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Kia Sportage- couple snags, would buy again.

Overall the car has ran great. Seats are comfy, and the headrests are too. Black exterior with tan interior. I don't think I would do black again, you can see all the dirt really easily. I have had it for a year and a half now, and a couple things have gone wrong. First, one of the tires was leaking air from the stem. I kept taking it in to get air put in the tires almost every 3 weeks to a month or so. I asked them to check it, and they said it was fine. But it was the same tire making the sensor go off. Went back for an oil change and asked them to check it, they found the leak and I had to buy a new tire since its not covered under warranty. The second thing was my windshield washer fluid contained cracked somehow and was leaking so I had that replaced under the warranty. The last thing that has happened (knock on wood) was my passenger side window. I noticed is beginning to slow down when I tried to roll it up. One day it stuck, and it wouldn't roll back up. I turned off the car and waited 10 minutes, turned it back on and it rolled up. No issues since then. I think these are all flukes, because at the end of the day when my lease runs out I'll probably just get another one, maybe a sunroof next time.

- Jill M

My 2017 Kia Sportage is trustworthy, stylish, and exactly what I want in a car.

I have a black 2017 Kia Sportage and I love it. I had one, minor computer issue, but it ended up being a part of a Kia recall. The Kia dealer fixed the issue, and my car has been perfect since. The car is spacious without feeling big. It's a smooth ride, quiet, user-friendly, and stylish. The interior is all black, which I prefer, and durable. The back seats fold completely down, so I'm able to transfer my bicycle and many other things easily. It has 4 wheel drive that you can turn on and off and three different drive modes: regular, Eco, and Sport. It shows exact tire pressure, gives me a service interval option, warns me if there is anything wrong with the car, and is very trustworthy. The car has a touchscreen display, has plenty of chargers, and is Bluetooth-enabled. The only annoyance is that I will sometimes have a long phone call but I won't be able to listen to the radio while on the call because my phone is connected via the Bluetooth. Other than that, I have no complaints about my car whatsoever.

- Sarah L

Good features, only one minor issue.

The backup camera has really been a lifesaver. I was used to driving a smaller vehicle before, and having this as a standard feature really helped in acclimating myself to backing it up. The seats are spacious and comfortable, with enough arm room in between so that my boyfriend and I do not feel like we're cramped in together. The one problem I have had with the vehicle is that the steering column tends to lock up when I turn it off and the wheels are not perfectly straight. Other than that, it is fairly fuel-efficient, especially with the option to switch to "eco" mode, which lowers some performance, but really saves on fuel. The media package was exactly what I was looking for without going overboard, and I love the built-in Bluetooth capability. It makes taking calls on the road a breeze.

- Rachel F

2017 Kia Sportage. Great car and very affordable.

My Kia Sportage is great in the snow and pretty good on gas as well. The acceleration is pretty good for a 4 cylinder. So far it has been very reliable. It does really well as far as gas mileage on long trips. Short trips is another issue not as good gas mileage, but I do feel very safe in my Sportage though. The comfort is pretty good and it is a sturdy automobile. I wish I would have got more accessories with it like automatic seats and more plush seats. I also wish the back up camera was a little bigger. Other than that this car is much better than my Kia Sportage from years back. The price was a little more but for what I want its done me and my family a good job in the last 2 years. Kia has gotten much better with their products in the last couple of years. Kudos to them.

- Jamie A

Bow tie grill has my car dressed to impress.

My Kia is great on gas use averaging 25 mph. I like the style of my Sportage and feel like it is spacious and fun to drive. My car is white which makes the black bow tie grill pop. There are many amenities you can add but mine is not that equipped. I truly miss the in dash GPS from my previous car. I do have the backup camera which is great and I do not think I could ever live without. I do like the all wheel drive which makes handling in Michigan winters so much easier. There have been a couple recalls but it was easy to have them taken care of. The only thing I find hard to get used to is the 4 cylinder and the slower get up and go. Kia is working very hard to improve their brand and I think that is a benefit when you buy a new Kia, the warranty is great.

- Elaine P

High rated safety, roomy, comfortable for a family of 4 (still enough for 5). Can even get it with a towing package for traveling. RELIABLE!

At first, we never saw ourselves ever buying a Kia. After having a Soul for a rental car, the ride was so comfortable we started looking for one. Going to a well-known dealer they only had a basic model we weren't interested in. Long story short, they made us test drive the sportage. My husband fell in love with it and at first, I didn't like the way it looked. After having it a month, I fell in love as well. Not ONE complaint. Absolutely comfortable, safety ratings are great! Enough room in the back for two carseats and a person. The one feature we didn't know about for downhill, we found and figured it out and were HIGHLY impressed when we didn't even know we had it. Put 8,000 miles in 3 months because we love it that much. I even think it's pretty now.

- Amanda M

Very pleased with this car - great car diagnostic communication system.

I really love my car. I leased it in 2017 and have had no major problems with it. The car is very comfortable for me to drive both short and long distances. The trunk is roomy and the rear seats are easy to fold down when additional room is needed for larger items. The seats and steering wheel are heated, which is great in the winter. And I use the heat on my seat all year long if my back starts to feel achy from doing too much. My favorite feature is the car's ability to communicate diagnostic issues, especially when the tires pressure on one of the wheels gets too low. The car will display all 4 tires and what the pressure is, and I immediately know which tire I have to pay attention to. I don't have any complaints or dislikes related to my car.

- Mary H

Kia is the best deal on the market!

We love our Sportage! Ultimately we chose Kia because of the incredible warranty (10yr/100;000 mi) and the affordability of the vehicles. The 2017 model was the first year of the redesigned Sportage, which is what attracted us to the car initially. We love the AWD, the ride, the Bluetooth/phone technology, and overall comfort of the car. We have been so happy with our purchase. About 1 year after purchasing our car, Kia issued a mandatory dealership warranty service to adjust the computer programming for the engine of the car - because of this required update (which we received for free) pur car now has a lifetime warranty! We are so pleased with Kia quality, service, and affordability - we will continue to choose Kia cars in the future as well.

- Erika B

My Kia Interesting detail about my vehicle is the ease of getting end and out.

My Sportage is tomato red and shiny. The cargo area is large with hidden storage under the floor panel, along with a spare tire. Inside is a light gray. I wish the gray was a darker color because it shows stains really well. I've had my Kia for a little over two years and when I take it for oil changes, there is no list of upkeep items that I need to have done. Right now my driver's seat needs adjusting. The seat is manual adjustment and I cannot get it to a comfortable position from the steering wheel. It should have been power seat adjustment, at least for the driver. My radio clarity is wonderful, music comes out loud and clear. The visors should have the extra visor pull out as standard feature.

- Evelyn D

Switched to Kia and not going back!

I drove a Dodge Charger for many years. I liked the power and the low profile. When I bought the Kia Sportage, it was a big change. It is much more comfortable to get into and out of. We have driven to Las Vegas from LA a few times and have been very comfortable. There is enough leg room in the backseat for our 6'2" son to be comfortable. There is good power and pick-up. There is enough storage in the back. We keep the regular maintenance and have not had any problems at all. I really like this car. It is reliable and just the right size. It is not too small and definitely not too big. It parks easily. I love the rear camera. The a/c is strong, which we need in la, even in the winter.

- Teresa H

Lots of Features in my Kia Sportage!

Performs really well in the snow/in bad weather. Had a small problem in the first summer - AC would stop working after 2+ hours of use. Brought it to the shop, it was fixed with a quick software update. Very comfortable, roomy, but not too big to drive. Able to fold down all the seats and move large items. LOVE the panoramic sunroof, heated seats and heated steering wheel. CarPlay is used constantly - large display to easily see maps, etc. Hands-free features are great - easy to make calls, answer text messages (the car reads your texts to you!). Great safety features - blind spot warning, backup camera and cross traffic warning. I love it, and I want to buy it when the lease is up!

- Kristen K

It corners very nicely, and is fuel efficient.

I really do love this car. The only reason I gave it a four instead of a five is because the front passenger side window closes a little slower than the drivers side front window. It is a 2017 model, brand new off the lot, and in my opinion it is too early for malfunctions of this type. However, everything else about the car is fantastic. It is a v6 all wheel drive that corners spectacularly. In sport mode, it also has a lot of get up and go. The back seats are comfortable, and spacious. It is pretty good on gas mileage, and the body of the vehicle looks sleek, and clean. It also has the option of driving with a manual, or automatic transmission.

