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The Chevrolet Tahoe has got them all beat!

The 2018 Chevy Tahoe that I drive is by far my favorite vehicle I have every owned. I come from a Ford loving family and this would be the first time owning a Chevrolet. I purchased the Texas edition which has a fair amount of chrome trim. Exterior color is gray. I have not experienced any problems with this car due to manufacturing issues, however I did have an auto accident within 6 months after purchasing the vehicle. I now have a few issues with the driver door. Sometimes I have a blind spot if looking over top of my hood to the right at an intersection if stopped on a hill. The cars performance has been exceptional as well as its reliability. It is by far one of the most comfortable cars I have ever drove/rode in. Features are wonderful as it includes my back up camera on screen, heated leather seats, power sunroof, DVD/CD player. I love the size of the console as well as the added storage to the side of the console. One feature I would change would be to add more cup holders in the front. I also miss having luggage space in the back it is very minimal unless you can set the back seats down. The Tahoe does not seem to be the best choice if your considering gas mileage. But for the great ride it provides it is worth it to me. I have a family of 5 with three smaller children and is a perfect fit for us. I think I would have a tough time going to any other car at this point.

- Emilie H

2018 Chevy Tahoe lots of feature you can turn on or off.

I've had 3 Tahoe's now and I love this one. The new features for me are wireless phone charger which I really like. Another new feature is the speedometer on the windshield. I didn't like this feature. It was very distracting while driving. I had it turned off. I am happy there was that option. It also has a DVD play heated and cooled seats. Heated steering wheel. Amazing in the winter months. Cruise control and sensors when you are close to another vehicle. There are also sensors for when you are going off-road or in other lane. These sensors vibrate your seat. I personally do not care for the sensors when your changing lanes etc. so I turned those off as well. I am really like that you can have the option to turn on and off all the features. I over all love my vehicle its very reliable I've never had a problem with any of my Tahoe's. There is about a 25 gallon tank and I can get anywhere from 18 to 25 mph.

- Stephanie G

Dependable family car with lots of cargo room.

This is the best driving vehicle that I have ever owned. It is dependable and drives so smooth. It is the perfect car for a family. We have two small children and one more on the way. I have no doubts that it will comfortably fit three car seats/booster seats across the middle row. It has great storage room in the back although it is a bit sloped unlike previous body styles. They do include a cargo net to prevent cargo from falling out when opening the hatch though. It is the base model so it lacks some features that I like (electric tailgate, push button start, keyless entry button) but it is worth it for the price. While we typically don't keep our cars very long before trading in for newer models, it will be hard to sell this particular car.

- Erin B

Awesome to travel in. Great accessories. And beautiful vehicle.

Tahoe premiere was so comfortable to travel in recently. Went on vacation with 4 adults and one dog. There was so much room. The seats were so awesome with the cooling and warming feature. The separate air controls for the front and back were great. The ride was so smooth. The amount of USB ports was great. And the charger in console that you just lay your phone on was great. There was a regular outlet in the back that I used to charge my laptop. Anything you can think of the Tahoe premiere has. Great vehicle. I give it a big thumbs up. Recommend it to families and anyone who needs room and lots of extras.

- Sonya D

Comfortable, reliable, beautiful, luxurious.

The 2018 Chevy Tahoe is absolutely amazing. From the outside looks to the interior. It has many safety features. A couple of my favorite are the automatic braking if I get too close to another vehicle. Another is a the feature if I swerve it pulls me back on to the road. Everything in the vehicle is electric. I can push a button and the seats fold or open by themselves. Even the truck closes by itself. When driving it I feel completely safe driving my infant son. It is also a luxurious vehicle. From the heated steering wheel to the heated seats. Everything in this truck is just amazing.

- Bren G

Spacious and comfortable!

My car is very spacious and comfortable. It is also very easy to drive considering the size. The television makes long trips with the children a breeze. Having navigation is nice whenever we travel in an area we are unfamiliar with. The safety features and warning features make driving much less stressful. The rear backup camera is very clear in comparison to previous vehicles I have owned. It is great having a sunroof for a little fresh air without getting bombarded with wind. It has given us no mechanical difficulties at this point.

- Molly F

Ravishingly reliable cool classy parent vehicle.

