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Pros and cons of the new Yukon. Greatest SUV on the market.

My vehicle is very spacey. I have 3 kids and all of them fit comfortably. We can transport all 3 kids with 2 friends with no problems. Performance this far he's been good. I did have a dead battery the first month but the temperature outside was below 30 for several days and it was not driven for 3 days when that happened. The kids are able to watch there iPad with the build in Wifi. The push button back seats a great new feature compared to my older Tahoe when you manually had to put them down. My only wish is that the back seat control can be up front by the driver so that you do not have to get out of the car.

- Christy M

I absolutely love the style. My favorite feature is the seat warmers.

My vehicle is classy and comfortable. I get great gas mileage. It is very roomy. Enjoy taking my Yukon on long trips with the family. I feel very safe against other drivers. The features inside the vehicle such as a no key start, the automatic door locks to opening the back hatch. If it is up to eight people with third row seating. And also has a rack on the roof to pack any extra luggage. It came with a trailer hitch to pull items such as campers, trailers, and boats. The heated seats are wonderful in the winter time.

- Amy N

Perfect SUV for small family.

I love this car! Traded a small SUV for more room and was not disappointed. I feel safe in the large size and sitting up high allows me to see my surroundings easily. I love the safety features- blind spot indicator, collision sensors and backup camera. The cooled and heated seats are also a favorite feature that can be used year round. There were tons of add on options available when we were shopping for this vehicle.

- Katie C

Yukon family fit, is it for your family?

As a family of five, the third row is to small for any of our kids to fit. And my youngest two kids are only 10 and 11. Also, if we have the last row up, then there is no room behind it to fit in anything else, suitcases, groceries, etc. So when running other children that requires more planning on my part, which I do not always have time for. We are a very busy, active family, and this vehicles does not fit us.

- Sarah B

White GMC Yukon, 2018. Great mom car!

I switched to the Yukon from the Tahoe and I have to say, I have been a tad disappointed. I am not exactly sure the name of the feature, but the GMC's have some 'gas saving' feature on them and it does not have any get up and go. I thought it was just mine, but my father in laws truck is the same way. There are numerous other amazing features and great for moms!

- Courtney C

Perfect vehicle for both adults and kids!

Super comfortable, smooth riding. Light colored interior is easy to clean. Love all the features inside and the kids love the DVD player! Easy to use app from GMC keeps you up to date on your cars needs and helps you out if you lock your keys inside! Heated seats and steering wheel are an absolute must! You will not regret riding in luxury in a Yukon!

- Kathy B

I feel that my family and I are very safe in the vehicle.

I love all the features: pedal height adjust, heated and cooling seats, heated steering wheel, navigation, lane control, auto stop, roomy, lots of storage space for the kid's sports gear, drives excellent in the snow and ice, etc. I really like the exterior look, very streamline and luxurious. No complaints.

- Jodi W

The sunroom is very beautiful and brings in great lighting.

It is great overall it could have a bigger trunk. It also has a great sound system with great bass. The seats are very comfortable to sleep in. It has 3rd row seating for 7 people. It has a cup holder for every passenger. The color of it is beautiful it is good if you do not want to wash your car every week.

- Tiara T

It has been a great family car it has security features that make us feel safer.

I have no problems with my vehicle so far. It has been great we are very satisfied with our purchase. It is spacious comfortable and my girls have enjoyed it very much. It has been great for long road trips since my girls are able to watch movies while we are on the road and that has really been great.

- Victoria C

Yukon xl review from a mom of three.

It is perfect for the family, fits all the children in comfortably, makes for enjoyable rides. The ride is always smooth, not a whole lot of sound. I would recommend getting leather seats if you have kids and making sure that it has DVD player in it as well. The DVD player is a life saver.

- Ashley F

Luxurious ride you do not feel no bumps or rough in the road.

The Yukon is very nice. It is very comfortable on long drives; yes, it takes a lot of gas but the features are not of the radio is opposed it. It is very nice as well oh and the seats come down you have so much room in there and I love to drive it because it is so big it is really nice.

- Jeanie J

GMC Yukon review, needs better trunk space.

Then GMC Yukon is the most comfortable car I have driven and been passenger. I love the space. The touch screen features are nice on the radio. My only complaint is the trunk space. There is minimal space with the third row up, so if you need a decent amount of trunk space, get the xl.

- Karen B

It has lift gate that you foot your foot under the bumper to open.

I love the extra features it has lots of safety features that will help with parking. The heated seats and heated steering wheel are nice. It is very comfortable and a good vehicle for traveling. It has plenty of power when passing cars. The leather seats are very comfortable.

- Gwen B

Great reliable family car.

It is comfortable. Great family car. Wish they were a little cheaper and companies weren't money hungry. One negative is annoying rattle we cannot find. I wouldn't trade this car though it is been very reliable. Heated steering wheel is nice and I love the sound system.

