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An old luxury ride for a college kid.

The car has been extremely reliable over the years of me traveling for school. I have put over 60, 000 miles on it over a year and a half with almost no problems during that time. It is comfortable to ride in for lengths at least up to six hours and the features including leather seats, digital climate control, and moonroof are reliable and very nice. The trunk is also very spacious and allows room for my golf bag and snowboarding equipment when the seasons overlap along with other odds and ends. The only problems that have come up thus far are problems that may occur with any car such as needing a new alternator and battery and wheel bearings.

- Chris B

Chrysler 300m, so far I love it!

I've had this car for over a year or so now and I love it! When I got it was kind of a hand me down and some issues occurred for the first owner but I'm not sure if it was negligence on their part or not. The heated seats burnt out so they do not work for me anymore. The sunroof is also not working but the reliability of the car is what I enjoy most. It runs smooth and my favorite part is the a/c gets nice and cold! The heater works fabulous as well.

- Tiffany M

Comfortable, reliable and durable.

This vehicle has been excellent in every way since we purchased it in 2000. We have not had any major repairs and it is a very easy ride. The one issue that has not been resolved is the clock on the dashboard stopped working. The hydraulics on the hood and trunk had to be replaced with in last year. Otherwise is been a great vehicle

- Judy J

I haven't had to spend a lot of money on my vehicle and she is 18 years old.

This car is in really good shape. It has over 250, 000 miles on it and has not had any problems with the engine or transmission. I use synthetic oil and have it changed regularly. My youngest son is a certified mechanic so he checks my car and keeps it in top shape. I love my car and it has given me many years of good service.

- Jackie P

Chrysler 300 m the way to go.

It is a good reliable car has not given no problems very spacious and roomy smooth ride heated front driver and passenger seats air condition vent in back seat by your feet very big trunk space air conditioner and heater works great. Has lasted a very long time with no problems it has a 5 disc changer installed.

- Yvonne C

Couldn't ask for a better car.

I bought the car about five years ago. It's never had problems. It runs like a beast. Everything inside of the car is digital. It has a sunroof. It has leather seating. The inside is very spacious. Also has a lot of trunk space. It's very good on gas, I currently get an average of 50 miles a gallon.

- Christina R

Cd player, and heated seats.

Electrical issues, transmission failure, the battery is in a bad location, leather seats; easy to clean spills, sits low, heated seats driver and passenger seats, changing the trunk light could be challenging due to the padding needed to be taken off before changing, front defrost is not efficient,

- Kim R

Front ends for Chrysler 300m not good.

It is a nice car besides front ends are always going wrong with them besides that they are nice dependable cars have not broke down once due to failure to mechanical problems only flat tire. It rides nice and gets me from point A to point B I would recommend my type of car but newer year.

- Michael B

This car is great for families.

This car is great. It has a very large engine and great pick up. I went from driving an SUV to this so it's much better on gas. Has a lot of trunk space and is very spacious on the inside the space is great considering I have two kids. Treat this car right and it will last a long time.

- Alyssa O

The Chrysler 300m is a wonderful family car.

I have always loved the Chrysler 300m and I have always wanted one. When I finally do get one I realize how large it is and for me I am uncomfortable driving it. Other then the size of the Chrysler 300m the car is amazing and I feel extremely safe while my children are in it.

- Joni S

Chrysler 300m good cars, but has some minor issues.

It's a good family around town car. Not good on long Tripoli. Very spacious. Good car to have but it is not just for me. . It has a sunroof and good system built in a map but radio does not work well has heated seats. Good on gas. Has good tires. And paint job is good.

- Haley V

My car is 18 years old and still runs like its brand new.

The Chrysler 300m is a wonderful car, never had any major problems but it is just a little to large for me. My husband loves the car and usually drives it more then me. It has reliable safety features that make us feel more comfortable when our children are with us.

- Joni S

What you should know about my Chrysler is that it guzzles gasoline.

I do not like the Chrysler because the ride is rough. The interior has started to fall apart after a while. The window tint is peeling. Another problem is the steering wheel, it starts to peel after use.

- Antonio A

It has a ton of space and it is a comfy ride.

My vehicle is very reliable it gets me where I need to be. My vehicle runs good as long as maintained stays current. My vehicle is so beautiful and compliments me well.

- Tracy J

It is one of the safest cars on the road.

I dislike it because it is not my real car. My real car was not listed but when I tried to select that option, it would not let me advance.

- Brooke K

It is an all-out good family car.

I love my car. It is very spacious. Good on gas, and likes long trips. The features in it are okay, all except the radio.

- Haley V

Chrysler 300 very great car get you one.

Really good car no problem drives smooth no mechanical issues would recommend this vehicle or any model that's Chrysler.

- Yvonne C