- Adam R

Panoramic sunroof is awesome. Heated and air conditioned seats. Keyless start.

I absolutely love my 2017 Kia Sportage! It is compact, but not too small for my 2 children. There is plenty of space to take their things to the pool or the ballpark. The heated steering wheel is amazing in the winter and the air conditioned seats are a lifesaver in the summer. I've had my Sportage for about 10 months now and I have had zero issues or complaints with it. I've never had a problem with a Kia dealership and I've owned a Kia for almost 4 years now. Not a great choice for taking the family + belongings on a long trip due to space, but I'll take that because I love it so much!

- Tracy H

Spacious but loud sound on startup.

I love the way the inside and outside of my car look so luxurious. I personally have the snow white pearl with the panoramic roof. I love the way it makes the car look. I also love how spacious the front is. Unfortunately there isn't as much room in the back seat of the car, but is definitely manageable for children. Also the trunk has a ton of room and the seats fold completely down which makes for a ton of room. The only negative thing I have to say about the car is the sound on start up. It sounds as if the car is barely going to start and it sounds like it is running hard.

- Brittany M

The Kia Sportage has all of the bells and whistles!

The Kia Sportage is a small SUV. It is a versatile vehicle and can function as a small truck. My car has many options. It has a moonroof, Bluetooth, heated front seats, cooled front seats, backup camera, an excellent sound system, electric windows, And a rear electric back door lift, which is very convenient when you want to open up the back of the car to load in groceries. I have the four-cylinder turbo engine which is extremely fast. My car is a copper color which is very unique and attractive. The Sportage had more options than most cars in its category.

- Carol L

I love my Kia Sportage. My first and my last car!

Last year a had a problem with my air conditioner. Which was resolved at the dealership under warranty. So it was fixed in no time. That is really been the only problem. I ever had. I have heated seat which are great, just wish it had cooled seats being I live in Texas and it gets up to 120 degrees in the summer with black leather seats. I never have a problem with it starting being push to start. I keep up and do all my maintenance regularly. Also very comfortable for me to drive it has been all across America. And my dogs log the fold down seats.

- Stevie J

Kia Sportage - one cool SUV that is very fun to drive.

My husband and I both love my Kia Sportage. It is so nice to drive, easy to handle, easy to park. The inside is so good and roomy even for tall people. I love the backup camera - very helpful! I love all of the information you get on the car's dashboard. Another great thing on my car is the button on the rearview mirror that allows me to program and work my garage door. And one of other features I can think of that make my car really cool are the controls for the radio and for making a call - all on the steering wheel.

- Stephanie N

Kia Sportage offers all a family might need.

We love the look, power, fuel efficiency of our Kia. It's a pleasure to drive, easy to use and has plenty of space for our family of 4 and all our gear. We have never had reliability issues or any issues for that matter. Its super comfortable, we have even slept in the front seat! My very favorite feature is the backup camera. The safety and peace of mind it provides is invaluable. The touch screen stereo and Bluetooth phone are great as well. I would definitely recommend a Kia Sportage to any and all who are looking.

- Lindy C

The only roll about my car is I do not want anyone eating in it.

The only complaint that I have in regards to this vehicle is the upholstery. It tends to stains in very quickly. I have no children so there's no messes but this bill water and it actually stained. The car is pretty much a good size for me sometimes I wish I had more space that is when I am hauling people but other than that it is a great size for me. It drives smoothly and I like the color of it white. I also like the front of my vehicle it just looks very modern and sleek.

- Shannon M

Reliable smooth, gas mileage is awesome!!

we bought the vehicle in 2018, and ever since, we had ZERO problems with our Kia Sportage, it's a great car to go road trip, perfect vehicle for a family like ours, lots of space for the cargo/groceries, we even fold the back seat and put a whole door that we purchased with no problem, very comfy and smooth to drive, overall, we are satisfied with our Kia Sportage, not expensive, and reliable car, all you want in a car to got it from Kia Sportage compact SUV.

- Maria A

The Kia Sportage gets really good gas mileage for an SUV.

I traded in a Cadillac SUV that was fully loaded with all of the bells & whistles for this cute little Sportage with limited features. I really like it because I didn't use a lot of the features on my old vehicles so it was a waste. The Sportage has a smooth ride, gets good gas mileage, has a good safety score, and is a cute vehicle. I don't like that it doesn't have a keyless start because I had gotten used to that & it's hard to switch back.

- Marcy M

One of the best investments in a car anyone can make.

I love everything about this car. The size is just right, I can even haul a mobility scooter in. All the newest features it has. Such as my favorite one which is the heated steering wheel and seats. For being a small SUV it sure can handle the mountains in Pennsylvania. I have never had a problem mechanical go wrong with it. One thing I like is the rear hatchback that opens automatically just standing there. No foot under the bumper required.

- Deb H

Absolutely love my 2017 Kia Sportage

I love how my Kia Sportage drives. It has cruise control, which is important because I drive 30+ miles one-way to work. It is a very comfortable vehicle to drive and comfortably fits my family. I love my backup camera and that the doors automatically lock when I put the car in drive. The only thing that I don't like is that the audio system does not allow you to request music through the voice-activated controls like other cars I have owned.

- Megan K

2017 Kia Sportage highly recommended!

Kia builds reliable vehicles that last! We own 2 Kia, s and have loved them both. They have been mechanically sound! As with most front wheel drive vehicles, brake pads need to be inspected regularly and replaced to avoid costly drum replacements. There has been no abnormal problems, just routine maintenance and replacement parts such as wipers and tires. Would I recommend this vehicle, you bet I would!!

- Joey R

It is very stylish and easy to drive. There is a control for the heat/AC for the backseat passengers. I have never experienced any mechanical problems.

The heat/AC vents at your feet do not produce enough air to heat or cool your feet. Mechanic looked at it and said that is just the way it is made and there is nothing to do about it. The ride is not smooth. You can feel every bump in the road. This is the second Kia Sportage I have owned and much prefer the 2011 to the 2017. I like the backup camera but liked the back up beeper on the 2011 better.

- Dee K

Interesting detail is that it has 3 different types of way for you to drive it.

First off I live in Alaska and because we live here our car is winterized and it is a very nice, spacious and amazing family car. I love how big it is because we buy so many groceries and we are able to fit everything with no problem. We bought it a grey/silver color really nice. I like how it has a camera to see when you are backing up obviously I still turn back to see but I can also use the camera.

- Mariana B

My Kia. Spacious room. Love the feel of the ride and drive.

It is comfortable I get great gas mileage. It is fully loaded great to me Kia is the best automobile made. It has everything within reach Bluetooth radio CD player. Plenty of legroom for long trips. Love the backup camera keyless entry and security. I would not be afraid to drive my Kia anywhere. This is the fourth Kia I have owned I have loved everyone of them. I most definitely rate Kia a strong 10.

- Dianne A

Great vehicle for the price!

It has a reverse camera that I really like. It has the computer feature where you can call and text and google map without having to touch your phone. I can also answer incoming calls on my steering wheel. When you drive you have a bit of a wind noise but not too bad. Not too much space for suitcases but it has a rack on top. Fits a family of four but too small to travel far with five in the car.

- Lori G

A great all-around vehicle

I really love my Kia Sportage. My favorite thing is the seat warmers! So relaxing while driving. The separate climate controls are great too. When my boyfriend is in the car, he likes it really cold, but I don't. We can have it both ways! There is plenty of storage space, and the seats fold down to create even more. It drives really well, and it has a nice look to it. I would highly recommend!

- Kathryn S

2017 Kia Sportage ex / review.

The Kia Sportage ex is an excellent mid-range SUV. It is affordable, great on gas, and has just enough luxury to feel quality, but not over-the-top. The leather interior package is very high quality, as are the sunroof options. Additionally, CarPlay is an awesome feature that allows me to quickly plug in my phone, and allows me to open and use phone apps directly. Highly recommend to anyone.

- Rob B

Fun to drive, and you will look great doing it!.

