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Great truck for homeowner or to just runaround in.

I have an extended cab canyon with a 200hp 5 cylinder engine, automatic transmission with off-road package which give it a stiff ride, and trailering gears for towing. It is the basic sle model, with power windows, power door locks. Am/FM radio. . It has bucket seats. It is my second vehicle, my "toy" and I am the only driver. Vehicle purchased in 2016 with 182, 000 miles. Currently has 204, 000 miles. Other than normal maintenance I haven't had to spend anything on it. .

- George E

Just a typical truck, we have the chrome package makes the truck stand out.

The truck is very comfortable while traveling and gets good gas mileage. However, the truck has a electrical ghost. At times the drivers window wont go up or down have replaced the switch still having the problem, also affects radio and trying to start the truck. When truck won't start you have to wait several minutes and try again, sometimes you will have to floor the gas pedal. Also has a recall for third brake light it leaks around edges have to re seal.

- Rene S

Power is great and it tows very well

Very simple to clean, and now runs perfect again. Very satisfied with this truck. The experts have their blinders on when giving it poor performance ratings. Power is great and it tows very well. This truck has been outstanding. The fit and finish on the interior is fine, the exterior has held up perfectly. It is very well powered, and a pleasure to drive

- Alex L

Easy to get into for small bodied people!

I bought this vehicle used, with 148, 000 miles on it. It is been a very good vehicle and not too many "emergent" maintenance issues. I am not fond of it is inline 5-cylinder engine, however. It sounds like a strong truck, but both torque/power & acceleration are lacking. It is fairly sure-footed in 4-wheel drive also. Overall, I like my little truck!

- Marianne C

I would recommend someone to buy this vehicle it has done well for me.

Only complaints I have is the interior armrest and compartments break off easily if left in the sun for long periods of time in Florida you can't really help that it is very reliable I put full synthetic oil in for high miles I lost my lock unlock alarm key chain and you can't use a universal one you have to replace it from the dealer very expensive.

- Michael D

Routine maintenance and regular lubrication of the engine will keep the vehicle going for 180,000 miles or more without many concerning issues.

Powertrain has been reliable, but other parts have been failing. For example, automatic window on passenger side has been replaced 2 times and is still currently not working. The radio stopped reading discs and was replaced. Other than the symptoms provided, the vehicle is reliable for my needs and I would say it was a worthy purchase for me.

- Sam V

GMC canyon. Dependable good looking still in style resale is great.

GMC canyon is my primary driving vehicle. 1-great ride 2-good driving—3- great service no problems—-4-i purchased the truck 5–5 cylinders great engine-6-automatic transmission 7–no rattles shaking just a fine truck. -8–would purchase again —9- plan on keeping canyon no reason to purchase another.

- William L

Nice, runs good, a little small.

It seems to work good. Have no complaints. I have had to replace a few things here and there but ultimately it has been a reliable vehicle. I would recommend it to people for sure. The bed is a little small but not bad. The interior cab is a little small if you are a bigger person as well.

- Jessica H

GMC canyon; reliable and worth it.

Very reliable car. I have had very little issues with it and it is almost 15 years old. Great in the snow and all weather. However, I recommend getting higher end oil changes because they don't last too long. Good transmission and brake system. Gas mileage is not the greatest.

- Danielle A

2005 GMC canyon four door two wheel drive.

GMC great truck would purchase again truck is dependable and have no problem with this vehicle mileage is acceptable to me also vehicle’s has had no issues except had to replace radio under warranty has cold air conditioner good heat not share on tires uses no oil.

- William M

GMC canyons are great trucks with a few bugs.

The vehicle is great. My only problem is that the power windows do not work sometimes. Also, the GMC model that I got comes with a faulty throttle body which makes its gasoline usage horrible. Otherwise, it is roomy, reliable, and rides smoothly.

- Brad F

Low cost maintenance & repairs cause they're rarely needed

It's been the best vehicle. It's 13 years old & I've had very few problems. I think i've had to take it to the shop maybe three times in the thirteen years I've had it & they were all very cheap repairs. Rides great & is comfortable too.

- Andrea C

It will keep you safe in a wreck, with little more than cosmetic damage done.

I like that my truck is not full sized like newer f150s. However I dislike the issues I have had with things failing due to age. Parts are not expensive though, so that is good, but I wish the manual option was a little stronger.

- Ari F

Very safe and reliable vehicle.

I love the size of my truck. I also like that it is able to carry large items in the bed of the truck. I dislike that I have a middle console in the front seat instead of the one that can be lifted to seat 3 people.

- Erika H

It is reliable. I have never had to take it to the shop because all parts on it are easily replaceable.

I like the fact that my vehicle gets decent gas mileage and is all around reliable. I dislike the power windows. Power windows always strip and break. Also, my model truck was built with a faulty throttle body.

- Bradford F

Great on gas. Easy to drive.

First reason why I like my vehicle.. It's already mine.. Second reason why I like my vehicle I do not have payments on it.. Third reason why I like my vehicle low cost on gas..

- Trisha R

It is reliable and pretty good on gas. It is easy to park since it is small.

I like that it is a small reliable 4WD truck. It is not anything fancy. And does what I need it to. I drive it every day. It always starts and takes me wherever I need to go.

- Mark N

It has over 300,000 miles on it.

I like the the ride of a small truck. I don't like the transtion I have had 4. I will buy another one. Hopefully this is fixed on the new models.

- Brenda s

Great truck for small business!

Our truck is perfect for our lifestyle. It has been very reliable and for the size, it holds a lot for my husband's flooring business.

- Lori C

This truck will fit people of various sizes and make them comfortable.

It is very comfortable to drive. It rides like a car with all the benefits of a truck. The 4 wheel drive gets me out of wet places.

- Anne L

easy of handling and ability to carry a decent load.

perfect size truck, heated seats, easy handling, decent on mileage. Can carry a good size load in the bed.

- judy a

It's affordable and comfortable.

It has a comfortable driving capability. Has no road noise. It's has great seating for all our family.

- Teresa H

Most reliable vehicle I have ever owned.

Best vehicle I have ever owned. After purchasing a GMC truck, I will continue to purchase GMC trucks.

- Luis O

My car is great for families and is also a reliable vehicle for my delivery job

I dislike the engine as it is hard to check some of my systems. Otherwise, I love my car

- Brandon M

It's reliable and dependable. It's a good car and I like it.

No complaints. I drive a Saturn ION but that wasn't one of the options.

- Peter D