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Great family vehicle! Makes life easy for a family of 6.

I love all of the features of this vehicle. There is a button to put the rear up or down that can be controlled from the front or behind the vehicle. It has excellent storage space in the trunk. The third row is a life saver and is electronic so it is easy to put the back row up or down depending on our needs. The Bluetooth works well and if we chose to pay for the Wi-Fi service we could have a hotspot in our car. There is also a charging station on the center console if we had a phone that was compatible. That is probably one of the downfalls though as well. I would have to go purchase extra equipment for my phone to use it so I still have to use my regular charger. The sensors have also been going out on me.

- Emily G

My GMC Yukon XL is great for our growing family that stays on the go!

I drive a GMC Yukon XL Denali. I love how spacious the interior is. There is plenty of room for our family of 4...and 2 adult labs! The entertainment system is a lifesaver when traveling with 2 boys under the age of 10. In contrast, I don't love how long the vehicle is. I feel like I'm driving a huge bus. I also don't like where the tv screens are located. When a movie is playing and the screen is down, the driver's view of behind is blocked

- Kali M

You got to try a Yukon Denali.

This really is an amazing vehicle. You can haul a heavy load, drive off-road, nice space for each seat and leg room. Seats are comfortable and adjustable air in and heat in front and all of real. Middle seats auto fold up for more luggage space. It runs long term when maintained haven't had any issues at all with it! The only thing I wish it had was more trunk space. There is not much trunk space!

- Angela T

Denali xl comfort and reliability.

I got a fully loaded Yukon xl Denali that has every option included, including ventilated seats which I love here in Florida. I have had this vehicle almost two years now and have not experienced any problems with it. The reliability and comfort are great. All the comfort and safety features make this a very nice vehicle if you are looking for a large SUV without paying the price of an escalade.

- Jerry C

Best big car ever for a great price.

It has rear view camera, sensors, and park assist. It also has lane assist and tells you if you're too close to something, making pretty much impossible to get into an accident. When all the windows are up, it cancels outside noise and wind. It has Bluetooth and WiFi. It is extremely comfortable to drive. I love that the 3rd row seats have buttons making easy to fold and unfold.

- Cindy N

I think it is interesting that the second row of seats are not adjustable.

I am very happy with this vehicle, in fact, this is my third Yukon. My husband is 6'5" and this is one of the few vehicles he can ride in comfortably. I am having a hard time getting used to the back up camera being on the screen instead of in the rear view mirror but that is really a small issue. The ride is smooth and comfortable and, so far, we are very pleased.

- Marlene W

A cool mom’s ride for certain!

My Yukon drives very smooth. It is not overly bulky and easy to park. It has plenty of seating for my whole family but allows for hauling space if you fold the third row seat back. It is comfortable to ride in for lengthy trips. The television is ideal for young children and traveling. The two captains chairs are perfect also for a higher level of comfort.

- Ashley S

GMC Yukon: the perfect family vehicle.

The Yukon is a perfect vehicle from the inside out. The styling accommodates a rugged weekend camping trip, as well as a classy night out on the town. The interior is comfortable, well thought-out, and equally stylish. The safety features are outstanding and have prevented several close calls already. I would highly recommend this vehicle to any family.

- James M

Love that is has back up alarms and back windshield wiper.

The seats are not very easy for folding down and setting up. Also has had a lot of mechanical issues. Other than that, we love the extra space for our family of 5! Seats are comfortable and easy to clean. Nice speaker system and built in Bluetooth. Trunk has lots of space for bulky items or groceries. All around it has been a great family car for us!

- Shelby K

2017 Yukon xl great car for a family.

A lot of space for traveling, comfortable, has a towing package on. Over all I love the vehicle!! Reliable and it is the safest vehicle on the road. Has heated and air condition seats! Has two DVD players blu ray I might add. Gets great gas mileage. I would recommend this vehicle that travels a lot and has kids.

