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Kia Rio is a wonderful car. The gas mileage is phenomenal!

I have purchased my Kia Rio April of this year. I am very pleased with it is performance. The way it drives just hugs the road and steering is tight. The gas mileage is unbelievable! Although a smaller vehicle, the room inside is huge! Can comfortably fit 5 people. The trunk easily fits all luggage for traveling as well as large trips to the store. After owning used vehicles my whole life, I will never go back. My brand new car is outstanding. I have had zero issues with my Kia Rio. Also knowing the warranty covers 100, 000 miles gives me peace of mind. The purchase of my car also came with roadside assistance. I can call 24/7 and get help with a flat tire, running out of gas, vehicle problems, etc. This assistance also is available when I am traveling. I couldn't ask for a better plan. Last year I was not able to bring my daughter to college due to not having a reliable car. Now I am able to make the 400 mile trip with knowing I can trust my Rio to get me there and back with ease and peace of mind. And the gas money that I have to spend for a trip to visit and back easily fits in my budget. I am also teaching my teenage children how to drive. What a wonderful vehicle to do this in. I believe that they were able to learn faster with such a nice car. After taking lessons with me in my Kia Rio they do not want to drive any other car. And when the time comes for them to drive on their own, I can be rest assured that they will be safe. The Kia does exceptionally well consistently in all safety tests. What is more important than keeping your children safe and sound!

- Kim L

Perfect car for a single person with no children.

This car is ok. It gets me to work and my son to school. I put a lot if miles on it because of where I work so it gets pretty good gas mileage. Sometimes it takes a minute to get going. Like if I am at a red light and it turns green. I start to go, but it takes a minute to get going. I will push down on the accelerator but it still seems slow to start. Then all of a sudden it will jerk forward. That is one thing I do not like. I also think it needs a place to charge an electronic device in the back. There is only one charging outlet in the car and it is up front. It is also a very small car. I wouldn't recommend this car for a family. This is mostly a car for a single person.

- Joy F

It gets great gas mileage for someone who drives a lot or constantly.

What I like about my car the most, is that it gets GREAT gas mileage. I can make a tank full of gas last a long time. It has power, is very roomy and all my friends comment on how much they love my car. The only thing I don't like is that the only overhead light it has is the one in the middle of the ceiling. It doesn't have any lights upfront where the visors are, making it difficult to see at night inside the car. There is also no middle compartment between the seats, only cup holders and a larger holder. So everything loose has to go into my glove box. Oh, and no cruise control.

- Nicole K

Reliable, but not my Forever Car

I like my vehicle, but I wish it had more trunk space and space in the back seat. It runs as can be expected but it takes a while for the car to cool down or heat up when in extreme weather. Does not fair well in very poor conditions. I feel that it is a reliable car and am not worried about it on the day to day. My car has very limited features, but I chose it that way. I would prefer a car with a rear view camera, but for now this is okay. Definitely not my forever car, looking for more safety features and more space.

- Alexandria S

Rio the cars that is small in size but can run with the 4x4�s

Great on gas 40mpg($19 to fill up), easy to change oil yourself, comfortable, has plenty of space in both front and rear seats and also the trunk is very spacious. Can haul three full golf club bags. Low cost of insurance and looks pretty cool. Cons - road noise is a little loud. Once I hit a deer and it was pretty hard to get the damaged parts off and even harder to install new ones

- Michael C

Handles well on road and roomier than it looks.

The Kia handles well and has good gas mileage. The gas tank is small and I have to fill up more often than I would like. It can be a tight fit when transporting more than one person. There is not much leg room in the back seat. There is a decent amount of room in the trunk. The lights on the car are not automatic which would be nice. However the lights do go out if you turn the car off.

- Carol M

My car is spacious, reliable, and easy to drive with a great stereo system.

Comfy, small, easy to drive. My car is good for long trips and very spacious for a small car. The trunk is big which makes it easy as a musician to bring all of my gear everywhere I need to go. I love the stereo, USB and Bluetooth built in. This is my second car I have owned and I really enjoy it. I do not like the fact that there is no center console, but that is not a very big issue.

