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The huge Chrysler concorde.

I got this car used. For being an old car, it has been very reliable; it has taken me where I need to go (work, shopping, etc). When I bought it the wheel bearing needed changed. The wiring in the two passenger windows does not work anymore, so I cannot roll those windows down. Furthermore, the a/c and heater needed to be repaired. The windows initially would not defrost but I chalk that up to its age. There is minimal rust on the body. The car itself is giant; it is not the easiest to park as compared to smaller vehicles. Its size makes it difficult to back out of our small driveway, but definitely feel safe in the vehicle. Its size and shape makes it less prone to roll, so I consider it a good vehicle for new drivers.

- Cheyenne M

The Chrysler concorde: classy and roomy but needs better gas mileage.

The Chrysler concorde has been a very reliable vehicle, with no major issues. I have only had to have brakes replaced, tires replaced, and of course regular oil changes. Of course, the car is older so some things are not functioning properly due to wear and tear, such as the drivers side front window no longer functions. Also, the cigarette lighter port does not work either. The car is very classy and sleek looking. The only thing I really dislike about the Chrysler concorde is that the gas mileage is not very good, so I spend more on gasoline that I would like. However, the trade off is that the car is roomy so I can fit all three children in the backseat with no problem.

- Patricia O

It has a very nice body style designed to go through the wind

Has unique body style is big and four door the kind of car I like with plenty of rom inside comfortable seats that are straight so can set more people than these new little cars.Has plenty of legroom a nice looking dashboard cloth seats that are warm in summer not to cold in winter. It has nice radio and stereo system with cassette player and disc player a good cooling and heating system. It's a very good handling car driving and curving handling nice I really like it.

- Robert C

My Great Chrysler. The Greatest car you've never heard of

I absolutely love my 2000 Chrysler Concorde 2.7L 4-Door LX sedan. This car was left to me by my late father, and I would've loved this car just as much even if it didn't have the sentimental value that it possessed. With good tires and a tight front end, this car rides and is every bit as comfortable as a Cadillac. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a great used car.

- Justin E

It looks kind of like a shark, hahaha

There have been a lot of problems with the car. The emergency brake always falls, which can be dangerous while driving. The driver side window keeps falling out. The passenger side door lock makes a weird sound. However, this car is great. I have low mileage and it drives really well. I wish it was higher off the ground, so it kind of sucks in the summer. But it's good!

- Sabrina W

No rust runs great new tires motor is strong.

It's a good running, will take you anywhere, love to take it on trips, and I take to and from work, I go shopping and fishing too, it's good on gas and runs smooth, I got new tires for it too, it's a cool color too, you love to have this car for your collecting, wish I could list all the things I've done to it but we would be here all day.

- Michael L

Concorde review. The spacious inside is great of the car.

It is a spacious car, but the back could be made differently because of blind spots. It drives well though. Power windows and motorized rear view windows are nice as well. Miles to empty for gas is great as well. I would prefer the car to be a little bit higher off of the ground. Overall it is a good car.

- Courtney J

Chrysler concorde. Where luxury meets sport.

My car is fully loaded. Power seats, windows, everything. It is a luxury car but looks very sleek and sporty. It has a big v6 engine that is very responsive yet it is great on gas. It has a big trunk with plenty of room for cargo. The interior is leather and has plenty of space for my kids.

- Nicholas P

Just because it is a grandma car does not mean it is bad.

Was reliable for 6 years until the timing belt blew. Not terribly great on gas mileage but very large and good for learning how to drive. Very comfortable inside and easy to drive. The car sat seldomly used and drive very well for being as old as it is.

- Matt M

The Concorde: a boat that works.

The car is old and is only having issues that old cars would have. Unfortunately, the timing belt blew on it, in February and it lead to me having to get a whole new engine for the car.

- Matthew M

It is hard to want to put more money into it when its age works against it.

I do not like the low gas mileage it has. It eats up gas very quickly and its age also does not help when it comes to repairs. I do, however, like the storage and feel of the car.

- Anthony R

Super easy to do your own service maintenance on the car and save money.

This car gets extra gas mileage and is super comfortable to drive on long trip. Haven't had any complaints about the vehicle and it is performance.

- Kimberly M

Don't park to close in a parking lot because it's hard to get out of parking stalls.

Its too big sometimes. It has good storage. It's great to have 6 seats. It is too low to the ground to take on some mountain roads.

- Holly B

It can stop it self from colliding with other cars.

Large v-6 engine car with decent gas mileage and huge trunk for all of my stuff. I wish I could buy another brand new again.

- Thomas M

It's a good family car, and has a lot of space. Good car to have.

It could be higher than it is tends to scrub bottom at low points. The car rides well though. Back design could be better.

- Courtney W

It may look rough cosmetically but it gets around just fine.

It has over 200k on it. It's not the prettiest to look at but it gets us around. I do enjoy the roominess of the car.

- Jami A

It drives great. And tires last long.

I love everything about it. Drives awesome, has great gas and mph is great as well. Never have any problems with it.

- Monica P

It is getting older so it has more problems. costs more to maintain

Do not really dislike anything about the car. It is getting old

- Cheri O