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The Dodge magnum is very family friendly!

I love the features this car! The seat warmers and sun roof are nice added features for me and the passenger. The size is wonderful for my child and dog, there is plenty of space for more as well. My husband is able to do work on this car, but does have some mechanical background. The magnum was only made for four years which makes parts harder to find. We love this car!

- Kristen C

"Magnum" speaks 4 itself!

Battery placement is in rear which poses a problem if charging is needed. Do prefer the 6 cylinder engine for performance. This vehicle is also surprisingly fuel efficient. Undercarriage has a car length plastic sheeting which at times can become stuck on automated car wash facilities.

- Danielle G

Best car I ever had. Good traveling car.

They do not make these cars anymore. Since 2006 I haven't had any major issues with the car. Just minor normal issues. Car is large and comfortable. Always was reliable. Has a hemi engine that never had any issues with. Overall I have none; very happy with my car.

- Pamela M

It handles awesome, corners great, and has plenty of power..

I love the looks of the car, kind of retro. I like the way it drives, and handles. The engine is a great fit for this car plenty of power, yet decent gas mileage. I have no dislikes.

- Mickey H

It is very dependable, has a lot of room & gets good gas mileage.

I like the overall look of the Magnum. I like the room it has & that the back seats can be folded down for more room. It's been a great car for the last 12 years.

- Patricia H

It looks sporty yet is a small station wagon that has been very reliable & fun to drive.

It's fun to drive, corners well and feels solid on the road. I love the hatch that gives me so much room. And the 3.5L engine is a plus. No complaints at all.

- Pam M

Dodge Magnums are extremely spacious. The back seat folds down part way or all the way to give more storage room.

2.7l v6 version of dodge magnum is very frustrating. It is a nice car, smooth ride, and very roomy, but the motor is too small for the weight of the car.

- Taylor S

You will enjoy how it rides, especially if you are able to purchase the hemi edition.

It's not a hemi but the engine has a lot of power. It drives smooth and comfortably. Not a fan of having to remove the intake to change the plugs.

- kareem W

The most important thing people should know about the dodge magnum is that the smaller engines will cause transition issues if you live in an area that is not flat.

Car is too heavy for the weak motor it has, causing transition problems and bad gas mileage. It is also hard to drive, awkward blind spots.

- kenneth M

It's a dodge magnum it's greyish greenish if that makes any sense it's four door huge truck which is good when you go shopping or buying groceries.

I've have this car for about three years know and it's a really good vehicle I would recommend this vehicle to anybody

- Lucero V

This is my first vehicle and in very proud of it.

Very reliable and smooth, the purchase was a steal. It performs like it never had a owner even though its used.

- Robert L

The Dodge Magnum is a very good reliable and safe car. It's great on gas and perfect for traveling long distance.I would recommend this car to anyone.

I love my car its a roomy family car its very good on gas. Runs great and is good for traveling long distance.

- Linda H

That save gas and is a fast car! I love the seat!.

I like the power. I like the space. I like the all wheel drive ability to get me where i need to be.

- Sean C

I like the look. There is so much room, I can haul as much as my old SUV. It's simple, not a lot of computer hype. Cars now are too distracting to me. I hope my car lasts super long, or I can get another, because I don't like the looks of the new cars & don't have the same room inside. There is nothing I don't like about it.

This car has as much room as an SUV, but easier to get in or out of.


Family car with a mopar attitude!

- Brent G