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Reliable, compact, safe, slick car

I love my 2016 Value Edition Veloster. It is the 2nd I have owned. My 1st was a 2013 base. Pros on the 2016: I have had zero mechanical issues with it. It has enough room for hauling larger items when seats are put down. I love the sunroof and openness of the roof in general. The stereo system is better than the last veloster. The integration of Google/Apple car play is much more user friendly. Its quick when needed, fuel efficient when not "beat" on. Perfect amount of leg/head room. The front bucket seats hug you while you drive. Very comfortable. Drove 15 hours straight in it with no issues. Heck, I've slept in it (front seat laid down) and it was comfy. 3rd door and back seat are perfect for my 3 large dogs to ride in comfortably. Safe- I hit a deer at 55mph and the car out did itself in keeping me safe. Several thousand dollars in damage, but, no harm to me and absolutely no issues with the car since then. (It is fixed) Overall, great car for value. Cons: not enough storage space, the space in front of gear shifter is great, but stuff falls out the side onto the floor due to design. Tires on Value Edition are cheap and need to be replaced quickly-not good for the crappy roads in Wisconsin or as I call it Pot Hole City. :) Very bumpy ride. Cloth seats are fur magnets. I have 3 dogs and their fur is like glued onto the seats. Wish the window behind the drivers seat went down for ventilation for the dogs. Back seat not great for getting kids in and out with car seats as there is only the 1 side door back there. Not a ton of leg room either. (I assume most, like me, don't use this car for transporting people very often, so this won't apply to many). Again, I do Love the look, drive, affordability, and safety of the Veloster.

- Stacy

Wonderful value for money

This is my first experience with Hyundai, and I've my expectations have been blown away. I gravitated to Hyundai because I'd seen many research reports indicating the reliability had begun to exceed Honda, which at the time was a standard for top tier reliability. I've had zero problems with this vehicle after almost 4 years, including being in a minor accident. Fuel efficiency is wonderful when you drive properly, and the power is great when you don't. This is an extremely great match for a single person, or, couple with one, very small child.

- David W

2016 Hyundai three door hatch.

Definite upgrade for me. This is my first new car (all others were hand down 100,000 plus miles), and so far I have 64,000 miles on it and still going strong. The only two things I have had to replace is a mediocre battery, original from the dealership, and an emissions sensor (apparently chewed plug via squirrel this winter). The sport mode and paddle shifters can be fun to drive with at times when you want to shift gears like a manual without having to worry with a clutch pedal.

- Lauren K

That it is not reliable and that the claimed warranty is not really as stated.

The vehicle is small and efficient but I have had an intermittent problem with the engine/trans that they cannot fix. I have also had the car die with a blow master fuse that was not covered under the "bumper to bumper" warranty as well as a torn seat bolster that I had to repair out of my own pocket. I do not understand a "bumper to bumper" warranty that does not cover things. I would not recommend Hyundai for these reasons.

- Wilbert g

Compact car that sounds fast with all the bells and whistles.

Going over bumps the suspension is not that great as compared to other vehicles. Trying to find places to put air into my tires is a bit of an issue since I have the green caps that only allow a certain kind is a little frustrating. All the features are great for the price Bluetooth, full screen for the music listeners. My Audio features are probably why I purchased that car I. The first place.

- Shannon R

Overall decent car that is tons of fun!

It is a tiptronic car, so you can have it as a manual or an automatic. It has a lot of good horsepower, and is a fun car. If you have kids, they are a little squished in the back when they get older (teens), but otherwise it is really comfortable. Only issue so far is the knob for the a/c and heat not clicking into what level you want, but you can replace it for about $12, so not to bad.

- Kala B

Fun car to drive, but not practical.

First, the car is too low in the front. It is too easy to scrape when parking or driveways. Messes up the paint. 2nd, there is no spare tire. If flat or other tire issue, have to call for flatbed tow. This is through Hyundai and had to use once. I had to wait over 3 hours, and was only 1 mile away from dealership. If I had realized about lack of spare, I would not have purchased.

- Laurie W

No regrets...I love my Hyundai Veloster!

It is a beautiful car with a surprising amount of room inside for legs and cargo. Love the third door. It is reliable, no issues with performance. It gets good gas mileage (24-36 mpg). It is comfortable. It has a large screen making the backup camera most impressive and an added safety feature. Handles smoothly. I have never had a single regret with my choice of vehicle.

