2005 Dodge Ram 3500 Owner Reviews & Problems


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Comfortable workhorse with good gas mileage.

We have had no performance or reliability problems. The vehicle is extremely comfortable. There is plenty of room in the crew cab and our 4-wheel drive has performed exactly as expected. It still has the original 13-year old battery. The average mpg is 18. 2 regardless of whether we are pulling nothing or our 31' fifth wheel.

- Janet S

My perfect car does not work.

Gasoline it is a problem it is expensive and I need to add to my car I don't like that. It is a complicate car and not make sense for me buy another car like this. The gasoline, tires, the motor everything is okay but I prefer Japanese car I think are better for me.

- Ricardo V

Dodge ram 3500 cummins diesel.

Transmission and interior issues, transmission at stock power only lasted 70k miles. Interior trim is very flimsy and breaks often. Interior fan has broken 2 times. Air conditioning issues abundant. Ride quality is not high quality. Seats are not reliable or durable.

- Bridger Z

You will love it is so comfortable you will not want to get out!

Very nice and roomy, good on gas and very reliable. You can fit just about anything inside the back if you plan on transporting items, it has three rows of seating, and the second set actually reclines. It has Bluetooth and keyless entry and ignition Start.

- Crystal S

about the reliability, performance, power, and general ease of driving. the amount of towing capacity is also great.

the way I use a vehicle for towing trailers to get firewood the 3500 is perfect due to the power and torque it produces. the mileage is also a plus. the only downside is the cost of repairs, due to the diesel engine.

- Don M

It has a lot of power for hauling.

My Dodge truck is powerful and is able to haul a large horse trailer. It is safe, I am not concerned with the kids in the car if we were in a accident. It is very useful to haul or carry items.

- Janet K

It's a great truck. I highly recommend to anyone looking to buy one.

Love the power of the diesel engine. Love the size of the truck. Dislike parking such a big truck sometimes.

- Dale D

It is reliable and has plenty of room.

It's very big. Not very good on gas. But good for work. It's good running no mechanical problems so far.

- Brandy H

Great engine. Good fuel mileage.

It's a diesel, 3500 Ram. Great truck, hauls all we need and still gets good gas mileage.

- Michele m

The air conditioning has a problem, everything else I like about the truck.

It have plenty for power to a trailer up 16,100 Lbs.

- Gordon T