My Tahoe is everything I wanted in a vehicle. First of all it feels solid. A solid whole machine. I especially like when it's windy, it will not feel like it's fighting the wind. Smooth drive always. It's not a huge suburban feeling. More class act yet ravishingly reliable. The interior is a soft caramel color and when I say soft everything is. Seats, steering wheel, buttons and gear shifts. Great comfortable long distance vehicle with more than enough room 7-8 people.

- Cece G

2018 Chevrolet Tahoe review.

Firstly I It's a beautiful car. Love the amount of cargo space it has. Three rows seats. I have noticed the brake pedal is a little too firm for my liking. It's extremely spacious. I like the remote start feature. I absolutely love the deck and radio system. I love the touch screen and an amazing audio system. I'm not crazy about the cloth seats. Also it's a gas guzzler, I think that's to be expected from a Tahoe though. Overall it's a great truck I love it.

- Stefanie M

Spacious, comfortable, efficient!

The Tahoe is very spacious and efficient. The seats are very comfortable. I love the capability for the back seats to fold down easily. I have use these feature just about everyday. I have a two year old American Staffordshire. She is able to jump in and out easily. I am able to do my seasonal landscaping run in one trip (plants, flowers, mulch, dirt, etc.). I am not a vain person definitely SUV buyer. The gas efficiency is reasonable for my purpose.

- Desi W

I got me a mom car with some get up, I absolutely love it!

I love my Tahoe. I got the bigger motor and it has so much power and get up. I love the color of the seats, they are the brown. I do wish that they offered more at a sporty seat. I would really liked to have had a white or red accent on the seats, not necessarily with the brown. There used to be a striped seat that was awesome. I love the package that came with my Tahoe, all the black details make it really stand out!

- Ann B

Great family car with a ton of room for everyday needs.

I love my vehicle. It is big enough for our family. We upgraded from a Subaru Forester because of the size. We have two toddlers so the captains seats are a must. I love that I can leave the back seat down to create a ton of room on the very back for everything. I also love the cargo catch net in the back to prevent items from falling out. The air conditioning in the back works amazing for my kids.

- Megan G

Great car, gas guzzler tho.

The suspension is not as resilient as I wish it were. Otherwise, this vehicle satisfies all of our needs. Everything- and everyone- will fit, for any trip, anywhere. We truly enjoy and love our GAS GUZZLER. This is one serious downside to my car. It seriously drains on our resources; both for gas and for the price of maintenance and regular servicing. Other cars seem less troublesome.

- Claudia T

It is a great family vehicle.

I love the space and how comfortable it is, my son can have his car seat and I still have a nice space on the side to travel in back with him. I would like for the third row seat to be easier to reach. The technology is also great, being able to see how many miles I have left when the gas is low has saved me several times. Overall it is a great vehicle.

- Lorena V

Great truck for large family ...But!

Very horrible on gas, but it is very comfortable for me and 3 kids. Also rides very nicely! Sound system sounds good. I do have problems with the USB cord connecting at times.I thought at first it was the USB cord but after changing it several times I am going to have to take it in to be looked at. Also oil changes are much more expensive in the Tahoe.

- Kayla L

Satin Steel beauty. Sharp and sporty!

I love my Tahoe! It's the Perfect size for our family of five, and a comfortable ride for the amount of traveling we do. The ride is smooth, the interior is beautiful, and the technology is nice. I love all of the extra compartments and the upgraded floor mats for an easy clean. I have the Satin Steel color and it's so beautiful, unique, and sleek!

- Morgan P

I did not realize when we purchased the car that the third row seating is pretty tight. I bought the car for the reason it had 8 seats as we have 8 family members. We have children ages 1,2,5,8,13,17 So It is difficult for the older 2 to sit back there. Also I knew it was limited with the trunk space but sometimes I wish there was a little bit more storage when we are all together going a long distance. (maybe under seat storage?) I also like all the safety features they have been helpful while driving..ex: blind side, rain sensors, auto brights at night, and when the seat vibrates when you're too close to something (not sure what its called) also the rear camera is the best one I've seen in a car and I honestly think the best thing is the rear seat reminder when you turn the car off. that has actually come in handy to me one time when I completely forgot I had my 1 year old with me as he was sleeping when I stopped the car.

definitely the rear seat reminder. I tell everyone about that. I think that should be a feature in every car (not sure if it is now a days) also really like the sensors on the car telling me how close I am to things and how it lights up with yellow and red based on where I am next to something..that has been super helpful when in tight spaces.

- Sierra B

Our Tahoe is a slick Graphite Gray that makes the vehicle appear feminine.