- Debbie R

The Veloster is fun to drive, but has some cheap parts that will break.

The Hyundai Veloster is a unique and fun vehicle to drive. I can get anywhere from 36-40 mpg on the highway and typically 33-35 mpg in the city. The car is fairly comfortable to drive, but beware of the blind spots. It comes equipped with a backup camera, Bluetooth, and power windows. The car also has paddle shifters if you want a more manual "feel" to the car.

- Samantha S

The best small car and it only down.

I love my Veloster it is so good with gas and the inside make you feel like your in a luxury car, the only bad part is that the seats are leather and sometime the screen displays take a while to read your fingerprint. But other then that it has been so much fun driving a small car, the back seat are roomy, my dog that is 100 and 4’5 fit back there.

- Stephanie S

It is stylist, it is cute, it is fun to drive.

I love my vehicle! It is so cute, the performance is spot on! I have had no issues with anything. I have driven many miles & never have had any discomfort. The full sunroof is the best, even in cold weather, I like to keep it open, it is a since of freedom! I get compliments on the color (red) & the style. Nothing bad to say, I just enjoy my vehicle!

- Leslie P

A purchase I do not regret to have done.

I love the color of my Veloster. I like the size because it is small so it is easy to find a parking place in the most busy parking lots. It has a reverse camera, very useful and it is easy to drive. The radio speakers are clear. Music can be regulated. Seats are comfortable and easy to clean. It has a sunroof through the air conditioning is strong.

- Maria C

Cute as a big and slow as a turtle.

My car is cute, reliable, and very good when it comes to my monthly gas bill. It has decent features included such as touch screen interface and Bluetooth for my phone. However, I do have the say the car is underpowered. I get frustrated trying to emerge into traffic since there is. It a lot of pick-up when I press the accelerator.

- Dee L

Comfortable, minor issues.

My Veloster needed a new engine when it got its first inspection. It also does not accelerate very quickly at all, especially going up hills. You really have to floor it to get it to go. It is low to the ground, so if you have trouble getting in and out of cars, this is not a good choice for you. It is very comfortable and roomy.

- Erika E

This car is fun to drive and with good gas mileage. Despite having the Turbo model upgrade, and doing a good amount of city driving, this car still gets me where I need to go efficiently with no take away from the fun of driving it.

Overall, it is a fun car to drive. Being that I drive a bit and sometimes for longer trips, it's essentially to me that I enjoy my ride. This car is equipped with all the essential features, as well as upgraded features to make the time I spend in my car as enjoyable as possible, whether it's the middle of winter or summer.

- Tommy M

About my little red Hyundai.

Good gas mileage. Has several blind spots they you eventually get used to. Love the backup camera. Very comfortable for me, a bit small for my husband. Also love the 3rd door that makes getting in the back much easier. Especially like the sporty look, and the turbo boost that is very helpful on the interstate.

- Paula W

Good car for the price, extremely reliable.

It does not have any performance problems, is reliable, and comfortable. It has a good warranty, decent stereo for a base model, and the traction control is great for winter driving. For performance, it isn't as get up and go as say the turbo models, but it looks just as good as the other Veloster models.

- Chris A

Can drive for hundreds of miles on one tank of gas.

The car runs very well, gas mileage is phenomenal. There's an alert if your tire pressure gets too low. It is way more spacious than you would expect. It holds a lot of gas but the mileage is so good that it barely uses any in my day to day driving. I haven't had any issues with the car so far.

- Cassandra B

It is small compact and sporty. Really fun to drive.

Very stiff suspension, the gas mileage is really good and has a good sound system. Really great car for short commutes and driving in not a lot of traffic. The car is very affordable and does not need a lot of maintenance. It has a 4 cylinder engine with a turbo so it is really fun to drive.

- Nick S

The Hyundai that could. The car is efficient.

The pros of the vehicle include efficient gas mileage, comfortable driving experience, excellent a/c or heater, and good single-person vehicle. The cons include adjusting to speed, 4-cylinder transmission, radio sometimes messes up (Bluetooth, screen, etc. ), and gas mileage is varied.

- Sara S

Absolutely awesome. A good value for the money. Very cute and economic.

I have had no problems with my vehicle. I absolutely love my car. Excellent gas mileage fun to drive. My third Hyundai. I would absolutely buy another one. It is 3 door so it is cute and roomy. I am able to fit my two grandchildren in or even two adults in the back comfortably.