- Sarah S

Some of the faults of the 2017 Kia Rio.

The 2017 Kia Rio is a great car, but every car has its faults. For example, whenever I take mine through the car wash, the front engine hose cover always comes undone because it was made of plastic and its grooves to hold it in place aren't at all strong. Also, the inside of the front windshield becomes foggy quite often when the vehicle is not in use for a couple of days.

- Eli V

The gas mileage is fantastic

I am very happy with my Kia Rio. It handles very well and Zips in and out of traffic the way I wanted It 2. I love the styling and the seats are very comfortable to sit in for a long period of time. I've driven two and a half hours in this car and absolutely still love it. The inside features are very handy and it has a good stereo. I would recommend a Kia Rio to anyone

- Adrienne C

That it is fun to drive and affordable for those on a budget

I love my kia. It was affordable and I love having the 100,000 mile kia warranty. The handling is great and it gets really great gas mileage too. I also love the sleek design and the features like bluetooth. The only thing that I don't like is the idle is jumpy sometimes and even after taking it back to kia they assured me it's normal. It still worries me sometimes.

- Jessica C

Just a small car for someone who doesn't need a real car.

I needed a car because my current car at the time was not running well and Kia put me in a corner and tried to get one over on me and used my need against me. I wish for what I paid I could have gotten something better and more eco friendly. Something that could haul more and move larger items. It is a cute car, but it doesn't fit my life.

- katie H

2017 Kia Rio lx: reliable.

I have had no problems so far. As far as I know, the car is extremely comfortable for such a low price point as well as reliable and powerful for a 4 cylinder. The gas mileage is listed as below average, but 27-36 mpg is outstanding to most people. It currently costs $20 to fill up the tank here in Texas where gas costs $2.30 per gallon.

- Mason H

Great vehicle, a bit too small.

Vehicle runs smoothly. I have had no issues thus far and I have had it for over a year. It is a bit small however, I would say get it if you have small children and not a family full of young adults/adults like mine. Bluetooth, USB connections are a plus and work great. Plus you can add your phone’s contacts to the car which is good.

- Tan J

I do not recommend this car to anyone

It is really too small and not good on gas at all. It also seems to have not much power when you push the gas pedal it hesitates like it struggles to take off. There really is not much cargo space at all either. The battery had to be replaced not long after getting it. We have really had nothing but problems from that car.

- Bree M

Great car, lots of cool stuff.

It is a good car. Great miles per gallon (about 30 miles on average, ) with Bluetooth and a CD player. Comfy seats and a lot of available adjustments. Also comes with an eco button which helps save a lot of gas (slows down your engine, I think, so with eco on it is a bit harder to pass people or go uphill. ).

- Fiona W

Reliable Small Bubble Car

I love my car. It's very good on gas the only thing I don't like is the size and the update on technology. For a 2017 car I thought the rear view camera and updated radio system would be in the car. It is also very small. Good for just 1-3 people but if you have big family or kids this is not the right car.

- Shannon S

Silver Kia Rio with black interior

Smooth ride, can barely feel bumps. Ice, cold air conditioning and hot heat during winter. A Lot of space in car and trunk. Breaks last a while and so far two years without changing them. Silver in color with black interior. Came with two key fobs and works perfectly. Would definitely recommend

- Faith H

It�s small but very spacious

The shift is kind of rough. It has been bumped into by a motorcycle and the bumper is hanging off. It is very comfy to drive. Smooth once the initial shift. Updated stereo to where you can hook up your phone and listen to your own music. Air is cold. Heat is hot. Lots of room for a small car.

- Lindsey C

It�s short and slick and easy to navigate in traffic.

My Kia Rio 2017 is easy to drive. It has a cool silver exterior and nice comfy interior that is roomy and comfortable for passengers, and adorable! However the battery died shortly after I bought it and it's missing a middle piece. A great car all in all. However, it's not my first pick.

