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Blind stop detector, smooth ride.

I love my car, it is smooth and it only costs me $60 dollars in gas a month!! I love the electric blue color and it has a lot of safety stuff. It has lane assist. It lets me know when someone is in my blind spot. For a small car it has a lot of space because it is a hatchback.

- Emma B

Overall, I like the size of the vehicle and the high mpg.

So far, in the 8 months I have owned it; I have had virtually no problems. Occasionally, the Bluetooth kicks off, but comes back on when I fiddle with it a bit. The door handle lock fell off once in the service dept at dealer got it on right away. I like the very high mpg.

- Karen B

I love my Hyundai hybrid car.

So far no problems, great mileage, love it. Several long trip, 1000 miles plus, and it has preformed great. Mileage is as advertised. Drove from Florida to Ohio on $20. 00 Of gas. Heated seats are great to soothe an aching back. Android auto app is a great navigation aid.

- Barry A

I love this versatile car. The hatchback makes it easy to haul large items and the gas mileage makes it affordable to drive anywhere! I love the technology in the car and the displays of it in the dashboard. The apple carplay features make driving with a map easy.

- Linda F

It feels safe and comfortable.

I like how spacious it feels on the inside but it is still a compact car. That is has the option to drive solely on battery. And that it has android auto. I do not like the lack of power it has when it first moves, and sometimes it jerks forward after i stopped.

- Kris W

It is a hybrid and is intended to be a fuel economy focused car.

I have a 2018 Hyundai Ioniq which is a hybrid car. I usually get around 55 MPH and it has saved me a ton of money for my commute. The only drawback to a hybrid and this vehicle is the shortage of horsepower due to the electric engine.

- Ryan O

Awesome car with plenty of room and A+ gas mileage

I love my vehicle. I love the design of the interior and exterior, the amount of space inside the car as well as the color. The gas mileage of the hybrid is also phenomenal.

- Susan P

Awesome cost-effective fuel-efficient vehicle with all the high tech

love all the high-tech features they have in the car (e.g., Google car), and the ability to drive endless miles on such small fuel capacity. Saves me a ton of money on gas.

- Janet L

The outstanding, best in class 55 Miles Per Gallon fuel efficiency.

I like the styling, comfort and technology of my 2018 Hyundai Ioniq. I love the mileage. At this point there is nothing that I don't like.

- Don L

It's a hybrid plug in. I rarely have to get gas. But a hybrid is actually terrible for the environment once that battery wears out.

I like that It's a plugin. I don't like that It's super slow and android auto is finicky and doesn't work very well.

- ana p

the fuel milage that this vehicle gets is amazing.

i love the vehicle because of the fuel milage that it gets. i also love the price that i got the car for.

- mykola m

it is very fuel efficient

i like how fuel efficient that my vehicle is. it is also very comfortable to ride in on long trips

- stacie W

It's amazing and it's a great car for Its price.

It's amazing gas mileage.additionally it runs smooth. It is also very comfortable and affordable!

- Zevy E

It has good mileage. It is a hybrid.

It is a hybrid, so I save money on gas. It also has good warranties.

- Jay B