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My 2002 Hyundai Elantra is reliable and has wonderful mileage.

My Hyundai Elantra is very reliable. The car has ways of showing you when something is wrong under the hood before breaking down completely. I bought my car from a used car lot. The car may have been sitting for a while, so immediately I knew there were going to be a few things I would be preparing to fix first chance. I have now had my Elantra for approximately 3 months and the most I have had to repair was my alternator belt twice. The only reason I had to go replace the belt for a second time is due to it not being adjusted properly. Other than that I love my Hyundai Elantra!

- Andrea J

The Everlasting Elantra That Keeps On Going...and Going...and Going...

Baby has kept going all these years and is showing her age with some dents (some by me; some by others who didn't watch what they were doing with car doors & one by a 20+-year-old woman learning to drive who hit me in my driver's side rear panel). She's got a wonderful "uncle" who had worked on her in 2011 when I finally got her back from the ex & kept her in relatively tip-top shape. She drives a round-trip of 62 miles daily for my work until I can move closer to work. She has over $167,000 miles on her, but works pretty well for her age.

- Julie C

Horrible car. Not safe by any means (well mine at least).

My vehicle is horrible. The exhaust is broken, a headlight is broken, needs a new belt, starter, basically everything I just need a new vehicle. I am afraid at any moment my car will break down on me. It is unreliable transportation. I do not ever feel safe with my kids in the car. I am afraid one car wreck and they wouldn't survive. It doesn't hold car seats properly and even tightening the seat belt, they will still move.

- Aries B

My car is a 2002 With over 100,000 miles. Runs great!

This car runs very well given its age. I purchased it 4 years ago from a dealership, it only had 1 previous owner. It had 80,000 miles when I bought it and now has over 100,000. Occasionally I have issues with parts that need replaced simply because it is 16 years old with high mileage. The repairs are worth it to me since I do not have a car payment. Will be looking to replace in the next couple of years though.

- Rachel H

Nothing to say on this subject.

My car was bought used and has had some front end problems. I have had to replace struts, one axle, crankshaft sensor, and also have had a fuse problem pertaining to the horn and air conditioning. It is a good car, other than these problems. Gets decent gas mileage. It's not most comfortable car, but it's okay. It's not a luxury car, so that is to be expected.. All in all it's a pretty reliable car for its age.

- Jill R

Hyundai Elantra: simple and more than enough.

I have loved my Elantra. I have driven it from Florida to Indiana more than once, to Minnesota, and to Michigan more times than I can count and it has not let me down. It has had it is fair share of issues, such as needing a new accelerator, but it has been worth investing in. I have put 40000+ miles on in the past four years after purchasing it used. For an old car, it is held up great.

- Annie N

Dependable car for work and getting around town. Great on gas

Passed emissions test. Good on gas radio works good oil changed in time. New brakes put on a year ago. Drive at least 50 miles a day. Good tires and drives good in snow. Taken to Florida drive very good. Has rust on side no dents. No accidents I know of. Seats are comfortable. Could be hard to get out for some low to the ground. Electric windows can be controlled from driver's side.

- Cathy B

Great overall vehicle for the family.

Has excellent driving abilities, safe, secure and very maneuverable. No repairs to the engine or main parts, at least in mine specific one, in the first 180000 miles. Fuel economy is one of the best I have seen, about 32 miles per gallon in city traffic and near 40 at a constant speed in the freeways. Great performance. Good exterior lines and very comfortable inside.

- Erik R

The car is old now, but still runs well.

It is a great car. It is getting super old, but still running well with cosmetic issues happening from age. Most of the repairs that have had to be made on it are normal repairs with age. Because it is so old, there are none of the nice new features in cars, such as no way to hook up a phone. But it drives well and is reliable even in tough weather.

- Gwen M

My Hyundai Elantra is very unique because it is a hatchback.

My Hyundai Elantra is old, yet still reliable. It is a 2002 model and I bought it about 2 years ago and have had very few problems. It was a great first car to me and I hope to spend a lot more time with it. The gas mileage is great too. Would very highly recommend this car. Mine is a hatchback so it is also very spacious.