- Tanya W

Our 2017 GMC Yukon Denali

Although we've only had it for about 2 months, we already know it's the most roomiest and comfortable vehicle we've ever owned. We say that even though we lived in Europe for many years driving vehicles from there. It's large and a strong vehicle and has features other vehicles should strive for.

- David L

It's very durable. The body style is also very appealing to me.

I have been a loyal fan for many years. I am aware we have a choice in the products we choose. And I am proud to day I have not been disappointed once about my vehicles quality. I like everything about it, the way it feels, the way it smells, the way the seats sink in to form fit around my rear end.

- Gean R

Thoughts on my 2017 GMC Yukon.

I love my Yukon! It is comfortable and reliable and has room for all my kids. I wish the automatic buttons to fold the seats down in the rear were labeled more clearly. We always get the mixed up and which way to push them to fold them down. I enjoy all the extras and my kids love the DVD player.

- Erika L

Spacious vehicle for a family of 5.

We love our Yukon xl. We are a family of 5 and needed the space. We fit 3 car seats and 2 strollers. I am able to grocery shop and fit everything in the trunk. It good gas mileage and all the technology it comes with is user friendly. I love the back up camera and the driver assist.

- Ariana M

My vehicle is black with black leather interior, nice.

I really enjoy my vehicle the only issues I have is with the computer aspects of this vehicle. I have to consistently have it reset by the dealer because it continues to malfunction for no reason. Other than that my vehicle is comfortable, great features and a great experience.

- Desmond J

GMC Yukon is an overall great vehicle!

Overall great vehicle. Performs well, is safe, and is a very comfortable and smooth drive. For me, there are almost too many fancy features. Getting this vehicle was a major upgrade for me and I have never had anything like it. I am learning new things about it everyday.

- Ashley R

The safety features. Lots of air bags and warns you veer out of the lane or a car stopping in front of you.

It has so many safety features. I love the way the seat vibrates it a car is stopping in front of you or you veer out of the lines. The only thing i would change is how they have the trunk at a slant causing anything i put in the trunk to fall out when i open the hatch.

- Jacqueline B

A nice family vehicle with our active lifestyle.

I love the smooth ride. The interior is nicely designed. I love connecting my phone through the Bluetooth connection for hands free calling and listening to podcasts. The xl is a must. The kids can bring friends or we can bring friends and fit everyone comfortably.

- Nicole M

10/10 would recommend to a friend.

It is one of the best performance cars I owned. It's very reliable with all the new technology inside and it very comfortable inside. The best feature it has is the Bluetooth connection with phones. It's just a really beautiful car overall. I would recommend 100%.

- Carsten M

Very comfortable vehicle. The leg room in the back is top of the line.

No issues whatsoever. Performance is great. Reliability is great. Comfort is top of the line. If you are looking for a car with space, comfort, feel, reliability and easy to control and drive. Then this is the SUV for you. I am very satisfied with my purchase.

- Jason M

Perfect in the snow and all seasons!

Air conditioning only in front- have to have it on full blast to feel it throughout car. Small engine that has kick back when going onto highways. Seats are comfortable but not for long trips. Besides that it is reliable and a great car for all conditions.

- Brenda T

Handsome SUV. Luxurious yet family child friendly.

Good performance. I love the technology. Rain sensor. Roomy inside. Reliable. Very comfortable. Bluetooth connect. Onstar connectivity. External features is very nice. The head light led lamps are great. Could actually use more leg room on the third row.

- Christie D

It's very reliable and safe.

It's very comfortable to ride in and it handles very well. It has plenty of passenger room and cargo space. It has a lot of safety features, ie blind spot detection, lane departure warning, and forward collision braking. They only negative is the MPG.

- Amy w

Safety features that this vehicle has, auto braking, blind spot notify. . .

Like the style & the roominess of my vehicle. I have room I carry my grandchildren. They like that it has a DVD player, where they can watch movies on long car rides and I like it as well, since it keeps them quiet.

