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The station wagon with an attitude.

The 2005 Dodge magnum was my dream car the first time I saw it. My husband bought it new for me for mother's day. It has been a comfortable, economical, and reliable car. The paint has not held up well and there is a vibration that we experience inconsistently for the past 3 years. We have tried different things as suggested on forums and our mechanic has looked into it. No solution has been found. The module to the speedometer went out several years ago so I use my GPS to regulate my speed. Repair for the dash module is almost $1,000. The turn radius, style, comfort, and overall car functionality is what I like about it. And it has great acceleration.

- Tina T

For the love of my Dodge magnum.

My vehicle has a hemi that never disappoints. It has great get up and go. I have never had any major problems with my car. I have had problems with the shifter and the CD player but both were covered under my warranty. Just recently my dash got a small crack and my vent cover broke off. My car gets great gas mileage and is always fun to drive. I got it while my children still lived at home and now I drive my grandchildren around in it. I got the one with the rack on top and had them add the grill on the front.

- Nancy M

Still performs quite well in handling, braking, steering, and drive mechanics.

Like with most Dodge/Chrysler cars, I know that the transmission is going to go out and big time since it is over 10 years old. It is just a matter of time. On the bright side, my ex rear-ended someone in my car and it still runs quite well since I couldn't get it repaired. (my ex lied about having insurance, so I let him drive it, thinking he had insurance. ) The motor is amazing and still roars when I put my foot down. Only needs oil changes on time to keep on ticking.

- Heather M

Living life with my dodge magnum

I love my dodge magnum it has been a great car for me & my family. Going grocery shopping is a easy with the Lay down back seat. The car performance is a blast the slap stick gear helps burn the rubber but the gas mileage is great long road trips or the best not to heavy on the pockets. If I can buy another one it will have to be the magnum not to many were made. If you can get a magnum get it if it has the hemi.

- Dwight J

My Dodge magnum se is reliable but certain features could be improved.

My Dodge magnum has been reliable, it is a 2005 se. It is spacious in both the front and back. It also has a spacious cargo area. The car however has accessories that are of poor quality (plastic) in the interior. The shifter has also began to fail, getting stuck and unable to put in drive on the first try. The coolant vent housing air breather water outlet is also made of plastic & constantly needs to be replaced.

- Elizabeth O

The vehicle has lots of space. Great for tall drivers.

I love the design of the car; it is very aesthetically pleasing and it is a comfortable car to ride in. It has proven to be fairly reliable although I do not like the air conditioning system which I have had many problems with. The gas mileage is not very good and I would rather have a more economical car, but overall I like the Dodge Magnum - it is a car with character.

- Rowena H

No blind spots make for driving the kids & going to store a better experience.

It is a nice roomy vehicle. I love the hatchback and the trunk space to store groceries when I go grocery shopping. The only issues I have had is the hack drivers side door lock sticking rendering the door useless, sway bar broke, and turn signal switch is broken. Which renders the turn signal and windshield washers do not work either.

- Lori S

Reliable, family vehicle you can rely on.

This vehicles is very roomy and practical for someone with kids and large family. I am able to get my kids in comfortably and all our belongings. This vehicle needs regular maintenance. As long as it is being maintained and small problems caught quickly they can be easily fixed. All in all I would definitely make this purchase again.

- Mckenzie M

It is a safe and roomy vehicle. It drives great in snow.

I love the all wheel drive. The problems that I have experienced are transmission problems and I also have a short in the wiring so the lights flicker headlights, dash and dome. Other that I have really enjoyed this car! And if you live where there is a lot of wet weather the all wheel drive is very beneficial in snow and rain.

- Stephanie O

The 2005 Dodge Magnum is a wagon style car ready for day-to-day activities.

The interior upholstery is a problem that I dislike, but in terms of comfort, it remains at a high level. I do enjoy the functionality of the vehicle overall. It is a wagon-style vehicle which is no longer a popular style of vehicle. It is a reliable car, given that you uphold regular maintenance; oil changes, tune-ups, etc.

- Jim O

It's a fast car (V8) and handles turns really good.

My dodge magnum is a good car. It has a lot of trunk space so I can carry a lot of things in the back and, the seats fold down. One thing I don't like about it is that, it burn a lot of gas and, its 2 wheel drive. It's a fast car and, it handles turn really good. It has adjustable fog lights and, LED reverse lights.

- Romano B

White 2005 Dodge magnum rt reliable trustworthy.

