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The fiat 500 x has great acceleration and handles with precision.

The fiat 500x is a classic look in and seems right at home on the city streets. The 500x has a 2. 4 liter engine and is quite peppy compared to the smaller engine. Acceleration is spot on for the most part, however, there are times when the gears do not engage and it is slow going with hesitation. The 500x has enough room for 5 to travel to a vacation destination. Mpg was slow initially but now that the car has been properly broken in, mpg > 20. 7 miles. I had the radio changed out for a Kenwood den with Apple carplay, navigation, hd radio, Bluetooth, backup camera. Apparently the car cannot be purchased with navigation and backup camera. And navigation. The interior is nice, nothing spectacular. Leather seats are comfortable. The hatchback has plenty of room and the seats fold down nicely. The 500x is fun to drive on the open road. All things said, the fiat 500x is a great car for those of us who were ready to let go of the SUV.

- Deborah B

It is such a well thought out crossover!

I actually won my 2016 fiat 500x in a raffle at a gala event. I love it! Very comfortable and handles very well. It's given me the fuel mpg that I needed, plus the performance is superb. It has power and its reliable. The instrument panel is easy to read. Its loaded with features. Touch screen an hands free, backup camera, 2 USB inputs, aux input, Sirius/XM radio Bluetooth and double glove compartments. The technology is modern.We Taken a couple of road trips. My own personal complaint is I don't care to much for the headrest somewhat uncomfortable if you have seat reclined back. Headrest is adjustable I couldn't get comfy. Other than I love my fiat!!

- Dolores C

Fiat 500x. A smooth and fun car to drive and ride.

Fiat 500x is a fun car to drive. It. Is fast and handles smoothly. The 500x has a 2. 4l engine that allows you to navigate through traffic with ease. The 9 speed transmission changes gears mostly smoothly. There are occasions when acceleration the shifting from gear to gear is - how to say, lacking in acceleration. I have noticed that concern from other fiat owners. As miles add up, fiat 500x drives and rides better than any car I have owned. It is quiet inside as you drive. I added a. Navigation system that compliments the overall appeal of the fiat.

- Deborah J B

Weird transmission, but great style

The transmission is sort of touchy because it is a 9 speed. You have to get used to the way it drives. I love the interior. I get lots of compliments on my red trimmed seats with white accent on the glove box etc.The vehicle gets up to speed pretty quickly, but if you're in a pinch it's difficult to get going at first. Comfort is just okay. NO leg room in the back seat. When we are taking more than two people on a trip we never choose to take my car because of this. I really love the car though!

- Jacqueline A

Parking assist, cruise control, traction control as well as sports mode.

Problems I have had with my fiat is the tire sensors fall off inside the tire, I have had tire problems and have had to replace 3 tires in 2 years. It is small and is easy to get around in big cities, my 2 year old, cat and dog all fit in my fiat comfortably, I can fit my stroller and other equipment that I need to bring in the trunk comfortably. The truck can be converted to be small or big, has flooring that you can remove or use to store things under.

- Stacy S

Classic and sporty green fiat 500x trekking.

I love how sporty yet feminine it is. It has an excellent sound system and both moon- and sunroofs. It is perfect for the city and countryside. It can fit in small spaces, but feels very roomy inside (utilizes space well). I like that it is higher off the ground, but still has all the benefits of a small car. I love the colors it comes in, the interior options it has, and the fact that it is almost three years old, but still looks brand new.

- Sarah J

The Fiat 500X is the vehicle that can suit all your needs.

The Fiat 500x is a very good vehicle to have. It's practical, very spacious for cargo, and seats 5. The split folding back seats is very helpful when moving cargo. This vehicle is good on gas mileage and has multiple driving modes. One problem I have with this car is that the speed lacks when stepping on the gas. Comfortable ride and easy to maneuver and park. The backup camera is one of my favorite features, as is the signal warning light.

- Jessee T

Fiat 500X is the crossover SUV of my dreams!

I really like this car. It is small, but speedy. It is high enough off the ground, that I still feel safe, but not too tall that I can't see over the hood. I've had this vehicle for over two years now, and I really love it. I would recommend a fiat to all of my friends. It has good gas mileage, cute design, and a comfy interior that makes for a smooth driving experience. Great car!

- Juliana K

Fiat 500x has a sporty feel while offering the comfort and safety of an SUV.

The vehicle handles very well. It has great pickup and a high seat, which provides an extra sense of comfort and security since it is not a sedan. The vehicle is extremely reliable and I has not needed any repairs in the nearly two years that I have been leasing it. The built in navigation is reliable, and it has a great stereo system as well.

- Marie W

Review of the four-door fiat.