The Chevy Tahoe is an excellent family vehicle. We love that it has enough room to travel with our 2 children as well as our lab. It is roomy and the drop down DVD player makes road trips easier. The back up cameras are clear and precise. I am 5'3 and the seat is able to adjust up making me comfortable to drive

- Ashley Z

Love the Tahoe, lots of space inside for passengers and lots of features

Tahoe easily fits my three kids with plenty of passenger room. There is not much cargo space. I like the cooling seats, easy phone charger, captain seats in the middle, DVD player and overall look of the vehicle. The also like the heated steering wheel and backup camera with alerts if anything is around me.

- Christina T

I love the automatic fold down seats and the hands free gate lift.

My Chevy Tahoe is amazing. A lot of room in the cab. It is reliable and has all the comforts. Gray in the snow. It has a lot more f safety features. My kids love the DVD player and the ability to listen to their own music with the wireless speakers provided. Only complaint it is not great on gas mileage.

- Jennifer D

Great truck for families that need room and storage.

I love the Tahoe. It has a lot of room for my family. Drives smooth. Great for the winters and in the snow. The dash is well lit and easy to navigate. The third row is a great feature with a lot of room for storage. Having the heat and air controls for the back seat is very convenient for my kids.

- A S

Stylish and very comfortable

I have not had any issues or complaints after purchasing my Chevy Tahoe. Having the extra room for children and all the storage room in the bag is one of my favorite things about my car. It's very stylish and comfortable for the whole family. My husband is a very tall guy and he has plenty of legroom

- Bob M

It is a perfect family car. A lot of people can ride very comfortably

I have not encountered any problems with this vehicle so far. Everyone in my family loves it and it is a very family friendly car. It is very spacious and can fit 8 people so it's perfect for a big family. The TV in the back is great for long car rides and the Bluetooth headphone come in very handy.

- Elizabeth G

The Tahoe is the best vehicle we have owned. We love the blu ray player. We also love that there is a secret box with a password protection to store your phone or wallet.

The Tahoe is exactly what we wanted. We have three rows and 8 seats which comfortably fits our family of 7. We love the entertainment system it provides. The comfort and room of the vehicle is wonderful. The suspension is awesome and makes the ride very smooth. We are very happy with our purchase.

- Alisha J

The heated steering wheel is my favorite feature.

I love my 2018 Chevrolet Tahoe. It if fully loaded. I enjoy very much the heated seats and heated steering wheel. There are many hands free commands. I use my Bluetooth voice capabilities to answer phone calls so I can answer calls without ever taking my hands off the wheels or eyes off the road.

- Kimberly H

Tahoe has awesome Safety Features

Along with being very roomy, this car has wonderful safety features. It warns you if you are going into another lane, if you are getting too close to the car in front of you, and also gives you a warning to check your back seat In case you may be leaving some very important cargo back there.

- Lindsey W

My vehicle came with the “blackout” package and it looks great.

My vehicle is almost brand new. It handles well, especially for its size, it is also great on gas, and there has been no problems whatsoever. It is fun to drive and gets a lot of attention from onlookers. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone who is the outdoors type or that has children.

- Rae T

Reliable and family friendly vehicle.

Tahoe is very reliable. Fits my family of 6. Very comfy and has lots of room. Not crowded at all. Drives amazingly and never had an issue. Although it takes some gas, it drives and is reliable. Is a great asset whenever we have a trip or family outing. Fits all our essentials and equipment

- Kim G

The perks of a Chevy Tahoe

My chevy tahoe is very comfortable and has many nice features. It bluetooth connects to my phone which makes hands free calling really nice and helpful. It also has a nice back up camera and sensors on the side of the car. It also displays the speed limit and current speed on the dash.

- Kaitlan W

The Best All Around Family Car- Look No Further

I love my Chevy Tahoe. It seats 8. I can tow up to 7500 lbs, which is perfect for a boat or a small travel trailer. It's comfortable, whether we are running down the street or going on a long road trip. I usually buy a new car every two years, but I have no plans on getting rid of it!

- Krystal B

Great storage space and better than normal handling.

I own a 2002 Honda civic and love the reliability of it and the reputation of a Honda. I have a company car that is a 2018 Chevy Tahoe, I work in law enforcement and enjoy the room in the cab and also the storage in the rear for all my equipment. It also handles better than expected,

- Jason M

Great vehicle. No issues. 3rd row seating with easy access to the rear.

