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I love with my vehicle, the mileage, color and comfort.

I am so happy with my GMC. I bought it in 2012. I was living in Lompoc and worked in Santa Barbara ca. I was driving 120 miles a day. My GMC canyon, is a 4 cylinder, a gas saver, is truck, is very reliable. I traveled to many places with comfort. It has many features that I do not understand. I am old school that is why I do not understand many of the features that my great truck has. The one that is most important to me is the motor and the performance of my vehicle, also the comfort.

- Isabel N

My vehicle is so reliable and comfortable that I have to say it's great.

I love my vehicle. It's very reliable, I can move furniture and have my kids sit comfortable in there car seats. I've been driving it for years now and it still runs great. It's never broke down on me and it's easy to use and drive. I know I can always count on it to get me to doctors appointments or anywhere I need to go.

- Bradley R

Compact truck with the get up of a lion I guess it's pretty nice.

Reliable and compact for a truck. Honestly they are hard to find, but if you find one for a decent price with less that 150k miles hop on it asap. I was able to find mine with 60k miles for $15k. Use that as a gauge when you buy yours. Very fun to drive and handy when it comes to the 4 wheel drive and the bed.

- William B

Workhorse 2008 GMC canyon 4 wheel drive.

A very reliable 4 wheel drive GMC canyon. This truck gets me to and from work every day. And other days to places I need to get to. I have had this truck for 4 1/2 years and it is paid for. It gets alright mileage, it is a workhorse of a truck. It has a superior 5 cylinder gas engine.

- Bill M

Why my car is a good car.

It is a comfortable car. It has good performance. It has good safety. It also has good reliability. It has no problems. It has smooth driving. It is a comfortable car. It has good performance. It has good safety. It also has good reliability. It has no problems. It has smooth driving.

- John H

Very dependable and reliable.

I had electric problems with ignition they fixed it after the 3rd time then recalled. I have to have synthetic oil. This truck is very reliable gets good gas mileage truck is comfortable air and heat are great. Cruise works good. Driving in all types of weather never had any problems.

- Stacy G

08 canyon expectation and upside.

Great small sized pickup truck with excellent performance. The gas mileage is a plus due to its' smaller size. With 4 wheel drive capability, the canyon does very well in tough situations like dirt and mud. The interior is to be expected for an '08 vehicle but the space is quite nice.

- William B

Dependable comfortable truck.

I,ve had this truck for almost six years and it has proven to be dependable at all times in all seasons. I use it to do farm work so I know it hauls and tows well even on muddy and rutted farm roads. It is also one of the best on road rides I have had.


2008 GMC Canyon great small truck

My 2008 GMC Canyon drives well. It gets around 18 mpg city and around 20 mpg highway. It has over 200,000 miles on it and have had great luck with it running. It had started to rust a bit. It is comfy to drive.

- allison g

Good truck. Electronics need work. Would be interested to see how those components fare in the newer models.

There have been some recurring nagging problems. Not essential to operating the vehicle but annoyances with electronic components. Eg: Tire Pressure Monitor, Air Intake Light, Cruise Control, etc.

- Pamela S

It's incredibly reliable even though it's an older model.

I like the more compact size of the cab, rather than the massive trucks that I need a ladder to get into. I also enjoy It's forest green paint job. However I dislike It's faulty window system.

- Barbara D

Curtain airbags all around

Only problem was with sitting comfortably. I loved everything else about my truck. It was side impact tested and everything

- Telisha F

That even though it's a smaller cab truck, it is able to carry heavy loads.

I love how reliable it is. Even though it's an older model, it's very trustworthy. I also like it's color - evergreen!

- Barbara s

Comfortable seating in the front and extended cab.

My vehicle serves me well. The only thing I wish is that it was 4 wheel drive. . . Not a fault of the vehicle.

- Neal L

Sometimes, my key does not register with my truck, so it doesn't want to start and you have to wait it out.

I like how well it has run for me over the past 4 years. It gets me where I need to go without a problem.

- Alexander Y

Color seats drive air heat radio.

It runs good but it is high on gas. Also the tale pipe makes noise. I like the seats, color and radio.

- Pamela M

Would recommend this vehicle to others. affordable and dependable

Full efficient and lots of storage space. Lots of cab room. dependable and reliable.

- Staci H

I search out the most reliable and dependable vehicle I can find.

I like the color and it is reliable. I do not like some of the quality issues.

- Hans R

Rough riding 2008 GMC canyon.

- Amanda B