I love the size, small SUV but roomy backseat and plenty of cargo room. I feel it has a sleek look and design, not to square and boxy. I love the fabric on the seats, they are not leather, but they are not velvety cloth either, they have a thicker texture and good feel. It has a decent size gas tank so I do not have to fill up too often. Drives smoothly and does not have a bad blind spot.

- Erin R

Kia. Motors is the best. 2008 To 2018 no problems at all.

I have not had any problems with this Kia. It is Sportage with a 2. 5L engine lots of power. Very good steering and brake systems. Very little tire ware. Room to carry cargo plus rear seats fold down for. More room. This SUV is a wonderful car! This is the fourth Kia that I have owned. I have not had any type of problem on any. Of these cars. I will buy Kia next time I buy. A new car. 7.

- Kenneth S

On my fifth great Kia vehicle.

The Sportage gets really great gas mileage. It is easy to handle has a great turning radius and I love the electronics package on it. I have owned five different Kia vehicles. I have never had a problem with any of them mechanically I had a Sorento that had 3rd row seating very easy to put up and down. The Sportage is also easy to put the back seat down so you can haul stuff in it.

- Pamela M

Reliable, functional, everyday midsize SUV.

The vehicle is very reliable. It runs very smoothly and you can change it into regular, sport, or eco driving options. There are no real problems right now since the vehicle is still fairly new I just wish it had more options on this trim. I would say the speakers could be a lot better there's not really good sound I have to turn the radio all the way up to get the bass.

- Shannon M

Kia sport SUV is an amazing car.

My car is great it get great gas mileage and I really couldn't see myself with another car. My car is really comfortable and really roomy. The trunk has tons of space for whatever you might want to fit and the back seats fold down in case you need more space. The handling for the car is great and sturdy. I have had this car for 4 years and I have 0 problems with it.

- Leonardo R

I'm happy I bought the 2017 Kia Sportage

I bought my vehicle new. It's comfortable, sporty. Not too big but not too small. The rear "trunk" space could be larger but I make it work. Seating in the back is room. My brother who is 6'4 says it's very comfortable for him. The vehicle is pretty good on mileage as long as you remember to keep the "eco" button on. I have no real issues with this vehicle.

- Kim M

The amazing little Kia with power and style.

The vehicle is extremely comfortable and handles very well. The sport mode is amazing and the vehicle handles like a sport car. I find the vehicle reliable and well built. Over the year and a half of ownership I have not had a single issue. The dealership also had a great department that deals with my oil changes and the vehicle continues to run amazingly.

- Joe A

Best deal for a SUV out there for price and reliability.

I am on my 3rd Kia Sportage. I have had very good experiences with them. I love the way they drive in the winter - since I am from why. I have had nothing but great handling. And love the 4 wheel drive option - because we have a upward climb driveway. They have always been reliable for me. I keep buying them because they have performed so great for me!

- Joan K

It drives well and has really great features. KIA's have a bad reputation but their cars are getting better!

I have the technology package so the vehicle has many cool features and controls. I love the heated/cooled seats and moonroof. I frequently use the auto open feature for the trunk. I feel that it's spacious and comfortable for all passengers. I wish it had a little more power though. And it could be more fuel efficient but I don't do a lot of driving.

- Erica S

I can connect my phone to the car, and that make it easy

My vehicle is just perfect for my family with 2 young kids. It has enough space for both of them, with 4 doors and it has two cup holder in the passenger sits. It also has AC at the back too. In total the car has enough space for 5 people. One of my favorite things about the car is the backup camera. It make it easy for me to leave the parking space.

- Emily A

It's comfortable driving long distance

I feel comfortable and it runs smooth. Good on gas. It has a nice trunk to fit things in. They did have a recall on something but sent a letter right out. I made an appointment and it's free of charge. It has economic shift or sport so you could go up hills better and better speed on the highway. Air conditioning is great. It turns on quick

- Donna S

A sharp SUV inside and out with plenty of extras!

The Sportage rides and handles well. It is comfortable, roomy, and has lots of great standard features for convenience. Very sharp looking, the only negative is the fuel economy could be much higher. Overall, I am very happy with it and all of my passengers love the roomy and comfortable interior and seating. A good value for the price!

- Sean M

Not a soccer mom car but a sporty car.

I love my car. I am 20 years old and take my two brothers to and from football practice so I wanted a big vehicle just not something like a “soccer mom” vehicle. The Kia Sportage is a four door SUV but does not look “mom-ish” at all. Plus it is really good on mpg. I get anywhere between 28-30 mpg in town and 30-35 on interstate.

- Olivia M

It's very safe and tough SUV. Very nice for the price point.

The SUV is really nice. Most people are surprised that Kia makes such a nice one. It has a lot of great feature - rear camera, etc. I don't like the head rest. I wish it came with a spare tire. The body style is on trend with everyone right now, but I prefer the look of a Chevy/Ford SUV bodies of 10 years ago or so - a little boxer.

- Crystal M

Style affordable fun and great gas mileage.

Great SUV reliable comfortable lots of features great safety features great gas mileage I have had no issues with anything on it very high class goes great in the snow awesome traction GPS is great service is great on it price was outstanding the hd headlights are great at night this vehicle has it all comfort style and dependable.

- Chad R

My car is a copper color that is unique. I get compliments on it all the time.

I have had no performance problems with my Kia. It is sporty looking and fun to drive. I am leasing it and would totally lease the same make and model again. When I take it in for maintenance, they are very helpful and friendly. In the three years I have had it the only problem I have had was the tire pressures go low in the cold.

- Susan G

Fun Color and comfortable to drive

Recently purchased with 42,000 miles on it. The seats are very comfortable and the car is quiet. I do wish it had apple play so that the GPS would show up on the screen but it is easy to navigate. It handles very well on the highway and the pickup is sufficient. I purchased the copper color and it is different and I like that.

- Lindy M

Kia Sportage mid size SUV.

My Kia Sportage is really good to travel in. It rides smooth and is very comfortable. It has great up to date technology which enhances the drivability. It has adequate storage space and is roomy. It gets great gas mileage for a mid size SUV. It has a lane change warning system on the exterior mirrors and an in dash GPS system.

- Douglas E

Kia Sportage great size for people and dogs.

I have owned this car for a year now and do not have any complaints. It is a great size for myself and also I have had three adult passengers in it comfortably. I can put my two golden retrievers in the cargo area comfortably as well. It gets good gas mileage and handles very well. The ride is quiet and steering is responsive.

- Karen M

Great reliability, comfort and smile.

It is been super reliable. I have taken it on long trips and it is a really comfortable ride. It is held up well to the winter salt too. The paint and interior has held up well. My Kia service dealer is really great to deal with as well. Any time I have a problem they get my car serviced right away with no questions asked.

- Ally C

It's a really nice car for a small family, there's a lot of room for car seats and strollers, but also for groceries.

I love how much space there is in the car, you don't feel cramped sitting in either the front seat or the back seat, and the trunk space is real big, especially if you lay the seats down. I don't like the head rest, because I have chronic neck pain and the headrest pushes my head too far forward and is very uncomfortable.

- Montana K

General positives of Kia Sportage

My vehicle is very comfortable to drive and sit in, and the amount of open room within the car helps. There is enough trunk space for any storage purpose. In terms of driving the car, it is very easy and reliable when going to any location. Features such as aux, USB, and Bluetooth are very convenient for music or calls.

- Andy S

My Kia Sportage rocks! I love it!

Sporty, leather heated and air conditioned seats, moonroof, 4WD, all kinds of amenities. Custom wheels, automatic stopping side view warnings, back up camera. The only issue has been the moon roof sometimes sticks or does not close immediately. I love the high beam lights and the gas mileage is pretty good on this car.

- Linda S

Cute, sporty, all the bells and whistles.

My Kia Sportage is cute and very reliable. Super comfortable. Love the heated and air conditioned seats and the heated steering wheel. The leather seats are cool and look great. The sunroof is the best - so big and I love it. I love the navigation display and love the Bluetooth capabilities. This is such a fancy car.

- Jennifer H

Great value! Greater car!