The fiat 500x is easy to handle and fun to drive. It has the sigh lines of a larger vehicle with the size of a smaller one, and is roomier than you'd expect once inside. My only complaints are that the cars do not come with spare tires, and in my case the tires on the vehicle have been problematic (I have had 6 flats in the past year).

- Nancy C

Cool style. Low tech at times.

The transmission frequently shifts aggressively. The Bluetooth frequently disconnects from my phone. I love the color and style of my vehicle such as the red accented interior. I often appreciate the gas mileage and how well it makes through the snowy weather. I wish it had a compass so I did not have to rely on my gap so often.

- Josephine Z

A comfortable, 9 speed gear car.

Good performance with the 9 speed gears. Slapstick available. Car is comfortable but more room in the car would be nice. Gas mileage is average at 21 miles per gallon on highway and 18 in city. Many colors available, good Bluetooth connection. Many options to customize car in settings. Manual comes on a DVD which is not useful.

- Janet H

Cute, but still rugged car.

I like the style, but I bought used so wasn't able to pick options like a spare tire. . . Not a "fill kit". I like the stereo, but would've liked a CD player. It gets decent mileage (30 mpg). It has pretty good space in the back, especially with seats folded down. And the front seats are very comfortable, they "hug" you.

- Janice K

Runs and operates smoothly.

Great gas mileage, responsive motor, smooth shifting, riding reasonably well for a small car, drives really well, has all the equipment needed, affordable, economical to operate, seems to run smoothly with little maintenance issues to address, excellent additional room for carrying items with you, seats 4 comfortably.

- Bill M

Its pretty good on gas. I usually just fill it up once a week.

It has some blindsides I don't like. It doesn't have a backup camera. It doesn't have electric seats. It doesn't have a. Backup camera. It doesn't have a GPS. I like the get up and go especially when getting onto the highways. Its pretty comfortable. I love my interior colors. I love the shape and color of my car.

- Joyce J

I like that is tells me when my tires are low and when light bulbs go out.

I love my car. It is nice inside and out. The performance of the car is spot on. The only thing I do not like is the seatbelt could be just a little bit longer. It has great gas mileage. I runs smooth and very quiet. I wish I would have time to let the sales person tell me more about it and what it does.

- Dawn T

Cute and affordable first car.

I bought it from a rental company so it was pretty run down and had problems from that. Otherwise I love the fiat and will probably buy another one. It's very roomy, easy to drive, and super cute. I love the red interior and the leather features. I do wish it had a sunroof though and a back up camera.

- Rae F

Cute car with no class or spare tire.

The fiat trunk latch broke there is no spare tire or donut tire, it seems to have transmission is not well made. Electrical issues throughout the car. And not easy to fix yourself. The tire fix it spray did not work on a flat tire. Radio connection is bad. I should have bought a Toyota or Nissan.

- Gina G

It is a really great color, that I have only seen on fiats like a beige white.

It is not the smoothest ride but it has great gas mileage. It does not have a rear backup camera which is rare and I wish that it did. I haven't had any problems with it since I purchased it. On the interior I wanted all leather seats and they only offered half leather. Overall I like the car.

- Amanda H

Problems I have encountered with 2016 500x.

I have had multiple electrical issues: the daytime running light sometimes works and sometimes does not, the window goes down when you pull the lever to roll it up, the radio interface sometimes works and sometimes does not. Also, the wheel covers are cheap plastic and all but one has broken.

- Nicole F

Fiat 2016 a classic without the high price tag.

Problems- options for service limited, tire pressure alarm can get frustrating, blocks odometer reading, performs and handles well with wide turns., reliability- no problems, comfort -nice wide seats, features- like the size of 2016 fiat, very roomy but yet compact.

- Wanda D

Compact but cozy: small SUV.

No problems, the back window visibility could be better. It is small but still big enough to be a comfortable SUV. Runs smoothly but basic model is pretty lacking in any extra accessories. Does not even get floor mats in basic model or extra replacement tire.

- Taylor S

That is has issues that no new car should be experiencing.

There are numerous electrical issues:. The daytime running light sometimes works and sometimes does not. There is a mechanical issue with the window that has been "fixed.".. Also, the media controls sometime work and sometimes do not..

- Nicole L

I feel the car is a good value for the money especially if you can pick up a used one with low mileage. The car does run good and has lots of options.

I love the car for the most part but I feel some of the items are cheap in the car. My door handle broke (taking a long time for new part to arrive) the bottom on the back trunk area broke and does not lay flat.

- jennifer b

Fantastic brand of car, Fiat

The reliability of the fiat is fantastic. It takes a liking and keeps on ticking. I drive hundreds of miles a day and when I take it in for checkups. I rarely, if any, am told anything is wrong with the car.

