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20 year old Honda Prelude, a quality vehicle that longs for the open Highway.

2001 Honda Prelude SH

The quality of my car is enduring, but the city I live in is known for terrible roads and it is such a low-slung car with little clearance, very fast and efficient but made for a highway, not these beat up streets I've had many a problem with struts. And tires from the potholes. I've already had the timing mechanism changed it only has a hundred fifty thousand miles on it and it flies on the highway. It has leaked into the trunk has a lot of mildew in it and I had to rip the carpet out. Also if the battery is ever turned off for example when you change it or leave the lights on it is very difficult to turn the auto theft back off to get the radio on the only thing falling apart on the 2001 car is out of the plastic on the dash.

- ivette C

I love my prelude, it has guts, and is reliable.

2001 Honda Prelude

I love my prelude. It is very reliable, low maintenance, has power, fun to drive. Because it requires high octane gas, it can be expensive to drive, but since it has been so reliable, and not needed many automotive repairs, and gets decent gas mileage, it is requirement of higher priced gas has not been an issue in the long term. My car is not stock, it has a performance exhaust system, and an upgraded sound system, and did when I bought it, so I do not know if I would like my car as much if it was stock. Overall, the second favorite car I have ever owned.

- Eileen R

Why Honda Preludes Are The Best!

2001 Honda Prelude Base

This Honda is the best ever! It is sporty, fast, reliable and great on gas mileage! I have never owned a car that has been so fun to drive. My Honda is so attractive and stylish! It never has let me down. I have not had any mechanical problems with it. I wish Honda would continue to make the Prelude or bring it back!

- Erin B

Hot style and fantastic details

2001 Honda Prelude SH

I have had no problems with my Honda Prelude front wheel drive. My car is very good on gas and excellent in the snow. It has great gas mileage and has never overheated or broke down. Comfortable seats and fantastic shifting and braking. I love the cornering and it comes to a quick stop when I need it to.

- Dean B

Amazing, affordable, fun car

2001 Honda Prelude Base

This car has been exceedingly reliable, except for two years, in which I had to replace my a/c at $3600, and a variety of valves the next year, to the tune of about 3k. It handles like a dream, and is ergonomically correct for me. Even though I've developed back pain; it is still comfortable to drive.

- Bernie R

The great forgotten prelude.

2001 Honda Prelude

Great small vehicle gets good gas mileage people constantly wanting to purchase the car from me and I have done very little to it except put a new stereo with navigation in it. Very fast 225 hours es and that with a 4 cylinder motor in it. Just an aftermarket air intakes.

- Robert S

It just does not run and there's no cause.

2001 Honda Prelude

I had the car for maybe a week and a half, bought all the things I was told you replace made sure everything was up to date then out of nowhere will not run, I have had it checked out by 3 different machines and they cannot find the source of the problem.

- Kayla W

Hawaii salt air won't destroy my car.

2001 Honda Prelude

It's old. It runs great because I believe in maintenance and respecting what you own, it's just old. The engine, transmission, and air con work great, and the brake pads, windshield wipers and tires are replaced as needed.

- Carey F

It has trouble going in reverse.

2001 Honda Prelude

I love the gas mileage, I love that repairs are cheap and it rarely breaks down. I love that it is easy to drive and handles well. I do not love how low to the ground it is and wish I had more trunk space.

- Chelsea B

It has a lot of problems but it gets me to work.

2001 Honda Prelude

I bought my car used when I was desperate for a vehicle. The price was reasonable and it was in fairly good condition. It is not my dream car, it has a lot of issues, but it'll do for now!

- Gabe S

It's a small car relative to newer models. I feel the car is old school technology.

2001 Honda Prelude

The car is quick, nimble and easy to steer. I like the comfortable fit I have sitting inside the driver compartment. I have no complaints.

- Michael W

It handles well. It is pretty. Good on gas.

2001 Honda Prelude

The car drives well. It is hard to get in and out of. It is a sports car. It handles well. It has a sunroof.

- Angela H

It is in completely stock form.

2001 Honda Prelude

I have no dislikes with this vehicle. It is a great car. It is very reliable and is low maintenance.

- Phillip M