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One of the best cars I have driven!

My GMC Terrain is one of the near vehicles I have owned. The 9 speed turbo engine has the power I need without the big engine. It has great gas mileage due to this feature. There is plenty of room in the front and the console has room to store items that you may need. There is plenty of legroom in the backseat also, the overall comfort of the interior is amazing. Cue to a larger wheelbase the ride is very comfortable and smooth. I love the hands free talking feature, I don't usually talk on the phone when driving g but if I have to it's nice to know that I can just push a button and talk. The only thing g that took a little getting used to was the push buttons to put the car in gear. Overall I live Terrain and would recommend it for your next vehicle.

- Kathy D

The New Terrain: Slimmer, Sophisticated, and Simple.

It is very easy to drive. Has many hands off tools to keep your eyes on the road. OnStar is just a button away, and everything you need to change your music or answer phone calls is on the wheel, allowing quick and easy maneuvers to be an efficient and safe driver. Is simple and sophisticated. The tools in the car aren't complicated, yet new and innovative. The back up camera is great for parking and exiting parking spaces. The size is large, yet you don't feel like you're in a big box like past Terrain models.

- Bailey N

Great drive, technology is not all it's cracked up to be.

I am quite pleased with my new purchase. It is very comfortable and fits my needs as a consumer very well. My only complaint is the touch screen is not as user friendly as it should be for a vehicle where you are mostly moving and not having the time or the eyesight available to mess around to get directions or operate the music. Other than that hiccup I love this car and all its wonderful features.

- Ben J

Push button start, push button drive in reverse And heated leather seats

The GMC terrain is a very comfortable vehicle with lots of room. It has heated leather seats in the trunk opens automatically with a kick. The back seats will go down with just a poll of A lever which is very convenient. The vehicle gets great gas mileage compared to my jeep Cherokee which was my last vehicle. Overall I love my GMC terrain and would recommend this vehicle to anyone

- Timothy K

My vehicle has 2w drove but a 4w option in case you get stuck in the snow.

It drives really good, gets good gas mileage, and has great features like Bluetooth calling and Wi-Fi and even USB ports I love the style and it has lots of room in the back seat and in the trunk. It also has a backup camera that really helps when driving. It also alerts you when something is in your backseat so you don't forget to check.

- Melissa O

GMC terrain, no shifter and no key, modern century!

Sometimes it sticks when you switch it into Reverse or Drive. They are just buttons you pull out with your finger while having your foot on the brake, definitely took some getting used to. It shuts off at lights or any braking of the SUV, which is supposedly fuel efficient, I'm always nervous it won't jump out as fast as I need it to.

- Ariel A

Great Safety features and roomy

This is my 3rd terrain and I love the safety features, the performance and the great gas mileage. With all the rain and snow we get, I feel very safe with the all wheel drive and how it handles on the roads. I love that the back is lower than other SUV models , so I can easily slide items out instead of trying to lift them.

- Janet I

Rugged but sporty. Has the feel of an SUV but does try much smoother ride.

Has great pick up. Smooth ride. Sleek looking. Good on gas. High up. Spacious. So far no problems. Comfortable seats. I thought I would hate having no gear shift but I really like the buttons. Auto e-brake took a minute to get use to, but it's a cool feature. Don't love the vibrating seat when u get too close to something.

- Nadia C

Computer for the usual stereo

GMCs are great, and Terrains have everything you want. There's a button to start it, there's never lag on the car, and it operates flawlessly with a built in computer system. You can change where audio plays in the car, it locks and unlocks itself, you can choose from several colors, and has a nice finish.

- Jimbo O

The automatic stop start engine.

I love my terrain. Driving long distances is never a problem because of the comfortable seating and space for passengers. It does take some getting used to with the auto stop start engine but once you drive it enough, you barely notice it. I get very good gas mileage for the city driving that I do every day.

- Jaime B

Has a backseat reminder to check for kids

I am very happy driving my GMC Terrain. It feels stable, drives very well in snow, an connects with my Apple phone. I love my heated seats and can fit my two kids easily with room for strollers and diaper bags. The pick up on the highway is not what my old V6 was but it keeps up with traffic

- Brie L

Amazing vehicles. New technology.

We really love our new SUV vehicles 2019 model . Very comfortable and easy to start cute and sweet inside. We always lease SUV even we travel somewhere around in united state we feel comfortable and the sounds inside is perfect for us. With Wifi and connected to onstar.

- Irene M

I love the safety features of this car.

attractive, drives great, has every feature I could want, and many I didn't know I needed, but now love. Favorite features include the lane assist, the parking break mode, and the automatic cruise control when on the interstate. Also love how it syncs with my iPhone.

- Meredith K

I highly recommend to anyone looking for small SUV

Turning radius is awesome. All the controls are on the steering wheel, heated steering wheel is very nice and it's good in the snow with four-wheel-drive. Drivability is great, the speed control in the morning indicators for over the speed limit, or Ace school zone

- Kimberly L

Nice Car. Long term value still to be determined.

I really like all of the new technology in the vehicle. Accessing my phone through the system is really. However, the mileage isn't as good as it claims unless you only drive on the highway. And I've already had some transmission problems in the first 6,000 miles.

- Raven D

2019 Terrain. Expansive moonroof is impressive. Auto lift gate convenient.

It is a newer model from the 2017 I turned in. I am getting used to it. Storage space is different and not as accommodating to my belongings. Rear windows are smaller and have more blind spots. Do not have alert package. Auto lift gate is very nice and sky roof.

- Nancy K

The Terrain is a good buy

Really nice vehicle for daily use. I upgraded the engine as the standard engine was underpowered in my opinion. It's a nice size as I can get my two large dogs in back. The entertainment systems is a little buggy but there is a recall that will probably fix it.

- Mike O

Evaluation of my new 2019 GMC Terrain.

Great vehicle for its class, size and price. Easy to handle, park and use. Gives excellent gas mileage for the gallon usage. Dashboard information system is very user friendly unlike the Ford Edge I previously owned. Is everything I expected and more.

- James R