No issues. It is the best car that I have owned. It had 3rd row seating. Fully loaded. It fits all 3 of my kids very comfortably. I have been so happy since we've purchased this vehicle. It is black in color has leather seating and great ac. The radio is great also. No issues at all.

- Tiffany T

Big engine beast, with a growl, but lack of thrust.

Interior at parts seems cheap and rides pretty well but not perfect. For 422 horsepower it seems laggy. Looks sharp but the paint quality could be much better. Seats are comfortable and good for hauling. But with the vinyl it is easy to damage interior with scratch or indentation.

- Andrew K

My Tahoe the best decision I made last year.

It pretty much brand new so I have not had any issues. It is a great truck. Would not trade it for another one. Great experience so far with my Chevrolet Tahoe. It rides great and has great features included in the vehicle. It is a tremendous value for what you are looking for.

- Mark J

Honest Truth of 2018 Tahoe

I absolutely love the safety features of the 2018 Tahoe. Some downfalls are of course gas mileage. I regret getting the captain style center row. In my opinion a waste of space. When buying that expensive of a car I regret not getting the best of the best. Get all the upgrades

- Ally C

Happy customer- have driven all types of vehicles before

I have had no issues with the car. The only Maintenance I have had to do is get a crack in the window replaced. It is a really smooth ride and I enjoy it. I wish it had leather and a sunroof but those are both things that I can live without. All in all I would highly recommend

- Andrew V

Family Flexibility in a full size SUV!

My Chevy Tahoe is the best vehicle purchase I have made. The spacious capacity, flexible seating arrangements and smooth ride provides our whole family with the comfort and performance we need. My Tahoe allows for options to be used or turned off as is desired by the driver.

- Stephanie B

I love my new Chevy Tahoe.

I love my new Tahoe. It is reliable and comfortable. It gets better gas mileage than you think & it is the perfect size for weekend getaways. It drives better than the suburban in my opinion. Anyone considering a SUV should definitely go and test drive one.

- Chris W

Best SUV that we have owned!!

This is the best car I have owned. I have owned SUVs from Mercedes to Jeep. It is spacious, has a smooth ride, commands the road as well as feels incredibly solid and safe. I do not think we will ever not get a Chevrolet Tahoe now. It is a wonderful vehicle

- Erin R

Great SUV and good on gas

No problems. Love it! Reliable! Safe! Roomy Wouldn't get in other vehicle. Next vehicle will be the same. I want all the bells and whistles! Leather, back up camera and blinker on rear view mirrors. Want more safety features. Great on gas also. Get you one

- Ananda G

Black color of car very good in any weather

I didn't find any problems with my car because I use it less than 1 year. But than upper dash cracked at airbag on passenger side. Center of dash now bounces from weight of center speaker. I prefer to get this car in black color and I don't regret that.

- Anton A

Love the Tahoe especially the second time around!

There are no problems with my Tahoe. This is the 2nd one I have owned. They are dependable, reliable, and very comfortable. The car has 3rd row seating and can accommodate 8 people comfortably. We have had 6 adults and 3 kids in the Tahoe many times.

- Elizabeth O

It is a fantastic smooth and quiet ride!

It ride very smooth and quiet. It has all updated features as far as wifi and navigation system. It uses minimal amount of gas for an eight cylinder. It know when to use four cylinders instead of eight. No complaints or dislikes with this vehicle.

- Holly D

This vehicle is just the right size for a family of four.

I love the Tahoe. It has a smooth ride. It fits my family and can carry gear with comfort. It will get out of it's own way. Not too bad on fuel, but if you get into the gas, it will not be as efficient as if you were to not get into it.

- Kena K

It's a great car for anyone. From single drivers to full families there is room for everyone!

I love the size of the Tahoe and how many people plus luggage it can accommodate. The gas mileage for Its size is great. It switches from a V8 to a V4 depending on the driving conditions which is very convenient. Very smooth ride as well!

- Lindsay S

Satisfying in all aspects

I've owned for 6 months. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles but the next one I buy will!! I love the room, comfort of seats, WiFi capability, hands free talk and text, backup camera, parking sensors, etc.

- Nan W

It is a really great riding vehicle.

Great ride, comfortable front seats, great exterior look. The driver 1 & 2 seat setting buttons are a bit low on the drivers door. Must use cargo net at all times so items do not fall out of trunk when opening.

- Michelle S

It's plenty spacious for 2 adults and 2 kids.