I love my Kia Sportage! Perfect size for me and my empty nest. The drive is smooth and the seats are hot! Energy efficient and very nice looking! There is lots legroom and is very comfortable. The sound system is great. The computer screens are great. The hands free car play is good to receive and send texts by talk.

- Kim D

Kia Sportage, spacious, easy ride

The Kia Sportage provides a nice smooth ride with backup camera and 100k mile bumper to bumper warranty. The car is very roomy, reliable and spacious enough to take on long trips with four people. I love my Sportage. I always take my car in for service at a Kia dealer and they are the friendliest folks to work with.

- Brittany H

The music system is prime

It's great! I love my car, it's spacious, it's great on gas, the price of gas for this car is amazing! I pay $40 every 2-3 weeks, so it last for a while. I don't like that if I have the air off, it keeps coming out depending on the speed that I'm going... I feel like it's wasting more gas and giving unnecessary air

- Jay B

My 2017 Kia Sportage: great vehicle to own!

This is a small SUV. It holds 5 people. I love the blue color. The only issue that I have had is that I had to replace the battery. It is a 4 cylinder so the take off is slow. There is not a way to raise the front passenger seat so you will sit low. I get around 28 miles per gallon. There is plenty of trunk space.

- Katrina D

The Amazing Kia Sportage.

I love my car. It is reliable, comfy and has great gas mileage. I would definitely recommend this car. I have the full sunroof and my son loves to stare out at the rain or stars. The heated seats and steering wheel are wonderful in the winter. The car won't let you lock the keys in the car which is perfect for me

- Meg L

So good I keep coming back for a new one just like it!

My Kia Sportage is the second one I have owned. We love it and planning on getting another one in a few weeks. We have never had any issues with either one. I have owned many other makes of cars and so far this is comparable my other vehicles from major companies. The back up camera and voice feature is awesome!

- Karrie S

Great car, great mileage comfortable great on long distance trips.

There have been absolutely no problems thus far. The car runs very nicely. It is wonderful on gas, great for long distance trips. I could not ask for anything more except for a sunroof and navigation system in her. I love the heated seats the comparability to the other vehicles that I have owned do not compare.

- Tracey W

It is comfortable for all passengers.

My Kia Sportage is awesome! It has tons of trunk space, great breaks, and roomy back seats. The sound system is good and the a/c cools of the car quickly. I frequently travel 9+ hours and this car makes it comfortable and easy. The only issue I found was there weren't holes to put my front license plate on.

- Casey M

That the safety features of the car are great.

Love the vehicle but we have had a problem with a whistling noise when it is cold outside. It took a full year and a half to get Kia to deal with it. Hopefully they have gotten it fixed now, but we won't know for sure until cold weather returns. Other than that problem the vehicle has been a great car.

- Tim W

Love my Kia Sportage, highly recommend!

Absolutely love my fully loaded Kia Sportage!! Only drawback I have is the Automatic Braking System, it's a little too sensitive & goes off too often. Otherwise, I have no complaints about the vehicle & highly recommend it to everyone!! Best feature is the moon roof, the dogs LOVE when I open it!

- Christian W

Sportage 2017. The best SUV out there.

I just purchased a Kia Sportage about 4 months ago and it is the best car I've ever owned. It's really comfortable and runs great. The gas mileage is great and the car is very easy to drive for being a bigger car or SUV. It handles very well and I love driving it. I hope to have this car for a long time.

- Elizabeth C

It's just a wonderful car have had no problems with it.

My vehicle is wonderful. It never lets me down..Very good in the snow. Very good on gas..Fits 5 people comfortable good trunk size. Overall I love the car. I would most definitely recommend a Kia. We r thinking of buying another one her in the future but instead of the midsize SUV we want a 4 door sedan.

- Tanya R

I love the dashboard it is so well lit at night.

I love my Kia interior is absolutely well-designed and looks great get compliments on it all the time. It gets ok gas mileage, motor power is good has good performance, interior has a lot of room in it and also the back storage area. Would recommend this card to anyone it is a great value for the money.

- Monica M

It's a perfect single person or family car.

I have absolutely loved my vehicle. I had a couple of recalls right off the bat but Kia notified me and took care of everything. I get great gas mileage. Its comfortable for around town or on a long trip. It has plenty of passenger space and storage space. It rides like a dream and is very reliable.

- Amber W

Saves on Gas & is reliable

The Kia Sportage is a really nice car with a lot of steering control, with curves and bends. It saves on gas and is a nice car to travel in as far as space. My only dislike about the car is that it hold heat in the summer. The Kia Sportage has nice bright lights at night and nice LED daytime lights.

- Stephon M

Why I like my car and why I bought this particular car.

Have experienced no problems, however, have had two recalls; car has been reliable, comfortable and most features I like, the main one missing is driver power seat that I have become used to I get good gas mileage just wish the gas tank was a little larger so that I didn't have to fill up as often.

- Earl B

2017 Kia Sportage LX Edition

The Kia Sportage really good when it comes to speed, acceleration, and performance, but not very good on gas mileage. It goes through about 5 gallons of gas in just a couple days of short drives, which for my gas prices, is about 20, which leaves me spending anywhere from 60-100 on gas a week.

- Jonas J

Dependable and a great value.

I have had no problems with this vehicle in the past 22 months. It is very reliable, comfortable to drive and has excellent features. It is a very good value for the money. I am very pleased with the gas mileage. The dealership where I bought this vehicle is absolutely wonderful to work with.

- Janet H

It has excellent speed to fuel mileage ratio.

The Kia Sportage is an amazing comfortable I am 6 foot 5 inches and fit perfectly. The gas mileage is well above average is great for road trips. It is extremely reliable in all weather we have experienced in north Texas. The Kia has 3 features I enjoy being economy, sports, and normal mode.

- Matthew O

Its smooth and has a unique color.

It's used and breaks down often but runs really well. It's a tan color. A 4 wheeler with a lot of space. The breaks are good and it has a smooth rode with no scratches or dents it looks pretty good. If you like 4 wheelers then you will love this car a lot of room in the back very spacious.

- Renee G

Phone in console is excellent. Voice recognition is poor.

Love the vehicle. No problems to date. Wish there was more leg room on the drivers side. The passenger seat goes back further. The vehicle's ride is smooth and gets excellent mileage on the highway. I have arthritis and a knee replacement. The vehicle is a perfect height for ease of entry.

- Sandra G

Love this car. Great on gas and easy to drive.

I love my Sportage. My fave feature is the push button start. My second fave are the seat warmers. They are the best things in the bitter cold! It's also got a backup camera which is great when my neighbor's kids are playing outside and I want to make sure it's safe before backing up.

- Meri G

The car is extremely well priced.

I haven't had a problem, I keep up oil change & care. The mileage is 23 miles on highway. I also feel very safe. Well made & I would tell people to invest in one. The sound system is great. I am going to get a 2018 that's how much I love it. Thanks. It's the best car for parallel parking.

- Virginia L

Great small SUV that is sporty and practical.

No problems with the Sportage. It is reliable and feels safe. It is comfortable and easy to get in/out of. Great cargo space with plenty of room. Nice interior with comfortable seats. Not great on mpg but okay. Love it for long trips & shopping because of the ease of the cargo space.

- Diana H

Spacious for midsize vehicle

It rattles when braking. I have taken it to be looked at and it still does it. I was told that the cloth seats were stain resistant but it holds stains even after I have had the seats deep cleaned. I like the space and the size of the vehicle. Back storage space fits everything I need.

- Joy D

Definitely worth car payments should of purchased a Kia years ago.

Burns a lot of gas in the city better on the highway. Tells when you need maintenance warning lights come on. Plenty of room backseat and trunk. Several places where you can put beverages. Seats recline back too. It does not slide in the snowy weather because of the all wheel drive.

- Lori V

The Kia 2017 Sportage is great for the money.

My car is very reliable and has good pickup. For the most part it is very comfortable. I love the AWD and the backup camera. I only wish the backup camera was a little bigger. The gas tank held more and I had electric seat for the drivers side. Everything else I am satisfied with.

- Jamie A

Why I love my Kia and why you will love yours too.

My car is awesome. It is comfortable, has great gas mileage and is roomy. We got it for a good price and have been happy with it ever since we got it. We would recommend a Kia to anyone who is looking for a car, you will not be disappointed and will love your car as much as we do.

