailer and it has good pulling power.It's very roomy in the back if we have extra cargo. And the seats are comfortable

- Lisa R

It is a great size for tall people and large families.

I love how big it is and that I can fit my family in it easily as well as carry any stuff we need. It is great at hauling things as well. I do worry though because it is older that something will go wrong with it.

- Emily M

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it has over 350,000 miles on it.

I love my Tahoe because it's dependable. I have used it for Scouting, Camping and general day-to-day errands. I love the size and that I can take the 3rd row seating out for more room. I absolutely love my Tahoe.

- Caroline B

Automatic headlights in dim to dark light.

I love it. The steering is great. This Tahoe has every option that was available. Very comfortable. CD and tape decks. Seat warmers. Rear radio control. Easily seats 6 people with only 2 rows of seating.

- Miki Z

That the overall comfort, size and looks are what make a Tahoe worth owning.

I feel safe from most other vehicles because of the size. Heated seats and leather comfortable seating. Enough room to carry all my gear that is needed. I think it uses more gas than i would like it to.

- Peri J

My dream SUV, had everything I wanted in a SUV.

Plenty of room inside, seats have great lumbar support, and heat. I've never had any major problems with it. Only basic wear and tear repairs, and oil changes. I would buy another one in a heartbeat.

- Nora K

The Tahoe is an old but resilient truck

The car had problem since it was used, such as the ceiling peeling a bit and needing new tires. Even then the bold engine and AC was still in good shape after so much time that it was worth the buy.

- Uri R

It protects you and you have the peace of mind that you're well taken care of while driving it.

I feel safe in it and it has served me well. It's on the large size so people will get out of my way and stay out of my way. I can see above other cards which I like; I feel like I'm in control.

- Mae K

It is roomy & reliable. It doesn't take much effort for upkeep such as it doesn't use up much fluids (oil, tranny fluid, antifreeze, etc). It is hard on gas though. Overall, for its age, it's a good vehicle.

I like it doesn't use much fluids (oil, transmission, antifreeze, etc). It is roomy too. I don't like how much gas it uses. The spare is also a pain to get to if you have lost the special tool.

- Gabrielle S

Has two TV's, sunroof, eight seats that are very comfortable, and lots of room!

Has over 200, 000 miles on the car and still drives very well. Body of the car is a little worn out but still in good condition. Seats are very comfortable, has sunroof, and two TVs.

- Mary K

It is very dependable and does not require constant maintenance and repairs.

I like that my vehicle is spacious, easy to access cargo area, easy to load and unload. I hate that it is a gas hog uses too much gas. And it is difficult to lay the back seats down.

- Bonnie M

It gets around good in the winter.

I like that it has enough room for my family and it helps to get around in winter. I dislike how much gas it takes and that it is falling apart since I have had it for a long time.

- Leticia L

The Chevy Tahoe is a very comfortable ride.

I like the comfort and ride of the Tahoe. There is room for other family members and I can haul things when I need to. I like trucks, and the Tahoe is a truck with better seating.

- Margaret M

The comfort is amazing. And the room that is in the vehicle. I have moved a lot of furniture in it

I love the fact of the size. I feel very safe when driving in bad weather and the comfort is unbelievable. I make long road trips and I'm not all cramped up when I get there

- Stacey K

Holds up strong and is a beast!

A Tahoe is a great choice. It is very dependable and will last forever. Mine has over 250, 000 miles and still driving strong. Just make sure you keep up with maintenance.

- Jessica R

This is a great family car. It has great dependability. I love the way it rides

My Tahoe is a great family car. I love having a third row. I still have enough cargo space for most of my needs. The only drawback is lower gas mileage than I would like.

- Kristina F

Tahoe is perfect mix of family car and truck.

The Chevy Tahoe has been extremely reliable, comfortable and convenient to haul our craft projects, as well as everyday appointments and shopping. It has been perfect.

- Margaret M

low mileage suv and very reliable

large suv with low mileage and never been wrecked. one owner non-smoker. family vehicle good for road trips. great reliable vehicle with no major problems. new tires

- anna c

Makes me feel safe and safe for my family and kids. And very roomy for my family of 6.

Like it fits 8 comfortably. But there is not enough space for storage for family vacations. The Tahoe makes me feel safe, like I ride a little higher than cars.

- Rachel M

Great, dependable family automobile

Very reliable, 235000 miles and still going strong. Lots of room for the whole family and pets on road trips and perfect 4 wheel drive for camping adventures.

- Gean T

It is reliable parts are easily available and every mechanic can fix it.

I have very few problems with this truck and is very reliable I have over 266, 000 on it. I have only done basic maintenance brakes tires wipers belts hoses.