My vehicle is a rt magnum I love that it still runs and has never broken down but sometimes it makes me think of a station wagon however it is very reliable I have to get a motor mount, there is also some issues where the tire gets flat quite a bit it does not have any amazing features since it is a older vehicle.

- Tina S

Silver with black stripes the length of the car with lambo dual opening doors

Needs tune up--needs oil pan gaskets-need header gaskets--front windshield has a crack--needs a new paint --it has front lamborghini dual opening doors. Twenty two inch rims and tires all around. Newly added fuel pump and fuel regulator. Interior is barely worn and firm. Runs great and good for long trips.

- Jessie A

Spacious family car with good features

The magnum has good room since the trunk area is big. The car runs smoothly and hasn't given too many problems. When a recall comes in the mail the dealership takes care of it fast. The ignition switch has gone out but that is common in this car. Overall, great car for family and day to day driving.

- Amy G

Is automatic plus manual shift love that.

Transmission problems the ride is awesome no engine problems except for using oil plenty of room inside has comfortable seats love the automatic and stick shift haven't really had to many problems out of it has 150 thousand miles on it the color is beautiful for a 3. 5 the engine is strong.

- Eric B

I love all the room I do not feel like I am driving a truck or a van.

I love my magnum due to the fact that I am a mom and I like having the room of a van but the sportiness still too. I can always get in it and go. I so far to date have not had any performance issues with my car and I have had it for three years now I am a very happy magnum owner.

- Wayne W

The car is very big and roomy but the gas mileage is terrible.

It's a nice car haven't had many issues with it. It's very basics. It's getting up to 100k miles on it. For the most part it has been reliable. Main issue I've had e with it is the chip in the key fob broken and locked me out 2 times. The gas mileage is terrible though.

- Brittany M

Awesome magnum with lots of power.

There were problems when I first purchased the car and my dealer was horrific. When I switched to another dealer, all problems were solved. The car is dependable, comfortable and fast. It has significant cargo room. I get decent gas mileage. It is got everything I need.

- Dorothy B

It has a powerful engine.

My Dodge magnum is a looker, I have a hemi V8 engine so the power is very nice, electrical problems occur here and there. Parts are pricey a points, stock wise, many things need to be replaced or added. Overall, satisfied with the car I own, reliable and beautiful. Lol.

- Mai T

Hot dodge wagon with lots of room for five.

Great performance wagon type vehicle with plenty of room for passengers. Lots of power with the hemi engine but still gets 20-25 miles per gallon. Heated seats and rear defroster help in cooler weather. Adjustable leather seats enhance the comfort and appearance.

- William S

The Dodge magnum is a very pleasant car to drive.

I have had this car for 9 yrs. I have found it to have a very comfortable ride. Gas mileage is 21 in city and 28 hwy. I live in Montana so the heated seats are a plus. The magnum has a very sporty look and with the hemi fast if you need it to be. I love this car.

- Linda L

Good summer vehicle but not winter friendly.

Good reliable car but not winter friendly. Because of its rear wheel drive and low stature even when adding weight to the back it tends to be swervy. But besides that point it runs well and has had little to no maintenance problems pop up on regular basis.

- Truly B

My magnum is a great car.

Magnum is a very good, reliable vehicle. The handling and ride is great because of the kind of suspension system it has. I would recommend it to everybody. I like the gas mileage too it's very good on long trips and around town and in the countryside roads

- Shawn P

Good traveling vehicle, lots of room and good on gas.

I have to replace all my wheel hubs and rotors a lot because of the potholes in my area. Its really bad in the snow especially when you have rear wheel drive like I do. Everything is pretty standard on the inside.

- Kelly P


It's all leather interior, heated seating if desired. very comfy on long trips with AC and a stock sound system with USB ect, has to be taken in to dealership for checking fluids underneath but love the HEMI

- Mandy R

Very spacious and runs great.

It runs great, only problem we are having is electrical issues with the headlight and dash. It is very roomy and I love that the seats fold down. Makes it very easy to use with having 3 young children.

- Dee R

This vehicle has a ton of power

This car has a ton of power and get up and go. The amenities are not very good, but the engine and overall mechanics make up for it, overall it'll get you wherever you need to go with no problem!

- Dustin B

It is comfortable to drive and has lots of storage space.

I love the extra room in the trunk. It big enough that I can sleep in it comfortable. One thing I don't like about it, is that it is to free wheeling when going down hills and mountains.

- Trish S

It is rare being as they only made them for four years.

Great style, fits five comfortably, lots of cargo space. This car drives like a dream, good turning, awesome brakes, back hatch makes getting to cargo space a breeze.