- Emma T

It my look small but it holds a lot.

My car is very dependable. I have had it for 2 years now and I have not had one problem with it. It's good in the winter it handles very well. I love the hatch back that car can haul a lot in the back. It's very good on the gas mileage. If I had to say if I have any dislikes about my car I would say I wish it were a 6 cylinder.

- Kathleen M

Old Elantra that keeps on running well

This has been a great car and I have not had any problems. It has been very reliable and comfortable. I like driving it a lot even though it is a little old now. If you get a car like this I am sure you will be happy! The performance is really great. All you have to do is keep it maintained and it will work well for you.

- Jeff S

Why I love my comfy, carefree car!

This has been the most trouble free car I have ever owned. I almost never have any issues with it, runs great, comfortable seats, drives well. I love it. Still gets good mileage, too. I have had to replace the antenna, thought, because it came off in the car wash.. It is old school. The newer models have a nicer one.

- Karen C

Power steering. Runs fast. I love it.

Liable, ugly outside, drives well, lots of mileage. Runs great. wouldn't give it up for nothing. This is the best car I ever had. If I could afford a paint job though. Paid a reasonable amount for it. I have had it for about 4 yrs. now. And I love it. The color needs to be changed but that's ok.

- Holly B

My only problems with my Hyundai.

I wish it had a key fob so I can lock and unlock all my doors easier. It would be really nice if there was automatic overhead lights when I open the door. The clock in the car is very difficult to change, and it sometimes is fast or behind even though I change it back to the correct time.

- Caitlin U

A must buy for all family types! The Elantra is amazing on gas.

I have had my Elantra for 2 years now and even though it has almost 300,000.00 it runs like a new car still. Performance on highway is excellent. The only problem is the middle dash is broke open from the heat that the window has done over time being in sun. All in all I love my used car!

- Shorter M

Reliable and economical driving comfort. The Hyundai Elantra is a great car.

My Elantra is the most reliable car I have ever owned. With regular maintenance, it just runs and runs. The Elantra gets great gas mileage in town and on the highway. The adjustable drivers seat and steering wheel make it very comfortable to drive. I will purchase a Hyundai again.

- Melissa M

I Love My New Hyundai Elantra

I have only owned this car for about 2 weeks now but I must say for it to be an older used car I am very happy with it. Everything still works very good on this car it's very sporty looking and I look great driving it. My Hyundai Elantra runs great and gets great gas mileage.

- Beth c

I like the size of the car. It is small just for me.

It needs a little work, a engine light always comes on and I have it checked all the time, the mechanic said it was nothing going on with, they didn't know what the problem was at all. But now it come on and off. I like my car size and it stability at this age.

- A M

Older model but feels like new.

My car runs very well for an older model. Haven’t had many repairs needed but when I have they were expensive. That would be a problem. Great on mileage and has a comfortable ride and very good on gas. I feel my car is reliable in bad weather as well as good.

- Denise K

Model looks as well as new designs. Compact look is still stylish.

Regular maintenance and replacement of wear & tear parts have served me well. Still nice looking car. Great mileage. Regular gas. Inside dashboard still modern looking and interior marches many. New models. Handles well with one to one ratio. Smooth ride.

- Jean L

Reliable car. Its old and has a lot of miles but still works.

My car currently has 380,000 miles on it so it's pretty old and beat down. My car has something wrong with the motor so it vibrates when its on. I also got in an accident so it has some cosmetic issues.

- Ellie E

2002 Hyundai Elantra - rusty but reliable

The car is very old so there has been a lot of issues with it - broken heater, brake issues, frequent oil changes. However it is very reliable and as a college student has lasted me a very long time.

- Emma R

It's still going - will keep until it completely dies, even though it's not the prettiest vehicle on the road.

Still runs fine after buying used in 2009. The paint job is really bad though. Since it is older, there is more maintenance - tires, brakes, spark plugs, etc - but it gets me where I need to go.

- Nicole S

The car is very easy to drive.