- Brian W

They should know that it's a really safe & reliable vehicle.

I like that it's big enough for my whole family to ride in.I like that the car runs smoothly.I don't really like the gas mileage on this vehicle though.

- Matthew P

Plenty of space; Weak windows

Reliable car with comfortable seats, plenty of space for storage and passengers. I don't like the poor gas mileage and the windows have often failed.

- benjamin j

It is a gas hog and gets low miles to the gallon.

Love that it is a large SUV but it is old and falling apart. Have lots of problems with it and high mileage. But it goes everywhere a car cannot go.

- Christina M

Our Tahoe seats 7 people and I also love having a 2nd & 3rd row that folds flat.

I love my 3 row seater Tahoe. No major problems except the air compressor locked up on us and it seems that's the only issue that may be recurring.

- L W

My current vehicle is very reliable.

The vehicle has been reliable for many years. I would strongly suggest the Tahoe. They are very expensive vehicles but I believe worth the money.

- Marie M

The Chevy Tahoe is very reliable and roomy.

I like the fact that our Tahoe has a lot of room in it. Plenty of room for a family of 4 that includes to small children. Very reliable vehicle.

- Juan R

It is reliable and indestructible it is.

I like the size of the vehicle it's up higher so I feel safer cause I can see better its roomy what I do not like is that it's not good on gas.

- Mary C

Tahoe air conditioner fails.

The air conditioner sometimes turns off in the middle of a trip and you have to turn the vehicle off and back on for the air to come back on.

- Todd T

Great family vehicle for vacations!!

2002 Chevy Tahoe very reliable and dependable 7 seater so it fits our family. Its tan and it also has a vhs player so you can watch movies

- Amber S

It is a great family ride if you do not do vans. Has enough room for whole family.

I love it because it has enough room for all my kids. It gets me where I need to go. I have had it for a few years now and it is been great.

- Tamara M

My vehicle is a SUV (sports utility vehicle) very spacious.

My Chevy Tahoe can fit a total of 9 people it handles great rides great and when towing it is just amazing I have absolutely no complaints.

- Kale J

Great vehicle for a family. The third row is not the best for a lot of legroom for adults but kids work great

I love the space but will not get another vehicle with Auto Ride and when it goes out everything starts to fail with the brakes and wheels

- Amy K

Love the third row seats and it's really comfy

Tv/dvd player works sometimes it's really sensitive to the DVD's and it wears a lot of gas during the summer when u have to have the ac on

- Jason G

It is a comfortable ride and looks good!.

Love all the room and love having a 4 wheel drive vehicle. Handles great in the snow. Great family vehicle. Do not have any complaints.

- Joanne H

It has 4WD and is very reliable.

I love my Tahoe. The seats go up and down to make me up higher since I am short. It drives great and it is very comfortable to drive.

- Heather A

That the car is dependable it is my second Tahoe ,and i love it.

Nothing is wrong with it, it runs perfectly fine. I use it to get back and forward to work i have it over 3 years with no problems.

- Stacy S

Its spacious and perfect for us.

Everything works, it's comfy and very spacious. Perfect family car and work car. Bit of a gas guzzler but it gets us from A to B

- Amanda P

My truck is reliable and fast.

It's a great running truck. It's good on gas. Its big. The trick has been everywhere without breaking down. Its had one problem.

- Shawn J

It's the car for the whole family

I like the vehicle because it fits the whole family and has a lot of space. I don't like that engine runs into so many problems

- Gabriel D

It is reliable and maintenance is cheap. Which makes it one of the most ideal cars to drive.

Its big and comfortable and is a very reliable car. I also find maintenance to be affordable. The best car i have ever had.

- Renee M

It rides real smooth the tags are almost do.

It runs good a beautiful truck text me the good places you have such good tires and it still in good condition it runs great.

- Jesus G

Great, reliable family vehicle. High miles and still running strong.

It has been a great vehicle. 130 thousand miles and have had only minor repairs to make including fuel pump and water pump.

- Ashley K

It is great to drive and fun.

I like the size and the comfort. I like that I have no car payment. I dislike the rust, and the miles, and how old it is.

- Alice M

Sometimes the lights don't turn on.

Holds a lot of people. Not very good gas mileage. Have a lot of good memories with it. The seats are very comfortable.

- Luke F

Its an older vehicle and it has 258264 miles on it.

I have a 02 Tahoe excellent condition, just needs a couple of tires and a alignment done on it, and you're good to go.

- Misty P

Reliability! It is also paid in full, we do not have a loan for it.

It is extremely reliable. It is cheap and easy to fix. However, it is old and does not have a lot of stowage capacity.

- Brittany F

Reliable, affordable, good on gas.