- Sierra B

No cruise control but great mileage.

The only thing I dislike is the manual says I have cruise control but I really do not. I've been to 3 dealerships and all have confirms no cruise control. They are unable to give me a reason why, but yea my 4 hour drives back home are not as fun. Other than that, it gets great mileage.

- Amy G

Cons of a Kia rio. . . …………. . .

My only complaint about my car is that it is really low. If you live in a hurricane area or an area that gets flooded easily I would suggest a different model at least. Also my car was cheaper online than at my dealer. Definitely do some price matching before purchasing the vehicle.

- Corey B

I love my car, despite it is minor inconveniences.

Other than the fact that it does not have power windows or locks, I love it. It is small and cute. I love the eco-boost feature, allowing me to save gas. My car specifically has had 3 gas-evap leaks since purchase, but the dealership can fix those within an hour and a half.

- Courtney P

Manual or auto. If you have it on economy mode you save a lot on gas.

Nothing is wrong with the car mechanical wise. Only thing about the Kia Rio 2017 is that its small vehicle to fit a family with pets in. Also you can only put so much in the trunk. If you don't have a family and it's just you then it's the right vehicle for you.

- Catherine C

It gets good gas mileage.

It gets good gas mileage, drives smooth and has space for a compact car. It doesn't have cruise control, which I do miss for highway driving. Spare tire difficult to replace after using. Something does squeak when I make turns but I'm told not to worry about it.

- Bill E

Not a very spacious vehicle.

It sounds like a tinker toy and has no room for passengers. The fuel injection causes a lot of lag on pick up. It does not have automatic windows or automatic locks. The car is way to small for a family. The car seat in back takes up a majority of the space.

- Jennifer F

Reviews of the Kia Rio 2017.

I like to car its small and easy to move around on the highway. You can also fit 5 people in it 2 in front and 3 in the back. The only thing I do not like is that it does not have power windows. It's the old fashion ones where you have to roll it up or down.

- Ann H

Kia has come a long way. Good, quality, vehicle.

Kia has come a long way. It is the best car in its class. It has a better engine than the Honda equivalent. It gets good gas mileage, and it's gotten out of features that the higher end cars have. The sound quality is amazing, and it has good get up and go.

- Amy B

Kia drivers who love to drive

Amazing for the family. You have plenty of room to fill with friends and family. The drive is very comfortable. I would recommend this car. No issues at all I feel like this car will last a lifetime. I have no worries while I am driving my car. It's great.

- Kay L

The best car I have ever had in my life good driving and brakes.

I have not had any problems with my car so far it is a good car on gas I can drive for about 2 weeks with just putting in 10.00 worth of gas, it is comfortable when going on a trip have a lot of legroom in it and have a lot of trunk room for your luggage.

- Melinda I

Great gas mileage in my car.

I love my car. It is great on gas. I have taken it on many trips. The car rides comfortable. The car is reliable. The car seats are firm. The trunk in the car is large for the car size. I am able to place all my purchases in it and still have extra room.

- Teresa M

That it has bluetooth so if I am driving next to you on the freeway, I am not talking to myself. lol

It didn't have cruise control but my husband added that to it. It does not have heated seats. Everything else is just fine. I would like it better if it had a different color paint job. The blue tooth is new for me and I like it.

- Cindy S

It is stick shift. Which I guess isn't super important, but it is unique and my favorite thing about it.

I like the smallness of my car. It allows me to park wherever I want. I appreciate that it is stick shift. I all around am happy with it but I do sometimes wish that the windows and locks were automatic.

- Aubrey A

Great gas saver. Cozy car

Could be more roomier although it is a Kia Rio.. also more wider tires so you won't feel the road as much.. a little more horsepower for the engine to compete with other 4 cylinder cars

- Michael H

Best warranty in the business.

I haven't had any problems with my Kia, it is easy to handle and has decent gas mileage. The Kia has the best warranty in the business, and that was one of the main reasons I bought it.

