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It is black and her name is Lola. I have had her for about 4 years.

At first it was a great car, but over the years it began to have many issues such as terrible problems with suspension and it started breaking down a bunch. The reliability is not good whatsoever and I often feel quite unsafe in my vehicle. It is very sleek and nice and has great leather seats, but the appearance might be its best feature. It also makes very loud and irritating noises every time I turn on the air conditioner which is quite embarrassing. I would not recommend this vehicle unless it is the new model because it gets very unreliable the longer you drive it.

- Holly M

Review of 2008 Lexus gx470.

A great classic SUV. Rugged yet luxurious and quiet. Beautifully put together with no squeaks or rattles. Tows 6500 pounds. Drives like a lifted Lexus ls sedan even though it is on a truck based platform. Three seats are comfortable and the visibility is excellent with no blind spots. Plenty of cargo room. The engine is smooth, quiet, and reliable. Ergonomics are spot on. Surprised at how well this SUV handles despite being a tall l vehicle with a high center of gravity. Gas mileage could be better and the tailgate design is not ideal.

- Stephen B

Pros and cons of a Lexus gx470.

Nice smooth ride. It does have expensive maintenance. It has nice interior, however it has worn rather quickly. The stereo system is fine, but I do not like the navigation system as it became dated very quickly and very expensive to update. Also, I do believe it is odd to have a tape deck in a car. I like the roominess of the seats but do not like that way the back door opens sideways instead of up. This can be very difficult in parking situations.

- Anne B

Great car for mom transporting kids around!

The brakes can be squeaky, the seat heaters no longer work, but it is in great condition and has over 150, 000 miles and is still in great condition. I would like it if it was a newer version with push to start, automatic start before getting in the car, and cooling seats as well.

- Katie K

Luxury vehicles are well worth the price. My Lexus is older, but still going strong.

I ADORE this SUV. I've never had a luxury care before, and I won't go back. It's comfortable, rides like a dream, and is powerful. Only complaint I have is my CD player is on the fritz.

- Dianna D

It is incredibly comfortable. While it's a big vehicle, it drives and rides like a sedan.

We got an incredible deal on a used Lexus GX470. It was in excellent condition and I love driving it.

- Jenny G