- Ryan C

Kia Sportage a reliable car.

My vehicle is really reliable it has had barely any problems. It functions well and the air conditioner in the car is great. Coming from a country in the tropics a good a/c in the car is essential. The car has a good amount of space for several people to be comfortable in the car.

- Nat N

blind spots are very helpful for an older person.

I have not had any problems but there were 2 recalls which were taken care of. Reliability has been great. I have taken several trips and some of those have been over mountains and its performance is great. It also quite comfortable on long trips and the features are outstanding.

- Lidia L

Reasons to drive a Kia Sportage

I love this vehicle. It is very reliable. Drives just as smooth at 80 as it does 45. Gets pretty good gas mileage. Has tons of storage space too. I love that the back seats fold down to create more room. I have not had any issues with this vehicle in the two years I've owned it.

- Michelle F

Looking for a new midsize SUV? Kia Sportage is for you!

The Kia Sportage is the perfect size when living in a big city with little parking availability. It allows for convenience, great size, great performance and comfort without the big price tag. I have recommended my choice of vehicle to many friends, strangers and family members.

- Anna F

i actually never thought i would buy a KIA. it wasn't even on my radar. there is one close to my new home so my husband and i went to just check them out. i ended up loving it! great family car while my kids are young. enough room but not too much room! overall a great experience!

safety is always my number one concern, and KIA rated high on all points with consumer reports. my kids are of utmost importance when taking them to and from school/daycare and such. it's a nice drive, nice amount of space, and a nice interior without spending an arm and a leg.

- amy s

Reason why I will never get another Kia.

Electrical system lights go on when there is nothing wrong with the car. Transmission races, took it to service and they said not to worry about it. didn't know what it was. Does not feel safe. Will go back to Honda. Engine continues to race erratically. Not comfortable.

- Joyce G

Smooth and comfortable to drive. Very roomy inside. The perfect size for me.

This is the first car I got to choose for myself. I love it. I love the size of the car. It is very roomy. It is comfortable to drive. It gets good gas mileage. I didn't get any of the fancy gadgets, but has the car has the ability to have them. Its overall a good looking car.

- Sarah W

Extremely stylish exterior.

This car is very stylish and handles very well. It has a roomy interior and spacious back storage area. Great gas mileage and Bluetooth compatibility are added bonuses. I do wish it had a CD player and that Kia hadn't done away with the compass display on the rear view mirror.

- Carrie W

Its a turbo, so it has enough power when you need it.

I love my Kia Sportage, its a turbo and has a lot of power when I need it. It performs very well to me. It's very comfortable, and fun to drive. It has a lot of options on it also. If I had to say anything negative about it, I would say that I wish it sat a little higher up.

- Amy H

Good, comfortable vehicle with great gas mileage.

This vehicle has good gas mileage, it also has comfortable seating. This vehicle has a good amount of space in the trunk area. I have not had any issues with this particular vehicle. This vehicle provides a smooth ride and is reliable. There is enough room for vacations.

- Nikki H

Incredible, reliable, and detailed.

My vehicle is extremely reliable and comfortable. I have not had any problems with my vehicle. It runs smoothly. My vehicle is a 4 door vehicle. It has a rear view camera to help with parking. It also has controls on the steering wheel or control the Bluetooth and radio.

- Kristen S

Kia Sportage is the best vehicles on the road traveling

I purchased my Kia Sportage brand new and I must say that it's worth the money. I've had no issues with it at all. I would recommend buying a Kia to all my friends and family. It's great on gas. It's a great on the road traveling vehicle. Very comfortable, lots of space

- Avis L

Comfortable ride nice features

Comfortable ride, some blind spots, decent gas mileage, good space for driver and passengers, love the color, would like blind spots fixed, works like driver seat position memory button, other features are great, air conditioning works well overall very comfortable ride

- Beth F

Before and after being rear ended in an accident.

I loved my car before my wreck. I had a girl rear end me about two years ago and it has not driven the same since. I do not know whether to attribute that to Kias actual mechanics that worked on the rear end of my vehicle or to the whole construction of said vehicle.

- Taylor G

One interesting detail is running your Kia in the econ, sport or regular option

The Kia Sportage has a high safety rating. It runs very smooth. I like the option of AWD and can be used in Economy, sport or regular. This vehicle came with a remote start which helps in both winter and summer. It holds a lot of cargo and ample leg room. Handles easy.

- Susan S

My Kia Sportage fun, stylish, comfortable. Turbo and lane changing warning.

Performance and gas mileage is excellent. Very comfortable with many extra features such as heated and cooled seats, heated steering wheel, panoramic sunroof and GPS. Excellent warranty and built for safety. I love my car and have recommended Kia to friends and family.

- Connie B

It is very safe and very nice to drive. It gets 23 miles to a gallon of gas.

I have a Kia Sportage year 2017. It is black on black. It looks like a new penny when cleaned. It is 4 door with sunroof, all electric with 3 seat compact and black leather seats. The front seats are heated. The wheel covers and bumper are chrome with tolling package.

- Theresa B

Kia Sportage is great but needs some work mechanically

Only a few years old and the automatic windows stopped working and the trunk automatic button doesn't work either. I love Kia but they seems cheaply made and quite a few issues within the main mechanical frame. The air condition also takes awhile to cool the car down

- Caitlin C

Kia Sportage Dream car for those wanting an inexpensive option to a small SUV.

I love this car I had a 2011 put 95000 on it and never had any issues. It is comfortable and holds a lot of storage in the back. We do home repairs and it held all of our tools with the help of a small platform on the back hitch. Would recommend this car to everyone.

- Cherie B

It drives really smooth and can turn in small spaces.

I really love the size of the car. It has space in the back and doesn't feel really cramped. It drives really smooth. It also has good gas mileage. The things I don't like are more superficial. It is an annoying car lock sound and the back doesn't have an auto open.

- Kara G

Kia Sportage: Perfect car for Moms

The Kia Sportage is a great family car. This car uses unleaded gas, which makes it affordable. Also, you can get up to a half tank of gas with only $20.00. The Bluetooth capability makes the car great for Mom's (hands free calling). It is also an easy driving car.

- Ms Bossy Vee B

Great vehicle, not enough room for 3 backseat passengers

I really love my 2017 Kia Sportage, especially the gas mileage that it gets, the keyless entry, and how smoothly it rides. My only problem with this vehicle is that it is really hard to properly fit three car seats across the back seat for all three of my babies.

- Melissa V

I love the Bluetooth hook up.

I love this car it is one of the best I've had and is always reliable. It has comfy seats and a nice air system. I think the Bluetooth radio and Sirius radio are awesome which allows me to be hands off. The car also drives very nice and does not make much noise.

- John N

My car is very comfortable and accommodating.

I love the fact that it is a 2017 car. I love the fact that it is an SUV that is large enough but not too large. I love the fact that I can talk to the car and it will perform services like calling people or answering the phone or contacting the GPS functions.

- Deborah K

The Kia Sportage is not worth the money. Find something else. Go Toyota.

It has a rough and bumpy ride. The Bluetooth connections are complicated. The gas mileage is not great. The seating uncomfortable. My kids hate the ride because there is not enough room for seating. It has a noisy engine. Not at all what I hoped it would be.

- Heather P

Comfortable mid size SUV with luxury.

I love the leather seats, heated steering wheel is my favorite. Reliable high safety rating, tons of room. The rear seats fold all the way down, allowing for ample space for whatever I may need. Has a USB port in the back and air conditioning for passengers.

- Julie H

for a not having 4 wheel drive It's is awesome in the snow!!

I love my Kia. It is awd which is great in the snow!. It has the back up camera and the seats are comfortable as hell which means a lot when you have a back injury. the only problem is the back windows are TO SMALL and the entire back end is a blind spot!!!

- C C

Vehicle is great on gas and good value for the money.

Car is comfortable reliable and love the all wheel drive feature and back up camera. Overall the car is very good for the price. It feels safe is fun to drive its good on gas and really enjoy driving it. I also like that I can use it to move bigger things.

- Lisa M

Its a sports car in a sub.