- Joy P

Information on vehicles and a few of the features I like.

You have to go in to fiat to get the transmission, reprogrammed because if you do not, it stalls when you get ready to shift gears. It is really comfortable. I like the heated seats and heated steering wheel.

- Dorothy C

My car gets great gas mileage and handles very well in the winter snow.

What I like most is the size and gas mileage. It's also a very comfortable car. What I dislike is I've had trouble with the driver's door sticking when I open it. It's been repaired more than once.

- Aimee C

Small, Sporty but Roomy Fun Car

The car is small but very roomy on the inside. I've hauled 5 adults, one small dog and luggage to the airport. My only complaint is it has some road noise and the transmission is a little rough.

- Lori B

Opinion about my car. Please refer my review for this particular model,

It is quite good, I love to drive this one. This very smooth. In very rare case found some issues with engine, else performance wise it's good to go. Very comfortable for 4 peoples.

- Kinin K

They should know that it is a really safe car. I did a lot of research before buying

I love the style of my car and the way that it drives. It has a fun red interior and I also like that there aren't a ton on the road. I wish it was a little less expensive.

- Emily A

Psi of tires sometimes registers low when it is not.

No issues. The psi of tires register low first temp drop. No other issues. The best car I have had in a long time. I think it handles and more dependable than my Toyota.

- Ellie P

2016 fiat 500x easy which has four doors and is black with grey interior.

My car is very reliable. The technology of the car is very nice, it has Bluetooth capabilities, keyless entry, push start, and different modes for different weather.

- Jennifer T

It is reliable and very fun to drive!

I love the size, look, sportiness. I dislike the complexity of the dashboard. It is very complicated to change certain features: settings, even with manual.

- Catherine W

It has plenty of space even though that isn't obvious from the outside.

I love how spacious the vehicle is. The drive is very smooth and the acceleration is amazing. The only dislike would be how low to the ground it sits.

- Morgan G

Fun to drive! Stylish! Attractive interior.

I love the car and the way it drives. It is a little small for me with one child. It is comfortable however and I feel very safe while driving it.

- Nicole K

Fiat 500X: Great design but rough handling

the transmission is rough and jerky. the design is great, but I wouldn't buy another one. Also the satellite radio goes out at odd times.

- susan g

That it is a fun and efficient automobile.

I like the smaller size. I like fiats design and appearance. I also like the features, sunroof, Sirius radio, camera. . No complaints.

- Mary S

It is small but big enough for two kids.

I love the size of it. I also like the way it handles. It also gets good gas mileage. I love the roominess it has in the hatchback.

- Cindy R

Great gas mileage. Close to 400 miles per fill up on a 12 gallon tank.

Car gets good gas mileage, has a sporty look, has interior devices and options I like. Only complaint is the room--a little tight.

- Randy M

It gets great gas mileage for a compact SUV.

Sporty, great gas mileage. Roomy. Car is different that others, unique..... Dislikes- curved rear hatch limits what can be stowed.

- Sue L

It is a fabulous value for the price. Perfect for a couple or small family.

The amenities are excellent. The stereo is top notch and it is a pleasure to drive. It does shift gears rough on occasion.

- Stacy R

It is eco friendly but is a blast to drive!

Great size. It hauls the mail if I ask it, but gets great gas mileage. Love my hatch. Wish it had a little more quality.

- Andrea U

It handles very well for a car its size and I never worry about driving it in snow or rain.

It is a great little car and the turbo engine is awesome there has not been any problems with it and it is good on gas.

- George W

Small, compact, but roomy.

I had issues with acceleration on hot days. It is comfortable and still compact while still big enough to be an SUV.

- Taylor S

It is safe and handles great in all weather conditions!

The Fiat 500X performs great in the rain using the bad weather change. It reacts great and drives easy.

- Natalie M

It is dependable and fun to drive.

It is sporty. Perfect size with being four door. Love the look. Comfortable driving in for hours a day.

- Devon M

I love my fiat. The best car

I have had no problems with my car. It is very reliable and I am constantly saying good things about it

- Chayce P

It is a great car. Everyone should own one.

It is a great car. I love the way it drives. It is amazing on gasoline. I recommend anyone get one to.

- Brittany F

My car is safe and very cute

I like how it is small and moves fast. I also like how it is good on gas

- Kate S

It looks very modern and although the model is a bit old, it still looks fine

Waste a lot of gas but overall it is a great car that last a long time

- Sandy T

Easy to drive, cost effective and reliable everyday use. Love the gas mileage and price

Nice and small compact like but very safe driving it. Stylish

- Julie K

It's roomy inside and it is fast.

I live the style. I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Sara P