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A luxury car. The best car you can buy, for you and your family

Six-speed automatic transmission that is included as standard equipment, tends to change too soon if given that freedom. It is an all-terrain vehicle, however, it also has to function as a luxury car. It has leather seats, comfortable and conformable. The seats are lowered so both the second and the third row will have a maximum load capacity It has an 8.0-inch touch screen instead of mouse-style or touch-board controls The audio system is excellent. It presents clear sound and a great variety of adjustments to adapt everything to the liking of the driver and the passengers.

- Daniel M

The Lexus gx comes completely loaded with every type of extras.

Lexus GX is a joy to own. I love that it sits higher off the ground so that I can really see what's in front of me, and with the use of the rear view mirror, I can see behind me too. I rarely worry about it breaking down because Lexus sops service is always there if you need them, and if I ever have to take it into the dealership repair/service department, they take care of the problem in speedy time. My gx is our fifth Lexus vehicle, and more than likely our next vehicle will be a Lexus.

- Judith R

A mid size SUV that needs a little tuning.

Overall the car handles well in all types of weather. It is full time four wheel drive which is great in performance and a disaster on fuel mileage. The fuel mileage is a huge downfall as I had an expedition prior to this that surpasses the fuel mileage. It does not give any trunk room if the third row seat is up. For being a mid size SUV another 6 inches would do the model good. The voice command stinks but the rest of the touch screen is fine.

- Michael S

Its comfortable seats are built to prevent backaches caused by long driving hrs.

The Lexus gx 460 2017 model has the best features, it is a very spacey and comfortable car ideal for family trips. It has a smooth drive and wonderful performance. It is very reliable and I have not had any issues with it since we got it, I use it for my daily activities, drive the kids to school, do my shopping and every other errands I need to run. I would say to and for on a daily basis it run's over 30 miles daily.

- Roberta O

Decent mid sized vehicle that needs more of a luxury feel.

This is an okay mid sized vehicle. It has a third row seat that is not very easily accessible nor comfortable. It is not as smooth to drive versus the other Lexus vehicles I have owned. The features are great, such as heated front and back seats. Also air conditioned front seats. The navigation screen could have better features.

- Emilie H

Far and away the best car I've ever owned

I absolutely love driving this car. The engine has more than enough power and it runs quiet and extremely smooth. It's the best handling car that I've ever driven. On top of all that it's also a great looking car both inside and out. I wish it had come with a little nicer radio but that's really my only complaint about the car

- John M

Love my Lexus gx just needs a dash button for the fan speed.

I have t had any problems, the only thing that is annoying is not having a knob or button on the dash to easily turn down the air conditioning speed without having to access the screen. It is like it was forgotten. 3 places to change the radio but only one for fan speed. So weird. Otherwise I love it, great vehicle.

- Danielle A

Better space and ride than the lower level Lexus SUV. Good product. Reliable.

There is small trunk space when third row is up and in use. There is not always a smooth ride. The technology in the console seems out of date and is slow to start when first turning on the vehicle. The car overall has been very reliable. Good product. Clean and classy look.

- Jessica P

Great car, great performance, great look.

I absolutely love my car. It is a very luxurious vehicle and performs well. I have taken long road trips with it and it is a great car in all sorts of weather. Only complaint I have is the trunk size and third row seating legroom. Very tight! Other than that great car.

- Jessica G

It is gorgeous and luxurious.

My Lexus is smooth and reliable as well as gorgeous. I love driving it and it is well worth the money. I wish it had been my first car and I had never driven another. The dealer takes such good care of me and my Lexus and I could not speak highly enough about it.

- Melissa D

Lexus drives amazing! You don't feel like you are in a truck it's a very smooth ride.

The drive of the truck is so smooth. The technology of the touch screen is very sleek and up to date. The seats are comfortable and you don't mind be in the car for long periods of time. The look of he truck is also very sleek.

- Marianne S

Pros and cons of the Lexus GX

Drives wonderful, love that it has the option to have captain seats. Love the third row. Not so fond of the gas mileage - 13 miles to a gallon is rough. Not as spacious as a MB GLS but still plenty of room.

- Melissa B

Great luxury vehicle when it comes to value and price.

Drives and rides great. The sound system is nice, but toggling the bluetooth between two devices is a pain. Terrible gas mileage and nothing stays put in the front cup holders. No major reliability issues.

- Amanda T

Cooled and heated seats/ Sport mode/ 4WD

My Lexus is a fully loaded luxury vehicle. I love all the features..the gas mileage and the demand to put high octane full in it was a shocker for me and the only drawback I have found.

- Kimberly L

It's a very high quality SUV for the price range which makes it a luxury vehicle.

I love that it is a mid sized SUV. I love the quick response when I press on the gas. I do not like the proximity unlock feature because it doesn't have a range greater than 12 inches.

- Summer C

Great hybrid family car helps save on gas.

The car drives well. I have had no issues with it for the past two years. It uses gas sparingly. I like the interior design, though I do not like the exterior.

- Katya P

Reliable car and a smooth ride

My vehicle is a smooth ride and looks sharp. I don't like the swing back door and the audio and climate control system is a little bit aggravating

- Melanie M

This vehicle is a luxury SUV that drives well. Not the best choice if gas mileage is a concern.

Love this car! It's a very comfortable ride even for the backseat passengers if you get the 2nd row captain chairs seating. Love all the features!

- Stephanie P

This car is amazing, comfortable, and works efficient.

My Lexus car is amazing and works efficient. It is comfortable and feels like home. This car will never break down on you.

- Kaylee T

It has tons of safety features. Driver side and passenger side mirror indicators for traffic

It drives and rides very smooth. The perfect mid size suv. Very Reliable manufacturer. Customer service is excellent

- Brooke R

The fact that the car provides comfort and accessibility to all seating, making it a great vehicle for a family

I love my GX. It provides enough seating to cart around kids to different activities and rides very smoothly.

- Kristin M

It's quiet and the ride is amazing.

I like the way it drives. it's a quiet yet luxurious car. The only issue is the touch screen can be slow.

- Angela G

i like it. drives nicely, it's quiet. I don't like the delay when it turns on to touch the screen though. Other than that it's perfect.

Well made, reliable, sleek, quiet, luxurious, and comfortable ride.

- Anne S

The Lexus IS very safe, gives a smooth ride. It is a luxury car and very spacious

I like my Lexus - it gives a smooth ride and has plenty of room

- Joanna S