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2005 convertible Chrysler crossfire.

I love the performance it will get up and go when you hit the gas, but this car was actually supposed to be more of a luxury car not driven much because I have replaced so many parts. One thing I didn't realize is the car uses Mercedes parts, which is expensive. The car use to be reliable, but now it is at the age when everything keeps breaking and I have to decide to fix or sell the car. The body is in excellent condition, but not the engine. I have the convertible top and it was nice in the beginning, but the window came unglued and that was expensive to fix and now the hydraulics do not work and I have no idea what that will cost. I do enjoy being on the Facebook crossfire forum because they help give you ideas to fix broken parts. Overall I love the car, just very expensive upkeep.

- Julie W

It takes curves great and is very sporty.

I have had my crossfire a year, it is been great, it is a roadster convertible not built for comfort, or long trips but I love it anyways. It has a Mercedes engine and is a 6 speed and fast. The oil change is very expensive though, it takes 8 quarts of oil which are about 11.00 to 12.00 a quart, my last oil change cost me 125.00.

- Gina S

Crossfire has been crossed fire.

It is pretty reliable, just does not have the preferred comfort and seating space that I was looking for in a car. I really like the colors they have to offer though! Also it is a nice medium sized car with nice features inside. Gas mileage is also decent and affordable.

- Hannah M

2005 Chrysler crossfire issues.

My back window came unglued and the paint has faded on the drivers side door and back bumper, there is nothing to indicate that the battery is low or not strong enough, a low battery affects the locks, convertible top, the spoiler and blinking lights on the panel.

- Rosetta B

I think that my vehicle is cool

I really really hate this vehicle because it does not do the job for me and it does not get me places and it has no gas.

- victor c

It has very low mileage just over 50K and has all original parts.

I love my 2 seater sports car which is a convertible. It is fun to drive. It is made by mercedes benz.

- cynthia b

It's fun to drive and gets great gas mileage. Love to put the top down and cruise on the highway

Love driving my car. It handles wonderfully. Not good for driving in snow or rain.

- Theresa W

It has been out of production since 2005, but still gets a lot of attention

I love my car, it has not ever given me any problems

- Linda G