Good truck. Comfortable, roomie, reliability, short in the wiring, and good on gas. 4WD is awesome. Really durable.

- Angela G

Gm needs to fix there paint issues.

5. 3 ls motors all have a rear main oil leak. Horse power is there just got to keep oil in the thing. Very roomy.

- Clint R

It waste a lot of gasoline.

It waste a lot of gasoline because it is a v 8 engine. It is good for traveling because it seats a lot of people.

- Jacqueline Q

It's very easy to take care of.

It has great acceleration. Also, it has comfortable seating and it's very easy maintenance. No complaints here.

- Samantha t

Very reliable and dependable with minimal issues.

Very reliable. Has not had any major problems. Only minor mechanical issues such as air conditioner and brakes.

- Jacqueline H

It has great gas mileage.

I like that it has a lot of room but I dislike that it has 260,000 miles and is going to give out here shortly.

- Scott R

It has 300000 miles and is paid off.

Large and roomy. Decent gas mileage for large vehicle. The best thing is that it has been paid of for 12 years.

- Doug w

It has surround sound which is great for family trips.

I love the three seating rows. And I adore the stereo. I have a small problem with the size of the back seat.

- Lay-la B

Just another American vehicle.

Flex fuel contradiction. 11-17 miles per gallon. Poor autoride system. Overrated on star and other amenities.

- Austin W

It's a good family car. They are nice and tall off the ground too

I really like my truck. It makes moving and traveling really easy. It's great to load the whole family into.

- Jessie L

it is very reliable. It's been there with me from highschool to college and on.

i love all the space. I also haven't had any trouble with the vehicle. it was great and knew when i got it.

- amanda j

Not only does my car seat 9 but it seats them comfortably. With room to spare

I like how my car seats 9 passengers. I like that it is a comfortable and safe I wish it was a little newer

- Jennifer T

It is tough and sturdy and holds a lot of people.

Its older so more stuff needs to be fixed and replaced frequently, lot of miles and uses a lot of gas.

- Destiny S

My car is very reliable and it is a very good car for the winter time.

I like that it is 4 wheel drive. I don't really like how it handles. I do like the size of it though.

- Hannah B

Easy to drive, very roomy.

Easy to drive, can see out clearly, very roomy. Very good on gas can drive a long way on a full tank.

- Joan M

It is dependable and easy to drive.

I like that it seats 8 comfortably. I wish that it had more trunk space for groceries and luggage.

- Melissa R

It makes me happy. It is reliable. In very good shape for the year.

Very low mileage for it's age. Able to pull a camper. Only thing I dislike is the gas mileage.

- Adrienne K

It is mine. I like how it handles in the snow and bad weather.

It is easy to drive and has comfortable cloth seats. I also like how it handles in the snow.

- Tammy K

it's a gas guzzler, buyer beware but has a lot of room and cargo space

it uses a lot of gas and has transmission issues, but it's big enough for our family of six

- Michele M

Reliable. Very few things have needed repair in 15 years.

It's Reliable and able to tow a small trailer. as far as dislike, the gas mileage is poor.

- suzanne p

It's a family truck that will safeguard during an accident.

I like that is a big strong truck. I like that it is luxurious. I like that it is mine.

- Daniel G

There is copious amounts of storage space.

I love everything about this car. My only wish is that it got better gas mileage.

- Kyle W

It is a truck not a van or car. So it drives like a truck.

I love the size and durability of my vehicle. I dislike the lack of cargo room.

- Jenn L

My truck works fine and safe to ride . Truck never been in a accident

The radio isn't working. The door is missing a part . Like that it has space.

- Nayeli R

I love how it drives. Chevy is a great vehicle to buy and the Tahoe looks nice. I have how it uses so much gas.

The Chevy Tahoe uses a lot of gas. If you keep it on full it's not as bad.

- Cristina Y

Need to keep up with the oil changes

Has a lot of room and tough.The parts for the SUV match several truck.

- Marin S

This vehicle is wonderful for traveling long distances for comfort!

I love the space, comfort, smoothness. I dislike electrical issues.

- Michelle M

The AC still blows cold and that the maintenance on the vehicle is pretty simple.

Don't have any complaints. Just wish that gas was cheaper.

- Kevin L

it has lots of room for you and your family. It can haul campers, trailers and all you need.

i love it. best thing i bought. my husband loves it to.

- brenda b

It has Its problems but It's dependable and good on gas.

It has a lot of miles on it. Wish it was a newer model.

- zoalton m

The truck is extremely reliable. It has well over 215,000 miles but with routine maintenance, I believe it can go another 100000

The reliability and comfort are the most important.

- Josh T

Reliability and tremendous space

Terrific space and trunk room and has been reliable

- Jay H