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The olden but golden grandma-mobile

Pros: Comfortable, roomy, lots of space, leather interior, reliable, lasts a long time, huge trunk, pull down back seats for trunk access. Cons: Very wide, takes semi-wide corners, front right tire has issues with a bolt staying on tight, slow leak in one tire, sometimes takes a while to turn over after frequent use throughout the day.

- Mitchell D

Inner Workings of a Pre Owned Chrysler

I am having problems with my transition cable at the moment, never had that problem before. It may be because of the amount of miles that I now have. I hear that Chrysler's do good up until a certain mile. Or, it may have been from all the debris and limbs left in the wake of Hurricane Florence. There was actually a branch under my car.

- Nesha D

very reliable and has great features

it is very reliable and makes it easy to get around the chairs are comfortable and it takes a good beating and still is running great it's got heated seats up front and has very cold a/c. I love having the sunroof to be able to open on a hot day it also has not only the radio and a CD player but also a tape player

- Elizabeth D

Gas guzzling, high maintenance

I bought it used from a couple who said it was in excellent condition. Within a few months, small things started breaking. Air conditioning quit working, tie rods broke, brakes needed replacing, tires needed replacing, oil pan needed replacing. Now the motor on the window broke, so need to replace that!

- Sara A

After 17 years, the car still drives like a champ.

The car is highly dependable, it feels safe when you drive it due to its sturdy and hefty build. It does great on both city streets and highways and achieves acceptable gas mileage. I take issue with its massive turn radius, and the accelerated rate at which it burns through brake pads.

- Michaela T

Pros & cons of an older Chrysler 300m.

Since I purchased this vehicle, the clock on the dash stopped working & now the ac isn't working. Thank goodness we're going into cooler weather. The heater does work. The driver window doesn't work consistently. I do love how big the trunk is & that 4 people can ride in it comfortably.

- Eugenia F

My Chrysler 300m is a Cadillac of Chryslers.

I really enjoy the car. I bought it used and it has its little problems like any used cars.However, the car seat warmers, horn and etc. I haven't figured out the fuses on yet. When the oil and transmission fluid is clean the motor runs wonderfully. It also gets great mpg.

- Terry B

Car review of 2001 300M.

My 2001 Chrysler 300M has been a reliable vehicle. Minor issues over the years however it runs great even at well over 178,000 miles. Only major repairs needed over the past 12 months has been gas filler neck, ball joints, brakes, rotors, and tires.

- Amanda N

This type of vehicle is a good family car and gets great mileage.

I love the space and the luxury of our vehicle. I also love the mpg it gets versus our last vehicle. The only thing I dislike about this vehicle is the fact the most Chryslers have transmission issues at about 150,000 miles.

- Christie M

It has heated leather seats that keep me warm in the winter.

The air conditioning is messing up now, but other than that, it is a solid machine. I have tried to take extra good care since it is older, and expect it to last a while.

- Mollie O

Luxury features for an older model.

Very comfortable. Runs well for age. Had engine replaced in the past five years. Requires some maintenance once every other month. Lots of cabin/trunk space.

- Emma S

01 300m car specs and vehicle details

Luxurious stock 250 hp, leather seats great cat. 4 door somewhat large car, large trunk space, infinity stereo system with amp factory installed.

- Regan K

The safety features and reliability.

I do not like the car because its like driving a bus. It's very nice and very comfortable inside but way to large. Nice family car.

- Joni S

Powertrain control module

The powertrain control module is throwing a code and to make my digital readout accurate for my mpg I have to reset the computer

- Tera C

The car has a lot of power and style.

I like the cars shape power size. Mileage design like.. I dislike the cars repairs needed, upkeep dislike.

- Sharon D

Its long. Its burns gas so that will be a lot of money spent. The handling is pretty great though.

It runs pretty good. It also rides well and has comfortable seats. THe car itself is kind of long.

- Mike H

It is difficult to start. you need to turn the battery on first and wait before turning it all the way

It leaks fluid and constantly needs to be jumped. Has good gas mileage

- Jesse K