- Vicky L

I enjoy the use of the use of the duel clutch.

Rapid acceleration causes the vehicle to stall. The vehicle has a get up and go that is good. It has good gas mileage and is great for in town commuting. The seat are stock but comfortable. The paint is nice. The retailer fitted the vehicle an off brand and unreliable battery.

- Kay L

240 watt stereo, 18 inch wheels, sunroof. What more do you want.

I love this car. It is smaller which suits my needs and gets about 35 mpg. I love the stereo, the sunroof and the 18in wheels. I've never had problem at all. Instrument panel is logical and easy to use. The rear view camera really helps. It's fun to drive and is problem free.

- Robert F

This car is small and low to the ground. It can be difficult for taller people to get out of.

I love my Veloster because it is small and peppy. It takes regular gas and is comfortable to drive. I usually have trouble driving most cars because of my knees and sciatic nerve issues, but I don't have any problems driving this car, and my commute can be 2-3 hours a day.

- Jen T

I would not hesitate to buy another Veloster!

My car handles very well on the road, even in bad weather. It is great for road trips! It gets excellent gas mileage. It has great features like traction control, which is great in the snow. The inside is very roomy for a compact car and the outside is very sporty looking.

- Rebecca W

Sporty looking commuter car.

2016 base model does not have a lot of power but the 40 miles per gallon is the reason I bought this car. The front seats are not that comfortable for larger people so long drives are not that comfortable but for a commuter car under 14, 000 dollars it's a great option.

- Larry M

Good on gas, great pick up and go.

I really like the performance of my car, it hugs the road going around corners, it has a lot of pick up and go, really good on gas, it is very comfortable and the rear parking feature is really a blessing. I never had heated seats before this car and I really love it.

- Christine K

The turbo is fun and works great.

Performance and power is great. Gas mileage is good. Had to replace airbag indicator and vacuum pump. Car only had 20000 miles when these were replaced. I love the style of the car & reactions I get to it in public. I am running out of things to say about my car.

- Rebecca R

Small economical vehicle smooth drive lots of fun good on gas.

It is good on gas and it's fun to drive it is also comfortable to be in for long drives. It is turbo so its fast and it gets complimented often. It has nice interior and the sunroof is awesome to have in the summertime. It is a small car it fits almost anywhere.

- Teresa L

Hyundai review, why it is not a practical car to buy for everyday commuters.

The engine blew recently, the car is terrible in bad weather. Especially snow, it is next to impossible to get anywhere when the roads are covered in snow or it is raining to hard. Additionally, my car has been to the mechanic six times in the last 3 months.

- Alexis D

Sporty and Stylish car and still plenty of room for passengers in the back

I love this sporty car. 3 doors makes it cheaper on the insurance because they don't see it as a sports car. Even though I wanted a smaller car just for myself, there is still plenty of room for people on the back seat. Performance and handling are awesome!

- Elke S

Amazing gas mileage, fun, reliable car.

Very comfortable, good gas mileage, reliable, great interior design as well as exterior, attractive to look at, very spacious for a smaller car, easy to maintain, great in long road trips, fitments for external and internal aftermarket parts, fun to drive.

- Vic R

Red Hyundai three door car.

The car gets great gas mileage. The carriage is a little low. People get confused that it only has three doors. A lot of storage in the hatchback. Comfortable seats. Sometimes a problem with Bluetooth connection. The windshield wipers smear a lot of times.

- Ryan H

The gas mileage is amazing.

I love that my car is convenient. It is not too big, but it is also not too small. It is a quick little car that is fun to drive and I have enjoyed it for the past year. The only thing I wish I could change about my car is how low to the ground it is.

- Emily R

It is very sporty looking but, at the same time, very economical to drive!

I like the vehicle very much. It is comfortable to drive. It has all the power I need. It is sporty looking but economical to drive at the same time. My one complaint is that it is awkward and sometimes a challenge to connect the seat belt.

- Fred C

Great low-mileage, resilient car.

It drives smoothly and gets fantastic gas mileage. It is surprisingly resilient to rough patches of road and has not given me any problems. The bucket seats are comfortable as well, and both tall and short people can drive the vehicle.

- Holly M

My Hyundai Veloster is so fun to drive. It is also fuel efficient.

Hyundai Veloster is small and sporty. Hyundai Veloster is very fuel efficient. Hyundai Veloster is heavy on the road when i drive in heavy through rain. Hyundai Veloster is easy to maneuver through traffic. It has one blind spot.