My car is fully equipped. I love the fact that has the sensors. The only problem is the windows after a while they have to be fix the motor brakes. it's very comfortable for my kids. Its performance is to par never has let me down. Its features are at par.

- Valerie A

I feel like I have a much more expensive care because it looks so good and functions so well.

I love the overall exterior design. The seat and controls are comfortable and comfortably placed. All the interior displays are easy to see and pleasant to look at. I have no complaints really. I have no regrets about my purchase nearly a year later.

- Stephanie S

It has a 5 star safety rating.

I love that it is compact, but still seats 5 and has a spacious trunk. The drive is always smooth and it corners very well. I love the safety ratings for this vehicle. The only thing I dislike is the display size of the screen (main use, backup camera).

- Camille G

Reliable and roomy with modern features such as USB chargers

Spacious - has a lot of legroom and trunk space. Very reliable and good gas mileage. I average about 30 miles to the gallon on freeway and 28 miles to the gallon local roads. Has very comfortable seating and good visibility from rear and side mirrors.


Comfort Performance love the Exterior Styling Interior Design ,Value for the Money Reliability eceptinal

The Kia Sportage is a wonderful mid size SUV. I previously owned the Kia Sorento and loved it but no longer needed all the room. Love the Kia Sportage just the same just a smaller version. Kia does a great job with their automobiles. Comfort Performance

- eric k

This Kia is AWD and four wheel drive which is great for winter weather.

This car is small with backup cameras however there has been several occasions where another vehicle was in the blind spot and not seen. It's low to the ground which also makes it hard to see. Love the car however my next purchase will be a bigger car.

- David P

Great drive, relaxing, and perfect.

Really comfortable, good driving vehicle, haven't had any problems with the car. Drives very well. Haven't had to repair anything in it. Drives great in the mountains. Great for long road trips and trips out of state. Reclining back seats, good on gas.

- Rebecca S

Able to get into tight spots and get out.

Basic no major problems. Tires at 40000 miles, brakes new at 42000, wiper blades had to be changes after bought, ones on car where very crappy. Starts and runs nice, gets 25 to 28 miles to the gallon and is able to tow my boat and trailer when needed.

- Jeff D

Our Kia is comfortable to drive and gets good gas mileage.

Our Kia Sportage has been a pleasure to drive. It get good gas mileage..30 mpg which is much more than our previous car. It's comfortable both in front and in back. There is plenty of room in the back for all the crazy things we end up transporting.

- Jeanne D

The black seat fabric (which I chose) shows every spec of dust, hair, or lint. Also, they should opt for the feature where you wave your foot under the rear of the car to activate the hatch. I regret not getting it.

Great gas mileage for a small SUV. I get about 32 mpg to and from work. Great cargo space. I have never been unable to fit everything I need. Comfortable ride. Easy maintenance and came with 5yr, 100 mile warranty + 5 years of free service.

- Mikella R

I would want people to know how many features it has such as the back up camera, large sunroof, heated seats and steering wheel, etc.

I love having a backup camera, how smooth the vehicle drives, and the large sunroof. One thing I wish it had was cooling seats, although I do love that both the front seats and steering wheel are heated. I don't really have any complaints.

- Karlee S

It is very sporty looking.

I love the all wheel drive. I also like the color even though read was not the color I was originally looking for a serious this vehicle has all the features that I need including Bluetooth connectivity for my phone and a back up camera

- Rose K

The seats are not electric, so that "perfect fit" to your body is close to unobtainable!

This is my first ever brand new car, and I love the way the steering wheel feels. The Bluetooth is an amazing feature, but the seats should be electric and the system should have navigation. Otherwise, it's cute and roomy and perfect!

- Abby O

So glad that I chose this car!

My car has 2 rows of leather seats. The front seats are heated. The trunk is pretty roomy. My radio is touch screen and has Bluetooth connectivity for my phone. The interior is very clean and comfortable. The exterior is sleek.

- Ashley R

Best purchase I have made this year.

I absolutely love this vehicle! I have had it for five months now and have had no problems at all. I even bought it used. It was affordable for me and gets great gas mileage making it even more affordable in the long term.

- Brittany M

I like the color options, and the hands free / bluetooth connectivity.

I like that it has a good amount of trunk space, and that the interior is stylish. I dislike that the back seat isn't big enough to fit 3 people comfortably. I also wish it had more power, considering the name "Sportage".

- Jessica O

The Kia Sportage has the rare view reverse option.

My car is very comfortable. My reason for buying this car. Was I rented this car and it handle very well in the rain and snow. The height is perfect to get into. Gas mileage is great. . The features. Are up to date.

- Norma T

Heated and cooled seats are one of the greatest car-related inventions ever.

I like that it's a very comfortable car. Definitely love the heated and cooled seats; whoever invented those should be sainted. I guess my big dislike would be gas mileage, but I know that goes with having an SUV.

- Kristen C

Good gas mileage and neat features.

It's got good gas mileage and features. It's also easy for learning how to drive in. Though, I hate how you cant see the hood. That's more of a current car model issue and me problem that anything else though.

- Sarah S

It looks and drives like a super expensive vehicle and its really not.

I love the way it drives. I love my huge sunroof that is almost the whole length and width of car. It gets good gas mileage. I don't like the fact that it rolls if you turn it off and forget to put it in park.

- gigette l

Durability. So far so good. 84,000 miles and no issues yet.

I like everything about my car. We had a Kia Sorento before this one. I traded it in with 158,000 miles and the only thing I did was put 2 sets of tires on it and change the oil. Still had the original brakes

- John G

It is all wheel drive, handles well in the snow.

Looks sporty, drives well, comes loaded with features like apple CarPlay, XM radio. Like the way it looks and drives, 3 modes, sport, eco and normal. Good fuel efficiency, lots of cargo room, leather seats.

- Chris B

The technology within the car is great. The Android Auto and overall touchscreen and steering wheel features are amazing and make the driving experience the best.

I am actually pretty happy with my Kia Sportage. The main thing that I dislike about my car is the gas mileage. I feel as though with gas prices going up I need a car with better gas mileage to save money.

- Ryne B

That it has space, it has six, CD input, and Bluetooth.

I like that it is just the right size for me and my husband. What I personally dislike about the vehicle is that is does not have the window on the roof. Other then that I am happy with my vehicle.

- Aline C

Great basic model features that other similar competitors don't offer

Car is very reliable, has better gas mileage than previous vehicles I have had, has great basic model features and drives great. Have had a few issues as the car gets older but nothing terrible.

- Ryan S

I like the option of ECO, Sport or regular. Sport makes the suspension tighter, ECO saves a little gas.

Very reliable, comfortable, good features. There are some blind spots and I would be able to see all around the car better if the seat was a bit higher. I am above average height for a female.

- Cynthia P

It's a great family car. Spacious throughout, good "trunk" space and it's safe.

It's a great vehicle for a small family. A lot of space, the back seat section has a vent which is good for having a little one in the back. I'm really short and I feel comfortable driving it.

- Jordan S

What I wrote about in the dislikes. I'm not sure if it's all sportages.

At times when you step on the gas to accelerate if you don't step on it correctly the RPM's fly up. Also, when you take your foot off the gas it basically brakes for you which is annoying.

- Tina G

A lot of features for a good price.

Has a lot of features, handles well, comfortable and roomy. Great trunk space. Excellent warranty. Not costly to maintain. Not great quality paint. Not finished as good as it should be.

- Debra A

The air conditioner has never worked properly!

It drives efficiently and gets good mileage, in fact, better than any sedan that I have ever had.. I dislike that it has few features.Also, the back-up camera is weak and seems cheap.

- Jim G

The great room it has and how it drives on the road/

I like all of the special equipment i have in it. I love how it drives and handles the road. I don't like the fact they said i needed new brakes when i only have the car for 4 months.

- Nicole K

It's a top safety pick. That's the most important thing to me.

It's very comfortable to drive. It's a top safety pick, and the tech in it is very easy to understand and use. It's a really nice vehicle all around and the price was very reasonable.

- Jen K

Overall very high quality.

It's the perfect size for me. Still gets good gas mileage and able to load bigger items if necessary. Looks nice. Comfortable. I wish it had just a little more power but no big deal.

- Kevin B

It has great gas mileage and is stylish. It's a great value.