- Brittany B

Has a lot of cargo space for a big family

A great car very reliable and a lot of cargo space. Holds a lot of people and with car seats well. A great car for road trips and the truncheons space is ample. Very easy to drive and has all the bells and whistles to make it comfortable in the road.??

- Steph A

Safety best describes the GMC Yukon while looking good at the same time.

Great vehicle, we love it! My wife and kids were in a bad accident and the Yukon kept them safe. Never had any problems. Very reliable and just as comfortable as any vehicle I have owned. We are very happy with our Yukon.

- Eric M

Beautiful for living in the country love nature and mud.

Gas prices to high and the insurance is way to much for NY budget not counting the payments I would like something smaller but I enjoy the outdoors and mud and trucks so I guess you win some and you lose some any.

- Bobbi N

A great SUV for families with many great features that help make it a great car

I love the size of the car. I have captains seats in the second row so it makes it difficult for 3 kids in carseats. I love the heating and cooling seats. I also like the drivers alerts.

- Erik N

Great car for any age and any use.

I pretty much like everything about the vehicle. Its spacious, comfortable it's excellent for the family and long trips. Do not have any complaints of the truck it's been great so far.

- ClAudia H

Great gas mileage, very comfortable and kid friendly.

The yukon denali has tons of convenience features as well as a very luxurious interior. This vehicle is very versatile for families while keeping it in the luxury vehicle category.

- Chris P

Less features but costs more

I just purchased this vehicle a few months ago and it lacks several of the features from the vehicle that I traded in and it costs much more than the vehicle that I traded in.

- Lisa B

The crash safety ratings are fantastic - really a safe truck to be in

I love the solid feel, the smooth ride and the styling of the vehicle overall. The vehicle is the perfect mix of sporty and luxury. The engine is huge and I LOVE the power.

- Marcus s

I love the fact that the Yukon comes with the feature for lane change assist and front crash detection. When someone stops quickly in front of you, the Yukon detects this and will alert you and hit the brakes.

The GMC Yukon is amazing as it is a 3 row seater. It has tons of features. It has lane change assist and rear seat detection. There are so many different features to list.

- Shannon K

It is a great family car. Great handling and steering.

I dislike that it was so expensive. I love the room. I love the features. I love the handling and the smoothness of the ride. It is the best vehicle I have ever owned.

- Josey D

It is a very nice SUV for the price. In comparison to other SUVs of its size you can't go wrong. The interior and exterior design are top notch. Comfort and ride unparalleled.

I purchased the Yukon Denali. It is a roomy comfortable riding SUV. The luxury and space are exceptional. The technology built in the car is outstanding.

- Moses E

Very spacious and lots of cargo room. It is a great family friendly car.

I love how much cargo room there is and how comfortable of a ride it is. I don't have any complaints right now. It tows really well. My kids love it too!

- Brandy K

It is a gas guzzler but I don't mind that for the power you get with it.

I love the vehicle, but I just don't love the price these vehicles cost. It has every feature you could ask for. IT is a very comfortable ride.

- Holly F

It is very comfortable to drive

Love the size of the vehicle. Also, the second row bucket seats are perfect with my two kids. Great handling, big vehicle but drives like a car

- Amanda P

Very expensive but worth it.

Love that it is a nice car. It is fun to drive and safe. Do not like the limited trunk space. Whereas mold Yukon xl had a lot.

- John Z

Smooth driving and easy to maneuver

I love being up high. I like being able to see the road well. It is a smooth driving car. It also has very little road noise.

- Mary F

It's like a second home when you are traveling or just driving kids around.

When the front of the two rear tv screens is down, you cannot see out the back window. I love everything else.

- Nicole S

I can fit pretty much anything in it.

Beautiful ride, and the fact it is a hybrid. Very safe. Does not require a lot of maintenance. Great on gas.

- Mary Jude S

It is a deluxe model. It has everything you could want. It has many safety features

I just bought this vehicle. I love it. It drives nice. It has plenty of power and space. No complaints

- Linda G

It is very quiet and is extremely safe when driving because of several safety features.

I like the comfort and quietness of the Yukon. It has very good acceleration. The new style is great.

- Terry M

The safety features. It gives me some peace helping me stay in the lane on busy freeways with its autocorrect.

Love all the new safety features! No complaints except cost is getting out of control on SUV's.

- Ashley H

I have no complaints about my vehicle. This is the best SUV I have ever driven. I don't have just one favorite part of my Yukon, it drives smooth, it's really fast, and it just looks awesome! I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a new SUV!

It's the best you can get and you won't be disappointed when spending the money to buy it!

- Melissa V

Strong. Tough. Dependable.

It's so smooth. Great family car with a lot of storage. Not great on gas mileage.

- Sarah A

bad gas mileage but very easy to meet a family's needs

I don't like that it is so long but it is very comfortable

- Marilee B