- Laura C

You should know that the visibility is impaired in this car. However, the back up camera and the extended side mirrors make it easily fixed.

I love the compact nature of this car. It is quick and gets great gas mileage. There is an issue with the visibility, but the back up camera is phenomenal. I get so many people commenting on how cute my car is. I have to agree!

- Tatiana B

Great fuel economy. Small car with plenty of legroom.

I love my orange Hyundai Veloster. It is compact and easy to drive. With plenty of legroom for my husband who is 6'2. Seats in back fold down so we can haul medium size stuff. A couple of months ago a water heater for example.

- Millie H

Hyundai makes great cars period

I like the style the comfort the gas mileage and the 10 year 100k miles bumper to bumper warranty. Also the fact that I have up to 5 yrs to trade in and get what I've paid into current vehicle credited towards next Hyundai.

- Bryan W

Everyone that has driven this car feels very comfortable and safe.

I love this car it has no problems a all the performance is great hugs the road really well, comfortable. If you need a new tire they are very expensive. I have a three door Veloster and I think It's great, love this car!

- Linda B

The one most important thing that that others should know about my car is that the manufacturer warranty is better than most. It cover almost everything and for a long time.

I love my vehicle because it is very fuel efficient and I can travel a long way before I need to refuel. I love the sleek look of the Hyundai Veloster and the inside is very comfortable and sporty looking.

- Jane S

Although it is turbo charged, the gas Usage is great on the car.

I do not like that it is not AWD it makes for the winter to be unbearable. Other than that I love the pick up on the car and the turbo is really great for it being my first car with that feature.

- Angela V

That it is great on gas mileage.

I love my Veloster because I feel like it represents me well. Plus, I love that it does not take much gas intake, and that it is dual shift. I have a yellow one and it is quite cute.

- Sarah H

Very sporty looking turbo. Considered as hatchback as far as insurance.

Too low to ground. Hard for me to get in and out of. Does not ride smooth enough and also has lots of air noise. It is a young persons car, not for someone with back problems.

- Janice A

Love my Veloster! I can't wait to get another!

I have a "tech package" added on to my vehicle with a full moon roof and turbo. I absolutely love it! It's low to the ground and - for its size - is very speedy!

- Cheyenne S

That it gets great gas mileage

I like that it it gets good gas mileage. It is also sporty looking. And it is just over all kind of fun to drive. I don't really have any complaints about my car

- Natalie N

Great mileage in the city and the highway, which is great with our gas prices

I love my car. Very stylish. Drives great, handles the road nice. I get great gas mileage both city and highway. The interior is beautiful, many great features.

- Robin W

Sporty but slow going sadly.

Seats are hard on a long drive, engine is very sluggish and slow on acceleration. Lots of plastic on interior. Trunk space is small but it is a hatchback.

- Grant R

It only has 3 doors, not 4.

The Hyundai Veloster is a nice, sporty hatchback. It is comfortable and has reasonable cargo space. It has or features and a 6 speed manual transmission.

- Erik F

It is very dependable and almost maintenance free.

I love the color. I like the siriusxm radio. I love the moonroof and open it whenever the weather is good. I like the way it feels when driving.

- Larry W

Has more room than it appears to have. Very sporty and sleek on the inside.

Great car. It's fast and drives nice. Great on gas. No real issues. Visibility can be hard seeing around corners but overall a great vehicle.

- Christina S

It is a 3 door car and super spacious when you consider the size of it.

I would say the car runs and feels great but I did have some alignment issues that wore out the tires. Other than that it is a great car.

- Juan B

Its awesome looking because it only has 3 doors.

It's so comfy. Love the colors and safety features. The trunk has a lot of space. I really do not have any complaints about this vehicle.

- Amanda C

Nice power and the 4 wheel drive works flawless.

It is a great car to ride around town in or even to take on our trips to see our son. It is comfortable and easy on gas. No complaints.

- Deb F

Great little sports car if you can put up with the way it changes gears!

I like the sporty ride. I like the comfort and the gas mileage. The only complaint would be the way the transmission changes gears.

- Bryant d

Great car at a reasonable price.

Sporty, great gas mileage, seats 4 comfortably my only complaint is it only has 3 doors and the 3rd door is on the passenger side.

- Greg S

Great fuel efficiency in a sporty car design

I love the red color, the fuel efficiency, and the moon roof. I do believe the engine is underpowered for the design of the car.