It has a smooth ride. It's good on gas mileage. It's large enough that I can put large items in the back without worry. It's a very comfortable car and it's my favorite color, blue.

- Sarah B

Wonderful Vehicle for a Family of 2

I have no complaints with my Kia. It gets excellent MPG (we average about 31-32.) There is plenty of space for travel and hauling large items. I would definitely recommend it.

- Brecken S

It's a super car to own - and has plenty of extras!

I have had my car for a year and a half but have no complaints. It's been a good car. I have never had an SUV and I have enjoyed all the extras is has. No complaints yet.

- Judy V

It is very economical on gas and easy to drive around town in traffic.

This car is just the right size. Easy to get around in town. It is very good on gas and it is comfortable. There is not anything about this vehicle that I do not like.

- Eileen S

Storage under the cargo mat. Back seats have several reclining options

Very spacious and easy to drive. It has a back up camera and lots of legroom. The back seats fold down to provide extra cargo room. The seats in the back also recline.

- Heather R

Buy it. You will not be disappointed.

Literally the smoothest driving car I have ever owned. Great gas mileage, handles well, beautiful interior. It feels like a luxury vehicle for a fraction of the cost.

- Samantha Z

The Kia sportage AWD is great to drive in the snow.

My car is great in the snow and handles really well. I love the heated seats and moonroof. The only thing I don't like is that it doesn't have a change oil light.

- Wendy W

They have all commented on its looks and that it is comfortable to ride in.

It is comfortable, have all the bells and whistles I like. It is big enough for four people and the trunk. Is big enough for enough suitcases for a long travel.

- Ann C

It is worth the money and the warranty. I have owned many.

No complaints I love the way it drives and handles. Have it 2 years no problems. Gas mileage not the best but ok but it is a 6 cylinder. No other complaints.

- Joann P

The price and how fast the car can go.

Like style,comfort,gas mileage and drivability and the color of the vehicle. There is nothing I dislike about the car except for the slightly fuel injectors.

- Joseph M

May be older model but it will get you where you want to go.

3 recalls since new. Fuel economy should be better. Radio has to be manually reset regularly. Turn signals only flash in rear bumper/ not tail lights.

- Edward L

My care is what I chose and I love how it rides and drives

It is a great vehicle. gets great mileage (better than advertised) Roomy even in the back - have a > 6 foot son who can ride comfortably in the back

- Kathy K

Excellent value for a terrific vehicle.

Love the look of my Sportage! Roomy, sporty and comfortable! Enough room in the backseat for 2 car seats and the rear storage area is very roomy. .

- Carrie W

Buying the Kia was a smart move, it was within our budget.

My Kia is easy to move around in tight parking spaces. It is great on gas mileage. It is roomy enough, for comfortable riding. It is easy to drive.

- Dorothy S

You can change from eco to sport mode.

I like the fact that the back seat is spacious , one thing I dislike about the Kia Sportage is that they didn't do a good job on the sound audio.

- Francisco B

It is worth it! I would definitely recommend it to others and even buy it again.

I love how sporty it looks and drives. I like the large screen for navigation and radio. I love the two tone seats and the cooling seats feature.

- Kristin B

It is safe both in regards to security and on the road.

I like how it is roomy and has good trunk space without being bulky. I do not like the blind spots and wish it had electric seats on both sides.

- Stephanie M

The Kia Sportage is well suited for family travel, and is very fuel efficient.

I like my new vehicle. It is comfortable to drive, and is well suited for our family. There is even enough room to take the family dog with us.

- Shelley K

Safety features are rated near the top of all vehicles

the size is perfect for my wife and i, Mileage and safety are excellent. The off road capability is a feature that we have enjoyed quite a bit.

- sanford l

It is affordable and gets great gas mileage

The Kia Sportage is a practical family vehicle. The warranty from Kia is one of the best out there. This car is fuel efficient and economical.

- Jerry F

It gets great gas mileage.

I like the size and the gas mileage. Great for short and long trips. I dislike the entertainment package and the cost of a minor gps upgrade.

- Robert D

My Sportage is very reliable.

I love everything about my Sportage. It rides super smooth, gets great gas mileage, and is very roomy. I have no complaints at all with it.

- Teresa G

It has good mileage, but there are no cool features that come standard with the car.

I wish there were more advanced features. The stock vehicle didn't come with some of the autonomous features that more expensive options.

- Shad k

It's great for inner city driving.

Like mileage that is get and roomy fell it has for a small SUV, plus drive is quite. I dislike the several recalls just this few months.

- Cynthia G

She a beast with a 3.92 rear end post track.

The price is great. The financing at Kia is wonderful. The car is very reliable. The sales people where we bought our car are very good.

- Brenda C

It's better on gas and fuel mileage than it appears.

I love everything about my car. Its excellent on gas. Its sporty looking. Its fast for an SUV. Of course it has an eco feature as well.

- Heather M

Amazing dependable family car

I drive 60 miles a day five days a week back and forth to work and use the car for all our travels and still no issue after two years

- Marlene E

Kia service is great and helpful.

Love the appearance and style. Do not think it is heavy enough. Feel bumps/uneven roads too readily. Generally very pleased with it.

- Carol P

Spacious front and rear seating.

Very reliable, plenty of legroom both front and back, spacious rear storage area, auto start no key, good gas mileage, smooth ride,

- Tamara C

Great size for an SUV. Comfortable seats.

I love the size of my Kia Sportage. It drives great, fast pick up. I dislike that the headlights do not turn off by themselves.

- Melissa H

It has a very high safety rating which helps lower insurance

Love how it handles, sits high off ground, back up camera, good gas mileage. Nothing not to love except the price of the tires

- Robyn E

Does really well on gas mileage. Does not cost a lot to fill up the tank.

It is a great car all around! I really enjoy the ease of driving it and all of the technology that is available while driving.

- Jasmine G

Kia Sportage has a drink cooling system in the glove compartment.

My vehicle is great love the car just wish it had a backup camera or sensor. The seats are comfy and have a lot of foot room.

- Maria S

It has heated seats and that will really come in handy when winter gets here.

I really love my Kia Sportage, it has plenty of room for me and my family, get great gas mileage, has some neat things on it.

- Tanya C

It handles well in all kinds of weather and is a very reliable vehicle.

I like the way it handles and the way the seats sit. I do not like the way the front is shaped....it is hard for me to park.

- Theresa P

Secure comfortable affordable great line.

Comfortable, roomy, very good style drives very smoothly great gadgets very safe good gas mileage great air/ heating system.

- Martha S

The size is really good. You can fit a lot of stuff in it if you are moving.

Has a lot of features, all wheel drive, little slow on the take off, handles ok, needs upgraded finishes, paint quality ok.

- Debra Y

The one most important thing that others should know is that it is a great vehicle.

I like everything about my vehicle. It is the perfect size for me. It is easy to park with the around view camera system.

- Ingrid P

Spacious sporty and comfortable SUV.

All is good- ac is never strong enough. The car rides really well and is very spacious. Great gas mileage and reliable car.

- Evelyn J

The gas mileage is great on this car especially for a SUV.

I like the smooth ride. Love the gas mileage. I also love to sit up a little higher and this car is just the right height.

- Brandi L

Good gas mileage and roomy.

I love the gas mileage! I do not like the monthly payment, it is too high for the car type! I do love how spacious it is.

- Jennifer E

My Kia gets good gas mileage.I like the color inside and outside.The color is snow white with grey seats and interior.I also had the dealer to install better floor mats in my Kia.

I like the suv because I am up a little higher. Love the hidden compartment in the back. It is small enough to park easy.

- Linda G

Drives so smooth and the speakers are perfect. Couldn't ask for a better car.

I love my car it is the best thing ever. It drives so smooth and the audio is unbelievable good! All and all amazing car.

- Lily S

Great gas mileage and smooth ride make this car fun and economical.

I love that is has great gas mileage. I also love the way it drives, I can turn corners easily. I also love the interior.

- Autumn H

Drives well, you will not ne be disappointed with the purchase.

Drives smooth on the road also it is great on gas, good size interior, spacious leg room, nice stereo and speaker system.

- Brooke H

The automatic shut off when you're sitting at a light.

