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Perfect SUV for Shorter Women with Longer Journeys.

My Sportage has the feel of a car when I'm sitting in it but the height of an SUV which is helpful since I'm only 5ft tall. There are no blind spots and the steering is extremely smooth. The steering wheel access to phone and radio make for less disruptions and reasons for me to take my hands off the wheel while I'm driving. I love the back up camera and again as a shorter person I LOVE the feature of this vehicle that warns me of oncoming traffic when I am in reverse because I can't always see around larger vehicles. It is small enough to fit in small parking spaces but large enough that my family of 4 fits comfortably for a quick run to see family or a long trip from Louisiana to Illinois as we did last summer. I would highly recommend this purchase!

- Nicole C

Kia Sportage a really great ride!

I love my Sportage. It is pretty and has tons of features. It's like riding on pillows. I did have a soul and I loved it too. The only thing I can say negative is it has too many warning chimes. One day I parked between two trucks and it started beeping, made me think I was about to hit something. The other day in traffic, it beeped when a car drove by me going same direction. Then it beeps in the same place because I was a half car length behind a car. I keep feeling like I'm going to hit something. I will say it is the first car I've had with that amount of a warning system. Otherwise I really love this vehicle!

- Mary T

Comfortable interior, superior drive, high tech amenities.

I just upgraded to the 2019 Kia Sportage this past January. Prior to that I had leased the 2016 Kia Sportage and let me tell you it was an amazing upgrade! Everything about the 2019 is better. From the much roomier trunk area to the touch screen central controls nothing was overlooked that could be upgraded. Even the headrests seem luxurious. When it comes to performance the ride is extremely smooth and the acceleration is highly improved. There are even different modes to select if you'd like different gas usage and different driving capabilities, for example 'sport mode.'

- Erin E

Good or bad lemon... there are good and bad but do the good outweigh the bad.

The car overall is good. I would not say great. Sticker price for overall quality is a little high. Noisy cabin at interstate speeds. The dash and hard plastic is not easy to clean. I have the EX AWD and it is HORRIBLE on gas. I live exactly 1 mile from my job and within a mile to grocery stores etc. and my tank of gas only last a week if I'm lucky. Also, it would be great if the dealers and manufacturers made it easier for repairs. Cars are not perfect but should be able to be made right if there are issues with it. But overall it's an okay car.

- Rachel L

The Kia Sportage has great pick up for a more compact SUV.

My Kia has great pick up and is a smooth ride. It handles nicely in all different types of weather. I like that it is a compact SUV, but yet feels roomy. I also like the fact that the dashboard sits a little bit lower for people who are not tall. The inside has a touch screen radio that is easy to navigate and the back up camera is extremely clear. This car gets great gas mileage as well, I feel as though I do not have to fill up as much as I did with my other vehicles.

- Britt L

2019 Kia Sportage, affordable comfort and security

I have not had any issues with the car. It was reasonably priced, has all wheel drive, gets 20+ mpg. The seating is comfortable, the back seats easily fold down to make a large cargo space. The instrumentation is easy to see and to understand. Technology is easy to use and understand. I particularly like the hands free calling. I cancelled the satellite radio as I did not feel it necessary. The warranty is generous.

- Patti P

The interior is luxurious

This SUV is absolutely beautiful! I love the trim, leather heated seats and touch screen. The D shaped steering wheel, 2 tone leather and amazing interior makes it a joy to drive. It really has all the perks of a luxury vehicle at an affordable cost. The 3 drive modes mean I can switch from sporty power to gas sipping eco mode depending on the need. The rear view camera & blind spot sensors are amazing.

- Brittany D

Perfect happy medium if you want the space of an SUV, but maneuver of a sedan.

No problems! perfect compact SUV size! upgraded package for larger screen display/navigation. Love the 60/40 rear seat fold. Kia warranty is VERY reliable, I feel very safe. I average 26 mpg, which I find great for this vehicle size. Black cherry is the color- looks 3D. Slim and sleek. Spacious without feeling bulky. Tech features are handy but not overwhelming, and maintenance is easy.

- Tayler H

Sportage: Great Car, Needs Improvement

The car is nice, great cup holder space and trunk space. The backseat is a bit small when having three people sit there. The driver and passenger seats are a bit lower, bucket seats. It make it difficult to see out the front windshield. The cup holders in the back seat make it comfortable to fit extra drinks. The seatbelt in the middle is difficult and uncomfortable to strap in.

- Kiara C

Sportage The best SUV option car

The 2019 Kia Sportage is a good compact SUV. It may not have the cargo space or fuel efficiency of some rivals, but it has plenty of other appealing traits. A smooth ride helps keep occupants comfortable, and the seats are roomy and supportive, even in the rear. The infotainment system is user-friendly too, and the overall cabin quality is high-end for the class.

- Jessica J

My Kia is all around perfect

My Kia Sportage is extremely comforting and reliable. I have yet to have a problem with my car. It is great for road trips as you don't use a lot of gas, it is extremely roomy for its size, and it warns you of things such as blind spot, and keeping you in your lane. It also warns you when to take a break if it sees you have been driving for a long period of time

- Angel S

Great performing, comfortable and convenient vehicle.

Very stylish, love the color! This is my 4th Kia, and 2nd Sportage. They are reliable, a smooth ride. The conveniences such as voice remote control of phone/radio backup camera/alarms work well for me. It is gas mileage is super. I gave up heated seats and leather interior this time, but do not miss them.

- Peg H

Kia Sportage is a great car, even for basic leases!

Cost: really affordable and easy to lease, test drove great. Look: sleek and dynamic, great color choices. Performance: drives great, smooth ride, easy to handle. Comfort and features: comfortable for bigger people, plenty of space, allows a lot of room. Problems: the heat takes a bit to turn on.

