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For driving yes, but not for jamming

2015 Honda Civic Hybrid Base

I love everything that involves the driving aspect of the Vehicle, it has a smooth ride, gets amazing gas mileage, and had never had any mechanical problems so far. The only issues that I have noticed with this car, which are small, is that the design of the dashboard is not the best. With my high and comfort placement of my seat the wheel always covers the speedometer. I think that the ports to plug in phones to charge and play music have an in-convenient set up. The radio is also not the best quality and if anything but the radio is being played through the speakers it comes out substantially quieter. Other than those small details the car is reliable, and long lasting.

- Barrette A

The Reliable Honda Civic Hybrid 2015

2015 Honda Civic Hybrid 4dr Sdn L4 CVT Hybrid

Honestly this car is very reliable. The only thing I 'down side', and I'm being very picky, is the size. Don't get me wrong it helps many times but I personally find myself buying many things when I go grocery shopping so it's a disadvantage to me, but for living in the city it's perfect! I don't take up too much space and if someone else's car does I can still fit into tight spots. I get gas about every week and a half. It's very modern and excellent sound system.

- April C

The Honda Civic is a great, reliable car

2015 Honda Civic Hybrid 4dr Sdn L4 CVT Hybrid

The overall performance is great. The car runs very well. The seats could be a bit more comfortable however I did buy the lowest model. I love the electronic dashboard that displays your speed. Overall this car is very reliable and great for long road trips because it is very fuel efficient.

- Marianne P

Bluetooth capability is the best thing ever!

2015 Honda Civic Hybrid 4dr Sdn L4 CVT Hybrid

The civic is the perfect size for me. It has more room than it looks like it would. And so far everything works really well. It has Bluetooth capabilities which I use all the time and I love it, especially when talking on the phone and listening to music from my phone.

- Rachel H

Honda Civic: Reliable First Car!

2015 Honda Civic Hybrid 4dr Sdn L4 CVT Hybrid

This is a great first car. It is consistently reliable and drives well. However I find that the driver's seat can be uncomfortable at times and because the car is so short and low to the ground it may not be best for individuals who are taller than 6 feet

- Julie M

Great in the snow, Bluetooth bonus!

2015 Honda Civic Hybrid 4dr Sdn L4 CVT w/Navi Hybrid

GREAT gas mileage, love the Bluetooth feature. The dashboard makes the car look like a spaceship, which is actually kind of cool. For being a tiny sedan, this car does AMAZING in the snow. I haven't slid once, and I've now done two winters in this car.

- Emma M