- Pamela B

It has 3 row seating and is a cool car to drive. I am mostly satisfied.

I really like that the radio is touch screen. It is easy to know where everything is and easy to set cruise. I love that the windshield wipers go and stop themselves. I do not hate anything about this car.

- Kali N

It has a build in auto theft system.

I like the build in navigation system. The vibrating seats to let you know when your too close to an object is my favorite feature. I dislike the captain seats, I would prefer a full middle row.

- Tracy S

Best car on the market for big families, especially those with several young children

I have not had any problems with my Yukon after owning it for a little over a year. It drives well, gets good gas mileage for such a large truck and has plenty of room for my families needs

- Whitney W

It is very new technology with all the computerization.

I like all the bells and whistles. Onstar Bluetooth. I don't like the terrible blind spots. I don't like having to rely on the sensor light in the mirror if a car is in the blind spot.

- Leigh Ann A

Comfortable. Reliable. Safe. Roomy. Full of features.

Extremely comfortable on long trips. Excellent safety features, such as backup camera, collision alert, airbags. Could use more storage space in the back when third row seat is up.

- Denise S

My vehicle has many safety standards that not all have.

I like the safety of a sport utility vehicle. I enjoy the comfort and ride. The seating is spacious and easily accommodates my entire family. The controls are easy to use as well.

- Jessica A

this truck sucks dont buy it

it keeps breaking down, I have problems with the electrical system all the time. I have a broken windshield and the knock sensors need replacing and it is so ugly.

- Sam B

Plenty of extra for families

The Yukon is a roomy vehicle with enough extras for our large family. We love number of USB ports as well as the actual plug ins that we can use on long road trips

- Stacy W

Very roomy and comfortable with all the bells & whistles

I have had my Yukon for about a year. Up until the I had owned Fords. I have really enjoyed a change. It is a very comfortable ride & handles really well.

- Gina D

A car that's stylish, safe, and perfect for the entire family

The GMC Yukon is a dependable car with many luxury and safety options. The Yukon is a comfortable car to drive and offers many family-friendly options.

- Kelly I

The most important thing that others should know is that it is mine & I love it!

I love the comfort of the ride. The smoothness of the drive, the amount of room and space. Only complaint at this point is the crazy windshield wipers.

- Charlotte H

Best vehicle I have ever owned.

I haven't had any issues with my Yukon xl. The features provided by this vehicle make it the most comfortable and safest vehicle I have ever owned.

- Jose P

Large and In Charge Yukon XL

Large reliable vehicle that is extremely comfortable. From the heated and cooled leather front seats to the far back, there is room for everyone.

- catherine r

It is not great on gas mileage but it does hold enough gallons that I don't have to refill often.

It has all of the features that I wanted. I love the 2 screens for the DVD player. I do not use the sunroof as much as I thought I would have.

- Elise G

Well made vehicle that is dependable and durable for everyday usage and traveling.

It has ample space for me and my family with flexible third row seating. It provides a comfortable ride when driving. I feel safe being in it.

- Reba S

I have the Yukon xl comes with everything sunroof navigation and is an awesome.

I love everything about it. All the features is great and I have had no issues. If I had to buy another one I would buy the same kind I have.

- Jennifer C

Great vehicle with a lot of space but takes a lot of gas.

I like how comfortable the vehicle is. There is plenty of legroom and a great sound system. The only thing I dislike is how much it uses gas.

- Madison M

Plenty of space for children.

Great vehicle and size. Comfortable and parkable. Maneuverability. Plenty of power on highways. Heavy and great control in extreme weather.

- Lorna K

It is reliable and wonderful. I take care of it as suggested and have no issues.

I love my truck. I take it in for scheduled maintenance as suggested and I have NO issues. I take care of IT, and it takes care of ME!!!!!

- Jennifer S

The ride is smooth and there is lots of legroom.