- Erin M

It can fit a lot of people and stuff in it and is a better vehicle if the engine is a V8.

The model I have has the lowest level engine which is a V6. Because the car has such a heavy frame as a station wagon, it doesn't have as good as pick up as the V8.

- Erika M

The car was affordable, and efficient.

The moon roof, is panoramic. The seats are comfortable. The drive is nice. The car is stylish with sleek design and great for travel. The trunk is spacious.

- Shannon K

Rides smooth, easy to work on.

Customize rims, new headlights and front bumper drive smooth green tinted windows easy to work on. Been in one major accident owned it for 12 years.

- Vijay C

Take care of it. Make sure you check fluids and keep it clean.

Picks up speed nicely. Wiper switch don't work like I would like. It don't turn to proper speeds. Dipstick broke a the handle. My dogs fit in it.

- Gloria O

It has independent braking system.

I really like it. It's easy to drive. It's really nice. It can hold 7 people which is good. The trunk is a good size. The seats are comfortable.

- Samantha M

Despite its shortcomings it's in good condition for its age

It's a great vehicle despite its age, but it lacks the ability to play digital music, and being older means it needs fixing relatively often

- Phil E

It has lots of power and space.

I love the looks. I love the storage capacity. I love that it is a hemi. I disliked that it was lowered, so I took the lowering kit off.

- Vicki R

Your great magnum made by dodge

The water pump is underneath the camshaft very hard to get to so you will have to take it to a shop. Out to see were will I get one

- Duane L

It is great on gas for being a 6 cylinder engine.

Pros: lots of space for each seat, comfortably fits family of 5. Large trunk area. Style of car. Cons: windshield is pretty small.

- Chandra R

It is a trooper. It can go almost anywhere and it is a beast.

I love the room it has and the comfort. Leather seats and room to spare. The wagon is convenient for anything you need to haul.

- Danni S

It may not be the best choice if you have children.

I do not think there is not enough room. It is hard to get kids in and out of. Other than that it is ok. I wish it was newer.

- Erin V

Super fun grocery getter!

I love it! Great ride, wonderful sound system, very responsive, super handling and plenty of power. A very fun car to drive.

- Scott T

The Dodge Magnum will need a paint job in approximately 10-12 years.

I like the Magnum because it's a sporty wagon. Lots of room. I hate it because sometimes it's hard to see as it is so big.

- Tamara S

Very reliable car great for long distance trips with family.

Its never had to be worked on. Only issue is the ignition needs to be replaced. But that seems to be very budget friendly.

- Alicia S

It has a couple minor cosmetic issues but it runs just fine

It's in great condition despite being 13 years old, but that age means it doesn't have any way of playing digital music

- Phil S

Fast and very durable engine.

I like my horse power and dislike my transmission. I like my smooth ride and do not like the color leather seats.

- Christian A

My dodge magnum is a great and reliable car

My dodge magnum is a great car. There is plenty of room in this car. My dodge magnum also gets great gas mileage.

- Michael A

There is not much that my. Car does for me. The car runs gas up quick.

My vehicle has a long history if driving up and down the highways and byways. It does have trouble cranking up.

- Thomas S

My beautiful Dodge Magnum

I wld def recommend a Dodge Magnum. I am very shocked at how good they run. Very dependable also. Thanks!

- Tara S

The Dodge magnum is a great car.

The Dodge magnum is a great car. There is plenty of room in it. The Dodge magnum is also great on gas.

- Mike A

It's all mine!! It's the perfect family car and drives amazing.

I love my magnum. It's comfortable, reliable and sexy. It drives like a dream and catches attention.

- Cindy P

It has a long body so you must watch your blind spots.

The shape and extended trunk. I have had engine issues. I wish there was a third row of seats.

- Amber C

I have no complaints. . it is very roomy. It has a sleek design to it. I wouldn't change anything about it

Very smooth running comfortable car. Would definitely recommend to family & friends

- Rose M

It's very fast, comfortable to drive and very safe to operate

I like the power of the Hemi engine, The GPS and stereo And especially the style!

- Matt D

it is a gas guzzler but will be able to carry anything and any size

i like the size of the vehicle but do not like the gas mileage of the vehicle

- suda S




That it is spacious and anyone welcomed in my car.

I like the air conditioning and it provides enough seats for the family

- Eren C

Horrible blind spots but the mirrors work

It's roomy. Sounds tough. I've had no problems with it yet

- Mark f

For the appearance of a station wagon, it's no ordinary family car.

Love the power that it has. It has the Hemi engine.

- Laura J