Very comfortable and easy to drive in. Comfy seats, air conditioning works perfectly, decent size trunk, with a full backseat. Old model however, still has cigarette lighter inside the car.

- Maria M

Even though my car is an older model it is reliable and always takes me where I need to go.

I like that my car is reliable for the most part. It is easy to use and compact. I do not like that since it is an older model it does not have the advance technology I wish it did.

- Arely S

It's very durable. Still runs good and cure little car.

The car has 250000 miles and is still going strong. The only thing that isn't working correctly is the o2 sensor in the gas tank and the shocks and struts had to be replaced.

- Katelynn H

Reliable, gas saving hatchback

I have had my car for 7 years. I love it because it's reliable and it gets amazing gas mileage. It's getting old however so it sounds rough and it's starting to fall apart

- Merrideth M

I have installed headers and other exhaust parts that have came along way.

I have had my vehicle for a long time, and have been in love with every moment! I work on it all the time and the dependability has been something to admire for years!

- Travis O

Our Hyundai Elantra is a beast

It has been a very reliable car since the day we bought it, very easy to repair even when things have gone wrong with it. Which was operator error in most situations.

- Ronda G

Hyundai Elantra hatchback gt

It's been a reliable car for me for 2 and a half years, I've maintained oil changes and brake replacement, only major issue was intake manifold gasket replacement

- Mitch Z

The most important thing about my car would be the air conditioning is amazing

I bought my car used from a dealership in cash .The previous owner had the car serviced multiple times within one month .Which made the car run pretty smooth

- Kevin J

Best, nice, economical car that I have ever owned!

It is a great car, great on gas, family car, cheap maintenance, my children and I absolutely love this car and definitely will be getting another Hyundai.

- Whitney B

It is a Hyundai not a Honda

The Elantra has a lot of problems. The paint is peeling. We've had to replace the battery multiple times as well as the water pump, tire rods and more.

- Beth L

200,000+ miles and still runs great! This has been a very reliable vehicle for many years.

This Hyundai Elantra has proven to be very reliable transportation. I like the good gas mileage. I don't like that the body is beginning to look it'

- Lance L

Back up camera is amazing and so is Bluetooth capabilities.

I dislike that it is old and outdated. There is no Bluetooth or automatic locking doors. Needs a lot of work. I like that I own it and it was cheap.

- Skyler A

They are very nice vehicles.

Everything works fine pretty old car but very reliable keep up with maintenance and repaired and this type of car is a snag in decent condition.

- Robert B

Older model but runs well.

Had problem with check engine light after many years of owning car. It is great on gas and has hardly any mileage and was used on long trips.

- Denise K

Even though she's ugly she works well

I love the car. It's a little old but my mom gave it to me and even with the age it only has 130xxx miles. It runs well and drives awesome

- Tristan R

For the age of my car, I can say that that year and model is great.

I paid 450.00 for it two years ago and since then I only had to change oil and tune up. I only had one major issue and was due to potholes.

- Von F

Not over happy about driving this car

Its fine not any major repairs. Gas mileage OK. Took it to deal repair shop but they can't figure out why it races when I am at a stop

- Deborah M

That it gets great gas mileage, very reliable. Best

Great on gas and only a few problems with it. Nothing major. Oil change once a year and am going to get a tune up soon. Never had one

- Vicky S

That it is very reliable and safe car used for all season

Miles have to be checked also the fluids and condition of the vehicle is very important as well as checking all aspects of safety

- Robert B

Very reliable and long lasting! Especially because people made fun of Hyundai when they first came out.

It's a nice sized car; roomy interior and comfortable. Has good pick up. Bigger trunk and exterior style than the newer models.

- vicki s

The color of the vehicle is teal and it is a small sedan 4 door.

The only problem I have had with the vehicle would be the jerking on the vehicle, but this is do to a speed sensor malfunction.

- Maurice P

It runs good and it is very comfortable. The most important thing others should know is that it is a good cash car.

I like my vehicle because it is dependable. It looks good too because it has no body damage and it has been painted recently.