I love the room, comfort and entertainment. Like the body style and running boards. Do not love the jerk that my car has when you reverse.

- Monica B

It is a truck so repairs can be pricey.

No issues with this vehicle. I absolutely love it. Only thing is it takes a lot of gas so fuel is pricey but it is not bad on fuel usage.

- Corinne M

It is reliable, comfortable and spacious.

I like everything about it. The white color, the sunroof, the seats, the speakers, the cargo space, the seating space. Just everything.

- Jill R

It is very spacious and a great family vehicle.

I absolutely love my Yukon, because it has a great ride and very smooth on the road. Extremely safe for my children and great on gas.

- Sandra G

How spacious it is. One of the few vehicles my 6’4” husband is comfortable in.

No problems. Rides nice. Backup camera better in the mirror. Gas mileage could be better. All in all a comfortable, reliable vehicle.

- Mary W

GMC Yukon is made for long distance travel.

Super comfortable and safe. Reliable and stylish. I love be exterior body and he interior is spacious. Perfect for long distance.

- Kristin R

Very dependable and very comfortable.

Comfortable, roomy and easy to drive. Get good gas mileage, very reliable, and good cargo room. No major issues to report.

- Michelle P

The Yukon xl denali is an awesome safe family vehicle.

The Yukon XL Denali is very user friendly. I love all of the safety features such and the large amount of cargo space.

- Hannah E

Runs well and you feel very safe in it. I love the fact that 7 people can ride in it. We have the ability to tow. The seats are also able to go down so you are able to carry cargo.

Very easy to drive. It has a memory for driver 1 and 2. Has all the bells and whistles that I could possibly want.

- Wanda H

It's really long so you have to be careful when backing up.

It is easy to drive but I wish it had a DVD player. I like how easy it is to back up with. I don't like the color

- Brenda B

Just the right height for older family members.

I love the durability and reputation with GMC. I love how it rides. I love the spacious cargo area that it has.

- Megan C

How smoothly it rides. I receive compliments on it all the time.

The Yukon rides very smoothly, is quiet and very comfortable. It gets good gas mileage yet has plenty of power.

- Mike P

it has been very Dependable

It is loaded with everything s it is very comfortable I have a long commute so comfort is very important to me

- Adam M

Nothing except family if 4 plenty if room.

No complaints. Love the SUV. Plenty of room. Leather seats. Air conditioning seats. 7 passenger capacity.

- Howard W

Space is amazing! We have so much room and love it!

It is a black Yukon XL. It is 2017. We love it! It is super spacious and perfect for our growing family.

- Catherine R

It is Perfect for your family

No issues, very comfortable, drives great, classy, great fuel mileage for the type of vehicle it is.

- Brand L

Yukon Denali - good purchase.

Powerful engine, comfortable ride. So far it's been reliable. Drives well in snow. Love the wifi.

- Barb B

It gets great gas mileage on long distance trips!

My car is very comfortable. It gets great long distance gas mileage. I feel very safe in my car.

- Mahbuba L

Our Yukon XL has been a great vehicle and with it being an XL we have more room IN. The back for storage when going on trips. I like the drop down running boards due to being short and having knee and back problems.

How smoothly the vehicle drives weather going down the highway or just running around town.

- Janice F

My car is very roomy on vacation It's a lot of room for everyone

Love the color the size and the room inside don't like how much it take to fill it up

- sandy h

My vehicle is a black suv, that has lots of space. There's a rear camera and a radio screen. The suv is very smooth and easy to drive.

The one most important thing others should know is that it's very simple to drive.

- Zaneeyiah B

It's safe for my family and reliable when it matters most

Only complaint is lack of trunk space even with third row down

- Carrie P

That GMC vehicles are now the upgrade to Chevy instead of merely the work grade

I like the size and comfort level. The nav system and p

- Don K

the one most important thing others should know about my car is I like it.

Like the size, technology and mileage. No complaints!

- Phil D