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Great car for the everyday driver.

Good running car. Had 132,000 miles when I bought it five years ago. Gets decent gas mileage for a 6 cylinder vehicle. Interior is nice but nothing fancy. Seats five comfortably. Sound system is okay, but nothing to brag about. Lower profile car which is easy to get in and out of. Front seats are very spacious and comfortable. Was a recall on the fuel lines which I had to replace at my own expense (too late.) Not very strong going uphill but will get you up. Outside if the fuel line, I've only had to do standard maintenance. Now at 142,000 miles and still going strong.

- Justen M

Chrysler Concorde offers a safe and smooth ride.

I like my car overall, but do have a few complaints. I like how safe it is to drive, since it is so big. I like how good the air conditioner, radio, and everything works in it. I like that it handles very well for a large car. I do not like how low of mileage it gets (when I got it, I was getting around 24 mpg city and 27 mpg highway, now down to 19 mpg city and 22 mpg highway). I also don't like how hard it is to get to the battery.

- Michael p

2004 Chrysler Concorde unlimited fantastic purchase buy and try.

Well I've had some tie rod issues in the past but other than that haven't had to do much 2 it. . Oil changes tint done over. It's a great car dependable. Would recommend to anyone looking to buy a car. . . I love mine. . Love my sunroof. . Great stereo. Heated seats great air. . Very big and roomy 4 passengers. . Great on trips. . Everything works perfect so far I've had mine 4 about 4 years now. . . It's a great brand. . .

- Amy M

My car is very needy on maintenance and always has been. It is a sign that the engineering is poor on the vehicle.

Much of the mechanics are very hard to personally work on. For example, the battery is located underneath the wheel well, meaning just to change out a dead battery, I have to jack up the car, remove the front passenger tire, and remove the air filtration tubing. This is systemic of greater repeated issues I have had with the electrical system in general, replacing the alternator several times in the past.

- Jonathan P

Large car, not the best on gas, has gremlins.

The car is really large so it's nice for trips and shopping because I can fit a lot in the trunk but it uses a lot of gas so it's not so great as an everyday car for me because my commute is long so I use a lot of gas and have to fill up quite a bit. It also has "Chrysler gremlins" it's always doing crazy things that I can only explain by it being a Chrysler.

- Amy B

The Chrysler Concorde is an excellent trip-taking Family car. It has all the room you need for you trip-taking luggage and necessities. It has a lot of room for passengers to unwind and sleep if they need to. It is large enough to be comfortable.

I like that my vehicle is large, and safe, if I were to get into an accident. I like that the lights and air conditioner last a long time between having to buy Freon or new light bulbs. I like the extra room, especially in the backseat. I like the large trunk space. I do not like the lower mileage.

- Micheal P

It's dependable, with plenty of power! Gets up to speed quickly!

We used to have a car with bench seats, so the bucket seats are harder for my mom to get in and out. And the lights don't go on and off automatically. And there isn't a handle on the ceiling, inside the door. But it has power and a large gas tank, so it's great on trips. The trunk is huge!

- Janet A

It is an economic vehicle

very comfortable, robust and familiar vehicle. His spare parts are economical and easy to get in any store. It is an economic vehicle.

- Ryan B

Do not have nonessential day to go to eat food and eat it again I think I am going.

I do not care to respond about this because I like what I like so excited to this man I do not know what to say about my new cars ??.

- Antoinette M

It is a very very old car, might only be best for parts.

Very low performance. Breaks down a lot. I've spent a lot of money repairing it. Not comfortable at all anymore.

- Vivien M

To always make sure that you have oil and that you're seat belt is on

Good there isn't anything wrong with the car or anything i dislike about it at all

- Merl C

Have to remove a tire to change the battery

Gets decent gas mileage. Not too big or small. Has a big trunk

- Gusten H

Over all it is a very good car. Due to age and use we are having a hard time keeping it repaired. It's been one thing after another recently.

It's been a good car, but is falling apart due to age and use.

- Jessica J

I have been very surprised this is good on gas and is easy to maintain

Very reliable it has a smooth ride and a lot of room to move

- Sara H

Build to last, feels safe and has required little maintenance.

Few repairs; reliable, comfortable and worth the investment.

- Ruth P