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The type r is a real head turner! I get people asking questions all the time.

My 2018 Honda Civic type - r is amazing! I personally haven't had any issues and am almost have 15, 000 miles on the vehicle. The factory 20” wheels would have to be my only “dislike”. They're just too big and makes the ride pretty rough and the low profile tires they're wrapped in didn't last long at all, right at about 7, 500. So, I ended up getting aftermarket 18” (18x9. 5 +36) wheels to fit a thicker tire on them. Now it is perfect! There’s no rubbing whatsoever in all three drive modes, comfort, sport and r!

- Zac R

Pimped up Civic that is a blast to drive.

The vehicle itself is very aesthetically pleasing for me, though it might be a tad over-decorated. Typical of all Honda cars, it has a thrilling acceleration, even better than that of a normal civic. It has proven to be reliable and I've rarely had to service it, only for the typical check ups and oil replacements. Driven around 20k miles in it to date.

- Ben N

Fun car for any day, anytime.

I cannot say enough good things about the type r. You have cargo space, room for car seats, and it is fuel efficient. It has an aggressively sporty look and the handling is top of the line! It is a fun daily driver, and a day at the track is a blast! You would not regret the purchase!

- James G

Automatically speeds up and slows down.

My cat is a little old but is still in very good condition. It has good speed. The performance is great. There are not many problems with it, although one window does not work automatically speeds up and slows down your car to keep a set following distance relative to the car ahead.

- Jul M

It does not need to be AWD, it is great as a FWD car!

It's a race card for the streets but is still a very comfortable car with great features. Though the car is fun to drive it does have its own little quakes that you have to get used to but that comes with what type of car it is.

- Matthew V

your comfort on the way is magnificent

In general, I like it a lot, I do not consider that it has defects as such, I would like the rear-view mirrors to be a little bigger, but in general good. I really like my car.

- carol m

The ain't nothing like a Vtec Turbo Car!

I always stick to what I know, and Hondas for me have always been reliable cars, I own a Civic Si and the new Civic Type R!

- Quinton B

It has very very very very low maintenance on the up keep

Reliable dependable gets me where i need to be also it has great gas mileage it has a camera also it has leather seats

- Shador V

It is big and awkward to park.

It is the perfect daily driver. The clutch is amazing. I wish it was louder and had a blow off valve.

- Peter B