My vehicle does everything I need it to do. I like the color. I like the heated seats. I like that it has 4 wheel drive.

- Sarah R

The inside is spacious and there is more room inside than it looks

The trunk is spacious and the back seats fold down easily. The ride is smooth and early to steer. Overall great vehicle.

- Amber G

It is great on gas and goes great in the snow.

Love everything about it, gas mileage, comfort, all around value of the vehicle. I have no complaints about the vehicle.

- Stacy M

Great SUV good on gas and the price was right.

I just love the way it rides seats are comfortable have a lot of room. I like that it is reliable and it is good on gas.

- Allison G

You get good value for your money.

I like that it has all the options I want at an affordable price. I also like that the style. It could be better on gas.

- Deb O

Great SUV with a moderate price tag. Sometimes I feel as if SUVs are way overpriced.

I like how it is a mid size SUV and is decently priced. I enjoy my car, just wish the inside was a little more stylish.

- Jennifer G

It is a reliable vehicle.

Good little SUV with all wheel drive and roomy interior. Has good spied and doesn't sound thin with hearing road noise.

- Ellen A

Affordable, fuel efficient , comfortable and a great warranty

The Sportage is very affordable. It's a nice comfortable ride and gets great gas mileage . The Kia warranty is amazing.

- Elvia M

It is comfortable, easy to navigate and offers good visibility.

It is easy to get in and out. Gas mileage equals or exceeds expectation. My wife finds a comfortable for her bad back.

- Frank S

The car is very nice and does not have many problems that affect it.

The problems with the Kia are sometimes the wires get unplugged and the radio and other things in the car stop working.

- Garrett F

value for the money. drives and handles great. great mileage

Best vehicle ever., amazing gas mileage best price for the money. drives great. front wheel drive and handles amazing

- sissy t

the all wheel drive to get around in any kind of weather

love the all wheel drive , can drive in any weather, feel safe and secure when driving around town or long distance.

- ronnie f

We always keep it clean and organized so our children learn a good example.

I like the Sportage because it performs well and feels safe. It is roomy and sporty. When I drive it, it moves well.

- Shaya G

Great gas mileage and can't handle long drives.

Great color, size. Meets the needs of what I need to bring items to work. Very comfortable for long drives as well

- Stephanie k

Good mileage and very easy t to drive. Seats 5 comfortably.

Love how it handles. Great cargo space. Comfortable driving..... No cooling seats or steering wheel. No sunroof.

- Ron L

It is a very reliable and safe car.

I like the moonroof, the built in nav system, and the xm radio. I do not dislike anything. I have no complaints.

- Ashley N



- alessandra a

It has a great warranty and is the most reliable car I have owned.

My sportage is super comfortable, gets good gas mileage, and is very reliable. It is also a great looking car.

- Kirk S

The warranty is great, and I have had no issues with the vehicle since buying it.

I bought a kia for the warranty. I needed all wheel drive and was able to get a good vehicle at a good price.

- gina o

Great family car that has plenty of space and is easy to drive.

Like the heated steering wheel. Love the backup camera. Enjoy the spacious trunk. Like the XM radio option.

- Sydney T

Spacious, lots of cargo space.

It is a great car for the price, great gas mileage, reliable, comfortable, drives quite, and runs great.

- Pon K

Its beautiful. Best purchase ever.

I haven't had any problems with this car. It has been perfect. I am glad I purchased the car when I did.

- Ash B

The moonroof is a great added feature to have.

Very comfortable, no mechanical issues, beautiful moon roof. Easy to maintain. The gas mileage is great.

- Amie P

It cost too much money because it has so many safety features.

It is comfortable and easy to drive.... Only thing I dislike is it maybe has too many safety features..

- Barbara L

It is only a 4 cylinder engine but has great power...

The vehicle is well made and has a great style...Mileage is terrific and has a very comfortable ride...

- Josepm M

Warning system and back-up camera

Great vehicle with absolutely no problems. Comfortable drive with many options. Everything works well.

- Richard W

My vehicle has a lot of space.

My vehicle problems are non at this. Point Kia vehicles from what I experience are reliable vehicles.

- Lucas B

Its its safety features include features including the rear seat airbag.

Love the maintenance. There us nine.. Hate the back window vibration when it's the only window down!.

- Barbara H

That it's the newest car I have ever had.

This is, my fourth Kia and have never had a problem with them. I have no complaints about the Kia.

- Joan M

Gets good gas mileage and you can change it from standard to economy for driving.

I like that it's easy to drive. Comfortable and roomy inside. Dislike that not more room in back.

- Joyce H

The Sportage is great fun to drive

I like the size and efficiency of my vehicle, and the all wheel drive. I also like the design.

- Mark H

the way that it drives in the snow can't be beaten.

the car is just so good. i love how it handles in the snow and car trips in and out of state.

- amber h

It has the latest technology and excellent speakers

It drives well and there is lots of front seating room. The tailgate area is too small.

- Karen F

The sportage is easy to drive and it looks good

I like the sportage. It is easy to drive but sometimes hard to see out the back window

- L A

The gas mileage is great for the size of the vehicle!

I like the size and the gas mileage. I like the features. I do wish it were cheaper.

- carol j

Interior is roomier than it looks.

Like the way it handles, comfortable. Haven't found anything I dislike about it yet.

- Joyce S

The kia sportage is a safe car that is fun to drive.

I have not complaints. I love the kia sportage. I love everything about it.

- M M

Very smooth driving suv with excellent safety features. I love the acceleration of this suv. Nice leather seats with a sunroof.

Excellent safety features and luxury in my suv. Really an enjoyable drive.

- Steph W

It has a lot of safety features.

It gets great gas mileage. It has plenty of room. It's very comfortable.

- Ang L

I enjoy the fold down seating. It makes it easy for us to purchase and move large items. I dislike the seating I wish there were one more row or slightly wider seats.

It gets good gas mileage. Is easy to clean because of the materials used.

- Ashley V

Good mileage and a good service package included good for 3 years.

Seat is about tight. Good gas mileage. Could have a better dash layout.

- David K

It's fun to drive and gets good gas mileage. It is a good car for taking camping and to the beach, etc.

I love my car. The only thing I would like more is if it had a sunroof.

- Pamela H

KIA has great warranties 10 years. it rides smooth

It's black, it has a lot of safety features that raised my insurance.

- Ann H

Great performance! Great gas mileage and smoothness on the road.

Love the handling, gas mileage, and roominess. Love the modern style.

- Donna N

Good quality, economical, fun family vehicle.

Efficient. Fun to drive. Enough space for my family and dogs. Cute.

- Michelle r

It's comfortable but compact and easy to manage. It has a lot of technology. It's fuel efficient and maintenance is low cost.

It's a very good value for the cost and very easy to maintain.


It is small which means it is good on gas. I think that the Sportage is the perfect size SUV for a mom. I can fit all my kids sports equipment in the trunk with no issue.

It is such a great size. You can fit whatever you need in it.

- Liz R

it takes me from point a to point b. that's all i need

It's white, it runs, im not a big car person. no complaints

- kt p

Great deal for the money.

Love the heated seats. The stereo system. The fuel economy.

- William C

It's a good size car with a lot of great features.

I like the size and safety features. I don't like the cost.

- Shawna P

I like the car quite a bit. The interior is quite roomy and well laid out. The only thing I don't like is I wish there was more room in the trunk area, but I do like the cover that pulls out over it.

Kia is an amazing car manufacturer and I love my Sportage!

- Joanna M

I like the style and features. It had a few parts recalled so that was a hassle.

It had parts recalled. And it was a hassle to get fixed.

- Jenni L

It's AWD so it's good during snow storms

It has heated seats it's keyless and has backup camera

- Gloria M

I really like my vehicle. It is great on gas and space. It drives very smoothly and the backup camera is pretty great. The only thing that could make my vehicle better would be to have cooling seats. The vehicle does have seat warmers but in Florida, seat coolers would be better.

The vehicle gets amazing gas mileage for a small suv.

- Kristal S

Drives great great system

Just like wat drives handles in snow Dislike mileage

- Megan T

Smooth comfortably car you can drive anywhere you want.

I like the gas mileage. Its roomy and comfortable.

- Cheryl A