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It's a great truck to invest in and truly believe others will be happy with it.

The 2013 Dodge we drive has been a very reliable truck! We've taken it across states a few times and drove all over Montana in it without any complications. We get good gas mileage on it even though it has a hemi. Having the hemi makes the truck really get up and go. The important things we found is you've got to make sure to keep up oil changes, spark plugs, spark plug wires etc. to keep the truck running in the best way it can!! Also the only downfall is a lot of work that needs to be done you have to take to the dealer which runs in the very expensive category!! The back seats are very uncomfortable to ride in there's just not enough room n the seats sit straight up! I would recommend this truck for others to buy though.

- Roberta R

We need trustworthy service.

We pull a 38' 5th wheel with this RAM and have done so since we bought the truck. It is always provided us with sufficient power to tow the rv anywhere we've taken it. The truck is very responsive and comfortable. We've had very few issues with the truck until recently when we started having issues with the air conditioner. Our biggest gripe is not with the truck, but with the inability of Dodge dealer service centers to diagnose and repair the issue.. Particularly in Coney, Arkansas where we're pretty sure they replaced the condenser for no reason, charging us $800+.

- Kim L

Very durable.. Good work horse of a pickup.

It has good pickup.. Some problems with electrical.. But all in all a good ride would like to get better gas mileage, but bought it to tow a trailer.. It's really good on open road, but of city driving it is a gas eater. It is really good climbing hills and seems to have good torque. I always wanted a pickup and I am very satisfied with this one..

- Dana B

Worth it! A sharp silver dream.

I have never had any vehicle problems, performance problems or anything. The interior is amazingly comfortable. The truck is especially reliable. I love it so much. It is worth every penny spent. I am very happy with my purchase. I definitely recommend purchasing it.

- Haley R

It's a great truck for working or looking just looking good.

It's a 2014 Dodge Ram Crew Cab but 2014 wasn't part of the options. This truck has had several recalls but otherwise we really like it. It handles really well in all conditions, is very comfortable, fits five with plenty of room and really don't have any complaints.

- Anita G

How's lot of inside storage compartments on the inside of the truck.

Our vehicle is a 2017. I like the way it drives but don't like that we have to put def in the gas take. I like the engine brake and able to downshift when coming down steep grades.

- Carol W

If you have something heavy to pull, this will do it.

I can tow a lot with this truck, cannot beat a diesel engine. I also enjoy the style of both exterior and interior. Even though it is a dually, I enjoy it as a daily driver.

- Brett A

It is a big truck and cannot stop on the dime like smaller cars can.

The vehicle gets decent fuel mileage. It hauls our camper very well. There seems to be issues with the cooling system that we cannot figure out, even after replacing parts.

- Margaret W

Bumpy but very useful and necessary to own.

Indicator lights come on all the time, but it is great at pulling trailers. It is not very comfortable, it is quite bumpy, but it is also very roomy and great for travel.

- Mel B

It's incredibly comfortable and comfort is important.

My vehicle is a luxury vehicle. I like it for the heated and air conditioned seats. It's extremely roomy. There's nothing I don't like about it.

- Ambur S

Good heavy duty truck but also very nice looking and good size for families as well.

Preforms amazing and very smooth. and Has not given us any problems and is very reliable. and very spacious and good on the desil

- Jess E

It's a heavy duty diesel 3500 so it is strong and mighty.

I don't like stick shift. It has fancy tires and doesn't do well in snow. Takes a lot of diesel fuel to run. Bed is too short.

- Marie C

Power and reliability to get you where you need to go!

Extremely comfortable and reliable in all weather. Power is amazing. You don't feel it towing even a heavy trailer.

- Sherry T

Its dependable, never has had any accidents or work done

Dodge ram truck, comfortable, reliable, never had work done, lots of storage space in back and cargo area

- Kristy M

It's great for hauling stuff and good on gas. It has a nice appearance.

I wish there was more room in back for the kids. I have 3 car seats and they all sit too close together.

- Monica K

Reliable vehicle for towing!

Bought it for use in my business; need to pull a 38' 5th wheel trailer and it does it with ease!

- David P

Tows my horse trailer wonderfully.

I love the truck and the large interior. It's plenty powerful enough to pull my horse trailer.

- Gin R

It is great for using on a ranch. It is durable. It will tow heavy loads.

I wish that it got better gas mileage. I like that it can tow and haul things.

- Heidi S

It pulls a load well. Drivetrain should be built better

Lots of power. Cheap interior and noisy. Good on fuel

- Aaron H