I love the size of my vehicle. I have two kids and their car seats for very well and we all have plenty of room. It drives very nice. It has all the features I need. No complaints so far.

- Kathryn F

Amazing vehicle, what a smooth ride!

I love my SUV. It is very roomy and rides really well. It is great with kids and car seats. We can even gets more people in the third row with the car seats installed. Amazing vehicle!

- Laura B

Fit all three kids' car seats in middle row.

I love that all three of our kids' car seats fit in the middle row and that it is a new and safe vehicle for my family. I do not always love the size but am still getting used to it.

- Rachel S

It's a smooth, reliable vehicle with many safety features to keep you and your family safe.

I love the space and comfort in my Tahoe. It's a Z71 with an entertainment and sunroof package. The only thing I dislike is that I wish it were white with bigger beefy tires.

- Heather H

The Chevy Tahoe is luxurious, comfortable and wonderful for traveling!

I feel safe in my Chevy Tahoe. It is a smooth ride - perfect for long trips and wonderful storage when I go shopping. It is a nice looking vehicle - and very comfortable.

- pam a

Adaptive cruise control. It adapts speed when it senses a car is close to you.

I love the features as far as technology, and comfort. The ride is incredibly smooth, and you do not feel nor hear the road. I do not have dislikes about my vehicle.

- Taylor G

The fuel economy is almost 20 mpg and it handles like a sedan.

I enjoy the size of the vehicle. Fits 6 adults comfortably. The fuel economy is reasonable for a full size SUV. The tech features are great.

- Wayne D

A little too large for most people to park.

Love the space, speed and functionality. The cost of gas is a downside but other than that I have no issues. Second one that I have leased.

- Brandy N

I like the Onstar system if my car was to be stolen they can located.

I love my Tahoe it's very comfortable to drive. Seat are comfortable as well. The perfect room space only problem not a lot of truck space.

- Elizabeth E

Great fold flat third row seats.

I love my tahoe. It is very comfortable and has plenty of room. It is the 5th tahoe I have owned. I wouldn't have any other vehicle.

- Stephanies C

Chevy Tahoe is a wonderful SUV.

I really like my new Tahoe. It is extremely comfortable & drives very well. It is also sharp looking and has a great interior as well.

- Christopher W

Very Dependable family vehicle

My Chevrolet Tahoe is a very dependable vehicle. It is a vehicle that meets all my family needs. It is very roomy and comfortable.

- Tammy D

Cadillac of SUVs. The four wheel drive >s the best.

Love the room, love the four wheel drive. It drives so smooth. It is a Cadillac among SUV. Love the way it handles the snow.

- Jim L

Great family vehicle. Had lots of room.

Love that it has a lot of space, easy to drive and I feel safe in it. Dislike that cost monthly of gas and the lease.

- Brandy N

2018 Chevrolet Tahoe - great vehicle

No issues this far, very comfortable ride, love the space, drives great, great vehicle overall and love the features

- Jen G

Tahoe features that I like very much.

Great features. Really good back up camera. Lights change at night to help you see, they turn low when passing cars.

- Rachel H

It's a really great family Large size suv great on fuel mileage for traveling

Best one I have owned great for family road trips comfort is 100 percent toweling capacity is good I love my suv

- Maria H

I don't like it. I wouldn't suggest buying a Chevrolet Tahoe.

I like Chevy. I don't like the seats they are uncomfortable. The vehicle is very touchy and I don't like that.

- Keisha W

Tahoe is very family friendly.

My Tahoe is reliable and an extremely comfortable ride. This is my second Tahoe, they never disappoint.

- Michele S

There is a Secret storage compartment behind radio

No complaints at all. Love all the space. Love the 3rd row. Love the secret storage behind radio

- Amanda W

It has many safety features

Safest car I've ever had Better on gas than previous truck Many convenient features

- Ray P

The Tahoe is a fantastic car for family road trip, is great on mileage, and had awesome features like Carplay for Apple devices.

The Tahoe has a feature which allows the car to switch mileage to save gas.

- Abigail G

I love the safety features my Tahoe has. It is also very spacious which is great when my whole family is going somewhere.

It has amazing safety features and a great entertainment package

- Vickie H







It gets better gas mileage than you would think. Better than my 2017 Acura MDX got.

I love everything about this Tahoe. No complaints!!!

- Amber D

my vehicle is a very good car has a good air system

my vehicle is a very good car has a good air system

- m u