- Marisa H

My new silver 2019 Kia Sportage with Bluetooth, uvo, and carplay.

No problems found as of yet. Love the backup camera, the apple car play, and the heated seats. It seems to use less gas but has more power than my 2014 sorento. Love the fact it had a uvo app. Which is set up to call 911 for me in the event I am in an accident and unable to do so myself.

- Sherry J

The sunroof is a great feature.

I love the car. I love how it is on gas. I love the color. I use the heated seats and wheel often in the winter time. I love the sun roof. I enjoy the leather seats, and the space the car has. I like the Sportage drive feature. The car drives great in the snow, and it feel safe driving it.

- Heather R

The Kia I use hugs curves decently and has tinted windows and a sunroof.

The Kia Sportage at my household is four-wheel drive and gets me where I need to go in any weather. It has good gas mileage, it's comfortable, it has low maintenance, a lot of storage space, it has five seats and fits the people in the car comfortably. I would recommend it to people.

- Shannon B

Safety features are beneficial.

I am particularly fond of the icons on the side view mirrors that light up when other vehicles are passing me. Also, the safety feature beeps assist while driving. The back up camera has proved beneficial and useful as there have been times, when backing up, a car has swooped by.

- Lisa G

It has plenty of room for a mom who needs a mommy mobile.

It's very reliable. It stays cool in the summer and heats great in the winter. It has plenty of storage and is a great vehicle for a mom who needs plenty of room for children. I got the Vehicle because I am getting married soon and needed a mommy mobile for future children.

- Alicia L

2019 KIA Sportage is spacious and reliable.

My KIA Sportage is All Wheel Drive and had no issues since I purchased it in August 2018. It is extremely roomy and drives great. Gets less mileage than my last vehicle that was a Chevy Cruze but that is to be expected. I purchased it for driving in winter conditions.

- Deanna S

back mirror and side sensor

very comfortable, lots of features, runs very smooth, fully loaded, easy to understand, good with all types of weather. Easy to read manual, loudspeakers, very good warranty. Easy to clean, just to start, sunroof, leather seats with seat warmer and steering wheel warmer

- maria J

The Red Bandit as we call it is a great road vehicle.

Well my 2019 Kia Sportage has great mileage is very reliable seat 5 people comfortably. Haven't had any problems so far it is very low maintenance. And I would recommend this type of vehicle to all friends and family who are looking to purchase a vehicle of Their Own

- Sheba C

Don't be Shocked when you Fall In Love!

Kia Sportage is the best vehicle I Have ever purchased! Rides smooth and handles like a dream. The gas mileage is ideal for the economy. One of the benefits to owning a Kia is the warranty. If you drive a lot, then I would highly recommend investing into a Kia.

- Natalie M

Apple carplay Steering wheel buttons Safety features

I love my car the apple car play is an amazing feature and makes hands free super easy. It connects Bluetooth or by aux and I can access everything from my steering wheel including Siri. Safety features are key and the all wheel drive is great. Super safe car.

- Abby K

Kia Sportage is my favorite car

I am so happy and satisfied with my car because it is so comfortable roomy and safe! I highly recommend it to everyone! Kia is the best for driving in the city especially with kids! Mine almost has all the features that I like and the price is so reasonable

- Neda F

Reliable safety features plus great gas mileage

I love the backup camera, it's very accurate. This one seems to be more spacious than the 2014 model. I like the extra cargo space in the trunk. The ability to switch from Eco mode to sport helps with higher gas mileage in the city versus highway driving.

- Kristina H

Compact, gas saving and reliable vehicle.

I really like my vehicle and haven't had any problems with it. Drives comfortably, it saves me tons on gas, has eco button you can select to save on gas and sport a button that you can select for maximum performance. Would highly recommend this vehicle.

- Emily G

Looks good. Has important features. Car well made, only had it about 8 weeks.

So far so good. I got the basic model so there's not a lot of fancy things about it but it has the "must have" features. Automatic windows, air, even has a rear camera for backing up.

- Sabrina S

Our new Kia Sportage Is wonderful

This is a new vehicle that we love. You sit high and have a great view while driving. The back up camera makes it wonderful in parking lots. It is averaging 27 mph.

- Hughie M

The Sportage is a pleasure to drive.

I love the new Sportage. It has the side view mirror safety feather which I really like. It is a pleasure to drive. Lots of pickup and has a beautiful design.

- beverly w

It's not a high end model but it has lot of extras.

Love everything about this car. Lots of great features. Easy to handle. Nice turning radius. Quiet ride. It is nice to have a backup camera.

- Lynda N

The gas mileage and price are great.

Great gas mileage. Smooth ride. Great features such as backup camera galaxy connection for navigation and sleek style.

- Nicole J

Safety is the best around.

I just got it today. It drives great. Very cozy ride. Great gas mileage. I got the silver one. Just love it.

- Rose A T

This vehicle is very reliable

This vehicle is very roomy and very safe feeling. Great on gas mileage and has all the updated features.

- colleen s

It's a very nice car and seats

It's fantastic and has a comfortable drive with comfortable seats as well with leg space for the seats

- Billy T

good mileage very comfortable and It's too new for me to rate

no complaints so far. i just bought the car 2 weeks ago

- tarja e

even though I've only had it for a couple months. I think this car is very reliable and comfortable.

I have never had any problems with my Kia

- Andrea G

so far everything has been great..still learning about all the features. Great gas mileage and its gas pedal is easy to push & it rides very smooth.

I just bought my car in September 2018

- Susan C

gets good gas mileage and it's a great size. I wouldn't trade it

I love my Kia. Its functional

- Brooke M