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Helpful 2014 Honda highlights.

Great commuter car for getting to work. Fast on highways. Small & compact, so fits in a variety of parking spaces. Is a hatchback so getting groceries to stay in place can sometimes be problematic, but has a guard to help secure a few items. Air conditioner is excellent, gets very cold in the car. Decent gas mileage. Good sound system. Has a rear view camera in the dashboard mirror in the middle that really helps with backing up & parking. Cool feature it being in the mirror & makes it convenient to look at when parking & backing up. Takes higher quality gas, but worth it in the long run b/c overall use of car & reliability is upkept. Less visits for repairs or other issues by using higher quality fuel. Awesome red color that stands out & looks quite swift.

- Timothy F

I love my reliable Honda CR-V.

The trunk of my car was always slow to open (I would have to press the button on the trunk a couple of times or hold the button). I got it replaced and it works perfectly now and I am very satisfied with my car. It is comfortable for me to drive, is not too noisy on freeways, easy to parallel park due to the backup camera and short length of the car, and overall a reliable car.

- Marie Claire T

The car looks fun, sporty but safe

The seats hug you when you're driving. Very quiet ride, especially when you're stopped at a light. The car is reliable and looks very sporty. Only problem is when I get in and out of the car I have to move the seat or I won't be able to fit comfortably. If that's the only problem I have then this car is going to be great.

- Rachel C

Super fast and cool hybrid car

The car-z is wonderful. It saves a lot of gas on Econ mode. It doesn't have a back seat but still holds two people comfortably and is great for long road trips. The sound system in the car is fantastic. It is faster and has more power than expected. It handles wonderfully. I'm very happy with it.

- Kathleen C

CRV: everything I wanted and more.

I really like my CR-V because as a student teacher it helps me to have room in my car to get things to and from the school. It is also great on gas mileage and for when I start expanding my family. I like to also take my dog around and she has plenty of room!

- Samantha R