- Alfred A

My car is a standard fourth gear is very versatile it have a 20 mile shifting range and is good for getting up to highway speed quickly .A good speed is 60 then shifting into 5 gear.

The upholstery is ok just needs cleaning , there is a dent in the trunk , and the power steering needs to be looked at.

- Steven S

Its reliable and great on gas.

Great mpg, smooth ride, has extras like sunroof and power everything, has hatchback too which is great for sound system.

- Alex F

How spacious it is. The way it handles. It is easy to drive.

Love it has air conditioning and radio works good. It is electric and easy to drive. It is spacious room and the color.

- Clara L

Gets good gas mileage and has had few problems over the last 14 years.

Been a good car for the last 14 years. I do regular maintenance and get good gas mileage. Gets me where I need to go.

- sarah l

The car is very economical on gas.

It has good safety features and easy to drive. It also has very economical to drive. However, it is now a bit dated.

- Brian B

I love my '02 Hyundai Elantra

I love my '02 Hyundai Elantra, because it is great on gas and it is one of the easiest cars I have ever worked on

- Kolton R

It's 16 years old and holds up like a champ.

Great car, has a few minor issues. Current largest issue is a squeezed gas line. Gas mileage could also improve.

- Devon H

Reliable and style that blends in with newer brands.

Compact, sporty and nice ride. I like the color, design and interior. I dislike that I cannot afFord a new one!.

- Jean L. J

It's lasted a very long time and has been very efficient.

It's comfortable. Good on gas mileage. Very affordable for my purposes. I don't dislike anything about my car.

- Deb P

The car is reliable and has been good for me.

I like the gas mileage and the durability of it. I wouldn't mind having a newer car. Overall the car is good.

- Brian V

You're better off with a different car. This car will be nothing but trouble.

It has more problems than it's worth. It is always in the shop. It has cost more than it's value in repairs.

- Ben P

Reliable and lasts many years.

Good mileage. Lasts through the years. Car rusted quickly. Requires more maintenance. Interior did not last.

- Nicole K

It has to much rust on it.

No. Complaints' just not in the best of shape bought it used and to much rust on it. Car is to small.

- Gail V

It may not be the prettiest car but it starts up every time.

I love that my car always starts with no problems. What I dislike is it is rusting out very badly.

- Amy F

still runs great it's red in color it's a stick gets descend gas mileage, 4 doors

when it's a stick, not good for city traffic but great otherwise. Next car will be an automatic.

- john d

I like the power of the car. I dislike the power steering issues it has had. I also dislike the power windows. I'm not a fan of power windows.

My car has a lot of mileage on it. It needs a lot of work on it. However, it is still running.

- John D

Hyundai is a great brand, I will buy the same brand again

Gas mileage is great. It is reliable. Aftermarket parts are found easily and at a great price

- G G

That is very economic in al senses

Very good performance. Magnificent fuel efficiency. Very reliable and never gives me trouble

- Heredio R

Where the oil goes and when it should be changed.

It's still great on gas mileage, but it's old so it's having more and more issues.

- Bob C

It's dependable. I've had it for 14 years & haven't had any major issues yet.

It's dependable & affordable, which is great for me because I'm disabled.

- Lance M

It is a smooth riding car. It shifts well and it is comfortable

I love that it is manual transmission, it has a sunroof, it rides nice

- Maria S

it can last for many yrs if taken care of

it runs like new.but does not have the extras of something newer

- phil o

It runs pretty well for how old it is. It has decent gas mileage.

I can't take it on vacations because it has vapor lock.

- Anna M

It has been my favorite car so far. It handles well and is fun to drive. It has been dependable and it comfortable to ride in. I like the way both the interior and exterior look. It also starts well in the cold weather and handles well on bad roads. When I have to replace it, I hope to get another Hyundai.

It has been the most reliable car I have ever owned.

- Susan K

It has a nice stock speaker system

Got outside damages from things hitting it

- Garrett F

I've owned it for 16 years with no problems

Reliable, low maintenance, easy handling

- Michael M