- Linda A

It has an eco feature which allows you to save on gas mileage, very handy.

What I love about this vehicle is that it allows me to go to and from work without any trouble, it is a great gas mileage saver and was blessed with this vehicle for my ministry.

- Milton C

The gas mileage is exceptional, allowing you can go far for less money.

I love the fact that is a midsize car, not too big and not too small. The gas mileage is exceptional. I would like to have more technology inside, but it is a bit expensive.

- Emily L

It's a compact car with lots of unexpected space. There is plenty of interior and cabin space.

The Kia Rio is an excellent vehicle. It has superb Gas mileage. It was a reasonably priced vehicle with tons of extras. Rear camera, Bluetooth capability, and touch to talk.

- Pam S

My car gets great fuel mileage and is very comfortable for a compact car.

I like the fuel mileage and its comfortable to drive. I don't like that it doesn't have cruise control. I travel a lot and cruise control would definitely be nice.

- Diane N

This car is a good car for work and leisure outings.

I love how I save on gas. I love that it is roomy inside. I love that I can use it to get to work. I love that the car I choose will last a long time.

- Jacqueline S

It has low . It gets around town nicely and is good on gas.. It is also running smoothly on snow and in inclement weather.

My car is excellent but has no cruise control or ability to adjust seats properly. It get around smoothly and the gas mileage is very good.

- Mary N

The KIA Rio has the most horsepower in its class! Add a manual transmission just for fun.

I love my subcompact. The Rio has more horsepower than any other car in its class. Add my stick to it and I've got a great little go-car.


It is a good car. It is that simple.

I like that there's lots of room, despite being a small car, but because it is a small car, other drivers regularly cut me off.

- Fiona W

I have had the car for over a year with no problems

it gets great gas mileage and it has nice pick-up. It is comfortable to drive and it has plenty of space including a big trunk

- jim s

Great gas mileage, close to 35 mpg.

It gets great mileage, it has nice pick up, it has a turbo, it has plenty of room and a big trunk. It came with Sirius radio.

- James S

The best thing would be it is great on gas.

I like that it is good on gas. I also like the look and color. It is comfortable and roomy as well. It has a good warranty.

- Erica H

It is a hybrid. It is a crossover. It has a long supply of gas.

I like everything about it. Everything about my is perfection. The engine works. The radio works. There is nothing wrong.

- Joshua R

Very good on gas, can fill it up with about $25.

Kia rio runs great, could use a bit more horsepower. . . Sucks when trying to speed up. Other than that, no complaints.

- Michelle C

It is new and I got it all by myself as a single mom with bad credit.

No problems. It is a great car. It is newer than my old car and the only downfall is it does not have cruise control.

- Linda T

gas mileage that I get on the highway with my car, and that it does not take a lot to fill it up

I like the size, the color, the mileage that I get, the room in the car, the how I can save on gas and that it drive

- malinda i

Its affordable and reliable with no headaches or issues.

I love this car! Its priced right and has enough extras to enjoy. Maintenance is a breeze and great gas mileage.

- Chris J

Nothing it is a good running car it almost brand new.

No problems runs good on gas is good the tires are good radio good in side the is good the trunk a lot of room.

- Catherine D

It gets good gas mileage and I only have to pay 20 dollars for gas.

I just love it and it rides really smooth it is quite small but it is wonderful and has eco button to save gas.

- Natalia R

It you need a small cheap reliable car the rio is you best choice.

Great car good on mileage awesome warranty coverage. Small and only includes necessities not a lot of extras.

- Bernadette V

This car is a great price.

It drives nice and smooth. It has great acceleration. It gets good mileage. It is great in ice/snow.

- Cynthia S

It is dependable and comfortable. It also has a great warranty

I like the interior and the smooth ride it provides. I also like it's streamlined look

- Rebekah G

It's safe to drive, safer than other cars

Only complaint is the air conditioning, car has to be moving to work

- Penny K

the gas mileage i very good and simple to keep track of

I love the looks. It was affordable. Love the options it has.

- Linda G