- Dee C

It is definitely cute. Sporty looking!

My visibility is difficult. My window washing fluid keeps draining even when not using. Brought to dealer twice for this issue.

- Laura H

Gas mileage is freaking awesome!

I love gas mileage, roomy, gas is cheap. I dislike it not having too much speed behind it, also wish it was a little bigger.

- Kayla T

It is made in Korea, not Japan so it is a very reliable vehicle.

It is reliable and sporty. It is very low maintenance. The price made it an excellent value. And it's Korean, not Japanese.

- Sheri A

It's a great hatchback and great car for highway travel.

Love having a newer car. Love the three doors. Hate that the third door is on the passenger side and not the drivers side.

- Patricia K

Not very roomy in the back of the car. Also there is different models.

It is not very roomy in the back of the car. Also for being a turbo model it could have a little bit more performance.

- Chase F

The gas mileage is great when going on trips and it runs wonderful.

I like the gas mileage. I like that it's compact. I wish it had heated seats. I wish it had automatic closing trunk.

- Angelica S

It has flexors that allow easy pick up for maximum speed access for your engine.

I like that it is convenient on gas. It also rides very easily as well as conveniently spacious for my dog as well.

- Taylor S

It is a three door car, so it may be an inconvenience to get in and out of the car

Color is orange, it is a turbo. First car I bought, has great gas mileage. Would recommend this car to others

- Garrett W

It has great mileage and it lasts long. It is definitely worth the price.

I love the look and mileage, I do not like the small engine. I wish it had more horsepower and a higher 1-60.

- Stephanie P

Great on gas and looks great

It's a fun car to drive. And it gets great gas mileage. Dislike the fact that it does not have a spare tire

- Martin W

Last for years runs and ride great.

I do like the vehicle's appearance and the miles per gallon, however I dislike the vehicle's low clearance.

- Michael D

Roomy car...for its size.

Performs great. No issues with it. It's beautiful . Highly recommend to everyone. Wish it had 4 doors

- Brenda M

It is the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned.

I have no complaints. The vehicle is quiet. The vehicle is reliable. The vehicle is quick and responsive.

- edward R

Comfortable to drive and the back seat is great also

Best car I love it and the company! Honest and a great car! Just take care of it and it will run forever

- Kim N

Good on gas, it is a 4 cylinder and a manual shift.

It is good on gas, lots of pep, very comfortable and just the right amount of gadgets like heated seats.

- Christine K

It runs well. There is nothing wrong with this car I have had for 2 years.

I love my car. I have had no problems with it and I is a comfortable and fun to drive around in.

- Debbie J

It is a very nice car. It has all the bells and whistles. It goes very fast.

It can go very fast. It has a backup camera. The only bad thing is it has a bad blindspot.

- Benjamin B

It is cute and gets great gas mileage.

It is very sporty. I like that it is fuel efficient. I don't really have any complaint s

- Natalie N

Consumer ratings for this vehicle are above average.

I like the vehicle's miles per gallon ratio and I dislike the vehicle's low clearance.

- Michael D

I love the moonroof. I like the sound system. I like the power windows and locks. I like the radio, but I dislike that I have to pay a subscription fee to play the xm stations. The radio should be free.

It is very reliable and dependable. The purchase price is extremely affordable.

- George W

Great gas saver and eco friendly. Has extra door compared to coupe

Love that it's a compact sports car, but have an extra door for my kids

- Hilda G

you have to use premium gas or your car will not run well and this can be pricey as well as it has to have synthetic oil and to keep warranty you most change it every 6 months kind of dumb

love the car small easy to get around and has surprising a lot of room

- deb k

My Hyundai Veloster has 201 hp which is good for such a small car.

Fast car. Manual transmission makes it fun. Bright blue colored.

- Alex F

It is A very efficient car with a good price point

It's a very Nice car. Good on gas . Efficient car. Good price

- Neal L

My Veloster is a great car! I love driving it because it is zippy and fun to drive. It has a sunroof and the cool wheel package so it looks super sporty.

It gets amazing gas mileage and is fun to drive everyday!

- jennifer b

car runs very well as a turbo stick shift although i think anything less than that would not be recommended.

good gas mileage on the highway and on regular side roads

- jason p

This year has no get up and go. For a sporty car its slow.

I like the style but it has no get up and go

- Jennifer S