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There is a 3rd door on the passenger side that people do not notice.

The value package of this car is great. The car has terrible blind spots because of its design but the little extra mirror on the side mirror helps a ton with this. I love this car, it drives really smooth and it is easy to control. It is perfect for me because it is small. Features include sunroof, push button to start, apple and android carplay, car navigation and more. All of these things come in handy to enjoy my drives and contribute to being safer. The seats are comfortable and can be adjusted per person. I do wish they were leather and not fabric. I also wish the rear view camera had actual sensors to really gauge how close you are to something. It is hard to tell with the blind spots.

- Courtney C

Advanced Hyundai hatchback.

I would definitely recommend the Hyundai Veloster. Not only do I enjoy its sporty hatchback style, but the features that it bring is what makes me love it. The carplay and back facing camera make it so easy to drive and navigate. As well as how it let's me know when I need an oil change since I am so bad at remembering that. The push to start feature and the ability to lock the car on the handles makes transitioning in and out of the car so seamless. The leather interior and the sunroof give the car extra glamour. And lastly, I love that it comes with the my Hyundai app that lets me lock it, turn it off, etc. from the app.

- Mary V

2017 Veloster turbo is a good buy for your money.

The Veloster turbo is all around a good quality car. Some power to climb hills and pass others. The tires hugs the corners very well. Passenger side is blind side and small window in the back can be a small issue. Overall the car rides very well with a decent 33-36 miles per gallon. The price is reasonable around $24-$25k. Very happy with purchase.

- Rob G

Small, efficient, perfect for a millennial.

No problems, it's a great car. The take off is great, it's easy to keep clean. Sunroof is huge and I keep it open all the time. Tires are small so when it comes time to get new ones it will likely be a bit costly. It is 3 doored which is cool so you don't have to slide up your seat to let people from the back out.

- Travis B

Three doors makes it awkward for passengers and hauling. Not for a family.

This car only had three doors, which is extremely inconvenient. It is small so maybe right for a single person. The car also shifts funky and has no get up and go to it at all. Do not pull out in front of anyone! I do not like that there is not a CD player because I am still behind in the times I guess.

- Jennie S

Car is nice sleek, and sporty. Makes you feel like a racer.

Veloster vehicle is pretty great. Small only 4 seats, enough room to pack stuff for one person. There's small issues with the vehicle in terms of space with people. Only for couples not good for families. Car is nice and fast, good on highways. I wish the gas mileage was better, otherwise great.

- Heidi S

How to get a Hyundai Veloster 2017.

No one problem so far! It is a great car for amazing value. I brought it used with 40, 000 miles. I know 40, 000 sounds high but the car work like a new. I brought the extended warranty so I am planning to keep it for the next 7 or 8 years. I got finance at 2. 99% apr with a local credit union.

- Hernandez O

Love the size and handling of this vehicle.

I really like this car, good gas mileage, many features that include backup camera. The car is a 5 star safety rating. My 6 year old daughter loves that she has her own door and small window that she can operated on her own. I like taking this car on road trips, it is great on the freeway.

- Kathy R

Not for big guys, but has a great tech package.

This car is not good for a big person because of the bucket seats. Also the transmission is a new type that seems a little weird and has no power. I bought mine with a tech package and the sound is great and had a subwoofer in the trunk. The interior design and body shape is very modern.

- Israel G

Overall it is a good car and I'd recommend it to someone else.

It is pretty big inside considering it is a car. I haven't had any problems at all. Reliability wise it is great. It is comfy but the back seats are more for small people or children. I like the navigation system and being able to use carplay. Overall it is a good car.

- Kati B

Great vehicle but that shifter.

Vehicle is great. The gas mileage seems to degrade quickly even with regular maintenance. The sound system is great and the auto itself runs great! The shifters on the steering wheel are annoying because they are accidentally pressed while driving occasionally.

- James L

Veloster sir a reliable and nice car.

It is a good vehicle, the seats are comfortable. For a car it's quite roomy on the inside. I like the GPS system. I like how you can do carplay mode with your phone and use Siri, maps, and music. The tires are pretty cool too. I like the back seats also.

- Kati B

2017 Hyundai Veloster Review

My Hyundai Veloster is a great car. It gets great gas mileage at about 30 mph. The interior is nice and has cool features and a touch screen radio and gps. Only con is the design of the body makes it hard to see in certain angles.

- Katie D

A highlight is the back camera, allows you to reverse w out crashing.

My vehicle has no problems at all. The system work perfectly although I wish the sound system was louder. Overall the car is really smooth to drive and it is spacious enough for yourself.

- L V

The Hyundai Veloster is a gorgeous car that handles incredibly well.

I love the color of my car, the way that the exterior looks, and how it drives. I don't like that sometimes the battery seems to have issues even though I bought it new. I love my sunroof.

- No W

I love the panoramic sunroof!

This is a great vehicle, just too small. Runs great, no mechanical issues so far. My only complaint is that it is so small the seat is nearly impossible to adjust comfortably.

- Ashley W

It's so small but roomy but especially Great on gas!

I love how stylish it is, quick it is, and how great on gas it is! It's really a great car for a busy city like this. I can park it anywhere and not have any problems!

- John B

It is a fun little roadster. It zips around very easily and has a great sound system.

I love the compact size, nav system, sunroof. But I do not like the transmission. It sticks in a gear sometimes and will not shift out easily at times.

- paula m

Sporty little good looking car!

It is a 4-cylinder, not a smooth of a drive as I thought it would be. Very pretty, very hot with the black interior. Good price.

- Teresa B

Is perfect to travel. Do not need a lot of gas.

I love it because is comfortable. Do not have to waste a lot of money on gas and easy to drive. Love all the attention it gets.

- Jen V

It is fast, fun, and red. I like it a lot.

It is fast, fun, and comfortable. It goes well. It gets good gas mileage. I love driving back and forth from work.

- Bryan L

Great Little car. Really good gas mileage.

The Veloster is a great little car. Great gas mileage. If you like a car where you sit low this is the one.

- Bruce V

My veloster is affordable and fits my lifestyle completely

My car is very good on gas, it is sporty and has some get up and go And has a very cute sporty look to it

- Brandy H

Bad suspension. Great on gas.

Too small. Bad suspension. Like the looks. Love the third door. Electronic system performs well. Not bad.

- Terry Y

This car is sporty and inexpensive, great for first time drivers.

Like it's sportiness, gas mileage and cost. Dislike the lack of power and rear seat head space

- Jay W

is very economic. and easy to drive.

I love how convenient it easy and comfortable.

- jenny v